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Found 84 results

  1. Was a funny pic that my internet went out and was buffering and paused on This screenshot, which just happens to be mostly accurate of the AJ Show. Enjoy!
  2. comic style angry joe fan art

    From the album art work

    I was doing some experimenting around on photoshop, which turned into a project, which turned into the image you're looking at now. how does it look?
  3. SO after watching Joes review from Harry Potter for the hundredth time. I think I have an idea for a GOOD harry potter game. So first you get to create your own wizard that also goes to Hogwarts school. You will pick different types of traits, and personalities to determine which team to join ( Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin). You get to customize your wand, and customize and improve your spells through different classes. You can have multiple conversations with other students, with a choice of bad and good responses or consequences. Mission wise you will have random ones with students at the school, You will do mission for the team your on (even in quidditch). Also teacher may request your assistance .And as your main you deal with new problems at Hogwarts with all of the well know characters. (not quite sure where to go with that mission but something can be made easily). What you do how you respond reflects what happens in the game you play. Combat will be more Mass effect based, You can choose companions such as well known characters and friends you have made on the way. I believe this idea is legit and a lot of people will love it. I believe it should be single player for the time being, Maybe later be able to missions with your friend in groups up to 5 maybe. worth a shot!
  4. I'm working on a sort of "hidden lore" story of Angry Joe based off of old channel awesome collab vids and his own characters. I'm still working on it but I wanted to put out what I've already done, get some feedback and thoughts. I haven't thought of how to introduce Other Joe yet, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few of Joe's named characters. Lemme know what you guys think. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Lore of Angry Joe Joe began as a Fable 1 hero, righteous, good, and happy...but when Fable 2 came out, he was unimpressed with his future and rebelled, turning to evil. This evil was recognized in a galaxy far, far away and he was picked up by the Sith of Kotor to be trained in the Dark Side. When he completed his training, Darth Joe set about creating a powerful space station with which he could conquer the galaxy. Before it was completed, however, he met defeat at the hands of Spoony-Wan. Though he swore revenge, a larger threat to the galaxy and beyond appeared. A friendship of mutual respect had grown between Joe and Linkara, a comic book reviewer who defended his planet using a combination of magic and technology salvaged and repurposed from his many fights with numerous villains, including Spoony’s evil personality, Doctor Insano. Though one was a villain and the other a hero, they found friendship in their values in games and other media, as well as their shared interest in magi-technology. Occasionally Joe would put his secret schemes and evil projects to use by testing them while aiding his friend, serving as anti-hero while he waited for his secret project to be completed. Joe’s secret project, he believed, would allow him to sweep across the galaxy and rule it as his own. This project was a cloning device, a powerful one borne from magi-technology, that could not only give him an army, but grant them new and unique powers allowing them to counter any opponent. This project was nearly complete when Lord Vyce attacked. Both Linkara and Joe had noticed the multiverse becoming unstable, and Lord Vyce was assumed to be the cause. His army was far larger than any ever seen, created from scorching and conquering multiple universes. With his sights set on their world next, Linkara asked for aid. It took over a year, but the new Angry Joe Army had formed and was ready to aid Linkara in his war. Joe used his battle station to halt Vyce’s fleet, but it was little more than a small blockade to slow them. While Linkara faced off against Lord Vyce himself, the army’s elites sneaked aboard Vyce’s ship and Joe took control of the vessel. After Vyce was defeated, Joe took first pick of the loot aboard his ship, but gave the ship itself to Linkara while Joe destroyed the rest of Vyce’s army and used it to upgrade his battle station. With the upgraded technology from Vyce’s army, Joe had the final piece to his puzzle, and began creating his super clones. Unfortunately...this didn’t go well for him. While Joe had slowly become less evil while working with Linkara and the others of the world below, his first clone wasn’t just evil, it embodied all of the things Joe himself believed to be evil traits, particularly concerning video games and the ways they make money. He wrecked the station and fled, along with the plans for the cloning machine. This failed attempt was a wake up call for Joe. The evil behavior of his clone showed him how much he had changed, and so, Angry Joe decided to become a good guy, defending the common gamer from bad games and bad game making practices. He downgraded his cloning machine to produce his old normal Angry Joe soldiers and began using his station as a base for fighting the war against bad games. Then, Corporate Commander appeared, with an army of corporate clones. He ruled a powerful shadow company that thrived off of the ill gotten profit of bad gaming practices, and had been secretly using his fortune to escalate the War of Used Games, making himself known by hacking the battle station and wiping out a large portion of the 65th fleet on the front lines of Australian gaming, ultimately leading heavy losses for Australian gaming policies. What followed was a fierce and bloody battle. Corporate attacked hard and fast with Alpha Protocol, only to be pushed back by Risk: Factions. Another powerful strike in Kayne & Lynch 2: Dog Days was countered by Civilization V. Then, Corporate shifted tactics, creating the dreaded Kinect Flagship to lead another powerful attack. The next large scale battle began with Sonic Free Riders, the first game to be rated a 1 by Angry Joe and his army. Corporate decided to attack Joe at his roots, assaulting with Fable III and then a quick followup attack with Mind Jack. Then, the battle took a turn with the release of Magicka, reaching a stalemate with DC Online with it’s equal good and evil becoming a no man’s land. Corporate Commander believed Joe was near defeat, and all he needed was another big push. And so, using the evil cloning machine, Corporate Commander created an ally, Demon Joe. Unfortunately Demon Joe was...fairly incompetent as a villain, creating Dragon Age II, which only managed to strengthen the No Man’s Land. This stalemate was finally broken by Corporate’s three pronged attack of Duke Nukem Forever, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the Kinect Flagship, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, with Demon Joe following close behind, having gained the Red Lantern ring’s power with Green Lantern. Corporate Commander followed this with victory after victory, until Angry Joe surprised Corporate. While Angry Joe held the line with Batman :Arkham City, a new ally attacked Corporate at his very base. Hero Joe led a powerful assault on Corporate Tower, armed with a Legendary new weapon, Skyrim. Corporate was forced to flee his base and the Corporate armies retreated back to the No Man’s Land to dig in their heels. Demon Joe abandoned Corporate and decided to go off on his own, creating his own demonic realm to create poorly made games, only rarely working with the Commander on joint projects in the future. While Corporate created a new base with funding from EA, his forces began enacting his new evil scheme, pushing forward just a bit too far, then retreating...but not all the way back across No Man’s Land, slowly pushing No Man’s Land further and further with this “Two steps Forward, one step back” policy for bad gaming practices, all the while throwing out red herrings such as SOPA, end game DLC, and of course further bombardments from the Kinect Flagship. With the relative absence of Corporate Commander and his army making a slow push beneath the layers of distraction tactics, Demon Joe attempted to rise up into the apparent power vacuum. His attacks were small, mostly small enough to be ignored or blamed on Corporate Commander, whom was happy to accept the negative press regardless of its legitimacy. Then, Demon Joe made his move, unleashing his ultimate masterpiece, Ride to Hell Retribution. While a powerful blow, critically damaging Angry Joe himself, his attack ultimately failed and he was banished back into his demonic realm. This victory, however, afforded Corporate the time he needed to complete his own devilish masterpiece. It began with micro transactions. They had been an old favorite of his for years, but had never been quite so powerful as when they struck against the Mobile market. So, Corporate began a stress test, sending powerful wave after wave of ever more despicable and powerful micro transactions through to find its absolute breaking point. Then, following his old strategy of “Two steps forward, one step back” He introduced them into full priced games, then backed off into free to play and then pushed forward again. Back and forth Corporate went, allowing Angry Joe victory after victory, but surrendering less and less ground until Micro transactions were seen as a common stain on video games, and even good games had them secreted away inside. Then after another three long years of back and forth, Corporate sprang his trap. He released the insidious Loot Box onto the world, all the while acting as if Loot Boxes were the secret cure to his evil Micro transaction plague, which was growing ever more infectious and insidious. Both evolved off of each other, each new strain of both becoming more fierce, more embedded into the core of their games. The gameplay equivalent to viral warfare, but while both sides were competing, they both belonged to Corporate, attacking the army from all sides. Even today, three years after the release of the Lootbox plague and the escalation began, both micro transactions and lootboxes continue to infect and destroy...but a cure is being worked on, and while worldwide moral is low, both plagues have been weakening, and the hopeful believe that the end may finally be in sight. Corporate’s stocks have been plummeting, the Lootbox plague is being systematically stamped out, and while we have reached the darkest of the night, light is on the horizon. The Angry Army is mobilizing...
  5. angry joe red lightning fan art

    From the album art work

    this was created on photoshop using keyboard and mouse. while it did take a while to try and iron out the creases and i'm still doing so, it actually turned out better than i expected
  6. Who ever created this channel he's or she's a genius! http://www.youtube.com/user/AngryJoeVEVO/feed
  7. Here is something I did when I saw the Armor. It can be 3D Printed; the image shows that the pieces are not put together, but when 3D Printed, they can be.. put together.
  8. We all have heard Angry Joe say the term, "Fight someone the side of the street." But what does that mean exactly?
  9. So it's finally here........ and probably copyright claimed by the archaic assholes of Nintendo Japan by now (I've already downloaded the video just in case). The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild angry review. Is it worth buying a Switch or dusting of your WiiU for? Angry Joe rides for Hyrule as Other Joe "Swtich's" gender........ again to find out!
  10. So here is Angry Joe's take on the much hyped independent title. Will the wildly ambitious game hit the mark?
  11. I know I probably sound stupid but does any know how to reply to someone if there is like a button or something and also how can I donate to the angry army.
  12. Hi my name is Zack and I just wanted to introduce myself to my fellow comrades. I've always wanted to be a part of the Angry Army but the chance never came, but now it is time to serve under the Commander himself, Angry Joe. Also my favorite types of games are either FPS or RPGs and I sometimes enjoy a strategy game ever here and there.
  13. So you need to bust out a cheap ass movie tie in game and charge a full price for it.... Who you gonna call..... Activision!
  14. Jim Sterling and Killscreendaily attracted the usual angry reactionary crowd by giving the game a score of 6.5 and 5 and have had people calling them "anti-gamers" for giving low scores, this review might just be too much for them to to handle.
  15. I think what makes AJ so fun is that he doesn't try to be. He just says and does things that turn fun, because he is himself. Here are some of AJ's funniest moments in my opinion: 1. Angry Joe Plays Alien: Isolation OJ is playing Alien: Isolation and AJ is unusually critical about his playstyle. The whole clip is funny because OJ is doing everything wrong according to AJ, but this part made me fall off my chair in laughter (click above): OJ turns on the radio (which can attract the alien), and AJ says: "Yeah, go ahead! Turn on the god-damned radio! ... BLAST IT! Have a good time!" 2. Terminator: Genisys Angry Review The whole review is great, but the funniest part is when they rate the different Terminator movies. Joe asks Big D (Del) what he'd rate Terminator 3 and Big D says "7 of of 10" - Joe goes into falsetto: "REALLY? THAT HIGH? Fucking hell, man..." 3. AJ can't kill Olgoth in Shadow of Mordor This whole series is up on AngryJoe Livestreams on Youtube, but this last video in the playthrough is from AngryJoeShow on Youtube. Listen to what Joe screams when Olgoth calls him stupid: "SHUT UP! SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Do you guys remember any extra funny AJ moments? Please share
  16. So apparently on the 29 august at 8:00 PM UTC, the developers behind the Early access game Interstellar marines, will be holding a tournament for Let's Players and streamers. In which the winner will have a statue, with their name ingame. And they will also recieve 10 copies to give out to their audience. you can see the video teaser thingy here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTC940AF2JA They arent really playing it, it is an edited video from various of let's plays that the 4 people have on their youtube channels since Joe is mentioned in the video, should we try and get him on this tournament? If he is interested, he should contact letsplayim@zeropointsoft.com before the 16th august in the email it should have and i quote: Make sure the email address you contact us with matches one published on your Twitch or YouTube page to verify your identity, and please include in your email: A link to your ChannelIf you already own Interstellar MarinesAny additional notes or commentsBut what do you guys think ? and as they always say: FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME
  17. Angry Joe and Delrith play the Act of Aggression BETA, from the makes of Act of War. It's good to see a game in the Command and Conquer style since EA aren't doing fuck all with it.
  18. Greetings The last time i played ESO was during the beta, and it was fucking horrendous. I never bought the game, which was a good thing considering little to none of the reported problems from the beta was fixed in the final version of the game. Something Joe pointed out very well in his review of the game. My opinion from a year ago was that as a F2P or B2P game it was average at best, but as a sub game it was absolute trash. But now that it has been b2p for a few months i'm considering to give it a second chance. So how is the game holding up? Has the numerous problems been fixed? (Watch Joe's review if you want to know some of the problems i'm referring to) Is the game balanced for people who don't pay the optional sub fee or buy stuff with IRL money? (P2W) Also Is there a chance Joe or some of the officers (Delrith, SGT Ross, T0nsofun, etc) will make a quick youtube lets play video or a small twitch stream revisiting the game and sharing their thoughts about the game in its current state? Appreciate any constructive response to this thread
  19. Oh hey Joe. Funny finding you here... in the way... of me getting my Enhanced Ursine Boots... I swear to Gaben that you attacked first. JUST QUIT YOUR FLAILING AND GIVE ME MY BOOTS >:U You just had to go and drag Dodger and Jessie in on this, malicious boot hoarder. Serves you right Vargas, gettin' in my way. I'M GERALT OF RIVIA BISH YOU CAN'T HANDLE MY FIFTEEN POTIONS I HAD TO TAKE TO KILL YOU. Don't hurt me Joe.
  20. TGWTG (That Guy With The Glasses) studio known as Channel Awesome where Angry Joe worked in there. Doug Walker the host of TGWTG who did his own show, Nostalgia Critic. There is also former member of Channel Awesome including Spoony which he was temporarily terminated in June 2012 for cause of reasons (maybe Spoony's alter ego has Dr. Insano in his own mind, whatever) which is count before June 2012. I'm looking for most funniest and epic moment ever seen. So here is the Top 10 Best Moments of TGWTG. 10. Angry Joe Show's Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor angry reviewThis is only best moment scene is the funny fan-made box art cover. AJ called Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor an Steel Battalion: Get Your Fucking Hands Off That! was hilarious. 9. The Spoony One's Zombie 5: Revenge in the House (The Spoony Snob)When Spoony was surfing on IMDb website about alternative titles, chronological and review that gave score for this movie. However, Spoony saw the funniest title that made in Japan called The Big Tits Dragon. Kind remind me of Onechanbara game. 8. Bennett The Sage's Anime Abandon - Gall ForceThere is the girl sitting on the toilet. Then the Bennett The Sage add the fart sound just like in the other media such as Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle where two British girls were playing Battleshit which is similar to Family Guy where Peter Griffin and Michael Moore were playing fart contest. So Bennett The Sage just made his own imagination about the creators on anime development studio were on conversion about Gall Force. 7. Angry Joe Show's Rambo: The Video Game angry reviewThis game is worst and dumb. Many of the scenes are using UHF-style. When Rambo is dead, Colonel Trautman will call out and yell "JOHN!". Then Angry Joe say "JOHN! JOOOOHN! JOOOOOHN!!! That's what the game says every fucking time you die, I've been listening to that for like six hours. John! Joooooohn!!! This game is so cheap it can't even afford to use voice actors!" which is rip-off to Metal Gear Solid after Colonel Trautman calling Rambo's name after Rambo is dead. Then later, one of the most funniest moment on this video beside "JOHN!" is Angry Joe keep saying "He's a man, not a god!" while spamming the same quote with Indian accent. I could imagine if Angry Joe comment AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) episode about Rambo whe AVGN say "Who does Rambo think he is, Jesus Christ?", then Angry Joe response and say "He's a man, not a god!" every keep spamming making look crazy. 6. Angry Joe Show's Angry Joe Vs Olgoth - Shadow of MordorAngry Joe was trying to beat Olgoth The Humiliator which is legendary badass Mordor warlord. He keep getting his ass owned by Olgoth everytime before Angry Joe could finish him off. LMAO. That was epic AJ. 5. The Spoony One's Samurai Zombie Nation reviewAfter the scrolling text intro like Star Wars cliches, the floating head was in the game after Spoony start the game. I was laughing at Spoony when he saw floating head name is Namakubi. Spoony fight the Stage 1 boss who look like Statue of Liberty with Medusa. Then finally is the Stage 2 boss battle which Spoony called them a Naked Zombie Sean Connery. I was strongly laughing so much hard. 4. Angry Joe Show's Angry Joe Plays Brothers: The Tale of Two (Joes)Actually both Angry Joe and Other Joe were playing Brothers: The Tale of Two Sons on Xbox 360 in only one controller for each together. So one of the funniest moment is playing basketball. Other Joe threw the ball on the hoop that stuck. Then the little basketball kid was flying and grab the ball. After the ball is drop, he grab the ball and throw away. Then they keep running away from kid and Other Joe say "WITCH!" while both Angry Joe and Other Joe were running down the hill until met the gardener. I was laughing so much hard. In the end, the game is crashed. 3. The Spoony One's Ultima Retrospective - Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssSpoony think the whole plot was so dumb but it's hilarious. You gonna hear the horrible voice acting. How the kidnapper made it to Stygian Abyss. The Stygian Abyss is located in Island of Avatar. Also the King (not Lord British the king of Britannia) from somewhere around the Britannia doesn't recognized Avatar. Spoony made his own imagination when the castle guard arrived in Princess' room and saw the Avatar with bunny pajama suit. Then the King refused to give the weapons and armors to Avatar. LMAO. Great job Spoony. Also the final scene where Spoony/Avatar goes high after warp into the dimensional area. 2. Linkara's Atop The Fourth Wall: Warrior #1 (feat. Spoony)The Ultimate Warrior comic book was infamous and worst. Everything is messed up this comic book including The Ultimate Warrior just raped Santa. I was laughing so much hard. Then the gang of TGWTG including Angry Joe were attacking Dr. Insano the Spoony mad scientist for raping Santa. Just like did on episode 37 of GinTama when Santa farted on Kagura's face before Santa and other 2 including Gintoki were dragging inside by Kagura. I could imagine if Bad Santa just farted on Tsundere's face. Then the Tsundere was upset and dragging Santa before he was raped by Tsundere just like The Ultimate Warrior. Yes! Kagura from GinTama was voiced by Rie Kugimiya who did on many tsundere characters on different anime series. Imagine tsundere was the ultimate warrior. So here it is. See 28:14 before you will get surprised in 28:22. 1. The Spoony One's Let's Play SWAT 4I was laughing so much hard when Spoony was upset when old lady refused to surrender and still resist the arrest. He said "Bitch, I got a gun! Bitch, I got a bomb!" before he use pepper spray on her. Then he tased the old lady. There is enemy campers in Mission #07: Full House... of Crime! scene. One of his fellow police officer just threw the grenade by accident either sting or flashbang to hurt Spoony and said, "You fool!" to his SWAT. Spoony was also hates to hear what his cop in partners say "You're in my way." just like Bear Grylls say "I need water." in AuzzieGamer. Both were hilarious. So what is your favorite moment in TGWTG?
  21. He finally defeated Olgoth the humiliator at last
  22. *September 4th, 2008, The Beginning* *The AJSN is established. The navy started like the rest of the AJS's forces, with an extremely tiny fleet of starships found in scrapyards, previous wars, etc. The fleet consisted of: The AJSN Angry Express, A Constitution Class Refit, AJSN Fighting Mongoose, An Akula Class Destroyer Refit, AJSN Odium, Another Akula Class Destroyer Refit, and the AJSN Sinkable, An Old Constitution Class. These ships all consisted of skeleton crews, and the ships themselves were on the verge of breaking down 24/7, with the most breakdowns being aboard the AJSN Odium, with a total of thirty-two warp breakdowns in six weeks.* An AJSN Bulldog Freighter Taking An Akula Class Destroyer Found In Empty Space. The Ship Was Practically Destroyed, And Seemingly Unfixable. Though, Angry Joe And A Few Volunteers And Friends Worked Day And Night To Try And Fix The Vessel. Amazingly, Angry Joe And His Friends Fixed The Vessel In Only Two Months. But, Due To The Extreme Damage To The Vessel, It Broke Down And Was Practically A Hazard To Be Aboard. This Ship Was Soon Named The AJSN Odium, And Was The First Destroyer To Serve In The AJSN. The Crew That Served Aboard Was Forced To Wear Space-Suits, Due To The Fact That The Vessel's Life Support Systems Were Not Repairable. The Ship Also Was Only Capable Of Impulse Power, And Practically Went At A Crawl Speed. The Ship's Warp Core Was Ejected During Some Battle, And Runs On Auxiliary Drive Only (Mega-Nuclear Reactors). Thankfully, Engineering Was Not Decimated Like Most Of The Ship, So Joe's Team Did Not Have To Find A Replacement Auxiliary Drive For The Vessel. The AJSN Angryprise, Admiral Joe's Starship. This Ship Was Originally A Constitution Class Refit, And Was Sold To Angry Joe By An Unknown Man. This Was The Best Ship In The AJSN At The Time, And Remained The Best For Many Years. The AJSN Angry Express, The Ship Of The Vice Admiral Of The AJSN. This Ship Was Found At All Stop, The Ship Completely Abandoned, And Power Was Offline. Power Was Turned On, The Hull Was Cleaned, And The Ship Was Put Into The AJSN's Service. *March 3rd, 2009* *As the AJSA began getting stronger, and larger, having more and more men and women joining each day, Corporate Commander began to become slightly concerned from the rapid growth of the Angry Joe's followers and allies, but remained confident, as Corporate Commander's forces dwarfed Angry Joe's, and a full scale attack would most likely destroy Angry Joe's forces.* *January 1st, 2010* *The AJSA has now grown to become an intimidating army, taking more and more old, outdated, and broken ships, vehicles, and equipment from scrapyards, and fixing them and upgrading them into powerful and efficient, having thousands of volunteers working day and night, each and every day. Vessels have gone from barely crewed, weak ships on the brink of flying apart, to being well crewed, durable, reliable, and powerful.* *Febuary 26th, 2010, The Final Straw* *Angry Joe has discovered that his X-Box 360 has been RROD'ed, and is outside of his warranty! Angry Joe immediately goes berserk, this act from Corporate Commander and Microsoft being the last straw for Angry Joe, and this reaction from Angry Joe is also the last straw from Corporate Commander. Corporate Commander now knows that Angry Joe's forces have become a danger that will bring Corporate's Corporation to it's knees if he and his forces not stopped! Demon Joe, (A powerful minion of Corporate Commander) tells Angry Joe that he will not go unchecked any longer, and tells him that the days of him going unchecked are over. Immediately, Angry Joe mobilizes his forces, and prepares for full scale war with Corporate Commander.* (STILL BEING WORKED ON, WILL ADD MORE PICTURES AND STUFF.)
  23. Good evening, I decided to voice some concerns about the AngryJoeShow. In this rant/op-ed (let's call it what it is) I will be making reference to past events involving the AngryJoeShow and Joe himself. A disclaimer before I continue; this is all based off of my personal observation through videos on Joe's show, Twitch streams, Twitter and other sources and is all my opinion and my opinion only. I make no claim to know Joe or his friends, personal feelings or anything about him and his friends. I could be entirely wrong about anything and every assumption I make in this post regarding Joe. I will not and am not attempting to slander Joe's name or his show and welcome any correction of my observations. This is all my personal opinion and that's all it is, no more or less. That being said this is an opinion piece, and someone's opinion, unless it makes reference to the outcome of an event in an incorrect manner or makes false claims of knowledge (the definition of which can be debated) is not wrong, it is simply different. Let us continue. My concerns over this are not simply "where are the reviews?" (Personally I am willing to wait for reviews; I don't need a review every week.) There is more to it than that though the lack of reviews are involved but in a different matter than what you're most likely expecting. I am concerned about Joe's cost of living vs. income (I make no assumption as to either nor intend to, I am dealing with this as an abstract concept) and his relationship with his fan-base. There might be some people who despite all possible exposure in this community, don't know why there is an apparent drop in reviews. I will attempt to explain this as informative and short as possible: During the month of December, Joe's channel and many others received copyright strikes on many of there videos. Joe's in particular had about 63. These claims on Joe's videos denied him monetization of all of his videos hit with this claim. This had a massive and frankly worrying impact on Joe and his show. Because this is his full time job if he can't make money off of his videos...he's broke. Over time Joe had most if not all of his videos released of said claims. But to me this had a lasting impact on Joe. I believe he was shooken up by this attack on his livelihood. If things went poorly for him (and they could have) he would be in big trouble and I think that the possibility of that had a negative impact on his psych. It's hard for anyone to be motivated after a stressful event, Joe might have been mentally exhausted. This is one of the things that I believe lead to his lack of reviews. But here's the point I'm trying to get at. His lack of reviews isn't a concern for me: it's free entertainment with information about a game from a man I trust. I'm not timing him. But it is a concern for him. (IMO) Reviews are Joe's most watched videos from an individual standpoint. And the way YouTube works is for every 1,000 views you get money. Joe's reviews have evolved in two ways since what I consider his golden age, 2012. They've gotten longer maybe even doubling in length and they appear less often. The problem is that while a longer video to my knowledge doesn't result in more money, less videos do. And whatever means Joe was comfortable living with in 2012 might struggle to stay sustainable later if he's making less money. Sure you could argue that despite less reviews since then gameplay videos are numerous enough on Joe's channel that they sustain his income. To which I bring up my second point, his fanbase. Joe has a large and relatively loyal fanbase (ignore the trolls). I think it's safe to say that his fanbase mostly watch his reviews. That is what they come in great number to his channel for. And like I've said, I'll watch just about everything on his show, but that doesn't matter because that's not what most of his viewers are there for. I think that all entertainers must walk a line: doing what you're passionate about vs. doing enough to make a living. One makes a living in entertainment by doing something others enjoy and most of Joe's fans enjoy his reviews far more than his gameplay videos. So when Joe puts up gameplay videos or streams on Twitch, no matter how much fun he's having or passionate he is if he isn't getting the views he needs, because most of his fans watch reviews, he's not making as much money as he could. And that's my ultimate concern. Joe seems to be a great guy and I want to see him succeed. To do that he needs money and his fans need to get want they want often enough for them to stay invested. Reviews solve both of those problems. I know Joe has recently release a video regarding a renewed effort to produce reviews with the help of his friends. I look forward to them whenever they're released and will continue to support Joe in his endeavors.