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Found 47 results

  1. Criteria for this poll: Has to do with games only. (No movie reviews, discussions, reactions.) Rants were included.
  2. Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be getting Monster Hunter World and I am excited to get the game in the weekends. But I was wondering about if you guys could help me out on the game, like tips and tricks or add me on PSN but yeah, I would really appreciate it guys that you could give me some heads up on the game.
  3. I know I'm new and dont know Joe and have no right to tell him to run his show. But I have a suggestion about what he could possibly do for a new episode. How about a top 10 most underrated game list so that all the great games that don't have a triple a just or doesn't get !ugh attention upon release won't be forgotten. That plus any game created who made a game that didnt get much attention will know at the vary least his game wasn't forgotten and that will inspire them to keep making awesome games.☺
  4. Hey everyone! I'm very new to this site! I just signed up now. I have been trying to reach Joe Vargas for a while now, via twitter, instagram, and exc. I am in the progress of making a 2D Fighting Game. It's a fan project using FM2nd. The idea of the game is to feature several YouTubers duking it out in a fun, fast paced, style. I've been working on it for the latter half of this year, and am slowly progressing. I was hoping to get in contact with the AngryJoeShow to see if I could represent them in the game via a character. The character would be Joe, and have references to different episodes of the show. On twitter I have posted a quick snipit of gameplay, which is still a work in progress. I'm also looking to include the AVGN as well as the Nostalgia Critic. I believe all three of these YouTubers have helped shape the way the platform has grown, and it would be great if I could represent them all in some way. I currently have a few other YouTubers joining the fold as well, that I have already received permission from. If anyone could help send me in his direction, to see if I can get approval, please let me know! Thanks everyone for your time!
  5. Hi Recently I've started watching new show Preacher and straight on main character looks just like Joe:
  6. poll

    Who can pull off a costume better? This is based off Angry Reviews. Comment who it was and what they cosplayed as!
  7. So for my upcoming fallout 3 terminator lets play i made a AJSA intro tell me what you guys think My intro And a bonus AngryJoe intro (feel free to use it Joe!)
  8. I've been looking for a while now. I am trying to find AJ's new store to look at some of the shirts and maybe buy one. Can someone give me the link? I've looked on his twitter, YT, and twitch and can't find it. Maybe I'm overlooking it idk. Thanks guys.
  9. We all know the legendary music he used for it video but most people dont know their actual name beside the Angry Joe Army theme that does not have a real title here the 2 songs that he use 1.The Human Abstract - Crossing the Rubicon 8 bit version (He Use it in every single game,movie review he does) 2.Callenish Circle - Suffer my Disbelief (He Use a segment of it in every end of his video) Oh and If this kind of post already exist im sorry i probably did not notice it when i first sign in.
  10. Hey everyone. My name is Trae and I am so glad I finally made it to the AngryArmy. I hope you all are faring well this year and I would like to share a little bit about myself. I started watching the Angry Joe Show about a year ago, with the Skyrim game review on Youtube, and I thought it was a very fair assessment of one of my favorite games. After that I just started watching some more reviews on movies and videogames such as Borderlands and Guild Wars 2 and I just loved it. So I am really happy to have joined this community! I live in Massachusetts near Boston but my true home is in Western Mass near the New York border in Berkshire County, definitely one of the most beautiful places in the states. I'm 19 years old and am currently enrolled in Bridgewater State University trying for a history major, though I don't know what I want to do with it yet. I am a huge geek and love just spending hours playing videogames, card games, and tabletop games. Favorites among them include Skyrim, Guild Wars 2, Borderlands 2, Kingdoms of Amalur, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons. So that's a basic summary. I'm looking to join the Angry Army in Guild Wars 2 so if anyone knows who I can contact to register I'd appreciate it! Thanks for any feedback you give!
  11. I have pledged myself to the Angry Army!!! Let us DESTROY all who stand before us!!!! And you know, have some fun along the way :-) Who wants to start gaming together??? I will list some of the games I got ready to go and currently playing! - Final Fantasy XIV ARR (PC) - Dragon Age Inquisition (PC) - Destiny (PS4) - GTAV (PS4)
  12. Its been months since the hates got on his channel, about peoples keep bitching about Joe not making reviews fast enough or the fact that hes uploading lets play vids which get even more hate and thumbs down. Joe is entering a phase where many youtubers had to face and dont even get me started on PewDiePie. The worse is that the hate comments get the most thumbs up out of all beside the GOOD replies. This make me frustrate how internet has become today. So What Joe should do? Take Off the comment section for some time then if most hate get away he will put it back on, Just like Pewd did! But during that time peoples will be forced to comment on a different website like this one or the Actual AJ Site that is moderated. I hope the message get through you by now and like this if you agree that you're getting tired of seeing this everyday! Thanks Guys
  13. Hi everyones ! I got a idea who ringing from a few weeks and i don't know where to post it so i post it there. If a moderator think it's not the appropriate place i apologie and if moderators or a administrator or even some peoples know AngryJoe personnally or have acces to talk to him and send things could you please try to send this suggestion to him pls ? That would be so great ! Ok here the idea. I hear dodger from presshearttocontinue and work for polaris searching somes superstars gamers on youtube to play with her to somes dating simulations because she find it more alive for her and is viewers. How it's work is she take a superstar guest one for each game and make a series of videos. And it's pretty fun. She and the guest take decision thogether, laugh and chill. So i was thinking why not my favorite youtuber AJ participate to. He know dodger after all, i'm sure they will have fun ! So i try to comment on is site of presshearttocontinue and cross my fingers for she see my commentary and say hmm well why not or maybe Joe will see that thanks to your help and say hey why not ! Sound fun ! I will try to propose a game to but it could any games she choose. And i propose Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius created by the studio ( love in space ). And i take the chance to say if you like the games they made please donate to encourage them if you like ! They do amazing work ! And this game is free on steam if you want to try ! it's a dating sim, str, rpg in the same time ! A jewel in my eyes ! Oh and it's a universe of LAZERS, MECHS, SPACES AND SHIPS ! Who someones dosen't like that ? XD Thanks to the Angry soldiers who read this post and help me to bring this message to AngryJoe. Like this if you want to see this happen.
  14. Just FYI and hoping the issue can be resolved quickly: Joe's latest video, "The Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2014" has been removed from YouTube because of a copyright claim by BroTeamPill.
  15. Hello everyone! AngryJoe has a Wii U and he is streaming right now. But I came on here and created this to see if anyone thinks if there will be changes to the Nintendo forum section? It is just to 'guess' if there will be any changes though. Like a feature where you can hold a tournament date for Mario Kart 8, for example. I doubt it, but it would be nice to read other people's views on this. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.
  16. I just wanna see your prediction for the game he played personally yet, i know this is early and November is coming in hot but let keep this post POPULAR at the top of the list if you agree with me. I dont really like to class game for the : bads to the worst or greats to the best sooo... you can drop a list here if you want your personal favorite and your worse and those of AJ! In few Words : Post Your Prediction for the Top 10 List Worst and Best (EDIT Just to Elaborate you can also post yours own personnal one too)
  17. You think you know much my history? Well guessed what i think its time for a mini trivia of myself my history since i first sign in in the AJSA I do this for fun and because i got recently platinum awarded for the year 1 anniversary scavenger hunt and i got maybe 98% of the question correct. Anyway Boys, Let see what you could earned if you get 4 question correct out of 5, yes 4 Your Reward will be a special like for your profile a nice QwiKish Like, Let Shall Begin. 1.When was the first time i play with Delrith (in his party squad whatever) A. BF4 B.Titanfall C.Destiny (Those Engrams..) D. Archage E. Planeside 2 2. What my favorite FPS Series? A. Battlefield B. Arma C. Call of Duty D.Counterstrike 3. In wich first Gamenight i was in with WITHASTICK A. Grand Theft Auto V B. Advanced Warfare C. Rambo the video game D. The last of us E.Destiny 4. What was my First Game Request (Hint: it was my First Post) a. Garrys Mod b. Insurgency c.Unturned e.Arma 3 5.When i first play with Angry Joe (Hint:At a moment in one of his video non-review i appear in his squad, which game was he playing? There no choice just a straight up answer! Good Luck people! The Contest will end on December 16 to allow more people to do the quiz but i may Not reveal all the persons that got 4+answer that day so i may need some help. Everyone is allow to enter except Joe,Del and Withastick because they might know the answer but they can guess the rest!
  18. What can I say? He's such a lovable guy, he has great points and topics when it comes to the video game industry, an honest and thoughtful guy who reviews and tells us things we should know about like Ride to Hell. Long live AngryJoe!
  19. Should he does it? Because he has never reviewed one yet cause he think CoD is the same crap every year. But since he did an Interview at E3 2014 maybe he could have been interested back in? idk what do you guys think? My point of view: This CoD is changing a bit because of that graphic leap in the CoD series. 3 years of work is better than 2!
  20. Been 2 weeks no activity at all im not complaining here but it taking forever sure after the game got mediocre score in the end but come on we wanna see good old Angry Joe come Back! i Bet its gonna be 40+ minute of criticing the game false low score and stuff....
  21. -Hey Guy i bring this to you my Own personal city called The AJSA city made by QwiK wich is me The Game i made this in is Simcity 2013 and yes its being hated cause of the small city size but for me it fit well especially this type of city! - Ill start explaining dont worry d: here is a Screenshot of my entire city in growing stage -I was force to put max graphic even if my pc cant handle it it did result in a driver crash but it was recovered My city design isnt the best but its alot different than others cities i made. -Ok for the juicy part it might be confusing but ill make sure you will understand this part so here we go, this photo show my population AKA NOT Sims but AJSA Members! (cause it more conveniant for this city!) -Now for the Population Source: Locals = AJSA community, Visitor = Guest Now for the Wealth : Low wealth are consider:Recruit and Member,Medium Wealth are consider:Veteran,Sergeant and Game Officers, and High Wealth are consider:Commander,Council and ofcourse Angry Joe!!! that also why there is a tiny % of the circle! -Now let jump into how the city work here is a picture of how i set it up. Green represent Home Gamers that where they play their game Blue represent where the shop are: Games,PC,Console all that stuff Yellow represent Industry who built exactly the above with the real life game industry and Microsoft,Sony and Nintendo Apparently i exceed file image limit so i cant put up in here -Finally we have the final picture detailing where the big mess well the Server Hall wich where that police icon is pointing at where only is for High Wealth reunion only and Then i wouldnt come with this city without the Angry House!!! Wich replace the Mayor for some instance. -I worked hard on this little cliché so i hope you are enjoying it!
  22. OK I thought i might post this here and also in the Fan Art section Since its a bit of both i myself am a Massive Space fan so with the upcoming game Star Citizen i made Joe into a Space Pilot i took the Model from the Star Citizen Website and Photo Shopped it up a bit to suit it towards Joe's Angry Army Colors and himself i hope you enjoy the outcome as much as i did xD Original Photo
  23. Hi brothers-in-arms of the angry army ! I'm proud to say i make a contest for the celebrity miniature of our great commander angryjoe. How you would say ? Well all you have to do is to pick a number between 1 and 10. the winner who have my number will got the miniature but if many of you have the number i will make another rounds for the winners and contact them by sending a e-mail in your AJ community account. The contest will take 2 or 3 weeks because it will depend how much i got money because yes i will pay all the shipping. Second i want to give you all a chance to see my contest and third , i got more contests to see in the future. So follow my name to see what kind of prices are you interest to participate. Oh and everyone in the world and i say EVERYONE was the right to participate so feel free to try your chance. If you win all i have to give me is your real name, your address, your number of the appartement if necessary, your town, province , country and postal code. But only for the big winner to make it all private by e-mail and the rest live it to me. So good luck for everyone.
  24. Hello, Lord Commander Joe. My name is Mishaal Asaad! I'd like to work for the AJSA in the Middle East. I'm from Saudi Arabia, but I'm half Venezuelan. I play Battlefield 4, Planetside 2, ESO, CS:GO and Guild Wars 2 Here are my PC Specs: GTX 780 Ti i7 4820x @ 4.0 GHz 32 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum ^Alienware Aurora R4 I play Battlefield almost everyday of my life. ZEPHYR--------------------------------------
  25. HEY EVERYONE. I'm bringing this forward to maybe ask about putting some sort of ajsa twist onto Xbox? Xbox one mainly with a cod team maybe, getting into GB, Fifa, all of that stuff? Bringing YouTube into it also. Maybe even get Joe himself to come into some games and have a good laugh, this can be something fun and rewarding because getting a GB team and all sorts of awesome stuff into the mix! Tell me what you think?