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Found 28 results

  1. So I've been a fan for a long time, like even going back to when Blistered Thumbs was still a thing and AJ was doing 'parody reviews' which later became the Angry reviews I'm so used to and those are kinda the reason I've stuck around as a fan for so long despite all that -- I mean when people were going around calling AJ 'Anti-Gamer' for defending Anita Sarkeesian or when that Quartering guy basically did the same thing but with Battlefield I still stuck around because I'm a fan (also those people are full of shit lol), and a proud member of the AJSA who's been around since 2013 when the site re-launched. In case you're wondering why I'm saying all this it's so that you have enough pretext to know I'm not just a "hater" or anything, I love the AJS, I just don't really like the new review format and I don't think I'm alone in thinking that, so I just thought I'd leave a poll and a post here to see what the community thinks about the change. Love it? Hate it? Hate me for even asking? Let me know! ...or don't and I can just continue having the most unpopular opinions on this site all by myself... *Cough* No Man's Sky Is Great *Cough*
  2. angry joe red lightning fan art

    From the album art work

    this was created on photoshop using keyboard and mouse. while it did take a while to try and iron out the creases and i'm still doing so, it actually turned out better than i expected
  3. Hey everyone! I'm very new to this site! I just signed up now. I have been trying to reach Joe Vargas for a while now, via twitter, instagram, and exc. I am in the progress of making a 2D Fighting Game. It's a fan project using FM2nd. The idea of the game is to feature several YouTubers duking it out in a fun, fast paced, style. I've been working on it for the latter half of this year, and am slowly progressing. I was hoping to get in contact with the AngryJoeShow to see if I could represent them in the game via a character. The character would be Joe, and have references to different episodes of the show. On twitter I have posted a quick snipit of gameplay, which is still a work in progress. I'm also looking to include the AVGN as well as the Nostalgia Critic. I believe all three of these YouTubers have helped shape the way the platform has grown, and it would be great if I could represent them all in some way. I currently have a few other YouTubers joining the fold as well, that I have already received permission from. If anyone could help send me in his direction, to see if I can get approval, please let me know! Thanks everyone for your time!
  4. So are you alone walking home in the dark? If you are remember........ GOOGLE HAS EYE'S!!!! AJ, OJ and Purruna take on Red Barrels Studios' first person horror sequel to see if it's a true freight night or just an empty stab in the dark. ENJOY!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
  5. So here is Angry Joe's take on the much hyped independent title. Will the wildly ambitious game hit the mark?
  6. Respawn's second installment in it's Titanfall franchise comes packed with a campaign, a revised multiplayer and is even brave enough to release alongside the FPS giants of COD and Battlefield. Will this endeavour prove to be a giant steel stomp on the competition or a foolish Titanfail. Angry Joe..... Stand by for Titanfall.....
  7. Will the latest instalment of the Deus Ex franchise be a diner date with the Terminator or a bit of a block head? Angry Joe shares his thoughts!
  8. Suggested games are the following; Monster hunter 4 ultimate,Civilization revolution,RAGE,Command and conquer red alert 3, Dragon's crown,Project X zone, Fire emblem (The 3DS games), super smash bros for Wii u/3Ds, GTA V, Dishonored. Its okay if Joe doesn't wanna review these, I just wanted to show people some of the games I think are worth a look.
  9. Hey guys, this is my first time on the forum so I'd like to apologise if someone else has already discussed something similar and I've missed it. I've been watching Joe's videos for a while (though not as long as some of the true AJ veterans on here, I'm sure) and recently I've been finding myself yearning for the classic rants, the reviews of terrible games like Ride to Hell Redemption and Mindjack etc. The Destiny review remains to this day my favourite Angry Joe video of all time, it was enjoyable from start to finish. However, initially I couldn't explain why this was. Was it simply a case of nostalgia making those videos far better than they were? After all, when I watched the original Xbox One rant, it was the first Angry Joe rant I'd ever seen and it really stayed with me as an experience, and perhaps that was part of why I enjoyed so many of videos in that period in particular. Or was it that the reviews simply came out very late? At the time when I initially watched the Destiny review, I didn't know the first thing about Bungie, or anything like that - so everything in the video was new for me and made it that much more interesting. When I watched the Red Dead Redemption review, I was at a point where I'd already played the game and loved it, and I can admit that mostly, I just wanted to hear Joe's affirmation. But as time went on I started following gaming news more closely and so when titles like MGSV and Witcher 3 came out I had already decided before release that I wanted them, and that I didn't want to sample any reviews until I had played them. Therefore, the only reviews I was watching were ones that either involved gaming controversy that I was already aware of (and wanted good ol' Angry Joe's reaction on) like Arkham Knight, or bringing attention to games that I'd never heard of before, such as the SUPERHOT video. So with that in mind, there are those two possible explanations for why I was finding myself missing "the old Joe". I recognise the fact that as a content creator he likes to keep things as fresh as possible, and that's his right. But I honestly think there's a third aspect to it as well. For me personally, I've been feeling that over time Joe has become disenchanted with the gaming industry and the gaming community in general. With some of the older videos, you really got a sense that Joe cared deeply about the gaming industry and community, and was passionate about all the games he reviewed - not just the ones he passionately loved but the ones he hated as well. We all know that gaming companies have been engaging in shitty practices, and getting away with it. The gaming community has been vocal enough on social media but putting their money where their mouth is. For example, EA would not have 120 dollar editions of games if they didn't sell, and for watchers of the show it's very easy to say "who the fuck would do that?" but clearly enough people do that it was deemed a worthy investment. Only certain obviously poor business decisions have been punished by consumers, such as Arkham Knight's PC port, or Xbox One's various "features". Even in those instances, companies have been reluctant to act and I feel that in the case of WB in particular, they would not have acted as swiftly as they did were it not for the introduction of the Steam refund system. It also seems like companies are continuously testing the limits of consumer patience by releasing more and more shoddy and unfinished products on release at the same retail price, whilst claiming that it is OK because they will be adding more content in the future. Whether this content is paid or free is mostly unimportant because the bottom line is that people are paying more for less, and they are okay with it. Games with 4 hour stories, or no singleplayer, no splitscreen (looking at you, Halo 5), and other features missing or smacking of laziness are being released and still selling. Eventually, this must feel like a broken record for Joe, especially since him and so many other prominent Youtube gaming experts have not only publicly criticised these practices but also encouraged consumers to be actively wary of Early Access, Kickstarter etc. in a bid to stop people accepting sub-standard products. Still these games are being released and the trend is becoming alarmingly common. Not only that, but some fanboys are staunchly defending every aspect of these games, and attacking anyone who disagrees. I feel like this aspect in particular would be disheartening as the days of single complete products upon release are fading, with more and more companies feeling confident that they can produce less and charge more. This could be down to the vocal portion of the gaming community becoming younger over time - back in the day (early 2000s) I didn't play PC games, and I didn't really have standards for games, I just played what I liked. It was only when I got into PC gaming and looked at forums that I understood a) how not everything in games are intended by the developer and b ) how horrible people online can be when they have the convenience and protection of internet anonymity. More and more kids are finding that they can attack others behind aliases and not suffer consequences. It must be so thrilling to call someone a useless piece of shit that their mom should have swallowed when they're not quite up to your gaming standard, and then put down the controller because you're being called to dinner. From personal experience I find that younger communities can be really, really horrible. Mainly because kids are jerks anyway. I'm losing track of the picture here. My point is, I feel like kids are totally okay with having to pay more for sub standard products because a) they don't have quite the same grasp of the value of money and b ) mom and dad pay for it anyway and c) they won't be considered cool unless they have the ultimate edition and will cry bloody murder until they get it. I get that a lot of this is what is similar to what Joe has said or implied. I think he said at the end of his Halo 5 video something along the lines of "this is what gaming is now". It's really sad that as a critic he feels he has to mention the fact that his review is about the state of the game at release about 20 million times because of rabid fanboys that will viciously attack anything. So yeah, I felt like with his latest review, he seemed almost resigned to it. Not quite the passionate angry Joe that we know, more mellowed out and accepting of the fact that the gaming industry is on a path that it is unlikely to deviate from. I don't blame him. Disclaimer: this is just my opinion and I'm by no means an expert, so please if you disagree feel free to say something.
  10. Ok everyone, MattGYouKnowMe here, big Angerbeard and AngryJoeShow fan, Just played quite possibly the best game I've ever played or even been apart of for that matter. I played in my Tier 5 USA Omaha Class Cruiser, screenshots say it all but I will summarize. 140, 014 damage, 4 Enemy Ship Kills, 2 Enemy Torpedo Planes Shot Down. I had in total (Only fired HE): HE Shells Hits/Shell Fired: 129/301 HE shell hits for a total damage count of: 61089 2 Citadel Hits, 5 Incapcitations, 1 Base Capture. Fire damage totaling: 15452 (10 fires caused) Flooding damage totaling 20342 (6 cases of flooding caused) Torpedos: Hit/Launched: 7/16 for a total damage of: 43041 TOTAL DAMAGE COUNT OF: 140, 014. TOTAL CREDITS: 340,922 BASE EXP: 2141 TOTAL EXP: 3212 MEDALS: 4; Double Strike (2): Destroy 2 enemy ships. The 2nd target must be destroyed within 10 seconds after the first one. High Caliber (1): Damage at least 4 enemy ships. Damage caused must exceed 30% of the total HP of all the ships in the enemy team. Liquidator (1): Cause flooding of an enemy ship and destroy her. Damage caused by flooding must exceed 40% of the destroyed ship's normal HP. In addition, also shot down 2 enemy Torpedo Bomber Planes via my Fighter Planes.
  11. About Me: I'm a 24 year old college student living in Southwestern Indiana, United States of America. Soon to be getting my Bachelor's in Social Work which I decided to go towards after life events motivated me to turn my life around away from some pretty sketchy bad habits. Born in Western New York, raised in North Carolina and some how ended up attending high school and college in Indiana. Video Game History: I've been playing video games since I can remember (age 7~8), with my teenage years being filled up playing Madden titles, Cruising the World, Mario Kart, 007 GoldenEye, Conker's Bad Fur Day being some of the best I remember. During high school I played World of Warcraft pretty frequently getting to Level 70. Starting college in 2009 I transitioned from console to the PC Master Race and to this day play 90% of my games on PC. Currently my favorite/most played titles are: World of Warships (PC) (want to join Angerbeard in ranked battles), World of Tanks (PC), Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) and Rocket League (PS4). Reason for joining AJSA/How I found AJSA/AngryJoe/Angerbeard So over the past 2 months I've really gotten into AngryJoeShow's YouTube game review's and live streams. As a proud gamer, I don't know how I went this long without finding these hard-working, gamer oriented, down to earth badass people. Specifically, I've begun to follow Angerbeard heavily because he streams my favorite 2 games World of Warships and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Angerbeard is someone I can relate to because we are similar in age, interests music and games alike, and you can just tell he's a genuine dude which is nice to have these days, especially on the internet. In the future I hope to join Angerbeard in the seas of battle in World of Warships via Clan Wars/Ranked Battles in addition to some potential PVP in SWToR. Hope I didn't bore anyone too much, I know if you're like me you enjoy relating to other gamers especially within the AJSA community. P.S. I love sports as well, mainly baseball (go Yankees!) Football (Go Panthers/Bills!) and basketball (Go duke and Indiana Pacers!)
  12. Just found this in my feed, and I'm not sure whether it's gonna be bad or good. Does Joe know about this?
  13. Hey Community and Joe, Wanted to start by saying I am a huge fan of the youtube channel and have llstened to as much of your content as possiable even the content that I will more than likely never play or have the time to explore. Though this is my first day as a member I didn't know if there is a thread or section to ask for reviews to be done? If there is, someone point me in the right direction. Wanted to know if anyone wanted certain games covered which I am sure we all do. Joe these dont have to be covered anytime soon but these two games I would love a review on. Would love to spawn general discussion about current games and future game titles. Thanks guys and have a great week PSN:onemanshow1881 > Dragonball Z Xenoverse >Metal Gear Soild 5: Phantom Pain > Batman: Arkham Knight
  14. Good evening, I decided to voice some concerns about the AngryJoeShow. In this rant/op-ed (let's call it what it is) I will be making reference to past events involving the AngryJoeShow and Joe himself. A disclaimer before I continue; this is all based off of my personal observation through videos on Joe's show, Twitch streams, Twitter and other sources and is all my opinion and my opinion only. I make no claim to know Joe or his friends, personal feelings or anything about him and his friends. I could be entirely wrong about anything and every assumption I make in this post regarding Joe. I will not and am not attempting to slander Joe's name or his show and welcome any correction of my observations. This is all my personal opinion and that's all it is, no more or less. That being said this is an opinion piece, and someone's opinion, unless it makes reference to the outcome of an event in an incorrect manner or makes false claims of knowledge (the definition of which can be debated) is not wrong, it is simply different. Let us continue. My concerns over this are not simply "where are the reviews?" (Personally I am willing to wait for reviews; I don't need a review every week.) There is more to it than that though the lack of reviews are involved but in a different matter than what you're most likely expecting. I am concerned about Joe's cost of living vs. income (I make no assumption as to either nor intend to, I am dealing with this as an abstract concept) and his relationship with his fan-base. There might be some people who despite all possible exposure in this community, don't know why there is an apparent drop in reviews. I will attempt to explain this as informative and short as possible: During the month of December, Joe's channel and many others received copyright strikes on many of there videos. Joe's in particular had about 63. These claims on Joe's videos denied him monetization of all of his videos hit with this claim. This had a massive and frankly worrying impact on Joe and his show. Because this is his full time job if he can't make money off of his videos...he's broke. Over time Joe had most if not all of his videos released of said claims. But to me this had a lasting impact on Joe. I believe he was shooken up by this attack on his livelihood. If things went poorly for him (and they could have) he would be in big trouble and I think that the possibility of that had a negative impact on his psych. It's hard for anyone to be motivated after a stressful event, Joe might have been mentally exhausted. This is one of the things that I believe lead to his lack of reviews. But here's the point I'm trying to get at. His lack of reviews isn't a concern for me: it's free entertainment with information about a game from a man I trust. I'm not timing him. But it is a concern for him. (IMO) Reviews are Joe's most watched videos from an individual standpoint. And the way YouTube works is for every 1,000 views you get money. Joe's reviews have evolved in two ways since what I consider his golden age, 2012. They've gotten longer maybe even doubling in length and they appear less often. The problem is that while a longer video to my knowledge doesn't result in more money, less videos do. And whatever means Joe was comfortable living with in 2012 might struggle to stay sustainable later if he's making less money. Sure you could argue that despite less reviews since then gameplay videos are numerous enough on Joe's channel that they sustain his income. To which I bring up my second point, his fanbase. Joe has a large and relatively loyal fanbase (ignore the trolls). I think it's safe to say that his fanbase mostly watch his reviews. That is what they come in great number to his channel for. And like I've said, I'll watch just about everything on his show, but that doesn't matter because that's not what most of his viewers are there for. I think that all entertainers must walk a line: doing what you're passionate about vs. doing enough to make a living. One makes a living in entertainment by doing something others enjoy and most of Joe's fans enjoy his reviews far more than his gameplay videos. So when Joe puts up gameplay videos or streams on Twitch, no matter how much fun he's having or passionate he is if he isn't getting the views he needs, because most of his fans watch reviews, he's not making as much money as he could. And that's my ultimate concern. Joe seems to be a great guy and I want to see him succeed. To do that he needs money and his fans need to get want they want often enough for them to stay invested. Reviews solve both of those problems. I know Joe has recently release a video regarding a renewed effort to produce reviews with the help of his friends. I look forward to them whenever they're released and will continue to support Joe in his endeavors.
  15. Good Evening Angry Army! I've been watching Joe's Angry reviews for several years now, and he is one of my favorite reviewers on the net. Two of his reviews that struck close to home for me were Mass Effect 3 (Not to mention the numerous subsequent follow up videos...) and Aliens: Colonial Marines. The Mass Effect series was one of my favorites in the past few years, and the Aliens franchise, especially Aliens has been very dear to me for a long time… so When I saw Joe’s reviews on those games, and his reactions… I was like “That was me!” Joe, I love your reviews, and your passion for gaming, and I am proud to be a member of the AngryArmy!
  16. Just FYI and hoping the issue can be resolved quickly: Joe's latest video, "The Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2014" has been removed from YouTube because of a copyright claim by BroTeamPill.
  17. Hi how ya goin? So who the hell are you? Ok where to begin, perhaps a proper introduction. So people like to call me Capsaicin. I live in California but was in Australia for a bit of some time. I'm a crazy bastard who somehow eats hot peppers (yeah I'm talking habaneros on an average day) while playing games at the same time and perform considerably well. I've been watching AJS for longer than I can remember but somehow never knew about this website because I had a lot of other crap goin on everywhere. I love to act, and have been in commercials, but then again, this is an introduction, not a job interview. Why do you call yourself Capsaicin? Well considering the fact that I love hot foods and have gone as far as drinking a dropper of pure capsaicin (16,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, the Ghost Pepper is 1,000,000) and btw I'm not the only one who calls myself Capsaicin either. What games do you play? My favorite game so far has been Team Fortress 2 and I've been playing that since my first steam account (which was made in 2007 until it got hacked) and my second one (created in 2009 and got hacked as well, don't ask) up until now. Although I do love to play a variety of games like Unturned, Garry's Mod, Killing Floor (for when I have a bit of a rage), and many others but my favorite genre of games are most likely FRS/RTS really any game with heavy teamwork will do! When do you play? Hell I love to play everyday and I'm always on after school's out. But when it's summer time it's 24/7 all day everyday! Have you been with other clans? I've been involved with TOO many other clans that were relatively small but ended up breaking down because of a massive fall in money (which I can't blame them for), or because they let in too many kids (really?!), or because he clan just wore out (meh, it happens), or because of a corrupt "government" that just lost it (again, really?!). In almost all of the clans I've been in, I've ended up working my way up to the top to admin or main admin or whatever you want to call it, which is really sad when you witness the group slowly degrading. I've always been that guy who doesn't like to be involved in big clans that thousands of people are in because you don't get known very much until you do something like win a championship of a game or some shit I don't know! But when I was exploring a bit through the youtube channel and actually looked in the descriptions (yeah I'm that guy who never reads the description) I found out about this and decided to give this one a shot. What are your expectations of being in this clan/group? Well like I said I'm just expecting to not really get known here and maybe get to know a couple of people. BUT, like many games have shown, there's always that possibility that expectations can be in vain... Favorite Movie? Forest Gump cause Tom Hanks is my favorite actor and it has some awesome messages to it. Favorite Youtuber? Now everyone would most likely say here AJ, but in my honesty, I am a BIG fan of AJ and I've watched most if not all of his vids, so yeah I would say AJ is my favorite youtuber. Would you like to meet Angry Joe? Who wouldn't? If AJ joined you in a TS3 channel, what would you do? If I didn't know it was going to happen, I would shit my pants. If I was knew it was going to happen, I would shit my pants beforehand and put 2 boxers on to prepare XD. JK, but in reality I would most likely be that fanboy wanting to play a game or two with him. Well it looks like I've made this post too long so I'll stop it here, but if you guys got any questions (not that you would have any for a recruit but IF you do) post it up in the comments and I'll answer them very shortly! Other than that, see you in the heat mate! -Capsaicin
  18. So I just watched Joes Kill Hitler video. Like many other Im sure have. And then I went down to the comment section. And I saw something that Ive seen a few times in previous videos aswell. Here is an example for the Kill Hitler video The issue with this is that it is all false. What this person clearly doesnt understand is that its more work for Joe. Joe isnt gonna stop making reviews, but they take time. Joe have to play the game several times or different difficulty levels, to find different ways to play the game and so on and so on. After that he has to write the review, he have to make the review. It takes a lot of time. The editing takes a lot of time with all the special effects. But since Joe already have to play these games, why not make videos aswell. He doesnt take more time becuase he have to play the game already. Sure he may use more time becuase he have to edit these video, but that editing is far from hard as it is in his reviews. Im sure that its no problem for him to edit theses video. I dont mind seeing these video while waiting for his next review, it serves as a filler while Im waiting. And Im glad that he can make some extra video and earn some more money. I think he deserve it. Not to mention that the money he earn, some but not all, goes to making the review better with props and other stuff. Ps. I know this is the best written post, Im not particular good at making articles and expressing things, but I felt like it had to be addressed. Feel free to try and elaborate on what Im trying to say if you can. Pps. People like him is the reason why I dont enjoy going to the comment section.
  19. Angry Joe + Mass Effect = Yes.

    From the album Angry Army Profile

    A little profile background I whipped up in like 20 minutes using Pixlr.
  20. Hello Joe and hello to everyone else. I just thought I'd join up and say that I really enjoyed watching the AJS youtube channel. Yes I realize times are hard for everyone who loves doing such kind of work and I do hope the situation improves. There's really not much I could say about myself that would be interesting. I'm just a student from Poland. I love good RPG's, I have a bachelor's degree in politics with a specialty in demographics, but since I couldn't get a job for about a year I've decided to continue my education and just go further with it. Currently I'm working and continuing to study Political Science, but this time with a specialty in "American studies and Mass Media". If I'm correct - having a specialty in Poland is the same as having an Academic Major in the U.S. Anyway I started watching the Angry Joe Show ever since I've seen the episode about Fallout 3. It was a kind of love and hate thing. I loved the humor, hated the game itself. It was one of those games that "almost" slaughtered the franchise for me. I don't even see how anyone could give it a 6/10 or an 8.5/10 (personally it's 3/10 in my book). Fallout 3 almost killed my first and second "deep game - RPG" experience. When I got my Hands on the original Fallout games I was literally pulled in to this world. The deep story, incredible lore, weapons, a sense of purpose and freedom. Even the combat was fun. Especially when you'd shoot a guy in the eyes and then had this fun description of what happened to him. Fallout 3 simply took all of that and flushed it down in to the toilet. Playing this kid with daddy issues felt all wrong... just like most of the situations. Like when dear old dad knew about me blowing up Megaton, as well as that guy on the radio. It felt weird and out of place. Not to mention that all the weapons looked like some kind of hand held vacuum cleaners and toys. Even the NPC's where annoying. Yet perhaps the worst thing was what happened to poor Harold. I remembered his story. That voice and how he'd talk. Such sadness and all those emotions. As if you where there, right in front of him. Shedding a tear while listening to everything he said about the war. That was unforgettable as well as meeting Tony Jay's character. Those original Fallout games forged some of my best gaming memories. Anyway even though I didn't always share Joe's point of view - I really enjoyed the humor and he does seem like a nice guy. Since that time I started watching AJS much more often. It is truly enjoyable. You know I wanted to do this much sooner, but hell... life was never kind to me. I don't have any consoles. Those are too expensive for a poor student. I don't even have a good PC, so I manly stick to older games. I wanted to register last year, but I was in a hospital due to a severe internal bleeding. Some time after I came back my family got worried about their health and so they they all went to see a few doctors and it turns out my mother has lung cancer. They are giving her about 1-6 months to live and she is kinda giving up. Since my family has a large debt which we need to repay and my mother can't work now, the bank is gonna take everything. Without any means to live I won't be around much. That's why I have to apologize in advance for any future inactivity. I want to thank Joe for all the game and movie reviews and just enjoy the time I have left.
  21. Okay so I've been trudging up this river all night long. After I saw Joe's first tweet about what YouTube has done and is still doing to his channel and many, many others. I'm sick right now over all this bullshit. What is being done to Joe can destroy his livelihood and severely cripple the type of content we viewers seek out. The fair and honest critiques and often hilarious dialog we enjoy daily could very well vanish because of incredibly unfair regulations. As he said in his rant, He is not stealing or distributing illegal content. He is offering a service that is absolutely needed in the gaming industry. It aids to keep things honest and helps to promote some of the little guys that would otherwise see non such exposure. Look at his video for The Mandate for christs sake. I never would have heard of that kickstarter if it weren't for Joe. Content creators like Joe need our support and though I have no clue where to start the entire lot of us need to be aware. Best case scenario, Google realizes what has happened here and makes it right without further issue. Worst case we need to start gearing up for war! All jokes aside we are the Angry Army after all.
  22. Hi as a member from Europe (more specifically the UK) is there anything happening for us over the pond? All of the events and server listed seem to be based in north america, and that's fine considering the leader, the council and a vast majority of the members of the Angry Army are from the USA. But is their anyway for us Europeans to get involved? Thanks again
  23. Hey everyone, Name is Chris, Scorpion_CR1 is my PSN_ID, twitter handle, and I pretty much use it almost for any website. I'm just a casual gamer. Tried PC gaming and I really suck at keyboard and mouse. Learning how to hack and mod my Ouya, I've made it sing. That little box is awesome, controller is crap though. I specialize in deals, pricematching, sales, so if you need advice on how to buy things, I'd be happy to drop the knowledge. Car parts, Video Games, Electronics, and Mattreses/Furniture are my specialty on getting good deals on and how to shop for them. But I'm always open for someone to teach me on how to get deals on other items and stuff as well, and how to shop for them. None of the other website forums have really made me want to stick with them, gaming or otherwise. So I'm excited that AngryJoe went all out for his community. I'm happy to meet you all, maybe you'll see my posts in other threads, comment on them, we'll get to have a conversation.
  24. Welcome, Welcome! Everyone have a seat. Today's topics are going to be about: Gaming, Intruducing Yourself, and how badass the AngryArmy is! If everyone would post something about themselves, that would be absolutely splendid! You can talk about, I don't know, all the Xbox 360/PS3/PC multiplayer games you have! That way everyone would get to know each other just a tiny bit more. So... Uh... Yeah. Go do that.