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Found 45 results

  1. Dear Fans of Role Playing Games! No obligations, enjoy and be fair! A demo version of our game, World Slayer, is freely available for Android (primary) and Windows 8-10. (a bit later, Mac, Lunix, and even iOS as well). Link to demo: https://world-slayer.com/demo IndieGoGo: launch later today, 28th February 2017 For news and updates, please connect with us via Twitter https://youtu.be/PmkUIb7dj5A Youtube Trailer; FaceBook Page Here is a Short Description of the game (full Pitch): A mobile RPG. Obviously, we target mobile platforms, but what we mean by mobile has a broader sense - a game you can play anywhere. In many modern mobile RPGs, the role playing practically stops after you’ve dressed and geared up your characters. The curse of free2play! We and many fans of old-school RPGs find it very disappointing that mobile platforms are not used to their full potential. Mobile platforms are always with you by definition. This is why our mission is to restore the essence of the RPG-genre by carefully bringing actual role playing experience to mobile platforms. here are many legendary RPG series from Europe, US, and Japan that inspired us. Just to name a few, those are Dragon Age, Planescape Torment, Witcher, Persona, Suikoden, Grandia, Final Fantasy and many many others! Our game is devised to have a higher degree of non-linearity. We want to give players a living sandbox-like world with multiple possible storylines, so that they can be either a hero, who will save the World, or a villain, who is going to destroy it. In World Slayer, players will be able to build relations with other characters, craft weapons, and even gather their own army. Wherever you go and whenever you feel like playing, the game will give you chills and emotions from actual role-playing like in the real RPGs. Appreciate all the feedback and be glad to answer your questions! Some screenshots! Tags: IndieGoGo, WorldSlayer, Mobile, PRG, Indie, Turn-Based, Singleplayer, Fantasy, Anime, Adventure, Story Rich, Party-Based RPG, 3D, Choices Matter, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, SteamPunk, Modern, Nonlinear
  2. A new anime to "plug the gap" between Gravity Rush 1 & 2 has just been announced by Playstation to air on YouTube on the 26th of December. Anyone interested in these games should probably check it out.
  3. So yes, I assume by now most are aware of the new Sword Art Online Season 3 AND the movie being released sometime over the course of this year or perhaps the next? Just wondering on the thoughts you guys have on it? Could it be good, bad? What are you guys' theories. Been binging S1 and S2 as of recently and with that uh... Rather upsetting ending of Season 2, I have started wondering a bit.
  4. So how many people here like to watch anime? If you do, what are some anime you like? My favorites are Hunter x Hunter 2011, Hajime no Ippo, and Magi. I just recently caught up to the anime erased which is pretty good too!
  5. Hi, I am a fan of Kingdom, its an anime from the warring states period of China, its awesome!!! I highly recomend it!!! and I created a petition for a third season of this anime, please if you can help me signing it and sharing the petition to make it bigger, it will help me a lot, and it will just take like 5 mins, I will gladly apreciate your help!! Here is the link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/funimation-entertainment-please-funimation-entertainment-make-a-third-season-of-kingdom?recruiter=457562514&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
  6. Angerbeard (yes, AB \m/) actually suggested that I watch Saikano. Then i suggested that my friend Davin watch it. Davin and I watched the final 3 episodes together. TEARS FOR DAAAAAAAYS.
  7. hello, my name is animeoverlord1, but you can call me anime or Jeremy. Either one works i dont care Ive been a fan of angry joe and the angry army for a year or 2 now but i was tied up with other gaming communties that i couldnt join. im a fan of anime, manga, music, movies, etc so you can talk to me about any of them the systems i have include: PS4, PS3, 2 PS2s (original and slim), 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Wii, PSP, 3DS, DS lite, Gamecube, and a gaming laptop. I spend most of my time currently on my PC and PS4 though, but hopefully once more games come out on other systems i'll be playing on my other systems i'm really happy to have joined and hope to play with you all soon!
  8. Hai everyone!! My name is Mauricio Vincente Harris-Martija a 21 year old out of Washington State!!! But most people know me as laidbackmarco . . . I have been watching angryjoe since his 2008 years and he has really been great the whole time and a big inspiration to who I want to become when I grow older. What is that you ask. . . . well i guess evil overlord great super power chunibyou delusion aside I want to become a world class artist, musician, youtuber, twitch, photographer, and lcs player , not the best at all of them of course but pretty damn good . I love anime, music, games, art, and social networking and would like to go to anime and game conventions and japan to meet my loving internet fans irl. I like science when it wants to be fun . . . and math when it is fun as well I like going through philosophy and worldlines stuff too. . . I'm really all over the place actually. . . a bit of a mad scientist anyway getting back on topic I love visual novels and league and would like to make a living creating content like joe and becoming an internet celebrity I was wondering if there were any big Japan, anime, visual novel people here??? PS!!! I like martial arts and would also like to do mma one day anyway I remember introducing myself in a forum before and remembered I didn't intro myself here on this new one so heres a big HI shoutout to everyone OH I love Kawaii cute stuffed toys. . . "and im single" <---- no surprise after that intro jesus you yourself know that first impressions are everything. . .. sorry typing to myself. .. anyway the current visual novel i'm playing is steins gate . . .which explains my talking like this the game i'm playing always affects my personality . . .okay i'm embarassed now look down at ground and give a shy wave. <--- what happens irl . . . but anyway behind my keyboard i don't get meaner. .. i get all warm and cuddly nyah (=`ω´=)
  9. What do you guys think about watching anime at 60fps so far? For me is great I love it! But not all scene is at 60fps real live action films is still the most noticeable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOKNdi3BA08
  10. I just made three pictures that taken from episode 37 of GinTama. This scene where Santa fart on her face while she sleeping. So which one did you like to best fit? The vote will be ended in December 24, 2014. #1 #2 #3
  11. You read right! Marvel in the next 2 weeks is going to publish a series of comics featuring Attack on Titan! I think this is a really cool idea and just adore the fact to see Spider-Man fighting some titans! I think Marvel will win (with heavy losses) because of their powers, Jean Grey, Thor and Ant-Man can make some massive hits! What do you guys think? The hype is on!
  12. Hey everyone, I have been making video game reviews and anime videos for a long time now and have become a youtube partner for almost a year. I recently saw maker studios might be interested in me when I received an email from them. I really want my youtube channel darkstylezvideo to become at least somewhat successful so I am thinking about it, but I have been hearing both good and bad things about them. I am wondering if anyone with REAL FACTS can help me with my decision. Joe if your reading this, PLEASE let me know your thoughts as well. It would mean a ton to me because your one of the people that helped inspire me not to give up on doing what I do.
  13. Mellavelli needs help w/ Dragon Ball Absalon Ep 3! He plans on releasing it on July 30th 2015, but he needs help writing jokes for Gotenks as well as some background artists. If you or anyone you know can help him, here is the link to the video for information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw5Ejyw335o help spread the word!
  14. It's an anime. On kickstarter. Must be low quality, right? Nothing but amateurs and all that indie stuff. It's probably gonna be a generic high school moe slice of life anime. Right? With that out of the way... The team behind this are experts and near god like status in the anime community. To name a few: Now what's with the dorky name? It's a Japanese proverb I think. I think. So what's the story about? So what's the goal? Well... Not a lot of people know how much money it takes to make one episode of anime. It takes between $100,000 to $200,000. For this one 24 minute episode (or OVA (Original Video Animation)), it'll take $580,000. WOAH! Why so much? Why even do Kickstarter? As I said, anime is expensive to make. Quality anime is a god damn fortune to make. And these guys are about quality. As for Kickstarter, Under the Dog is a new IP, and they're hoping if it gets popular they can get it picked up. The reason why they're doing kickstarter in the first place, using backer money, is because they are allowed to keep their creative Independence. We've all seen it before. A game/anime we expect to be pretty good turns out to be mediocre at best because some big shot up stairs who doesn't know jack tells the team making the game/anime what to do and what to put in it for the sole purpose of profit (pandering to the "CoD players/fan service lovers"). Stupid shit. With backer money, they can cut out the stupid shit. Stretch goals! They seriously just want to make the one episode, and they're just focusing on that. Their ultimate stretch goal is for a full length feature movie that'll be about $5.1 million. Again, all they want is the OVA, but if someone dropped down the millions, they will make the movie. Click on the fantastic art below for the link! Progess: $670,000 out of $580,000 47 hours left WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hey guys i'm AoiKami and i'm an otaku lol. anybody else here that would consider themself as an otaku?
  16. Hey so wanted to know is there going to be a season 2 of Attack On Titan or no?
  17. Hi there fellow AJSA members. i'm starting this thread to see if there are any Otakus around here and if you are as passionate as i am about them. any anime suggestions are welcome. if you are on Minitokyo.net as i am, my username there is Ak1r0 if you want to see my watchlist and my ratings on them. since i started the thread i'll suggest some anime to keep the thread going. my suggestions: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, Sword Art Online, Accel World, D. Gray-Man, Akikan!, Ao no Exorcist, Black Rock Shooter (the TV series as well), Mirai Nikki, Shingeki no Kyojin, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach. (even though the last 3 are widely known who cares)
  18. So we all know that most movies based on video games are dogshit. They took the characters from the source material, made it into a movie, and just don't care about the result. I'm of course talking about the craps that are Super Mario Brothers movie, Mortal Kombat Annihilation (although I find these two movies quite hillarious and enjoyable), most of the Resident Evil movie series or anything made by that retard that made the House of the Dead game movie that's so pathetic, Hideo Kojima actually gets angry when someone mentions that lowlife. However, there are exceptions of adaptations based on video games that are great. So great in fact because they are completely faithful to the source material, that they are as equal or even better than the games because they're either faithfully recreated or expanded upon in a good way. I know It's hard to believe, but it's true. This thread will unveal these things, whether it's movies, animes or whatever adaptations you can think off that are proof that there are great video game adaptations. Some of you may see these things for the first time. If so, great! Hopefully you'll find these movies and shows enjoyable to watch. Feel free to show us a good adaptation based on a video game as well so we will know them. I'll start first with Street Fighter. No, not the one with Jean Claude, although I love Bison's line "but for me, it was Tuesday." Bison in this movie is much more awesome than the main game's I'll give the movie that. The one I'm talking about is of course, the animated movie based on Street Fighter 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX2T2mG87DU Great fight scenes, the characters are true to the video game, good story and excellent animations. Plus there's a fight scene between Chun Li and Vega while Chun Li just got out taking a bath. NEED I SAY MORE????
  19. I have an idea. I will make an montage video for Titanfall with Attack on Titan 1st Opening theme (Guren no Yumiya/紅蓮の弓矢). This title will be called, "Attack on Titanfall". Unfortunately, I don't have Xbox One nor the PC version of Titanfall. So I will hire my cousin from Tucson, Arizona name is Michael the Kevin's younger brother and Victor's twin brother. His game ID name is MSone, but I can't tell you the number. He love Titanfall game and he has an Xbox One. I will give my cousin an credit. I have an short music that using an TV length verison of Guren no Yumiya/紅蓮の弓矢. But there is an problem. Attack on Titan 1st Opening theme is an copyright music problem over owned by from Japanese music studio and the gameplay footage as well under Respawn and EA. So the owners will block my monetization. I need to ask them for permission to do upload the video on YouTube.
  20. Anyone remember playing the F-Zero games? I only had the original F-Zero, sadly, on my SNES but, hot damn, was it awesome. Especially the music. My favourite bit of the soundtrack is, and this is NOT gonna surpirse you, Mute City: Anyways, I'm going down nostalgic lane again. What was your favourite F-Zero game, F-Zero music, etc? Also, what did you think of the anime? (Yes there was an anime for F-Zero, it's called GP Legend (Or F-Zero The Legend of Falcon as it's known in Japan):
  21. This is most stupid moment of all time. This story is about Japanese tourist got arrested for using Idolmaster credit card because they think, it's the counterfeit and fraud. That's bullshit. He just got the credit card from Japan and this credit card will exchange from Japanese Yen to US Dollar. WTF Policeman from Los Angeles!? Hello LAPD cops, are you playing Papers, Please game or what? What is an point? Why did you arrest the innocent foreign? You know what is going to be happen when resident will protest against LAPD and the government like did on 1992 Los Angeles Riots when pro-Rodney King and the others were protest against the government due to police beat up Rodney King for no reasons. As you know, iDOLM@STER is an Japanese rhythm and simulation game that made by Namco Bandai. This news event just came out on December 2013. http://www.japanator.com/man-arrested-for-using-his-idolmaster-credit-card-30660.phtml
  22. So you load in a match, you just loaded in and there are 4 other heroes, and your own hero, in your fountain. You press enter to chat. Below where you type, on the left, is a glorious little button. It's like the button you use to not listen to the coach if there is one. But it's better. It's glorious. It's the single best change in dota 2. It's a button that mutes all and any chat. You cannot read chat. You can still type and your teammates will receive it. But you? You don't have to read. You don't need confirmation that you are horrible at mid. You don't have to "gang" anymore. They say "какого черта я набрав" But you don't know. They insult you. But you don't care. You are a god now. Play the game. Be awful (cause be honest, everyone is terrible at dota) Enjoy. I just hopefully pointed out something that will make a lot of people happy. Go forth. Go forth and feed. And don't give a s**t.
  23. Any fans here?
  24. Hows it going guys?, I'm Gax. I'm an Anime journalist over at BigShinyRobot.com, and I've seen more Anime then I'll ever admit to. (nor do I care to know how meany I've seen for sanity sake... ) I've been gaming longer then I can remember. My Dad was a manager over at a big Comp USA, back in the day and he used to come home with armfuls of games whenever anything went on sell! So I've got a soft spot for old PC games, as a matter of fact I collect them. All I'm really up to right now is writing for my website, doing a 9-5 to feed that habit and working on some video content, but even I'm not all that interested in talking about that here. I hope I can start jamming on some games with you lot soon!