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Found 8 results

  1. Humerousone was the host of the old DayZ Standalone server, which was taken down while he was finishing exams and apparently will not be brought back online. Would anyone else support a new DayZ SA server, or possibly an Arma 2 Overpoch server under a different officer?
  2. Hello. So me and my brother want to play Arma 2 together but after the downfall of GameSpy its been rather hard. I have downloaded TADST. I have port forwared 2302 2303 2304 2305 8766 and 27016. I have turned off the firewall completely on my PC. And still it shows up in LAN. I need it to be on internet. My brother stubbornly refuses to install any programs such as Hamachi, while I uses over an hour on Google trying to figure this out and downloading TADST. And by over an hour I mean we starting doing this 3 hours before I quit. He lastet something like and hour before he gave up and I went on for another 2 hours. Is there way so that I can get a private server up and running for me and my brother?
  3. I want to know what you guys think of the joint ops that was held on the 13th. And wanting to know if you guys would be up for doing it again. Please post any and all feedback in this thread. I am interested in what you have enjoyed and what you have not enjoyed. As you maybe aware Derp squad host missions that require more players to participate than Derp Squad can offer. This post for feedback is needed to ensure that we can make our visitors happy with the missions. And the more people that participate, the more enjoyable the mission.
  4. I have received an invitation from Derp Squad, requesting a multiple number of clans to join in on their custom missions. This event is scheduled for the 13th of September. [subject to change] I can attest that this group makes fine missions, and hosts a small, but well mannered community on their own. I will include several links to videos of this group in action, their mods list [Hoping you use PlaywithSix] and their teamspeak address, which you will need to go for the night of the Ops. [You are also welcome to visit that server if you require aid with any of the mods setup.] I do have to advise that you want these mods downloaded at least a couple days before the Ops, so that if anything goes wrong you can get these problems fixed if any problems exist. Playlist of Derp Squad in Action Mods Setup http://derp-squad.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3 You will also need an older version of teamspeak to be compatible with their version of ACRE, which is one of their mods. http://derp-squad.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4 Teamspeak 3 Address Upon entering their teamspeak server you will want to contact one of the following for help/advise on the mods being used, or help on other issues if needed. Advin Muhammad Kanye LostPyjames Mitch Poptart Senpai
  5. When I saw the movie trailer called, Osombie. There is Jihad zombies such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and even Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. I decided to came up idea to put the Jihad zombies in Takistan. I would like to see Dean "Rocket" Hall and Bohemia Interactive Studio will make Jihad version of zombies and set in Takistan. This is awesome. Better than Nazi Zombie (which is similar between Jihad and Nazi such as anti-semitic ideology). Osombie is an zombie movie who were infected for Jihad such as Al-Qaeda and Taliban. They're earned the fundraiser project has been completed about nearly $30,000 according to Kickstarter. Then later, the fans and viewers were gave negative to Osombie movie. Most of reviewers were giving about between 1 - 4 scores. I should make my Top 10 CrownFunding Project Campaign has been succeed, but negative (also known as Top 10 Worst CrownFunding Project Campaign That Earned Completed).
  6. Hey was wondering if anybody plays Arma 2 or 3 and likes to play wasteland because it is kinda boring not playing with people. I am ok at the game. I need work on calling out positions of enemies but I am pretty decent at shooting.
  7. I am a huge fan of the DayZ Mod in Arma 2. I will honestly play for a full 16 hours in a day if I get the chance. Sure, I may only be able to get about 25fps and I may get a bullet to the head 85% of the time when I try to be diplomatic, but I love it. Espicially Epoch, with a smooth and interesting combination of DayZ survival and Minecraft-esc building. As I was wondering around in Chernarus, I wondered about the 50 people in my server and if they were apart of the Angry Army. I wondered what it would be like if Joe decided to rent some servers and we, the Angry Army, had the ability to test our skills, mess around, or somewhat. I wondered if also if we can't have servers, then we can have a page on the AJSA website where members can link up and join in a server. I would have like to continue this thought process, but then me and everyone in the server I was in was killed instantly by a scriptor. Nevertheless, I think it would be a great idea to include a AJSA DayZ Survivors page of some sort since I would believe that many of us play or have an interest in DayZ. Like I stated before, if we had this page, people can easily link up with other Angry Army members, newbie or experienced DayZ players, and keep connected.
  8. Arma 2 can be a really fun game even without DayZ but i was wondering if anyone would like to form a DayZ squad or just mess around on the many fun servers and game types that Arma 2 has to offer.