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Found 24 results

  1. Hi guys. Me and 2 buddies are doing a Kickstarter for a new medieval RTS - Bannermen. Because we are long time viewers of the AJS we decided to add the Angry Army banner to the game. Doesn't it look nice? The Kickstarter is live now and we would really appreciate if you guys want to spread the word. You can check out the kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/161482768/bannermen-single-multiplayer-rts-with-dynamic-envi?ref=1wbay6
  3. GuttagamerPro.jpg

  4. Hello everyone! I hope you are all well! I have made a new YouTube and have a right laugh playing games and stuff. If anyone out there could check it out and let me know what you think that would be ace! also if anybody is interested in collabing let me know Thanks in advance brothers and sisters https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIgssluBg_oAvrP01ivm6xQ
  5. I don't know if this is the story that Joe said about the post on reddit but MAN ALL OF YOU MUST READ THIS. Looks like the Destiny we got is a really BIG BULLSHIT and TONS of things were cut off in Destiny over the last year of development. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=132190481&postcount=519 Read it. Comment your thought
  6. Hi there fellow AJSA members. i'm starting this thread to see if there are any Otakus around here and if you are as passionate as i am about them. any anime suggestions are welcome. if you are on Minitokyo.net as i am, my username there is Ak1r0 if you want to see my watchlist and my ratings on them. since i started the thread i'll suggest some anime to keep the thread going. my suggestions: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, Sword Art Online, Accel World, D. Gray-Man, Akikan!, Ao no Exorcist, Black Rock Shooter (the TV series as well), Mirai Nikki, Shingeki no Kyojin, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach. (even though the last 3 are widely known who cares)
  7. Hello everyone! I'm a new addition to the AJSA. I'm horrible as a soldier though, so... uhh, put me in the mess hall or something? You guys need something to eat, I presume. I'm good at that! Frankly speaking, I used to be good at RTS games, like CnC series. Now I'm just terrible, go figure. Tried to play old CnC yesterday, got destroyed in 5 minutes. All my people were killed, each assault has failed, and as an insult to the injury - my base was wiped out by an Ion Cannon strike. What a grand finale, those GDI guys are just... Ugh But I'm getting off-topic here, nevermind that! Glad to be of service, guys and girls. Peace _V_
  8. I have just joined the Army and am happy to be here. I have watched the Angry Joe Show for a year now, but have now decided to join. I am a PS3/PC player, and would like to play with the community if anyone is on! I play Battlefield 4 on PS3, and Rome: Total War and Minecraft on PC!
  9. I am very glad to be a part of the angry army, i love what it stands for and i am ready for WAR!
  10. http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/nostalgia-critic/41449-man-of-steel
  11. Hi as a member from Europe (more specifically the UK) is there anything happening for us over the pond? All of the events and server listed seem to be based in north america, and that's fine considering the leader, the council and a vast majority of the members of the Angry Army are from the USA. But is their anyway for us Europeans to get involved? Thanks again
  12. I don´t know if someone already posted this but I think an app for the angry army community would be a good idea. Tell me what you guys think.
  13. If you like space simulation & exploration this game (while still in development) is a lot of fun, from making your own ships to landing on various planets it's a pretty good time in my opinion. The physics of space travel are fairly accurately represented and while challenging to begin with it's very satisfying to land safely (or mostly safely) on another moon or planet. Angry army Kerbals reporting from the Mun If you have the game and want the Angry Army flag you can download it here - http://i.imgur.com/T3qJQG2.png All you need to do is place the png in your Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags folder and it will be selectable as a campaign or sandbox flag. Upload pictures of your journeys successful or otherwise for all to see, the Angry Army will take over the galaxy!
  14. Just finish of watching the new Nostalgia Critic and must said to all troops to prepare to watch in two weeks our Lord Commander Angry Joe in a crossover with the Nostalgia Critic Reviewing one of Joe's favortie movie The Man of Steel so everyone: PREPARE YOURSELF!!!
  15. Hi My name Is Jonathan but people call me Jonny I am a Artist, Graphic designer and a bussiness owner(just started) and of curse a Gamer I have a FB artist page it is call "Unorthodox Art Methods" :https://www.facebook.com/UnorthodoxArtMethods The Games I like Playing First person SHooter ,Free ROm games and fighting games MY favorite games Are Batman Arkham games,GTAv,Mortal Kombat,Street Fighter Arcade Edition,Super smash bros,Megaman X and so on I been watching the Angry Joe Show for awhile already I love It and saves me alot of Money just by watching his Reviews
  16. Hey fellow Army Men! I wanted to post this video of a metal montage of BF3. I don't really see any metal montages on YouTube, so I have to represent metal! Check it out if you have a sec.
  17. Hello, my name is Travis Watson. My favorite video game series include Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Alan Wake, Dead Space, inFAMOUS and Dragon Age to name a couple. Earthbound been my favorite game since the mid to late 90's though. My favorite console company was Sega, so I harbor no particular bias towards one company, but rather which console (or pc sometimes) in each generation suits what I want in a console. I'm very open to discuss new and old games and consoles as well as anything else you want to talk about. I'm generally a friendly person so feel free to lay anything on me..
  18. I am a student at a technical school in the IT department. In IT we learn how to create video games, basic flash, creating websites, writing code, and making apps. I am asking permission from angry Joe himself and the angry army, i am asking permission to make a ios/android app for the angry army! It would take some time of coarse but i could do it in about 2 months and then fully finish it in 4 months ( im still learning in school). This app would basically let you do the following (subject to change): sign in sign out post on the forums read forums/discussions comment on the discussions and much more. Id love to hear your feedback and support! thanks - Emmett (oogie386)
  19. Been looking forward to an Angry Army! I guess I'm not officially a soldier as I am not yet a "member", though I look forward to the day I become one! I am a long time gamer, own a (temporarily broken) gaming PC, a Xbox, and I think my old Wii is lying around somewhere. Ah.. that thing brings back memories... moving on! I was running a gaming youtube channel for a while, TheOfficialZamics, but I disliked how inefficient it was with getting the info out that I wanted. I want to be able to rant and talk and participate with other well informed thinkers and bright minds that can be found in the gaming community, without spending several hours editing videos and getting decent gameplay to entertain the viewers. Now, here I am! I look forward to sharing and hearing all the opinions the world has to offer! Once my gaming rig is back to running status, which will require a new graphics card so it may take a bit to gather the funds, I will be able to get back to games such as Battlefield and Planetside 2. It is a freaking shame the Destiny is not on PC. In fact, perhaps tomorrow I will start a topic concerning such a thing (if there already isn't one). Getting a little sidetracked here.... I do a lot of Airsoft in Northern California, eh I think I have run out of things that might interest you fellow soldiers. If you want to know more, or just say hi back because you are a wonderful kind person, there is always the reply button. I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield, whatever game it may be!.
  20. I seriously think we should get together and all support star conflict it really is a great game and i feel is really under appreciated! Even if it's just raising awareness I really want to get a star conflict pvp/pve team up and running, what do you guys think?? Did i mention it's free to play? I realize i should most likely give some more details on this . Star conflict is a space sim of sorts but it leans more to the arcadey side of things. It's from a third person camera perspective and features quite impressive graphics for something that's in the free to play genre. But obviously as it's free to play it has some forms of micro transactions and these for the most part are okay, If you can overlook the way you can buy the slightly stronger ammo for money. The repairing of the sips and the restocking of the ammunition pretty much balances it's self out with the amount of money you can make from playing. Here's a good video that gives a good run down of the game even though it's quite out dated now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-lOWGFoMUU It's worth a check out atleast
  21. Hello there my name is Alen aka DeniedCookie and I have been watching angry joe for 3 years now I belive and I hoped in this community I can find like minded individuals to you know play games crack a couple of bears and just generally have a great time. I play games like league of legends,starcraft 2,Chivarly,Garry's mod,Terraria,Payday 2. I am 15 years old and I come from croatia. In my spare time I make youtube videos for fun.I mostly do league of legends so if anyone is interested heres a link (http://www.youtube.com/user/DeniedCookie) So if anyone here is interested in playing any games with me be free to messege me or leave a comment also you can contact me via skype skype name: DeniedCookie steam ign: DeniedCookie battle net mail: alen_sc2@yahoo.com Thank you all for taking the time to read this have a wonderfull day and see you in the game
  22. Hi I'm proposing a military organization for AJSA, what I mean is to separate everyone into groups because a real army is not one group, For example we can make groups for Battlefield 4 64 players for each group. Those groups will be created by the community and everyone will choose his favorite groups, each group will contain pro gamer and newbie gamer. Every group will try their best by training the newbies on his team, for teamspeak every group will have a little section to communicate. Warning the Group will not have a personal Tag everyone need to show support for AJSA Tag.
  23. Good Day Angry Army and welcome to my introduction and speech on myself and why i'm ready to be a active member of this baddass community! So to start of my name is Blake and I've been a gamer for about 5-10 years, my 1st game whas to be sonic on the sega genesis. I am a chill gamer or sometimes and hardcore gamer, I play games such as league of legends, battlefield 4, and etc. Please let's be the best community we can possibly be and let's conquer the gaming world, Are You Ready? to Be The BEST! because I am.