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Found 46 results

  1. Time to carry over this thread from the previous forum! I just had a thought, we all know catchy and memorable video game musics over the years, like the Guile theme, the MGS theme, Final Fantasy Sephiroth's theme, you know, the classics that most gamers seems to know. But what about the obscure ones that's so awesome that it must be heard but unfortunately aren't because they're not that well known? That's why this thread is for those songs, to spread the awesomeness to the world that's been surrounded by terrible Boy Bands, Justin Bieber and Glee songs. And of course to see how many of you like a game for it's soundtrack as well as it's gameplay, as well as show you guys these obscure games as well. Just to remind you, this is for not so popular game only, so Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Guilty Gear and Mass Effect are all out. I'll start. Got a whole lot to uncover here. If you can, name the game and just post the song link bellow the game's name. Chain Dive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axiIfslE6Z8 The second version of this song, which is more complete If you want to download these songs without needing to buy them through itunes, you can do it by copying the links of the song, and go to this website. http://www.youtube-mp3.org After that, just paste the link, download the song and its all yours. Have fun!
  2. At last, I attended yet another year of PAX Australia since I first came last year by chance, and it's even better than before! Well except the waiting line. I did not remember the waiting line being this crowded. Last year I just went in the building. This year? Waited 45 minutes outside, and then 10 minutes inside. Looks like this event got even more popular than last time! PAX is as expected, filled to the brim with the games you expect: Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Devil May Cry 5, Days Gone, Spyro Reignited, RAGE 2, Sekiro, Hitman 2, but oddly enough no Just Cause 4 even though there's an event all about this game in the schedule, but maybe it's because it's in a different building. My original plan was to play those games, but unfortunately for me, it is not worth it one bit. Just look at this line. These guys are at front already, and they waited 2 freaking hours just to get there because there's the whole "haunted house" thing inside for the people that went inside. So I was like "fuck this shit" and don't even bother with it. The same applies to the other games, except Sekiro. That game is inside the PS4 booth and apparently not many people play it because they think it's too hard. Lucky for me, I played Dark Souls & Tenchu, so this game is right up my alley. The gameplay is as I expected, a mix of Tenchu and Dark Souls. So you got the stealth, stealth kills and movements of Tenchu mixed with the slow methodical attacks of Dark Souls, which makes for an awesome combination. Though there's no Soul gathering or stamina mechanic here. You kill an enemy, they die and only drop items instead of soul points for upgrades. So imagine Tenchu 3 but with Dark Souls combat and open world navigation. I breezed through most of the Sekiro demo, until the demo boss appeared. Me and 6 other dudes took turns to beat this guy. At first I got hit a lot by his spear attacks, but then I figured out that the way to beat this guy is to fill the guard meter above which allows you to land a killing blow that reduces one of his 3 health bars. You can actually block at the same time as his attack which causes his guard meter to go up, except the one with the red kanji. It took many of our tries, but finally I ended his ass and pop off big time while everyone else cheered as well. It was a great time, just as expected from the guys who made Dark Souls. Aside from the games, I went to the indie dev sections for my job to network a lot of the game devs there, and I saw a lot of great creative games, especially this one which makes me laugh so hard, and even better when John Robertson the comedian & the narrator himself is actually there and make fun of everyone who plays this game, including me. I love it so much that I bought it on the spot. I will definitely play this game, right after I play the crap out of Red Dead Redemption 2. And I went to one of the PC Accessories stand tournaments which offers prizes, one of which is a "win 3 Street Fighter V rounds and you'll get a keyboard" competition. Which I won! Then I went to 3 fighting game tournaments, primarily because I went to 2 of this tournament for PAX 2017 but I lost, so I'm back to get the medal prizes for payback biyatch. 2 on Friday for Soul Calibur 6 and Dragonball FighterZ, and yet another Dragonball FighterZ tournament on Saturday. I won them all. But I promised my brother in law's niece that I will give the third medal to her, so I guess I only have 2 medals. Then again, 2 of the same medal is more than enough so might as well give the extra third one! BTW my match for the third medal is live streamed on Twitch, so here's the link for those that are interested. My match starts at minute 15. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/327981089 Then after that, I went home and play Red Dead Redemption 2, which wow..... the tiny details & excellent sidequests in this game is fucking unbelievable. So that's PAX AUS 2018 for me. Won tournaments, found out that the lines for the major games except Sekiro was so not worth it, and I had a freaking great time. Except waiting in the building entrance line. Hopefully 2019 will not be this bad, but I guess I'll have to deal with the same lines again when the time comes. XD
  3. So who has pre-ordered this and is ready for many hours of grinding out gear and fighting challenging monsters? My paycheck just rolled in and I’ll be buying it today. Who is with me at launch? I probably won’t be able to play very much during the first weekend due to work. But during the next months this game will likely take up most of my time. So who is with me? And if not, what is wrong with you?
  4. At last. I got my hands on this game after all this dead time for games. The God of War series is back, and it's back with a fucking vengeance. This game takes place MANY2 years after God Of War 3. After Kratos destroys Greek Gods and titans, except Athena who's a ghost now, Kratos stabbed himself, and then go off to get away from the shit he just did to the land of the Norse Gods. He settled down with a woman named Faye, and he has a son named Atreus. Life goes on as normal for him, until his wife died. The goal of the game: to reach the top of the mountain in Midgard and scatter her ashes. But of course, it's not going to be easy since there's a lot of draugrs, aka dead Norse zombie warriors blocking his path. With his wife's axe and his son's bow and dagger, the adventure begins. And what an adventure it is! This game is this year's designated GOTY where every reviewers rate it 10 out of 10s everywhere. Of course there's a risk to the game being overhyped in certain people's eyes since no game is perfect. like last year's Zelda BOTW. And now that I played it, the scores are very well justified. HOLY CRAP THIS GAME IS SO GOOD!!!! Here's how the game is step by step: 1) At its core, this game is like Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice in base style in that it's a 1 continuous uninterrupted motion game from beginning to the end that doesn't stop, except if you pause the game or die of course, it takes place in Norse mythology, and that it's a third person action game with exploration like Hellblade. And with an expected great plot that drives it. But this game is like if Hellblade's combat is modified with the more complex God Of War combat, and add an open world that just keeps on evolving so the environment will keep changing with new stuff to do every time you reach certain points in the story. 2) Kratos isn't an unlikeable cunt anymore that he was in previous God Of War games, which thank God the change was made. Now he's a much more calmer guy, though not at the start. Initially during the earlier parts of the game, he's still a dick that only cares about himself even though he's trying to be a father, to the point where his own son got sick and tired of him. But as the game progresses and he realizes what a piece of crap he's being, he got a lot nicer & bond with his son in cute little dialogues here and there where he awkwardly tries to tell his son stories during boat trips to fill the time. Still a dick to side quest ghosts and npcs here and there but it's like he's being a bit of a tsundere, which I found pretty funny. "It's not like I killed that beast to save you, I just want to kill that thing." lol. And surprisingly during the story, his own son did end up being a dick as well due to, you know, being his son and being young with the expected attitude problem, and when this happened Kratos is the one being nice and tell the boy "don't be mean to people son". Wow......... Kratos, previously a ginormous prick that doesn't give a crap about other people, telling his son not to be mean to people...... is it raining pigs today?? 3) The game's combat initially takes some time to get used to. At the start, your movesets are pretty limited, and it can throw you off guard since you have both axe moveset & hand to hand movesets. The axe is really cool since it's like Thor's hammer in the MCU movies where you can throw it and then bring it back to your hand in an instant, and it's imbued with the spirits of ice trolls so it has ice elements. However once you upgrade your movelists for both you and Atreus with his very2 useful bow abilities that you can manually trigger by pressing square, the combat will flow nicely & it'll be a normal occurrence for you to just rip enemies to shreds while you dodge and block the usual God of War style. Though this time enemies will not have the QTE prompt if you just slice them up. You need to fill their "stun bar" which usually is done through using your son's bow ability and hand to hand combat for the usual QTE red prompt to show up above their heads and then you proceed to whoop their asses. You can use your axe to fill the stun bar, but hand to hand fills it faster. One of the QTE kill is so brutal, that I cringe in pain everytime it happened. It's when you fight a werewolf, and Kratos proceeds to RIP ITS LOWER JAW FROM THE TOP RIGHT DOWN TO THE POOR BASTARD'S STOMACH! OWWWWWWCHHHHHHHHH 4) The upgrade menu does remind me of Shadow of War in the armor upgrade and skills leveling part....... ugh....... but thankfully there's no stupid microtransactions so everything can be obtained by playing the game and getting materials fairly. Horray for back to basic gameplay without corporate greed to fuck it up! And speaking of getting materials, if you have played God of War before, it's pretty much the same thing. Explore an area for those pesky little hidden boxes & loot that shiet. The usual "collect 3 items from a chest to increase your health & rage meter permanently" is here, this time in the form of chests that has to be unlocked by finding 3 runes nearby, like this one for example There's other ones of this variation, so one chest requires you to ring 3 bells with a rune symbol on them quickly before the timer runs out, another chest requires you to match the correct symbol from a selection of symbols. A bit of nice brain teasers to spice things up basically. The red orbs, blue orbs and green orbs are not here though. This time you get money and materials from chests or dead bodies, and you get green and rage pickups from the environment and dead bodies. Once you get enough money and materials, you can go to one of 2 dwarven blacksmiths who will craft armor & upgrade weapons for you. These guys are hilarious. One is a potty mouth with a blue skin named Brok, no not Brock Lesnar, just Brok. Speaking of that guy, Man I still love seeing these 2 brawl....... And the other one is a clean freak named Sindri who's such a goof, that he either talks awkwardly to you or just being "ew, does that thing have blood on it? ARGH GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!", buuut they still give you upgrades so it's all good. 5) The boss battles, as expected from this series, are so damn good, that not even reviewers are saying anything about them to avoid spoilers. Even I can't spoil them because it'll ruin the impact of fighting them yourselves. But just as a sneak preview: the second boss battle in the game is so chaotic, that the earth broke down from the utter carnage & wrestling moves involves. Literally. Unfortunately there's no boss fight that's like Chronos from God Of War 3, but what are here are only a sneak peek into what's to come in future games. And boy, if the sneak peek is already this packed, then we'll possibly have a boss fight in the future that's at least as big as Wyzen from Asura's Wrath! Which is pretty unlikely but we'll see. There's no way the bosses in God Of War will ever match the size of what Asura's Wrath has, but it's still going to be really damn big. 6) The open world in this game is filled to the brim with stuff to do. A lot of them are things that you will backtrack later since it's one of those "you see a door with a weird symbol on it, but you don't have the right ability/key to open it yet" sort of things. Don't worry when at first you think "this is just a small open world with pretty manageable locations" because once you meet the witch in the forest and she gives you a compass, the open world will truly open up & the world will be your playground. I spent hours just using my boat to travel to different boat points all over the map for the sidequests, only to find out that whoops, the area is still flooded at the moment, I have to wait until the right story moment where the water level decreases so you can access it. There are blue gates scattered around the world where you can fast travel, but it's restricted to just allowing you to fast travel to 1 spot in the map. That is until the midpoint of the game where you finally can use it to fast travel everywhere. And the sidequests does give you really great equipments that'll make battles easier, so they're really worth your time. 7) The story is damn good, with a lot of twists and turns that I cannot even spoil. Well...... I guess I can say 1 thing: Remember how in the Thor MCU films they use the Bifrost to travel to different realms? Well, since this is Norse mythology, that thing is here too. And it's a sight to behold. As for the rest, find out for yourself! If there is any negative I can say about the game, it's simply that this game is only part 1 of a new journey, so it isn't as big in scale as the previous God Of War games. But an epic 30+ hours for a 15 hour main quest + 15 more from side quests for only a part 1 of an expected part 2 or part 3 is a really good sign, because that means we've only seen a fraction of what's to come, which will be even more amazing! Oh yeah, and I was wondering why Kratos doesn't have his Icarus wings anymore. I know the game is now a more restrictive third person action game where jumping is used only for specific places, but there's so many platforms in this game that makes me want to use the wings instead of climbing it slowly Uncharted style. Old school mindset reflex kicking in I know. Gasp, maybe the sequel will have them so you can glide like in the Batman Arkham games! And there's no new game +, and no alternate skins to unlock................... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Are you fucking kidding me?? Are you telling me that even though I collected all these epic as hell gears and skill upgrades, I can't replay the game with all of these things unlocked so I can be OP and replay the epic boss fights all over again?? And I can't get beardless Kratos?? Or the great return of the Cod of War fish skin from 2??? THIS IS BLASPHEMY!! 0 OUT OF 10!!! I'm kidding of course but COME ON! Why take out a series tradition?? Even the Yakuza series now still have alternate costumes & new game +, why not this?? Oh.... there may be hope for new game + yet after all. pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+pleaseaddnewgame+ Joking aside, I fucking highly recommend this game. This is a great start to a new chapter of Kratos' life alongside his son, and I can't wait for the sequel. Which is appropriate because my rating for this game will be "so awesome that you will play this game again while waiting for the inevitable sequel". With a badass seal of approval! This is my GOTY contender by default. Will Kingdom Hearts 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2 take the throne? We'll have to wait and find out! In the meantime, play this game, go out there and kill Norse creatures, while having a bonding session with your son!
  5. Review unnecessary. GO GET THIS GAME RIGHT NOW! NOW!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh you want to know why? Sigh, fine. The story is you're Doomguy, you woke up from a sarcophagus in a UAC base in Mars and found that everything has gone to shit. People got possessed left and right and turned into zombies, demons everywhere, all because UAC screwed up big time by using Hell for their research, unleashing every single hellish monstrosity imaginable. It's up to you to put these demons back to where they belong. Armed with your weapons, your suit of armor, and your fist, ASSKICKING OF EPIC PROPORTIONS ENSUE. Along the way you find out about certain important characters like Dr Samuel Hayden, a cyborg who's the head of UAC, and Olivia Pierce, an old lady who started this whole mess. The plot is very simple, and appropriately so, because when you play a game called DOOM, you just want to kill everyone in your path. So how does the gameplay fare? FUCKING BRILLIANT. This game took the original Doom's gameplay and add Wolfenstein New Order's perk mechanic, as well as Unreal Tournament's sense of movement and speed. So you bet you're going to be double jumping everywhere avoiding enemy attacks, laying waste to everything in your way with every weapon you have at your disposal. If you have played these three games I mentioned before, you'll be right at home with this game. The only thing different is that the chainsaw is a one hit killing machine, and after you kill a demon with it they will drop TONS of ammo for your other weapons. Of course you can't just use the chainsaw forever since that'll break the game, the chainsaw needs fuel. That and this game has finishers, aka "glory kills". If you hurt an enemy enough times without them getting blown to smithereens, they'll get stunned, and you can pretty much finish them off. It works with every single enemy, and if you target different limbs, you'll do different finishers. Like so: The weapons in the game are what you pretty much expect from Doom. Pistol, shotgun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, chaingun, chainsaw, and of course, the BFG-9000. OHOHOHOH YEAHHHHHHHHHH BABY! This weapon is the shit! Limited ammo though so use it wisely. Each weapons can be leveled up by gaining points. After you fully upgrade a weapon, you'll have to do specific weapon challenges to unlock the weapon's full potential. Believe me, it's so damn worth it. Especially the Gauss rifle. Each stages has challenges that you can do to give upgrade points for your weapons. You have to do stuff like "kill 20 enemies with a finisher", or "find secrets in the stage" which are pretty simple enough. There's also these chips that you get from these red Elite Guards which will give armor upgrades. And a lot of secrets to uncover, which can be found right here as an example. These secrets are all over the place in every stage. Hidden weapons, hidden upgrades, hidden dolls, you name it. There's one doll where Doomguy did this: Hahaha, that finger twirl cracks me up. My favorite secrets are the secret areas that unlocks the classic Doom levels. They require you to pull these REALLY well hidden levers, and then you go to an area that has the Doom style 2D graphics. Hate how well hidden these levers are, but the payoff is awesome. Just like Wolfenstein New Order's easter egg. Later on in the game you'll be able to do these "rune trials" which will give you different buffs that you can equip. Stuff like "enemy drops armor", "enemy gets stunned a lot longer for your finishing blow", and my personal favorite, "UNLIMITED AMMO when you have 100 armor points". HOLY SHIET. You get this REALLY far into the game, but it's freaking sweet. Sure you have to not get hit, but UNLIMITED AMMO man! And it gets even better after you complete the specific challenge for the perk, which gives unlimited ammo after having 75 armor points. You will feel like a God with this beastly perk. I freaking love this game. So much so that I completed this game 100%. All weapons upgraded with each individual weapon challenges completed All armor upgrades obtained And all runes obtained. I want to play this game all over again, but this time with my Godly power. NO ONE CAN STAND IN MY WAY NOW! Multiplayer is actually similar to Unreal Tournament. High speed action, and deaths constantly. The great thing about it is the parts where you are able to get power ups that turns you into one of the enemies from the game and be able to wreck enemy teams up into pieces. And there's also a create your own level mode! Where you're able to play or create custom made maps. Gives you more satisfaction after playing the singleplayer and multiplayer. My only complaints about the game: some of the music in this game makes my head hurt. One song in particular is just a loud guitar + drum noise. It sounds good on youtube, but in the game this song is all over the place. you don't fight robots. Keep in mind that the main villain is one of the heads of UAC which means access to personal robot bodyguards. Why? There's so many cool potential robotic enemy types from the tech in this game, and THERE'S NO ROBOTS?? Well I guess I can count the Revenants and the demon machine hybrids as robots, but aw man, I want to fight a gigantic mechs. Perhaps in Doom 5, or DOOM 2. Ah yes, and the dreaded size of this game. 50 GB. Have to wait 12 hours of downloading before I can play this game. SCREW YOU UNCOMPRESSED AUDIO FILES! There you have it. My rating for this game "so freaking awesome that you will play this game over and over and over and over again, killing demons and making sure NOTHING stands in your way". And it earns a badass seal of approval. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play the classic maps that I have unlocked and maybe play user created maps. After I try and play the Ultra Nightmare mode. Peace out!
  6. A blind gamer named Terry Garret AKA MegaTgarrent on youtube has beaten the Nintendo classic though his sense of hearing alone. Using an emulator, a close mounted 3D stereo set up, a custom keyboard mapping that includes a quick save/load so he could figure out where he was and what to do by repeating very short sections (trial and error) and five years of patience that's well beyond anything I could hope to have, he finally did it. In this era of bad business practices, internet trolling, bad shit happening in the world in general and gamers not being that respectful to each other, I'm so glad to see a story like this when we can see all join together and say that's beautiful. What awesome dude and I wish I'd heard about this guy earlier. The first vid is from back in 2011 and gives an insight into exactly how he plays the game and the second is the when he gets to Gannon. Please watch these and give this guy a sub. He deserves it. Here's a more detailed article http://www.dorkly.com/post/76935/how-blind-gamer-beats-ocarina-of-time-after-5-years-of-trying
  7. The new Fallout 4 trailer is awesome and shows a lot so lets discuss it First off here's the trailer if you haven't seen it (I have know idea if this is in game or not but I hope so) these per-war scenes are cool but what is that big green thing is behind the blue car? This ship with rockets is awesome! Super mutants!? I wonder if they will be like 3s mutants of NVs mutants If you haven't noticed, its very colorful, also new Protectron. There are a lot of vertibirds in this trailer but they don't seem to have and faction symbol on them The feral ghouls seem to move more natural and a bit zombie like Zeppelin!!! Power armor seems to have shorter shoulder pads also I cant make out any faction symbol this seen is really cool but what is that cylinder thing, maybe a lazer rifle attachment? this end scene is a big deal because, the "lone wanderer" speaks to the dog, dose that mean your character will talk in the game (I'm on the fence about that) and the gun he is holding looks like a homemade lazer rifle. thats all I got from this trailer, what do you think?
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the best video game movie of all time. It's the unofficial Twisted Metal + RAGE movie that has never existed before, and I'm glad it does now! OH YEAH IT IS A LOVELY DAY ALRIGHT! If anyone don't know who Mad Max is, he's the guy that gave birth to the image of "post apocalyptic badass". His costume in the second movie, Road Warrior, is so iconic that even Kenshiro from Fist of the Northstar and the main characters in the Fallout series uses it. That's right. Those are Max's. So about this movie, it takes place in the middle of the first and the second movie. Max was captured by these gangs of bald white powdered people called the War Boys, who strangely enough looks a lot like the first enemy type of the game RAGE. Which is funny because RAGE copied Mad Max. So while Max was captured, the War Boy's boss, a long haired old man Sweet Tooth without the clown nose: wanted to transport milk that comes from.... ugh..... fat as a pig women's titty milk.... EUUUUUUUUWWWW. So the entire gang, along with Max and his top general Furiosa, the badass girl everyone in reviews are talking about, goes to transport that titty milk. AND THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME. Let's talk about Max here, played by Tom Hardy aka Bane. He's quite badass in this movie just like Max was in the past. He's a no nonsense guy that's completely traumatized by the events from the first movie, halucinating at complete random, and you can see that clearly throughout the movie. Too bad he doesn't use his iconic sawed off shotgun in this movie. He wields it in 1 scene and afterwards he uses pistols. And THAT IS NOT AN AUSSIE ACCENT! What kind of accent is that? Furiosa in this movie is a great character. She kicks so much ass in this movie and it can be said that this movie's more about her story than Max's. But as much of a badass as she is, she's not the best female character in the movie. Ohoho far from it. The best female characters in the movie are the kickass old ladies that helps Max and Furiosa late in the movie. A whole bunch of them. These 60 - 70 year old grannies are awesome! Still fit as if they're still young, and they seriously did all that crazy stuff in the movie behind the scenes! I salute these women for making old people look good! The bad guys are also pretty good. All of them from old Sweet Tooth, the guy that yells "WHAT A LOVELY DAY!" in the movie, and even this old man that's crazy about guns. ALL of them chew the scenery every single time they are on screen. It truly is a sight to behold. Other than the great characters, this movie...... is so full of testosterone that it's...... Let me just show you one of the best parts about this movie. There you go. I don't even need to add anything to this. Every action sequence in this movie is just straight out of a match of the PS3 Twisted Metal. IT'S INSANE! Beautiful explosions everywhere, cars flying, bodies falling, WOW. And you know what's funny about the whole thing? Even though there's TONS of explosions in this movie, IT'S NOT A MICHAEL BAY FILM. The action scenes are so well coreographed that when you see explosions, it makes sense! Not like Transformers where it just always explodes for no reason every 30 seconds! And there's almost no CGI involved. Everything in this movie is all practical and you can tell that these are real people and cars flying everywhere across the screen, something that action movies of the past has been MISSING. The Raid 2 from last year and this movie are shining examples on how to do action scenes right. Every single vehicles have their own custom parts characteristics to them, and it's as if these cars are from Twisted Metal. In fact, it's so much like that game, that if this movie's characters are changed to characters from that game, this will definitely be the best video game to movie adaptation ever! And lastly, the soundtrack of this movie. OH MY GOD!!!! IT JUST MAKES EVERY SINGLE SCENE SOOO MUCH BETTER!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8lebbgyopg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQBnlWAMq_Q Without these amazing songs, the game, ahem, I mean the movie will not be as fantastic as it is. I love it so much that I'm going to download them! The only things that I don't like in this movie is the milking scene of the fatass girls. And that one of the action scene where Max destroys one of the bad guys in the movie is completely off screen. Oh well. There's going to be that scene in the dvd so I'll wait for it. Best movie of 2015 so far, and definitely best video game to movie adaptation ever based on Twisted Metal. Even better than the Avengers Age of Ultron. If you don't watch this movie and you're an action movie fan, you're missing out on a fantastic movie. I give this movie the rating of "WHAT A DAY! WHAT A LOVELY DAY!!" 9.8 out of 10, but due to rounding, 10 OUT OF 10! With a badass seal of approval.
  9. For those of you who don't know LTT is a PC hardware "unboxings reviews and other computer videos" based channel on youtube, and they've recently doubled they're video production per day in the interest of transitioning (expanding rather) seamlessly over to Vessel which will allow them to maintain their regular youtube schedule while luanching content early on V, this comes as a result of youtubes cracking down on hard ads on vids (built in) which LTT relies on to keep producing high quality videos! Also there's an epic ass (that was a mistype but I'm leaving it) hell giveaway!
  10. So 2 days ago I finished my work early in the middle of the day at work and I browsed through the iphone app store. I stumbled across this game called Joe Dever's Lone Wolf. Because it is free, at first I thought it's going to be one of those cheapass mobile games that requires in-game purchases like so many other free games do, but I downloaded it because it looks like an interesting game. So I did, surprisingly took a lot more space than Infinity Blade. And I was so dead wrong about my initial impression. This game is one of the best rpgs I have ever played, not just on mobile, but on consoles and PC too. You know those "choose your own adventure book" where you read something and the page gave you a choice like "if you want to fight a dragon head on, turn to page 67" or something like that? This game is actually a prequel of sorts to this Lone Wolf choose your own adventure book by Joe Dever. It took place between chapter 2 & 3 of the Kai series. But it doesn't matter if you have read the book or not because the game itself has a solid story that's easy to understand for newcomers. It's like Wolf Among Us where you don't need to know anything about the Fables book which the game is based on to enjoy the game. The game itself is so unique. It's a combination of reading a book and playing a turn based combat rpg, with a bit of lockpicking here and there. Most of the game is presented in book format, so you read what happens as you progress through the game with cool looking artworks. The cool thing is that during many parts of the book, you are given choices that will determine the outcome later in the game. Say you are currently in a situation where you need to choose how to get an item behind a door. You can choose to either go the straightforward route and break the door down, lock pick the door, or use magic to manipulate objects to open the door. Depending on your choice, the plot will progress differently. And depending on if you choose either straightforward break stuff up, be smart and use traps often or use magic often, you will level up your health, magic and stamina depending on your choices after different chapters of the book are completed. The combat of this game is what makes me like this game a lot, aside from the unique book format. When you go to battle, the game will change from book format to 3d format like usual games do. The game uses a turn based system and the game looks like this. The bar on the top left are your health (red) Mana (blue) And stamina (green) The yellow bar that has a wolf on top is your turn gauge. If this gauge is drained, you can't do anything. So what you want to do is to attack enemies as much as you can during the turn. You have a varied way to attack, which depends on which part of the body you tap. See that blue circle on the character's body? Tap one of them to start attacking. If you choose the sword, you can do light, medium or heavy attacks. The medium and heavy attacks can let you do combos if you follow the on screen prompt, like flick up, tap a circle or something like that. Attacking will drain your stamina, and if you don't have enough stamina, you can't attack, unless you use a magic spell that allows you to attack without stamina. If you choose the knife on your leg, you will throw knifes at enemies. These do minimal damage but you can throw as much as you want without using stamina as long as you have enough knifes. If you choose that middle circle above the potions, you'll do one out of 4 magic based attacks. These varies depending on which magic you choose at the beginning of the game. I personally choose healing, shadow form which lets me dodge every incoming attacks, object manipulation and the fighter spirit skill which lets me attack without worrying about stamina. Healing is awesome because it restores your stamina and health to full, so use it as often as possible. If you choose that sword on your back, you'll use the super awesome sword Sommerswerd which has 3 special attacks. These uses magic. One is to heavily damage a single enemy and set fire damage on them, the other is to attack everyone on screen and cripple them, which is the best attack because your enemy will always miss their attacks and you can do a counter attack every time. I have not unlocked the third skill yet. What I like about the combat is it's both challenging and fun, especially when you dodge an enemy attack and counter attack him. Unlike most traditional turn based rpgs, you can fight enemies without ever losing a life if you do the right moves like going to defend mode to dodge every enemy attacks, use abilities that can stun or cripple enemies which makes them miss their attacks, and finish off enemies with a special attack that can give you a huge mana refill for your next fight. It's such a refreshing change to the usual formula of waiting for turns and getting lucky. I can't praise this game enough. There are things I left out like you can buy items and upgrade items in the item shop, but that's standard fare for rpgs. If you have either an iphone, ipad, android or whatever smart phone you have, you got to get this game. It's for free and there's a season pass that lets you get more chapters. It's worth it.
  11. Hi how ya goin? So who the hell are you? Ok where to begin, perhaps a proper introduction. So people like to call me Capsaicin. I live in California but was in Australia for a bit of some time. I'm a crazy bastard who somehow eats hot peppers (yeah I'm talking habaneros on an average day) while playing games at the same time and perform considerably well. I've been watching AJS for longer than I can remember but somehow never knew about this website because I had a lot of other crap goin on everywhere. I love to act, and have been in commercials, but then again, this is an introduction, not a job interview. Why do you call yourself Capsaicin? Well considering the fact that I love hot foods and have gone as far as drinking a dropper of pure capsaicin (16,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, the Ghost Pepper is 1,000,000) and btw I'm not the only one who calls myself Capsaicin either. What games do you play? My favorite game so far has been Team Fortress 2 and I've been playing that since my first steam account (which was made in 2007 until it got hacked) and my second one (created in 2009 and got hacked as well, don't ask) up until now. Although I do love to play a variety of games like Unturned, Garry's Mod, Killing Floor (for when I have a bit of a rage), and many others but my favorite genre of games are most likely FRS/RTS really any game with heavy teamwork will do! When do you play? Hell I love to play everyday and I'm always on after school's out. But when it's summer time it's 24/7 all day everyday! Have you been with other clans? I've been involved with TOO many other clans that were relatively small but ended up breaking down because of a massive fall in money (which I can't blame them for), or because they let in too many kids (really?!), or because he clan just wore out (meh, it happens), or because of a corrupt "government" that just lost it (again, really?!). In almost all of the clans I've been in, I've ended up working my way up to the top to admin or main admin or whatever you want to call it, which is really sad when you witness the group slowly degrading. I've always been that guy who doesn't like to be involved in big clans that thousands of people are in because you don't get known very much until you do something like win a championship of a game or some shit I don't know! But when I was exploring a bit through the youtube channel and actually looked in the descriptions (yeah I'm that guy who never reads the description) I found out about this and decided to give this one a shot. What are your expectations of being in this clan/group? Well like I said I'm just expecting to not really get known here and maybe get to know a couple of people. BUT, like many games have shown, there's always that possibility that expectations can be in vain... Favorite Movie? Forest Gump cause Tom Hanks is my favorite actor and it has some awesome messages to it. Favorite Youtuber? Now everyone would most likely say here AJ, but in my honesty, I am a BIG fan of AJ and I've watched most if not all of his vids, so yeah I would say AJ is my favorite youtuber. Would you like to meet Angry Joe? Who wouldn't? If AJ joined you in a TS3 channel, what would you do? If I didn't know it was going to happen, I would shit my pants. If I was knew it was going to happen, I would shit my pants beforehand and put 2 boxers on to prepare XD. JK, but in reality I would most likely be that fanboy wanting to play a game or two with him. Well it looks like I've made this post too long so I'll stop it here, but if you guys got any questions (not that you would have any for a recruit but IF you do) post it up in the comments and I'll answer them very shortly! Other than that, see you in the heat mate! -Capsaicin
  12. Hey all just giving you the heads up that Awesomenauts now has its own sub chat over in Community Games on the AJSA Teamspeak. I will be there a lot, so if you ever wanna play games feel free to add me on steam and maybe we make a Steam Group or just keep it in the Teamspeak. Hopefully I'll see you guys there!
  13. After talking and praising this game for so long, I have finally finished this epic game called One Finger Death Punch. Awwwhahahhellyeah! This game has no story. The premise is simple: you're a stick figure. There's over 250 missions you have to complete. Kick everyone's asses. It's similar to one of those flash stick figure kung fu animations, only this time you can play it and it's perfectly implemented. The gameplay is so simple. It's kind of like Guitar Hero where you have to press a button at the right time for the notes to play, but here all you have to press are the left and right mouse buttons. Enemies will spawn from the left and right, so all you have to do is click when they are really close to you. Like so This game's really damn fun. Once you get to the rhythm and you can play the game without missing or getting hit, you will feel like a kung fu master. There's over 250 missions to play and certain missions will give you bonus perks to use, like "health restoration", "weapons last longer", "unleash an earthquake attack after 30 kills" and others. Experiment with different combinations and pick the one that's right for you. The game has multiple missions to keep things not boring. One mission is to eliminate certain number of enemies, one mission is a boss fight, the other is to fight enemies with an old fashioned gray-brown movie scenery, and 2 awesome ones uses a nunchaku and a lightsaber. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTKMBdEsPIUP I suggest playing Duel of the Fates while doing this mission. It's perfect. Once you complete the game, there's 2 more difficulties that you will unlock, and those are even harder, although they are the same mission as the one the first time you completed the game. Perfect if you want to master the game and become the ultimate click kung fu master. Overall, this is such an amazingly simple game that I highly2 recommend. One of the best games of 2014 for sure. I give this game the rating of "so awesome you will play this game again and again".
  14. If you played the destiny beta then bungie should have sent you your beta results (Such as how many crucible kills you got). Feel free to compare results with each other, if i can find a prize i might give it to the person with the highest stats ]]].png]
  15. To day (the 4th of July) marks the day we (America) successfully told the British to screw off, Defeated the Moon nazis, purged the world of the evil Communists and won the Olympics Happy blow stuff up day and for the rest of the world... hope you have a good Friday
  16. Well, there is this game called Section 8: Prejudice and it's for the PC and XBOX 360. It's a cheap standalone expansion to the game Section 8 and is probably the most interesting breed of FPS I've ever played. Essentially any online match is going to be a bunch of hyperactive rabbits playing tag with 15mm railgun assault rifles. No seriously every suit has a jetpack, a 'super sprint' function (which you can ram into people to kill them and get an achievement for it), and a lock-on function because, let's face it, trying to hit someone in the game is hard enough without the packs and super-sprint. It does have a short campaign and continues from the original game and helps unlock various guns and tools used in multiplayer. The multiplayer is where it's at. This game broke up the monontany of combat with special mid-game 'missions' that range from getting intel to escorting/exterminating a convoy. Ah the joy you feel when a convoy ambush comes together. Sadly Timegate is no longer with us... but this game still lives on. Sure it uses the shitstain known as Windows Live, but it's extremely enjoyable none the less. Hell Total did a WTF and "Why can't we have nice things" vid about this game... he can explain it far better than I ever could... unless you guys want me to link this to my review of the two games on the Spacebattles Forums... Pros: -Fast paced gameplay with in-game 'missions' -Has a lock-on function that isn't broken -Pretty looking when you got the specs for it -After a mission or two you can easily work your way in multiplayer Cons: -Windows Live -Short Campaign -Dev no longer active -Practically empty servers
  17. Hey AJSA! Really wanted to post this here to get some more eyes on our last Dota 2 Tournament Streamer + personaility: Variloh. http://www.twitch.tv/variloh/b/520704452 Check it out, it has a few people you might recognise on it from the AJSA Dota 2 Guild.
  18. I just watched Saving Mr Banks. It's based on the story of how the legendary Marry Poppins came to be, and it shows the whole process in the point of view of P.L.Travers, the writer of the Marry Poppins book which the movie is based on. The movie goes back and forth between her past and the process of making Marry Poppins, which is awesome because you get to see how the movie came to be from the illustration and the music scores. The plot is that P.L.Travers doesn't want Marry Poppins to be turned into a movie because it'll ruin the image of her portrayed from the book, and it is up to Walt Disney to change her mind. Let me get out of my chest first on what I think about P.L.Travers, at least the portrayal of her in the movie. Ohohohoho, if you hate Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII, after you see this lady, you'll like Lighting a whole lot more. P.L.Travers in this movie is a cunt. 5 minutes into the movie and I can't stand her. First thing she did in the movie when she entered her hotel that's reserved by Walt Disney and saw Mickey, Pluto, Donald Duck dolls among others is she throw them away into the closet. And when she turns on the tv to see this oh so awesome nostalgic Tinkerbell and Walt Disney video, she turns it off and say she despises cartoons. She hates everything in life, her entire attitude is basically "no no, my rules and my rules only. Sod off with your ideas!" and she basically makes everyone's life in the movie a living hell, all while having a shit eating grin on her face. Basically she's the most pathetic person you will ever see and you'll be glad if she didn't exist, but unfortunately you have to endure it over 100 minutes out of 120 minutes of screen time. I am amazed no one in the movie grabs a stick and beat her face in, especially Walt Disney. He is so patient that I am saluting him for being able to stand her. Walt Disney on the other hand, is such a nice guy, that I am rooting for him the whole way to snap the fuck out of the bitch and make her finally accept the making of the movie. He's actually been pursuing her for 20 years just to make Marry Poppins into a movie because he made a promise to his daughter that he will make it a reality. That's so heartwarming and awesome and it's actually a damn good enough reason for the movie the be approved by any normal human being, but the asshole doesn't care. She has to be all specific, Urrrrgh. She disagrees with everything! Shut the hell up! The flashbacks of her story does explain why she's what she is. Still doesn't explain why she doesn't like cartoons or why she's such a jerk to everyone. The movie's main strength is seeing Disney Land, interesting history behind the development of Marry Poppins and seeing nostalgic moments of the Marry Poppins movie after it has been made into theater. It's all so nostalgic that it makes you feel like you're a kid again. You will feel happiness and relief, mixed with giddy childhood nostalgia bomb blowing out of your heart. Overall, I like this movie. Even though I have to endure looking at the annoying P.L.Travers, in the end it's all worth it. It truly is a movie that you will hate, but in the end once it's all over you will love. One of the best movies of the year.
  19. Finally, Joe reviewed the first great licensed video game in the show, and it's awesome. In particular the intro which uses South Park's style art & music while describing Joe & Corporate Commander. It even has Joe reviewing the game as a South Park version of himself. A shame that he didn't use the South Park kid's voice like in the intro, but oh well. One of Joe's best review ever. Oh, one thing to question about the ending: Will Warhammer 40K Storm of Vengeance sucks balls?
  20. It's a fun complicated space strategy game that's crazy from the awesome space battles to and invasion of a planet, you'll have to do favors missions for other empires to gain favor and to gain good relations, deal in the black market to benefit or destroy yourself, defend against pirates or enemies, this is the Sins of the Solar Empires.
  21. Another classic RTS game why because of its fun gameplay and story well mostly the gameplay because it was so fun. THQs greatest RTS creates, before their demise to bankruptcy, this game brought you to the most badass soldiers in the galaxy the Space Marines and the Blood Ravens the deadliest soldiers soldiers unmatched by anyone except the Chaos Marines who will do anything to destroy the whole galaxy. This was awesome you and the commander of these badass space marines(in the first game but I'll say later) you the protecter of the galaxy the one who'll destroy this deadly enemy. Now this game was also awesome for the factions which can be customised in the multiplayer. The factions: the Imperial Guard , Space Marines,Chaos, Orcs, and etc whoever is in the game. Each faction had their own distinct units which have their own distinctive feature in their buildings units and tech. It was a great RTS that made Command and Conquer look like a baby with only three factions which had the same, it had fun gameplay, but it didn't match on how the units have great detail on how they execute others and how the gameplay is done.
  22. Another classic game from Lucas Arts in its glory days of Star Wars games, it's a RTS game during the rebellion era of the Star Wars timeline, where you can choose to be the Evil Empire or the Rebellion (Could be bounty hunters if you get the DLC for it) choose your side conquer the galaxy for peace and prosperity and rule it with greatness or conquer it with a iron fist and fear.
  23. http://store.steampowered.com/app/238960/?snr=1_7_7_151_150_1 Cool free to play game on steam. if you liked Diablo 2 you will like this. This game is what Diablo 3 should have been. IE: Diablo 2 with new textures. This game emulates almost every single aspect in detail from D2, like I dunno how Blizzard hasn't suited them yet. The menus are similar, the inventory is identical, the map system is identical, the loot colors are identical, the random map generation everytime you log out and back in is identical. Do you see what I'm saying? Check it out if you liked Diablo 2 and I know for a fact you will like it.