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Found 3 results

  1. It's been a while since I did a review, so here's the next game I'm going to do a review on. This game is called Among the Sleep, an indie horror game starring a 2 year old child. So the game's story is very2 simple. You just had a birthday. You got a teddy bear as a gift from your weirdly uncanny valley looking mom, your teddy bear talks to you, and you went to bed. Unfortunately you wake up in the middle of the night, and you see a dark slender man esque figure taking your teddy bear away from you, so you get out of the bed to get the bear, and the adventure begins......... sounds pretty normal to me! You get to explore the house this boy is in, and later on things will get... Interesting. "Evil laugh" This game is a first person exploration game at it's core. You go to different parts of your house and you can do things that an adventurous little boy can do. For example: you want to climb a high file cabinet to see what's on top, so you do this by opening a file cabinet from bellow, climb it and open the cabinet besides it to climb up. Same thing applies to opening high up doors. It reminds me of what my nephew do to climb up my sister's table, which is pretty neat. You also get the usual "pick this item, use it somewhere else" gameplay that's in this kind of adventure games. And if you are in the dark, you can hug your teddy bear and he will light up like a flashlight. Nothing more than that though. This game is what I can categorize as "minimal gameplay, full on exploration" game similar to Gone Home and Stanley Parable. And by similar I mean it's around $20 and it's really short. You can beat this game in 2 hours and once you beat it, you pretty much have seen everything the game has to offer. And personally, the plot is predictable. Once I see the beginning of this game, I speculate how the game is going to end, and sure enough, I'm right on the money. Pretty interesting imagery and gameplay though for a game that stars a 2 year old child. Overall, it's too much for around $20, although if it's for $5, it's worth it. But for a game with this limited content, I say just watch someone's youtube video. You'll get the full experience without needing to play it. I give this game the rating of "so good that you can't wait for the sequel (if this game is only $5)".
  2. I just wanted to share my celebratory feelings right now. There's no greater satisfaction than dealing with a PC for nearly a year being barely functional, then saving up the appropriate dosh after carefully choosing your replacement components, receiving them, installing them, and then having to do a fresh Windows install (which, funnily enough, the hardest part is Windows thanks to how draconian it is) and then after all is said and done... everything runs as smoothly as an ice cube down Preston Lacey's tummy. It feels so invigorating to finally adequately game on my PC once more. Although, for some reason, Chivalry is still giving me shit, but I will have to figure that out on my own. I had to juggle wether to post this here or in the general discussion section, but I'm more interested in knowing what other PC players felt was intensely gratifying. I have to admit I'm partially new to PC gaming. I had played plenty of games on PC as I grew up but never truly joined the master race until September of 2012. So I'm curious, does anyone have any cozy warm nostalgic (or more recent) moments of victory?
  3. A strange new teaser site from Atlus has appeared, complete with creepy heartbeat and a vague shape of a human embryo from an ultrasound. This is, as far as we know, is unrelated to the other teaser website ATLUS has had up for over a month or so, though it may have some relation to speculation of the former being a teaser for Persona 5. On the sides of the site, text "Persist 5" which is believed to be referring to Persona 5, "Gold 4" referring to Persona 4: Golden, "Trial 2" referring to Trine 2 and "C2" referring to Conception II. This is mere speculation but I digress. What do you make out of this folks?