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Found 2 results

  1. Well Hello there! Im one of the new Recruits (I couldnt post dat earlier, 'cuz I was in Vacations) Why "TwoBlade"? I LOVE Swords. And the Akimbo Fight Style. (I allways prefer two weapons: two Pistols (prefered: automatic/tmp), two smgs, two swords, etc) (And as Kid I allways watched the Anime "One Piece". And there's the Badass Swordsman "Lorenor Zorro", who fights with two or most time 3 Swords. (<---Main Reason) ) Favourite Classes/Jobs on the Battlefield -Berserker -Swordsman -Medic -Sniper -Scout -Assassin -Saboteur -Pyro What I srsly cant (yet?) Fly the stupid Planes/Jets/Space Ships/etc! I: Favourite Games/Games where you can find me and fight with me (All are PC!!) -Warframe from Digital Extremes -Portal 2 from Valve Software -Minecraft from Mojang -Team Fortress 2 from Valve Software -Borderlands 2 from Gearbox Software -Mass Effect 3 from Bioware -Battlefield 3 from Dice -Planetside 2 from Sony Online Entertainment Weapons -Two Highfrequency Katanas -Two H&K Mk. 23 Socom with Infinite Silencers, Laserpointer, increased Clips, and Visions with Nightvision Function -M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle (with Silencer and Vision) -Kunais -Two hidden Blades -Gas Grenades (maybe...) How I fight I LOVE it to sneak (with a Cardboard Box?), or fight a open fight. Its allways different (because of the Situation). So Yeah... I g2g, have to cut some Grineers 'n stuff, ya know how this is >.> Have Fun Guys and I hope to see you! PS: Im from Germany, so Im very sorry when I have some grammatical mistakes :c
  2. Hey folks, crimsonwolf911 here, as the title says, Im Canadian, Im an Asshole, and A rager, not much else to it. I spend most of my time bouncing back and forth between two main games, War Thunder, and World of Tanks, and occasionally some Titanfall when the mood strikes me. I dabble in others as well, but them two are my main gaming haunts, you can almost always find me lurking in one or the other. I know the TS doesnt have a World of Tanks section yet but I look forward to seeing if it will have one in the future. I rage like a motherfucker when I game, its no secret, just ask my neighbors...the ones that live a block away, cuz the next door ones cant hear so well anymore >.< I stream on twitch occasionally as well, but my gameplay is nothing to right home about, Im an average player, at best in world of tanks, well below average in war thunder, I mostly fly bombers. Not much else to see here Im afraid, so without further adue, Its good to be here, and Ill see you on the field.