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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Joe and your community, This post is in regarding the comment you make at 16:41 in your video on the Battlefield 5 beta: "Honestly, all the negativity towards Battlefield, more and more, I'm starting to see the light, and I'm disappointed that I didn't see some of this stuff sooner." Joe, I really appreciate hearing that comment. I'm very glad that you're clicking with some of what other people have been criticizing DICE over for many years. And this actually brings me a bit of relief. Years ago, when Battlefield 3 released and was found by Battlefield 2 players to be a total downgrade in content, scope,and depth of systems and mechanics from Battlefield 2, I registered on your forums and made my first post here, which was a thread talking about the state of Battlefield 3 and detailing all the many times DICE had sold out throughout their studio's existence and how over-simplified Battlefield 3 was compared to Battlefield 2. You deleted my thread and banned me from your forum. That was the first and only post I made on your forums until now. At that time, if you were someone that had never player DICE's games before they abandoned PC to become a console-exclusive developer for many years before returning to PC with Bad Company 2 and then Battlefield 3, you might not have understood the criticism and been more impressed with Battlefield 3 than long-time Battlefield players were. But, if you had gone onto DICE's EA UK forums (where many of DICE's developers regularly hung out and interacted with Battlefield fans) at that time you would have seen walls of angry, mocking, and critiquing threads over Battlefield 3. And, remember that the backlash and criticism against DICE over Battlefield 3 was so intense and overwhelming that DICE officially permanently shut down their forums to stop the deluge of negative feedback they were getting. And DICE developers haven't engaged with their community in a similar way since then. At that time, DICE were getting that negative feedback because of many of the things you're complaining about with the beta of Battlefield 5 which have been issues in Battlefield 1, Battlefront 2015, and Battlefront II 2017: The same trend of over-simplification and lack of depth was already heavily happening in Battlefield 3, and it ticked Battlefield 2 players off, a lot. Battlefield 4 was actually a pleasant step away from that downward spiral of dumbing-down DICE games - but, it only last for that single game and then DICE was right back at the intense dumbing-down with Battlefront 2015, then Battlefield 1, and then Battlefront 2. DICE is a studio that has hardly ever listened to its fans, and has more often chosen to spite them when they criticize the studio: Patrick Bach infamously stated "nailed it" about the Bf3 launch maps which were lacking detail and character and generally were very small compared to Battlefield 2's maps - which sparked memes of Patrick Bach meaning that DICE had nailed the coffin in the Battlefield series. And as people continued to complain about Battlefield 3's relatively-small maps, Patrick Bach semi-infamously retorted in an interview with "I actually prefer the smaller maps". I feel that DICE have not appreciated Battlefield or its fans, but have always tried to be obtuse with both. Here are some more examples of the chaos that went on at the EA UK Battlefield forums around the release of Battlefield 3: When a DICE manager chided the community on the EA UK forums saying that the DICE team had spent their summer making these maps for them, the community, not entirely undeservedly, pushed back and threw his appeal for token appreciation in his face. Noshahr canals was mockingly renamed Nosehair Canals by the community to highlight its small size. People posted memes showing an expansive terrain with mountains and rivers and fields, bragging about it being the largest map in Battlefield's history, but with a marked playable area inside that large space that's no bigger than the size of a baseball field, or even a closet - pointing out the disingenuousness of DICE's claim that Battlefield 3 has the largest map in Battlefield history, which is a marketing fib that DICE again pulled with Battlefield 1, and I think I read somewhere that DICE had once again make that claim regarding a Battlefield 5 map. If they did, my bet's that the map will turn out to yet again be small when compared to Battlefield 2's larger maps. At this point, falsely asserting that the new Battlefield has the largest map yet is a running false-marketing gag of DICE's. With Bethesda it's 'wide as an ocean, shallow as a puddle' , and with DICE it's 'largest map yet, with the smallest playable area yet'. And there was so much dissatisfaction over Battlefield 3, which was supposed to be a true full sequel to Battlefield 2, that EA and DICE just shut down their main Battlefield forums to stop it all. By the way, the real largest map in Battlefield history up till now is still going to be one of Battlefield 2's several huge maps, or maybe Battlefield 1942's El Alamein. Though, I suspect that it might be Battlefield 2's FuShe Pass: Regardless of which Battlefield game has the de-facto largest map, Battlefield 2 has many maps larger than anything in Battlefield 3, 4, 1, and probably anything that will be in 5. And to show that what is being criticized about post Battlefield 4 games was actually already there in full-force with Battlefield 3, here are many of the things that Battlefield 2 gloriously has that were sorely downgraded from in Battlefield 3: 6-person squads, and maps that were suited for having larger squads 7 classes limited sprint (not everybody wants it, but lots of us did when Battlefield 3 released, and I certainly still do - it adds tons of skill and strategy to the game, and creates more dynamics) squad-leader spawning only squad-leader controls to direct the squad (Battlefield 4 and 1 have a simplified, and I think clunkier take on Battlefield 2's squad-leader controls) more expansive team, squad, and communication controls all-around commander mode larger maps more maps more creativity, variety, and character within maps lots of maps with no non-cappable bases, or with only one non-cappable base (meaning there was actually a real, tangible goal to work towards, and a real point of victory and accomplishment or defeat in many maps - which in very satisfying to have) a variety of flag layout designs rather than Battlefield 3's strictly arena-styled layout designs faster, more nimble, and more thrilling aircraft that actually felt like a part of the overall game (in later Battlefields, air-play is almost hermetically-sealed into a separate bubble from the ground fight) more vehicles in general, and maps that could better accommodate vehicle play It seems pretty obvious that Battlefield 3's severe design downgrade in size, scope, and complexity from Battlefield 2 was for the sake of console hardware limitations and the console audience which at that time were almost exclusively used to games heavily geared towards simplicity and casual playing. And because of that, Battlefield 3 was a game that drove the passionate Battlefield 2 fan-base crazy with disappointment and anger. They were angry at DICE for selling out the main series (like DICE had sold out so many times before then) instead of treating it like the real return to the epic scope of classic PC Battlefield that DICE had marketed the game as being. We Battlefield 2 players loved Bad Company 2, but we loved it knowing that it isn't a main series Battlefield game and that it was a simplified spin-off game targeting the console audience, and we loved it as a stop-gap before the next main series Battlefield game released. Many of us thought that it was an appetizer and warm-up before the main course arrived. But then, Battlefield 3 did not deliver us a genuine sequel to Battlefield 2. And now that I see that you're experiencing a bit of the same realization and disappointment with DICE concerning their games following Battlefield 4, I hope you can look back and see that the problem in the mentality and approach of DICE was unfortunately already there a lot earlier than you might be thinking it was, with Battlefield 4 seemingly being a one-off exception to the historical rule of the DICE-dumbdown. And I want to say I'm glad that someone like yourself with a voice to get things heard and acknowledged on a larger scale has finally said something about it.
  2. https://www.battlefield.com/news/article/battlefield-5-deep-dive-gameplay-changes-and-additions
  3. http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/02/26/battlefield-5-reportedly-set-in-world-war-1-according-to-retailer What do you guys think about this?
  4. This week in the news; Ubisoft seeks investors to prevent possible hostile takeover by Vivendi, Source Gaming Team translates an interview with Smash Bros creator, morality without karma points, developer's breakdown of why their game costs $20, Persona 5 info, a hardware autopsy of the Game Boy, state of games at Museum of Modern Art, PS4 3.5 update beta, Sega fan survey, Cyberpunk 2077 composer, Playstation TV discontinued, Battlefield 5 set in WWI, Life is Strange dev releases screenshots and info on their new game, Twitch gets chat replays, Aevee Bee talks about pacing and level design in JRPGs, Unsung Story Kickstarter considering offering refunds in some way, Danny O'Dwyer talks about how to get into games journalism, GaymerX panels, Frozenbyte's demo of their new game will influence the sale price, Riot standardizes penalties for pro players, Fallout 4's Creation Kit release, and more. Source Gaming Team Translates Interview With Sakurai The Source Gaming Team translated a recent interview with the Smash Bros creator where he talks about the games DLC characters and says that people should forget about console wars and enjoy the games themselves. The translation has three parts and they did a video discussing it that can also be found at the link above. Ubisoft Is Afraid Of A Hostile Takeover Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tours Ubisoft Montreal Ubisoft Disputes EA Trademark for "Ghost" It looks like EA has withdrawn its trademark application for Ghosts. The Division Won't Have Microtransactions, Ubisoft Says Twitch Gets Chat Replay Feature Recorded live streams will now display the chat, Twitch mods will be able to moderate the chat as though it were live and messages deleted will not show up. Steam Dev Fights Price Complaints With Excellent Breakdown Of Why Game Costs $20 Probe Software founder Fergus McGovern passes away The stats on how YouTube affects game success Some stats on how Youtube effect the success and sales of video games. Frozenbyte's new stealth game demo is also a pricing contest There's a VR version of Superhot in the works In a recent Kickstarter update the team revealed that they are doing some work in VR. Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes Include New Anti-Cheating Measures and More The new Rainbow Six patch has some tweaks and bug fixes, but the primary goal is to help prevent cheating before the game's Pro League starts in March. Take a peek at 'Life is Strange' studio's next game, 'Vampyr' The developer of Life is Strange and Remember Me have released some screenshots, information, and a concept video for their next game, Vampyr. A post-war action-RPG about a vampire doctor in the middle of the Spanish flu pandemic. The game will be released on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A thread about this was created here Uncharted 4 open beta launching this week — in the UK An open beta for Uncharted 4's multiplayer will begin in the UK on March 4th. Copper Dreams is a cyberpunk cRPG - here's the first trailer After Setbacks, Dev Behind Final Fantasy Tactics Creator's New JRPG Considering Refunds In a recent Kickstarter update the developer said that they are considering offering refunds in some manner. Daedalic announces Deponia Doomsday, coming next week SOME THOUGHTS ON PC RHYTHM GAMING Harmonix talks about PC rhythm gaming. Disgaea PC is now available on Steam, but performance is shaky Beta for PlayStation 4’s 3.50 Update Starts Soon – Key Features Detailed Some new features include friend online notification, remote play, and appearing offline. ...How was notifications and appearing offline not already a thing? BAFTA award-winning makers of Lumino City announce Inks As you hit the ball it will leave a trail of color behind, hitting objects will splash paint over an area like you are throwing paint on a canvas. The Witcher 3 composer confirmed for Cyberpunk 2077 Marcin Przybyłowicz will be composing music for Cyberpunk 2077. Persona 5 director shares new tidbits in March 2016 issue of Persona Some information about the games setting and characters was revealed by director Katsura Hashino. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Jumps To Xbox One Next Month The third game in the Shantae series will arrive on March 16th on the Xbox One, it will also be released for the PS4 later this year and the fourth game in the series should make it to both consoles (as well as the PC and Wii U) when it releases later this year. Quantum Break is full of Alan Wake easter eggs Take a look at the article and included video to see some of the times Quantum Break mentions Alan Wake. Neverending Nightmares Creeps Its Way to the PS4 and Vita The game will have some improvements, including making it easier to see the branching story paths without having to play through sections again. Mind Zero Dungeon Crawls to PC This March Former Vita exclusive will be releasing on the PC March 18th. PSP's PlayStation Store Being Removed Soon, Here's When The Playstation store will be removed on the PSP on March 31st, you can still make purchases through the Playstation store website and can access your previous downloads. PlayStation TV Discontinued in the US, Europe Shippments to the Americas and Europe were stopped in 2015, but will continue in Asia. Gears of War Ultimate Edition PC Has Problems with AMD Hardware The Ultimate Edition of Gears of War has launched with some problems on the PC. Kingdom Come may be held back on PC for simultaneous console release Warhorse may have to delay the PC version of the game, as their publisher and distributor may want the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game to all arrive at the same time. A thread about this was created here Possible Xbox One Hardware Upgrade in the Pipeline, Says Phil Spencer Phil Spencer talks about plans for new hardware capabilities during a console generation. Sega to Fans: "Help Us Make Our Games Better" Sega has created a survey to help them make their games better. Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition Set for PC and Xbox One Release The remastered version of Ori and the Blind Forest will be released on March 11th on the Xbox One and PC. Hard West's Scars of Freedom DLC augments the game with new limbs and organs Xbox Tech Director on Windows 10 PC Gaming: "We Will Fix Vsync" Rocket League Reaches 12 Million Players, As Dev Explains Sales Breakdown Across the PC, PS4, and Xbox One Rocket League has a player base of over 12 million players. Trailer for Sunless Sea's Zubmariner DLC details the Zee floor The DLC doesn't have a date yet but the atmosphere looks good, the trailer can be seen at the link, and Sunless Sea can be bought for a low price in the current Humble Bundle. New Shenmue 3 screenshots prove the game is still happening Some new screenshots of Shenmue III have been released, check the article to see the rest. Halo 5's New Expansion Content Detailed New game modes and a new map are included. Fire Emblem Fates Sells 300,000 Copies at Launch, Breaking Records Fire Emblem Fates sold over 300,000 copies during its first weekend of sales. Battlefield 5 rumored to be set in World War One Swiss retailer lists the new Battlefield as a WWI shooter. A thread about this was created here Far Cry Primal Day One Patch Adds "Expert Mode" and More Fallout 4's Creation Kit planned for PC around April, consoles a month later Todd Howard says that the creation kit for the PC should arrive around April, the Xbox One in May, and the PS4 in June. In esports news Building a sport: The design philosophy of League of Legends Riot standardizes penalties for pro players, creates Pro Player Panel Policing Behavior in eSports and 'League of Legends' Gabe Newell calls fired host of Dota 2 Shanghai Major an "ass" Fired Dota 2 Commentator On Why Valve Dropped Him Odd that Valve hired him in the first place, sounds like the kind of guy you wouldn't want to represent you if you were looking to make esports appear more respectable. Valve Raises Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament Prize Pools to $1 Million Counterstrike tournament gets a larger prize pool. StarCraft II Pro Defends Perfectly Against Surprise Zerg All-In Check the article for the full video. In crowdfunding news Nelo A thread about this was created here Consortium: The Tower's rescue plan revealed They will be taking their campaign to Fig with a lower goal. Other content I found interesting this week Game Boy autopsy: What's inside Nintendo's classic handheld From a newly launched Youtube channel focused on "retro, music, programming." Shows the GameBoy hardware and how programming was done on it and on RollerCoaster Tycoon. Some corrections were made in this short video. Bad Hands in Firewatch How To Break Into Games Journalism Nobody Cares About It But It’s The Only Thing That Matters: Pacing And Level Design In JRPGs Game Maker's Toolkit - Morality in the Mechanics Justin on the importance of FFVII’s Barrett to him The State of Games at MoMA 4 Years Later (Part One) and (Part Two) New Arrivals – Great Levels in Gaming A video taking look at the first level of Dead Space. How it does a great job showing the game's systems and how EA's testers had trouble understanding the dismember mechanics. GXTalks: GX3 GaymerX has been posting some of their panels over the last month, with the more recent two being Creating Characters and Stories with Ethnic Dysphoria Gaming and the Performance of Deviant Sexuality Anyone interested can look at those or the other recent videos they have been posting in the last month to their channel with panels with people like Anthony Burch and Katherine Cross. Wasteland Jimmy Maher's writes about the history of Wasteland. Jake Solomon explains the careful use of randomness in Xcom 2 Solving XCOM’s Snowball Problem Tom Francis talks about ways that the developer could have solved the games problems with snowballing difficulty (after about 20 missions where I didn't get shot at, I agree with his ideas, maybe we will see some mods implement things like this). Nintendo vs. Video Game Rentals - Gaming Historian