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Found 11 results

  1. IMPORTANT: Probably this will sound n00bish and it may have been answered somewhere else but here goes nothing. Hello there AJSA community. So just a few days ago I returned too my Xbox 360 to play Battlefield 4 after playing Halo 5: Guardians, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Tanks Xbox One Edition and found myself with the following issue..... WHERE ARE ALL THE DICE SERVERS!?!?!?!?!?!? I REMEMBER SEEING THEM IN THE RANKED SERVERS SECTION LAST TIME I PLAYED AND THERE NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (takes deep breath and calms down) Sorry about that outburst guys XD But yeah I last remember that the DICE servers were on the ranked servers section and now they're gone. All I find are rented player or clan servers in both Official and Ranked servers. Example: Today I tried to play BF4 but every time I looked for a server on Quick Match all I got were player servers where if you had lag you would get banned. Then there were two servers where apparently the admins don't like getting one shotted by shotguns or shot out of the sky with Stingers and Iglas (if there are other more concrete reasons for such rules let me know please) and would ban anyone who uses them. Please I would appreciate your answers as to what happened that there are no more DICE servers. Thank you very much
  2. PC Battlefield 4

    This Saturday, April 16th at 8 PM GMT (1 PM CST) join us for another weekly BattleField 4 event! Due to the last event succeeding with flying colors, we're really looking forward to expanding our roster this time around! Make sure you don't miss out! Original Post =
  3. Hello, I was wanting to know if there are any BF4 players on PS3 here.
  4. Hello Angry Army I have been a fan since the colonial marines review. I registered today because im curious about the AJSA involment in battlefield 4. I have the server added to favs but no population and no sign of it being populated. Battlefield 4 has come a long way since release and i hardly get the dreaded rubber band lag and other issues. I noticed Joe does not have a BF4 review up and i understand why but its still one of the prominent shooters of our time deserving of a second look. EA fault not Dice's. What is up with AJSA and BATTLEFIELD 4? I envy the large community in game. Battlefield is one of those games that's only as fun as the people you play it with. So lets go AJSA! BACK to the FIELD OF BATTLE. I go by Pandawatch88 from WA living in california. I love objective based game types; mainly rush on hardcore. Chivalry would be cool too. older pic of my system built for battlefield 3, today the internals are upgraded with the intel 4770k asus gtx 7704gb
  5. Took on the task of recreating an other classic Monty Python sketch - the "Firing Squad". One of my all time favorites! You can find a link to the original version in the description on YT. Hope you enjoy it!
  6. There are 2 different versions of the "How not to be seen" sketch. There is the (longer) original one that was part of the "Flying Circus" series, and then there is a short version which was re-done for "And now for something completely different". This video is based on the original from the "Flying Circus". The link to the original clip can be found in the description of the video on YT. Hope you enjoy it!
  7. I built a new beast PC a couple of weeks back after deciding to abandon the "next gen" consoles. I played a few Team Deathmatches on BF4 to check how my mouse/keyboard skills are... they seem to be pretty good getting K/D of atleast 1.0.. So i don't think I totally suck I also got a good quality Mic. So, Add me on Battlelog (Sgt_Rex_Pwr_Colt) if you're looking for a Multiplayer team up. AJSA Community FTW!
  8. Ok... so basically I need some people to add to my friend's list for Battlefield 4 on the PS4. My friend's list is rather small at the moment but I would like to fill her up with AJSA members. Send me a private message or reply here with your PSN and Ill add you or you could add me. My PSN is: ClicheMasquerade See You Online!
  9. Hey guys. Here is another sorta kinda review from me this time I didn't use any voice changer and the voice is clearer hope you enjoy and if you like it would really mean alot to me if you could subscribe and share it with all the call of duty and battlefield fans you know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VYKCH-M6V8 and like always any feedback is appreciated guys.
  10. After bringing up the idea with the original event creators Ozzy Osbourne and Luffwaffle (Link to the Original Thread http://angryjoeshow....vent-sign-up/ . ); us three have come to a decision to have two sections of the group:- The US "team" and the EU "team". Obviously we aren't discounting the other regions but as this was an idea they had sice the creation of the group, they have allowed me to spearhead the European side of the group and am setting up a more European friendly set of games to help us Europeans and others better be able to play within the AJSA. Games will be on a saturday and before the US games as they take place quite late in the evening so can be inconvienient with some. All are still welcome to both sessions so we can get these larger games going but for those who can only attend one then you're welcome to come! If you are a European and want to be added to the roster for ease of finding people who are alive when you are just message me and I'll add you to this list along with people form the other thread who have given their gamertags aswell. Current Roster:- OMEGAwarrior97 (Myself) Kristof1982 Indi8 DecidingDragoon The event:- Today's event is postponed until 1400 GMT due to unforseen circumstances. Saturday all afternoon finishing just in time to allow us all to eat and spend time with our "loved" ones (Making sure the Xbox doesn't freeze ) 1200 GMT - 2000 GMT 1300 GMT+1 - 2100 GMT+1 1400 GMT+2 - 2200 GMT+2 1500 GMT+3 - 2300 GMT+3
  11. Alright guys, Basically just looking for a few people to play battlefield 4 with, none of my friends have it and a decent squad makes alot of difference when trying to win !! cheers PSN NAME: jdcastro93