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Found 1 result

  1. The latest in a now very long of Marvel movie adaptations gives us the mystical and mysterious Doctor Strange with director Scott Derrickson at the helm. This would seem like an unusual choice given that this guy has made almost his entire career out of horror films like Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Poltergeist (2015). I do believe that it's this very experience of pulling the audience through the imagery that gives delivers the best aspects of it. I'm no authority on Doctor Strange So I can't say how authentic or faithful it is to the source material. I watched at the local cinema with my sister, brother in law and nephew who (aside from maybe the nephew) know considerably less then even I do. So this is from the perspective of people with only a collective minimal knowledge of this character. The film is a scoring highly with critics with a current 94% approval on Rotten Tomatoes but I think it's the creative imagery that pulling in the high scores because this has more problems then I think most critics are willing to admit and upset the status quo. Most of these come out of Marvel's unrelenting push towards adding as much of it's licence as possible to the already overpopulated Avengers universe, it might have been their only real motivation for making this movie at all! I'm not saying that makes it all bad but I'm getting ahead of myself, lets get to the details spoiler free! TRAILER CAST AND CHARACTERS 7/10 Benedict Cumberbatch takes the lead as Dr. Steven Strange and just like we've come to expect from this Oscar winning talent he is spot on! He is totally believable as this intelligent, brilliant but incredibly arrogant neurosurgeon who in a cruel twist of fate is injured in a car accident requiring surgery that, ironically only he could have performed well enough to allow a complete recovery. The plot is really centered around him and if follows on his expedience of the scenario, so as he see's things that make his question what he knows you feel that you are right there questioning it with him and is performance is defiantly one of the best parts of the film... as for the rest...... They perform their parts well enough but most of them feel unnecessary or horribly miss cast. Tilda Swindon as "The Ancient One" is so clichéd she is almost painful to watch at times! Go back to the trailer and listen to her talk for a few lines...... She sticks to that cryptic, old Yoda master "trailer-esse" for the entire flick! She has managed to make performances like this work when playing a villain like in Narnia but she just wasn't the right choice for this in my opinion. The supporting hero's played by Chiwetel Ejiofor and Benedict Wong fair a bit better who together with Cumberbatch deliver the best jokes of the film. "Benedict Cumberbatch takes the lead as Dr. Steven Strange and just like we've come to expect...spot on! as for the rest......" Rachel McAdams plays a very typical love interest that barley contributes anything to the movie and this is one trend I'm really getting tired off! If a character has literally nothing to contribute other than being an obligatory romantic foil then you would do the audience a huge favor by not including them. Instead dedicate that otherwise wasted screen time to characters that should have more development like in this case the villains whose name's I can't remember. ACTION AND VISUAL EFFECTS 10/10 360/10! Yeah I'm breaking the laws of the universe by rating it like that, but that is pretty much what the film does! If you wanted to see action sequences and CGI effects that give the laws of time and space an even bigger bloody nose than the Matrix, then THIS is the movie experience for you! You'r probably thinking based on the trailers that (like in many films) the best bits have already been spoiled, but they SO aren't, what you have seen in the trailers is barely a taste! The action sequences are exiting, creative, massive and completely insane! "If you wanted to see action sequences and CGI effects that give the laws of time and space an even bigger bloody nose than the Matrix, then THIS is the movie experience for you!" The fight choreography is impressive to, unlike most martial arts action movies that are heavy on CGI it the action is very quick. I don't ever recall any slow-mo expect for a few choice sequences where time is actually being manipulated. It all adds up to segments which are very disorienting for the audience and characters in the right way. At one point my sister couldn't even look because it was such a mind fuck, while my jaw was on the floor! I'd actually say it's worth the price of admission just to see these sequences on the big screen, they are brilliant! STORY 5/10 Now I understand that this is an origins story and has to spend allot of time building up developing this character, but all this really just leads to more build up for future Marvel movies. Outside the amazing action sequences the pacing is quite slow and the story itself doesn't feel very original. In fact it's almost as clichéd as Tilda Swintons performance! "all this really just leads to more build up for future Marvel movies" It's like this movie was just made out of necessity just to get a new face into the Avengers, hell there's even a really stupid end credit bit with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) with a tease for the next Avengers movie. You see Doctor Strange sitting there opposite the God of Thunder discussing how to locate Loki and Odin and bring them back to Asgard. It just go's to showcase how absurd the inclusion of a time bending Mystic in a world already over-populated by Mutants, Super Soldiers and Norse Gods is starting to get, each one of these guys alone is damn near invincible! Does it REALLY need to have every character they have a copyright ownership of! "Oh look! It's a bird! It's a plane! IT'S........" "Superman?" "Were Marvel you Idiot! It's either Rocket Racoon or that guy from Sherlock!" In my opinion Doctor Strange is one marvel character who really should just stand alone especially as the ending is open to the possibility of at least two villains for future sequels. It's clear they were thinking of "Franchise" before they even wrote the first word of this script. Overall the story isn't bad but it definitely could have used a bit more focus on itself rather than marvels release schedule. FINAL SCORE 7/10 Aside from some obsessive ranting this I believe is my first proper review here so let me know what you think and of course leave your own thoughts below!