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Found 5 results

  1. Well after we have one for everything else why not one for reading. It doesn't matter if you are reading comics, mangas, books, e-books, guides, webcomics, material for school...whatever I am back reading Battletech which I put off a long long time and went back in with the Kerensky triology.
  2. Greetings AJSA, been a long time since i was here...Had some issues, and in the end the previous project about the book series had to be stopped. So now resurrecting the topic into a new book, a new story line, and a fresh idea. Don't worry folks who actually remembers me, which i doubt it, but oh well, i didn't forget all the help i received back in the day (last year), therefore returning the favor that i got from you guys, i'm resurrecting the characters that were given to me, and they are going to be in this story as well. Locations have changed, so i will not post the character description i received from you, because it includes the location, and i need to figure out where to put them now, but don't worry about this. So what you say folks, growing together as a family? Just want to thank in advance the people who gave me the characters and just being supportive in general. BlondishMist748 IrishRogue Wolfspawn 2and900 IcedAjack chocokaran67 TonyTheGamerDad MaxterG JarlBalgruuftheGreater ApexSpartan I didn't really notice, but it seems all the characters were given, were males, no females, and i'm no sexist, so i'm kinda putting female characters as well, each one of us has influence to change the world. In addition, the story includes youtubers, as if their shows and attitude are live in the story. I have their approval and their will to be in the story, so that's why they are in there, those who thought they are "more" important than me, and ignored me, might get cut off the story. It's still on somewhat "pre pre alpha" version, just giving an announcement here, when i'll reach the "alpha" version, i'll post the first chapter. I found passion to writing not long ago once again, found my muse (i guess that's how you say it) , and a fresh idea...and i would like to share my work when it's done. Thank you for reading so far, you're a wonderful person for doing so, and actually caring. And if you have any questions, put them bellow i'll try to answer as the best as i can.
  3. Greetings friends of AJSA! Spoiler Alert: it's Long...really really long... Well title says it all... I'm writing a book, a fantasy book series that i had an idea in mind for some time (few days ago to be specific...XD) Anyway i want to involve you guys in it, it's general discussion so i guess i may write it here, right? Well i have some lack of characters to put inside, i have the main hero that's for sure and the story ready, but the secondary character◊ď (sorry for that term...) i don't know what kind of names to put for each man\female out there. So would you like to participate in the book? just consider yourself in middle age times or gothic times not sure how to say it right...just what kind of character would you like to be in, just like you are in a video game and inserting your character in some MMORPG... but don't go highly of yourself and say everyone is a king of many lands\emperor or anything like that, be a bit realist about it, like a citizen...merchant, carpenter, thief, bandit, soldier, militia, mercenary, scholar, teacher, politician, farm owner, labor worker, field worker, mayor of a city (only few would be granted that place, each role must present a reason for it...like you actually live that life...), and of course a blacksmith... (the hero is a blacksmith, from a small village, so you'll probably a city blacksmith in that case), alchemist, ship builder (for the navy), city guard, soldiers with high rank (there are enough places for that), bakers, sailors etc... (if i missed something, you may add your own ideas) I think the book will contain 7 major cities, 1 capital (means 8 total), and probably 10 farms and villages together... Note: each role you take must present a some special name that fits the era, not modern it may be unique. In addition, present which city,farm, village you from. The hero comes from a village, you can give your ideas about it. Names of the cities: Theobald-city where the commander of all the guards is from (relevant for the chapters) and it's next to Lobarts' village and of course the capital of the land... Gardimon- city of the scholars, of the wise people, alchemists scientists and of course has the best city guards to protect the greatest treasury... Craagan- city of the navy, where sailors and the fleet stationed Krifan- city of slavery,bandits, thieves, plagues, corruption and greed (for the second book) Vortin- City of the assassins, and mercenaries (assassins are only going to be on the third book, so don't put yourself in it yet...) You know what i'm not going to block you into those cites only, i will let you put down 4 more cities names if you are not interested to be in one of those cities that were mentioned, and you may put the idea behind them. the best ideas will be chosen and the people who made them will be the rulers of those cities-the name of the characters you put. It also goes for villages and farms, if your place is let's say close to those were chosen you would probably will be chosen as a village elder, or farm owner. Few notes: 1. After i'll finish the first book you may choose an assassin "class" 2. You have 4 cities and 10 villages\farms names that you may put as an idea and i'll choose the best 3. Just think you're in MMORPG, with custom character that fits the story not too OP and i'll treat you fairly to your class 4. Krifan and Vortin those cities won't be mentioned till the second and the third book (which means the classes won't be mentioned till the first one is finished)- correction: thieves and bandits are available always... 5. If there are women out there who is reading this, you are more than welcomed, it really lacks here...and yes you may be warriors, but there must be sort of balance... 6. The hero has a fiancee, so you may be it...or not...i kinda think i have someone for that 7. The hero has 3 best friends in the village, i have already names for them, so i cannot put you there 8. Each city has a population over 1000 people but i can mention only 20-50 each one....those 20-50 people will have names, the rest of the population are just won't be mentioned 9. Your ideas are always welcomed 10. I love you for the fact that you read this far, which mean you are probably interested 11. Name of the book : classified for the moment (yes i have a name) 12. Second title for the first book: "Spirit of Vengeance" 13. All rights are mine for idea in the book, you'll get your credit for participating in it-well your character will be in it, like a video game... 14. it's going to be a trilogy, each book has it's own title and main name...well like Lord of the rings, game of thrones, harry potter, etc... 15. Your idea must be mature, no childish ideas, of course you may choose to be a child in the story, but you'll be barely mentioned, you'll have an effect though on the story, probably one of the greatest effects out there, we'll see ...you may cause guilt on the main character... 16. Again thank you for reading this far...must be tough...there must be an achievement for this, well i salute you. Well i guess that's it, thank you for your time, love you all for making this far...without skipping of course Sorry for bad grammar and spelling, having some trouble sometimes... Thank you again and best regards! P.S: take my notes seriously... P.S.S: I'll read every idea that i can, i'm on vacation right now, so i have the time to start writing it, and reading your ideas to put in. P.S.S.S: I know i'm writing alot, but i take this seriously, it's one of the greatest hobbies i ever had so far, it may come successful in the end, and you had a huge part in it. P.S.S.S.S: Females can be mayors, landowners Let us write this book together, your participation, my writing we can do it Love you all...
  4. As the title says, what is a game you would love to see and why? This could be from anything: A video game adaption of a book or movie, a sequel or prequel to an existing series, a new story from an existing series, or something you come up with from your own imagination, you get the point. If you can see why it would work, how it could happen, or even if you know it wouldn't work or would never happen, let us hear it. - For those of you who have heard of, seen, or read what I'm about to mention you'll probably be very angry with me. Those of you within that group who have heard of, seen, or played the abomination that was already attempted, you'll be even angrier with me. However with that said, I'd still very much love to see a well done Fight Club game. The 2004 game was fucking awful and an obvious cash grab but I feel like a game with a decent fight mechanic, well written, well told, and interactive story, as well as today graphics and some top notch acting would succeed not only among fans of the book and movie but of people who have never heard of or seen either. Imagined wanting to see it sort of like Mass Effect in a way while not being a total Mass Effect clone. Being given options as to what your character does that alter both minor and major things in the story, that allow you to create and shape your characters own reason for joining Fight Club and how they got involved with Project Mayhem, so on and so forth. I admit I'm pretty basic with the things I listed, I actually ended up writing this huge thing, paragraphs long, about the 04' game and the another huge thing, paragraphs long, about what I'd like to see in a re-done game and why I think it would work but after I finished it I felt like it deviated from the original idea of the thread and turned into a rant/review, so I muddied it down to this. Fight Club is both my favorite book and movie of all time so all in all my real reasoning for wanting this is wanting some justice done to something close to my heart. I also don't want to wait for the sequel coming in the form of a graphic novel...
  5. Hi AJ community ! Let me explain my situations. I buy the recent book walktrought of skyrim legendary edition. it was a cheap price and new and all recent stuff dlc upgrade anyway you guest. And now my other walktrough of skyrim book collectors edition when i buy it in is first day is now obsolete for me. So i was thinking to give it to someone because i don't like have thing i don't use anymore. What the catch you tell me ? Well the only thing is when i buy it, prima guide give me a redeem code to have a digital map of skyrim but don't worried all is indicated in the book so this is in fact useless in my eyes. The rest the book is like new, poster of the map with it and i pay the shipping. You have no obligation to pay it . I give it free. But if you really want to give me something in return well... some game in my wish list in steam would be appreciated. XD Oh and if they many people who want the book tell me some idea how we can make it fare for a contest or something I don't want to created some big b******t. I just want someone be happy to have something i don't use anymore and i do all i can to see this topic each day. And i always curious how it work to mail something internationaly.