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Found 2 results

  1. Sooo to those of you unfamiliar to me, my name is Britt and I'm Angry! My throat is unquenched and my heart is shattered. I'm depressed and uncureibly optimistic at the same time. I hate EA for what they have done to my favorite franchise and I think 3D is a glorified gimic, oh and I think DC is overrated. Though I still love Batman and superman. I've been a hammer my whole life and I think Angry Joe Funny. I'm a DBZ fan but I despise DBS. Spider-Man works and anyone who wants some really cool art work done for them should hit me up in my Deviant Art page. Yo Angry Joe and God Bless the Angry Army, that means all of you Glorious Bastards!!
  2. Yeah ... Hey you ... Yeah you looking at these words ... Hi. So I dunno, I'm gonna try to make this thread a little spicy so you (The reader) have a little something to read instead of looking at another basic introduction thread. So I guess I'll tell a little about me? Dunno ... I'll just roll with it ... So where to start ... Where to ... OH I KNOW! I have a beard. Also I very much enjoy games. I remember way back when I still had my father's PS2 and I'd just jam out on that thing. Probably my most favored game for it was the first Star Wars Battlefront because I had a huge kick for Star Wars as a kid. Eventually I grew into consoles and now PC! Now I enjoy the lights of Fallout, Team Fortress 2, Red Orchestra, Company of Heroes, GMod, and other awesome games. I was a Grammar Nazi for awhile. Yup, I even had a certificate. Me and a group of friends from school decided to join their ranks and it was pretty cool at times. It's funny to annoy those little kiddies who try to troll with proper grammar and punctuation. Although now I kinda stopped with the rest of my friends because eventually it got old and there are just too many people out there who didn't listen in Language Arts class. I enjoy learning historical stuff. I have a big hunch for it when it comes to historical events and I'm always in the mood to learn. Usually I favor World War I and World War II knowledge but like I said I'm always in the mood to learn about the history of countries, people, and events. AND NOW FOR SOME RANDOM PICTURES TO KEEP THE MOOD FLOWING! So yeah I guess that's enough for now. Thanks for reading! Otherwise expect to see me around more I suppose. Oh also here's a video in-case you wanna watch something weird. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xT9pygVQwgk ( Also I have no idea how I have the veteran rank, I never even touched this forum account until now )