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Found 13 results

  1. Ok. Started a new Fallout 4 character on the new Survival difficulty. Run down of the experience so far: 1 - first, before I could even START a new game I had to disable all my mods just to get the stupid game to load. This is a bug because they all worked again once I was able to find a save point and reactivate them. 2 - speaking of saving...limited autosave and no quicksaving got old REAL fast. Now, keep in mind when I play normally I sometimes forget to save at all, and considering how many bugs there are in the game it was fortunate that the game had an autosave. While I like the idea of only being able to save by sleeping in a bed the game is faaaaaar too unstable to make this practical. Oh, did I mention I was KILLED BY TRYING TO SLEEP SO I COULD SAVE??? Fixed it by downloading a mod. 3 - no fast travel...I'm actually looking forward to working around this. Since this is a new character I haven't made it very far yet. but I think not being able to fast travel is going to force me to set up mini-bases at the various settlements. I'll definitely have to create market stalls so I can sell stuff. So far this promises to be the neatest challenge to work with. 4 - hunger, thirst, tiredness and disease...all features that I intentionally modded into Skyrim and other Fallout games. The only problem I have is that while the effects they have on you are great (not regenerating health and action points as quickly, difficulty aiming/lockpicking, etc.) they come on you way to quick. I drank two purified waters until it said I was properly hydrated and ten minutes later I was thirsty again. Will have to find or request a mod to adjust those values. 5 - no console...the command is locked out so you can't access it. normally this is fine, half the time I hit the stupid ` key while trying to hit 1 anyway. But...I have a crafting mod installed that allows you to place objects more precisely and make your settlements look much nicer (also helps get rid of those annoying corpses that won't de-spawn). It requires the console to work. Have to find a fix or my settlements are going to look boring again. Beyond that I need a few more tests. The "no saving" was the biggest draw back, which I knew it would be. Like I said, Bethesda games are just far too unstable to make limited saving a practical feature.
  2. So most people who have been following Xbox One's backwards compatibility title knows that Assassin's Creed is finally BC! I was very excited to get an opportunity to go back through these titles one by one beginning with the original. I placed the disk into the game and it downloaded like normal but after playing a short time, the game crashed. I reloaded from the last check point and it again crashed at the same spot. Thinking there was a problem with the download, I exited and checked my achievements tab out of habit and I saw something very strange. There are 2 separate Assassin's Creeds downloaded to my profile, one is the typical green and white Xbox 360 logo along the left side of the game image while the other contained a grey platinum hits logo across the top. This is a profile that has never played an Assassins Creed game up until this point and I do not even own the Platinum Hits version of the game. As you can see from the attached image, one shows progress out of 1000G while the other says 0G/0G. The game keeps crashing at the same point in time (when obtaining a flag in Masyaf on the NE side). I called Microsoft and they said to delete the profile and re-download it and also to delete the install of the game and reinstall that also. As you can imagine, that did absolutely nothing but waste my time and patience. I know that the emulator that is used in backwards compatibility does not download from the disc and only uses the disc for the licenses. The game that says 0G does not show up on my friends view when they look at my profile but is on my screen. I told Microsoft and they then classify it as an unknown issue and I am currently waiting for someone "with more information" to contact me at a later time. I am posting this here to see if anyone has experienced this with any of their backwards compatible titles or is this truly just a freak incident? Any information would be appreciated and for the time being I am reinstalling Assassin's Creed for the 3rd time so I can play it.
  3. Hi. I've noticed that the forum is having some issues when I try to post or reply. When posting new Threads, it leads to a blank page with a message "Your request timed out, please retry your request." Also, when replying to a thread, the "Post" button to a "Saving..." notification and freezes there. I've been able to go back and try again, or reload the page and repost, and it seems to work the second try. I wasn't worried about it, since it could be an issue with my machine or a minor temporal issue, but another poster in General Discussion commented that he had replied to a thread and the post wasn't there, so maybe I'm not the only one with this problem. Anyway, just raising a flag for Admins to notice.
  4. (I'm a HUGE fan of the Worms series & only mention these issues in the hope that they are fixed... it's been over a month of no feedback & I'm surprised that there isn't more word on the interwebz about this so here I am.) There are some serious game breaking problems with Worms Battlegrounds on Xbox One that me & all my friends experience. 1) Game Crashes to Dashboard during Multi-player games This happens to me & my friends every day we try & have a few games, there doesn't seem to be anything specific that causes it, there are no error messages.. the game just cuts out to black then we appear back on the dashboard. If I team up with a friend for a Clan match then either one of us can experience this crash either at the same time or separately.. leaving the other to finish the game with just the 2 worms. We also frequently see this happen to our competition, they will "leave" a game.. only to message us after & say they had been dashboarded. 2) The Invite System has never worked properly for us When I enter a game lobby & invite a Clan mate via the in-game invite button nothing happens... I get the message saying the invite has been sent but the recipient doesn't see anything, some times leaving the lobby the re-entering then Automatically adds the player to the game, but this is far from an exact science & there doesn't seem to be any reason why sometimes it works & more often it won't. This has always been a huge inconvenience but today it's been much worse, me & my friend tried for 30 mins to invite each other to one of these clan lobbies with no results. The lack of support for this version of Clan Wars is very disappointing & Team17 are not responding to our emails. We LOVE the game, me & my clan mates have been fans of the series since the first version of Worms back in the day.. but in it's current state Worms Battlegrounds on Xbox ONE feels like complete shovelware. If these problems are fixed then the game is an easy 9/10.. the lack of polish & fan service is disapointing. Anyone else experience these issues? BTW.. I'd like some Worms fans to join our clan & community... any interested please message GT: Maclochlain
  5. I'll leave it up here To abandon fixing up the game in favor of DLC is abhorrent and despicable business practices, Warner Brothers. Fuck you. I'm sure other Batman fans are pissed about this too.
  6. Now as much as a Battlefield fan that I am, I feel that Battlefield 4 has had many bugs and issues since launch. Some have gotten fixed but I want to know if anybody thinks that Battlefield 4 cannot recover from the buggy state. I personally like the game and have a great time playing because I like the way the game feels and the massive scale battles are fun. But some people are not satisfied with the the state of the game. And does anybody know when Second Assault comes out.
  7. Here is a short montage of bugs and glitches in Warframe on the PC as of Update 11
  8. As it seems EA at least acknowledges that BF4 has launch issues in multiple platforms. Funny enough they call them "turbulence" instead of bugs making the game unplayable. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/11/22/dice-acknowledges-battlefield-4-turbulence They are offering 2.5 exp for matches played during the 28 Nov. to 5 Dec. What do you think? Is it a cheap compensation for a disastrous launch? Or is it cool and let them work on the issues?
  9. Well hello there lads! I have a video to share with you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vDOC1V6GM8 I am sure you have experienced this "one shot thing" too. I get so fucking pissed when such bullshit happens. I mean cmon DICE, How do you succed to create bugs like this? srsly.
  10. This is Larry, here to talk about one of the biggest next-gen titles out as of the moment and YOUR problems with it. Now we know many of you love this series and this game. But we are NOT here to bash the game, we are here to point out the obvious problems with the game that can and should be fixed to ensure the consumer gets the ideal experience they expect from their FPS. Now discuss your problems with this game, whether that is bugs, glitches, crashes, lag, etc. This could be vital information for Angry Joe that he could use in his address to the Angry Army and beyond. So please, stay on topic and may the force be with you .
  11. So what do people think is Rome II playable now, have the many patches and free downloads made it better? Personally I never stopped playing it but I know many people were put off. What's the general view now? I hope people support the game all strategy games need our love as many think it is a dying genre
  12. As we can see,big releases are starting to get plagued by bugs/glitches more often. Take the case of Assasin's creed series,they're not only glitches,but game breaking bugs aswell. Another one:Batman Arkham:Origins,which was full of bugs post release,ranging from gliding glitches to ,yet again,game breaking bugs.Seriously,you couldn't finish The Riddler's sidequest because of this bug. Total War Rome 2 is another example.You couldn't even change your graphic settings.And the A.I.,Oh God! I can understand bugs and glitches in budget games,and 1 or 2 bugs in big releases,but when the game is full of them,its unacceptable,even more when you pay beta testers to test your game and it has a game breaking bug. So,I'm curious what's your take on this situation?Who do you think is responsible?Is it greed?Is it because beta testers are doing a bad job?Do you think this situation will ever be fixed?