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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome to the official builds page! Here you can post your ship and character builds to help other player or show off how crazy your design is. This topic is restricted to builds only so let everyone see what you've got!
  2. There comes a time when just once in your life you owe it to yourself to build that one pc that just makes you feel the true joys of bankruptcy. I will be building as such next year hopefully by around the first or second quarter of 2015. Now of course I'm going to keep changing up the list if new parts come out before I get the money, but I'm not going wait if I have the cash if there is some new tech around the corner, there is always new tech. But I can be assured I can at least game, record, render, and upload at the same time (At least it better). Which is good if I want to maximize uploading to my channel. Because waiting for a near 6 hour recording to take 43 hours to render and not being able to continue recording during that time is just irritating. My Build Plan: http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=25316805 Now I am intending to get the Haswell-e coming out in september which will of course mean I'm changing the motherboard and cpu on my list. I will be going for the 8-core from Intel if it drops before my cash in time. If the GTX 800 series also happens to drop by then I will be getting the GTX 880 which will be quite the upgrade from my GTX 560 Ti I currently use. If anyone else is planning a costly build just for the heck of it or for a specific reason I'd like to see and hear it.
  3. I just wanted to share my celebratory feelings right now. There's no greater satisfaction than dealing with a PC for nearly a year being barely functional, then saving up the appropriate dosh after carefully choosing your replacement components, receiving them, installing them, and then having to do a fresh Windows install (which, funnily enough, the hardest part is Windows thanks to how draconian it is) and then after all is said and done... everything runs as smoothly as an ice cube down Preston Lacey's tummy. It feels so invigorating to finally adequately game on my PC once more. Although, for some reason, Chivalry is still giving me shit, but I will have to figure that out on my own. I had to juggle wether to post this here or in the general discussion section, but I'm more interested in knowing what other PC players felt was intensely gratifying. I have to admit I'm partially new to PC gaming. I had played plenty of games on PC as I grew up but never truly joined the master race until September of 2012. So I'm curious, does anyone have any cozy warm nostalgic (or more recent) moments of victory?
  4. Come share your pc specs do you go Intel or AMD ? Asus or... Biostar? My specs Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 CPU: Intel i7 2700k CPU Cooling: Hyper EVO 212 GPU: GTX 660 Ti 2gb EVGA Super Clocked MotherBoard: Asus Sabertooth Z77 HD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SSD: 240 gb OCZ Agility 3 RAM: 8 gb Vengance DDR3 Power Supply: PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mark II Case: HAF 932 Keyboard: Microsoft SideWinder Mouse: Razer Naga Headset:CM Storm Sirus
  5. Well, let´s about our set ups and posible upgrades for the next gen games maybe. You can make suggestions or dream with nasa´s PC. This is my PC for casual gaming . My PC: I3 2120 ( next year an i5 ) Amd 7850 Xfx 1gb DRR5 4 GB ram ( i know its very low , im upgrading maybe to 4x2 or 8x1 dont know yet) Sentey SS1 power supply And the monitor is kinda old, Samsung 17 " ( resolution 1440*900 )