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Found 14 results

  1. Whew, I forgot how hard this game was! Made it through the original campaign just fine, but Brood War? OK, Protoss and Terran weren't so bad. But about half way through the Zerg campaign... I hate defilers, lurkers and ultralisks...when they're used against me. Anyone else rediscovering this great game?
  2. With my regular group we're playing a campaign I'm working on myself. Thought I'd try to make their progress a story of sorts for you to enjoy, or not if you do not like my storytelling, story overall, setting or whatever may irk you with me. So, I'm going to start off with the land, location and the characters. Then after that I'll jump to what they've been up to. Story: The campaign takes place in Gordrion, a large land recently acquired by the Cirefaleans. It is a resource rich land both in lumber and metals, to a large degree untouched. The climate is cold. Short wet summers and longer cold winters. A large portion of the population consist of guest workers, a hired workforce as well as those forced to work, with the intent of making it big, or die trying. Not many cities have been built up, and villages around the land is mostly tent villages. The point of interest at this point is a city called Ashahammal, translates to Red Sand, or alternatively Red Beach. Both correct due to the city being built on a red sand beach at a river. Characters: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Den'al is a nature close Kamorian of the White Deer Totem, tall, fast and vigilant. Always curious of his surroundings but catious enough to not make too many problems for himself. Spent his early life as a pathfinder in the wilderness, and continues to do so now as well. He has a trophy from a monster he battled, and got figuratively stabbed in the back by a close friend, also got a natural talent for navigating in caves and tunnels. He favours a short bow and an axe which he isn't all to profficient with, he never leaves them aside unless forced to. Coming from a treasure hunt earlier with another character, he joined Snowball in his travels, looking for adventure ending up in Ashahammal with Snowball. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Snowball is a male Missel looking to make a name for himself. Despite being a gambler, he has an uncanny ability to trust anyone no matter the circumstances. Being an entertainer he has seen and heard quite a lot, as well as learned a thing or two. Learned how words can solve most situations and used that silver tongue to stop a mutiny whilr accompaniyng an army. He has a shortsword hidden in a staff and is quite well versed in lockpicking, his small size isn't why you won't hit him either as he'll dodge your blows with ease. Family near Ashahammal is in trouble and Snowball was not one to say no, just had to go on a treasure hunt first. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thyr is a Kragg Barbarian, a large man with strength and endurance, perhaps because he's not clever enough to realise that some things are too heavy to lift, so he does it anyway, and some things hurt or tire the body, but he does not register it. Being a farmer earlier has tought him many things about cooking and carpentary, and the warrior blood of his people make him a fearsome adversary. Boasting an heirloom sword, a Kraggsword, almost as long as he is, it's a person you do not want to cross. Tired of his old life, Thyr wanted to see something else and decided to go on an adventure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lazius is a Jargian Male from one of the smaller outlying provinces of Jargien. A turbulent early life of a mother imprisoned due to rebel activities, an older sister being a corrupt judge and giving himself up in order to free his mother. He quickly discovered he has an affinity for fire, it won't burn him as bad as others and any problem solved with fire makes him feel a little better. A knowledgeable man due to being in service of an elder as a "hostage". After finally becoming free, he got a job on a trading company, his task is to check the bought cargo at Ashahammal, unfortunately the entire ship's crew went ill so he has to do it alone. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ The sound of the thundering hooves and the sled broke the cold silence covering the frozen river. The driver, a grizzled and scarred Manrakh Tirak, slapped with the reins to get the two white elks move faster. In the distance he could see tiny flickering lights from Ashahammal, their destination. The two mighty animals dragging his sled let out big clouds of mist as they breathed heavily from the workout, even their bodies seemed to be smoking from the workout. The Tirak could feel more and more ice forming on his face from the mist emitted from his white elks. It was getting colder, it was getting darker, not normal for this season, far from normal. As the animals started breathing faster, the sled picked up speed. In a low grumbling voice he announced to the travellers in the sled to prepare as they were soon at Ashahammal. A few of them looked up at the clear night sky, as if to familiarise themselves with the constellations, or just to marvel at the beauty one last time before it was time to get off. Others gripped their luggage tighter, or checked if they had all of it still in the sled. A few moments later they felt the sled slowing down and going up on a steep hill, they had arrived to the harbour and were moving on an incline meant for boats to be put in the water, or pull them out. Lazius could make out silhouettes of larger ships stuck in the ice, "Going to be difficult getting the cargo out, at least all at once", he thought to himself. Suddenly a small grin danced across his face, "Fire melts ice" popped up in his head. He however seemed to realise he'd need a lot of fuel for the fire to get a ship out to open waters. Den'al hung his head outside of the sled to see better where they were going, and what they passed. A little disappointed he sat back down, "Just large buildings" he mumbled to Snowball, the little missel just shrugged and replied "Well, this whole thing has been quite boring so far, not much to expect, although Thyr is good company". Thyr was, he was out travelling to new locations, and had found a missel on the way, kraggs had a special bond to missels, a protective bond. You wouldn't want to do something bad towards a missel with a kragg nearby, as a kragg is quite close to the opposite of what a missel is. As the sled came to a halt they found themselves outside one of the larger buildings. The tirak jumped off and started removing the two white elks from the sled. The animals were slightly larger than a regular elk, had white fur, horns similar to that of a ram, except small extrutions pertruding backwards from the horns as well. The nose bridge had a large buldge going from the root of the nose to the forehead, making the animal look like it had taken one too many blows to the nose bridge. The travellers jumped off the sled and looked around, it was really dark. A small trim of light escaped the large building they stood infront off. The tirak driver seemed to be on his way there, making motions for the travellers to join him, so they did. He effortlesly pulled the doors open despite their massive size, revealing a massive warehouse repurposed as a sort of stable. Hay covered the floor, temporary fences put up in order to segregate the different animals and keep them in place, for the cold they had placed several heaters. A cirefalean teenager had been tasked with keeping the heater fires going. He greeted the tirak and went to open up a fence for the elks. Lazius thought the elks could easily climb over the small temporary fence at any time, but they were probably trained to know better. After getting the elks in place the teenager started speaking in an almost panicing voice. "There's not much left, I don't know why there hasn't been anyone who refilled the firewood, or why no one has been here to check." The cirefalean started. Den'al, Thyr and Snowball looked like question marks, the boy was certainly in distress based on the voice but they did not understand the Falean language. Only Lazius understood. "I'm not in a good enough condition to go gathering fire wood" the old Tirak gruffed back. "Perhaps they are up to the task? Or whoever understands you" he added as he made his way out of the warehouse / stable. The boy looked desperately hopeful at the remaining four, out of which only Lazius came forward, the others started making themselves comfortable, to the best of their abilities, in the hay. "I can help you out, just give me the tools and some light, and I'll be back in a moment", the boy looked at Lazius with pure joy, and hastily scrambled together the necessary equipment needed to get some firewood. "We only need enough for tonight, there's usually a re-supply during the day when the workers are awake, just give back my lamp when you're done". With a fresh description in hand on how to get out of the city, Lazius headed out, first obstacle was a large harbor gate, with guards. The gate was quite large, and a single guard stood infront of it. "Halt, what is your business" the guard said in a stern voice, recognising the new face in the harbor, eyeing Lazius from feet to head and back to feet. "Greetings, I'm fetching some firewood for the warehouse made into a stable, for some reason it's run low." Laziud replied in a calm manner, making a small notion to show the equipment he had borrowed. Will continue and add more
  3. Hey guys, officer Crazykidsbite here! So I wanted to update you guys on a few new updates and plans for the community topic. I wanna go ahead and start the off by saying I've clear up both forums and outfit trash. What I mean upon this is that I've cleaned up inactive members, extremely old forum posts, and restructured command staff. I do apologize to anyone who might have come back after a year of inactivity and give Planetside another try. I want to go on to say that our operations will commence every Sunday at 12PM CST and 6PM GMT. As well we will have training's and they will commence on Tuesday at 12PM CST and 6PM GMT. Finally we will have Mid Week Operations or MWO, every Wensday at separate times for American and European players. For Americans the operations will happen at 6PM CST, for Europeans the operations will happen at 6PM GMT. The reason for this is not to separate the community but rather promote player activity for all time zones and to as well show that we are active once more! As well to keep things fresh within the Planetside community will be began to play as the almighty American freedom fighter faction the New Conglomerate. Who can deny the almighty Jackhammer? We will be playing on the Emerald server and if you wish to join add the player crazykidsbite onto your friends list so that I can invite you to the outfit as it is under construction. We will have operations as the NC but we want to dust off the the TR outfit. As well with our activity once more we have been promoted back up to the official status of the AJSA, so this marks the first day of the... Wait for it. 3rd campaign! Aside of the joyous achievement we are looking for Sargent's and Prospects to help maintain the outfit and lead the squads into battle. The requirements of applications will be discussed below. We require an at least 16+ maturity in this community.Knowledge of leading squads and communicating with command.To be a wolf instead of a sheep.To be able to think outside of the box.As well to be patient with the flow of battle.To be able to handle situations within the community and in-game. I want to thank everyone for joining us in the last few operations, and as each week goes by everyone will began to notice the seriousness and the effectiveness of the outfit and we will dominate the ground and skies.
  4. The AJSA, Elder Scrolls Online, PvP Home campaign is..... < Haderus > We will also be using Azura's Star from time to time, so may be worth setting as your guest *Post to be updated once we have an AJSA home campagn * edited 05 Aug 2015 with home campaign details
  5. Its an Sandbox RPG, set in the medieval world, its awesome, is one of my dream games coming true!!! but sadly it has very little support, please help it!!!, I know if we all contribute, we can make this game work!!, here is the link to the site: http://lifeisfeudal.com/ and here is the campaign link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/life-is-feudal
  6. After Sunday 01/18/15, most of us enjoyed the last bit which was the Japanese offensive on Pearl Harbor. I thought, why not a whole air campaign with the axis vs allies. Just to take a break from the ground force campaign once in a while. It is also seen that the main bombers do not get to see combat in the ground force campaign and thought, this is where they could shine. This mode would be similar to that of the ground force campaign except with some differences. *Rules and Regulations: 1. Points are allocated based on BR and similar to that of how much each player costs which I believe is 2.5 per a player. 2. There is will be bases that are specific to that of each nation, aka pearl harbor and Berlin. (More of the bases and map things in below topics.) 3. In order for a team to win, they must blow up all 3 bases and or eliminate all players. However, when it is Japan vs America, both teams must destroy at least 2 of the four carriers, or when half of the airfield is blown up. ( for the pacific campaign this will need to be sorted.) 4. The game will start when all players have spawned in the on the runways. 5. Only 1/3 or 1/2 the team cannot be all fighters, unless a specific perk is given. This is to be decided. 6. Weather can be different, but must not be stormy. Night maps are allowed, but extreme weather where players are hiding in clouds is not allowed. (this will be discussed as this is a common problem especially without icons. However, because of radar, night maps are allowed, which will make for some interesting battles. More rules and regulations to come as this develops. *Maps, Planes, ETC for content: 1. Home Maps: America: Pearl Harbor/ Britain, Great Britain: Britain, Germany: Berlin, Russia: Moscow, Japan: Iwo Jima. 2. Planes exist for those only used during World War 2 and actually faced combat. In the Pacific campaign, if one of the nations has an airfield, they can use the non-naval warplanes. This still in work and it is understood that some bombers start in the air as they cannot take off of runways. This will be discussed. The list is as follows: America: Planes up to the B-24, P-51, and the Fau 1c. Anything after that is outside the boundaries. Japan: Anything up to the n1k/ Ki 84, and the G8n1. Anything after that is not accepted. Great Britain: Anything up to the Tempest Mkv, Lancaster Mk3, Mosquito, and the Spitfire Lf Mk9. Anything else after that is not accepted. (No griffons) Germany: Anything up to the Bf 109 K4, Fw190 D12, Me 410 B6/R3, and the Do 217 K4. Anything else after that is not accepted. The TA 152 is a prototype aircraft and can be used as a perk. See perks for more info. Russia: Anything up to the Yak 9u, The La 7, Yer 2, and the il-2M. Anything else after that is not accepted. I-185 is considered a prototype as it did not fly in the battlefield. Keep in mind these planes are to change as time goes on, but really seeing these High tier aircraft is unlikely due to point costs. *Perks: Perks allow the team to use different strategies allowing giving them a slight chance of winning. There will always be new perks added with new players coming up with ideas. Some will be crossed and almost similar to that of the Ground Forces Campaign. 1. Engineering : Can bring 1 vehicle/or plane that is either a premium or a prototype to the field (full cost +1 extra for prototype). 2. Cheap and Efficient: Fighters used the most during the war cost 1 less extra point. (-1 for aircraft that would used the most during the war) 3. Extra Wing man: This perk allows one extra fighter on the team. 4. Berlin Express: The cost of a bomber cost 1 less extra point. (-1 point for bombers) 5. Night Raid: One team is give allowed to set the map to night twice during the campaign. This should be used wisely as this can give the other team the advantage. (Set the time of day twice.) 6. Intelligence: The enemy team must reveal two different aircraft that they are using before each battle. 7. Oil loss: Only allowed one use, this can for one of the battles make the enemy planes cost 1 extra point ( 1 use, enemy team's planes cost +1 point.) 8. Caught by surprise: Only allowed one use, the enemy team gets the advantage of starting earlier than the enemy team. This forces the enemy team to scramble planes as fast as they can. (1 use, and early start for one team). More perks are to be developed and or more ideas can be presented as time goes on. *Finishing: As it can be seen the Britain, America, Russia vs Germany is quite simple. However the Pacific Campaign of Japans vs America is quite difficult. with spawning and Especially with carriers. That campaign might have to be set on the Eastern Front. Anyways, I hope this we can get this campaign mode started as it would make for some interesting battles, and make those excited for night combat in the air. If your a pilot as I am, I would be thrilled to play this and watch it develop. So please guys discuss about this mode and hope to see it implemented in training.
  7. I am trying to beat the campaign on Legendary. My own copy of Halo 4 is scratched so I am unable to play only Dawn. My friend let me use his copy since he can just play it on the MCC. I was able to complete Dawn, but about halfway through it, I was disconnected from XBL for a few moments. On the campaign mission select Dawn is completed on Legendary solo, but in my service record, it does not show me starting Legendary despite me playing the prologue on Legendary. It also does not show it completed under the campaign section in the Player commendation page. Any advice at all is needed.
  8. My name is xIcemann117x and I'm putting together a special team and I need me three Assassins. Three French Revolutionary Assassins. Now, y'all might have heard rumors about the barricades going up soon. Well, we'll be starting a little earlier. We're going to be dropped into the palace dressed as servants, and once we're in enemy territory, as a bushwhackin' guerrilla army, we're gonna be doin' one thing, and one thing only........killing Templars. Since this is the first AC game to have a co-op feature, I'm looking for a few people to go through the campaign with me while playing online co-op. All members of the Angry Army playing on the Xbox One are welcome to join me, members residing in the EST time zone preferred. P.S. We are not fighting in a basement
  9. Now its been quite some time since I've played a tabletop.... D&D to be exact, but I can say that this has gotten me interested in getting into it again and they have already far exceeded their goal with 28 days left to spare as I'm typing this. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wadedyer/fragged-empire-tabletop-rpg?ref=discovery http://www.fraggedempire.com/
  10. I have to say this did pique my interest. Especially considering Machinae Supremacy is doing the music for it, though it doesn't seem like they are going to reach their target goal in the next 17 days, which is a shame. I'm going to back and hope for a turn around. Here is the initial idea of the game itself: For My Brother follows a girl who is willing to give everything for her younger brother. As she fights to gain the powers of untamed nature in order to save him, she becomes less and less human and their bond is changed forever. [topic=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859254890/for-my-brother]For My Brother Kickstarter Campaign
  11. I just want to share this because I stopped playing COD after Black Ops 2 and I'm going to share all the good moments in that campaign. This is my best part in MW3 imo.
  12. Hello, people of AJSA, it is me, iRocket back here again! For some reason I just found myself not visiting this forum for a while, but I thought I should return, but with a bang! I hereby present my and my friend's Half-Life 2 custom single-player campaign: PROJECT OMEGA Project Omega is about the Combine prison facility "Omega", and the prisoner 176-671 who manages to escape after an incident happens in the facility. It all seems like an ordinary escape, but everything changes after a turn of events forces 176-671 to a deeper part of the facility. What will he find from there? Who is behind all this? What dangers does this escape lead him to? Project Omega is still very much a work in progress, but we are seeking playtesters to answer questions which we think will lead to a better product after the end of development. Please note, this is two amateurs making their first single-player campaign ever. We'd like as much feedback as we can collect from here. When you play it, think of these questions: How is the atmosphere? How is the game balance (such as available ammo and enemies)? How is the pacing? Any map problems we haven't noticed? Also if you could list everything good and bad you can find that doesn't fit there it would help us immensely. Project Omega requires Half-Life 2 Episode 2! (also, if you have it there's a high chance you have Half-Life 2 and Episode 1, which are also required) For now Project Omega consists of the first level, which we want playtested. If you are interested, PM me and I will get you the map file for the level. Here are some instructions how to play the level once you got the file: 1. Move the file to your steam/steamapps/common/half-life2/ep2/maps/ folder. 2. Launch Episode 2 with the launch properties "-console" without the quotation marks. 3. When in-game, load the map by typing in the console "map project_omega". That's all, iRocket out! If you have any questions, contact me by a PM! Oh, and here's some screenshots;
  13. Hello EU guild. As you all probably know by now, Skull Crusher is not going very good for us so some people want to change campagin and I have to agree. I will let this poll run until most of the people in the guild have voted. I also put Skull Crusher in there because I think you all should have the option to stay on it if you really want too and feel free to specity why you want the campagin you voted for if you want. Any reason to change is good to have and it might help others decide if they don't kow too much about the different campagins. NGB.
  14. There should be a place in the forum for just indiegogo and kickstarter campaigns, so we can help funding just the best games, we can discuss and post the campaigns we want to spread the word about.