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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and today I bring the review to ABZU! This casual swimming adventure comes from the art director behind Journey. Check out the review and let me know your thoughts on it!
  2. Okay, I was really fighting with myself, should I put a link to my YouTube channel or not, but tonight I went through with it. So go and check a casual gamers mediocre playstyle at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClwNtVFoQNq396qi-OI5YyA. PS: Here's a small taste of what you're in for. PPS: Counting on some constructive criticism.
  3. Recently purchased the game, and been playing with bots to get used to the mechanics of the game. Would like to start doing casual matches online, would anybody be interested in squading up sometime?
  4. AJSA Community-made Company of Heroes 2 Event Hosted by: The Colonel Date: January 31, 2016 (Sunday) Hours: 6:00 PM (PST) - 7:45 PM (PST) Specifications: Community-made Company of Heroes 2 event, with the purpose of reviving the RTS crowd in the AJSA. The aim is to have a casual, relaxed sequence of matches of COH2. Discord will be used as a means of communication for AJSA attendees; TeamSpeak may be used as well, but it isn't preferred. If [4] players are available (the host already included), it'll consist of PLAYERS vs. BOTS, for an optimal experience. If the gathered deem to change it to PLAYERS vs. PLAYERS, it can be done.If [6] players are available (the host already included), it'll consist of PLAYERS vs. PLAYERS, for a competitive experience.If [8] players are available (the host already included), it'll consist of PLAYERS vs. PLAYERS, for a grand competitive experience.If more than [8+] players are available, there will be a shuffle in order to organize the 4 vs. 4 teams.​Requirements: Be on time. ​Contact info: Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/insertacoinhere/ Discord ID: The Colonel Optional: Send me a PM through here / post in the thread! Suggestions: Open to suggestions! Awards: Currently there are none to be awarded, for this is being organized by a recruit. If a high ranking officer or council member agrees to it, perhaps. The aim is to have fun, have a laugh, and kick some ass. IF IN DOUBT, DON'T BE AFRAID TO CONTACT ME BEFORE THE EVENT!
  5. I have purchased a server and in the next few days will set up relevant forums. It will be casual Roleplay. There will be a "military" who will have authority over the area. It will be a LAWFUL place. I am not saying that there wont be bandits and dirt bags. However when these people are found they will be dealt with accordingly. Anything from jail time to summary public execution. Players will be free to do as they please within a set of laws. Players who show a responsible and helpful attitude toward the community will be allowed to enlist for public policing authority. Unfortunately there will be 4 hour resets as there is no way around it. However when the devs update the system for it the server will follow a 24 hour day. There will be times when the 24 hour cycle will be changed up to allow people to play in day and night. If it goes well I will increase the player capacity. I have many ideas I would like to do. Things like Mayors of towns, military police patrols of "dangerous" areas, where crimes are reported, perhaps even an anti military faction just to spice things up, as well as some other things I have yet to work details out on. There will be a "safe zone" to allow for trading that will be heavily policed. Players will surrender their weapons at the gate and have them returned when they leave. Anybody trespassing in that safe zone without permission or with weapons will be dealt with accordingly. Anybody attempting to attack the zone will be met with overwhelming force. With things like cooking, farming, vehicles and much more on the horizon for the game I think it can be a good time for everyone involved. I have high hopes for this project and look forward to having a fun casual experience. As I said, in the next few days I will post more details. I am pretty much doing this on my own with the help of 2 others. It will take time to get everything squared away. I will post some form of back story for the server which will set up the situation. Imagine City 17 in Half Life 2 with zombies instead of oppressive inter dimensional beings. Links and more information to follow.
  6. Any of you plays Prime World? It's a casual DOTA style MOBA (there are other kinds of mobas, like for example Bloodline Champions witch uses WASD movement controlls for your champion) - the twist of this praticular game is that you don't buy items but insteam buy Active and Passive talents. Active talents are obviously spells and passive talents give stat bonuses (mostly). Outside of matches you can customize your heroes by changing the talents in thair build (each build consists of up to 36 talents), changing the build can significantly change the role or playstyle of the hero). You unlock these talents with what is essentialy gold coins that drops from monster, minion or champion kills. It has a PvE horde mode, a 2 lane 3v3 PvP or Co-OP, a standard 3 lane map (bots have strange lane setups: 2 top, 2 mid, solo bot), and a couple variant game modes for PvP -my favorite is caled Apocalypse, where killed minons become zombies for the other team, and killed heroes become super minions for the other team (there is another mode I never managed to play sucsesfully that is all jungle and full of neutral camps. The goal is to get to the middle of the map, kill the dragon there, and take his egg to opponent's base). The greatest issue I have with the game as it is right now is lack of players, and subsequent long queues (at least in comparison with DOTA2 or LoL). If we get a bunch of AJSA players there game does allow for Custom Matches, so we can make mathes without waiting for queues. It's available on steam and probably withot it as well.
  7. Well then, how do I start? Let's see... My name's LKN-07, I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember and I've been tuning in to the Angry Joe Show for quite some time now so when I saw Lord Commander Joe's call to arms I just couldn't say no. I've never really been into very competitive play since "good" PC games are really hard to find where I come from but with the arrival of Steam, I've been able to play in several online games as of late. Gaming has always been my love but there's plenty of things that I just can't set aside. I'm into MOBA and RTS games (generally ones that don't require hours of grinding and farming) but I like to stay open-minded and try other genres too. Borderlands 2 is also a personal favorite. I like to make new buds so if anyone wants to add me on Steam, feel free I guess that's about it, I'm excited about what's gonna go on here in the AJSA and I am glad that I get to be a part of it.
  8. I'm looking to get into strategy games because they seem like a lot of fun but I was wondering if anybody could recommend one that is fun and innovative without having to spend $2000 building a PC just to play it. I have a laptop that I use for essays and stuff so you can imagine it doesn't have the greatest capabilities, but being a student my budget simply doesn't allow me to have a fully functioning gaming PC. So if anybody could recommend some good games without having to have all these qualities, I'd be grateful
  9. Just seeing if anyone else is playing or wanting to play Neverwinter, or any if you have anything you want to say about the game. I play for fun so I'm not really looking for anything that is to serious.