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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, back with another "controversy". As some of you may know, the camera angles for two characters in Street Fighter V has been changed. This is not a discussion of sexuality in games since most people cannot sit down and actually think and take in differing opinions. This is a discussion on what censorship really is. I define censorship as an attempt to oppress a person's right of freedom of expression. However, most people do not understand that it goes both ways; you have the right to express, and everyone has the right to criticize. Anytime something that does not fit into their preferences, people are quick to label others as "feminazis" or "SJWs". But has anyone really thought about this? The game is not banned and is still available for purchase at launch. The game is rated for teen, so whether you like it or not, some people can make a reasonable point that they do not want kids exposed to it since they could easily buy it. And really, is an ass shot that imperative to the "vision" Capcom had for the game? FIXED THE LINK http://www.gamespot.com/articles/street-fighter-5-tones-down-focus-on-female-bodies/1100-6432149/
  2. Hey everyone, I made a post yesterday that went into ranting, and included an abundance of profanity. For those of you that were offended, I apologize. It was just the accumulation of the nasty trends in gaming, and my rage boiled over after what I felt was something that turned into a raging mess over nothing, and revealed how this whole SJWs vs Anti SJWs. I am referring to the recent announcement that the new DOA will not be coming out in the west. Let me rephrase that, there is an english version (not sure if they mean it is subbed or dubbed), but it will not be available for purchase domestically. However, it can still be imported, courtesy of Play Asia. In fact, it seems that people are still confused over who said what. A community manager from Tecmo said that there are no plans to release the game in the west in fear of backlash. Tecmo responded soon after saying that the community manager's words does not reflect their business plans. Not only that, it was Play Asia that explicitly blamed it on SJWs. To me, this proved how SJW has become a buzz term in the gaming community. I am still confused over what an SJW is since it seems people call anyone with dissenting opinions one. If they are referring to the overzealous people with a compulsive obsession to censor everything, then I agree that they should be stopped. However, when listening to the actual complaints of these radical SJWs, it seemed to me that they equate criticism with censorship. This is why I saw this as a marketing ploy. I barely heard the game talked about until now, and the Play Asia's social media and customer numbers went up. One can say that it was a natural thing since they do imports. However, in their tweet they basically said how they like breasts (not exact wording), and that the complainers can screw off. Seemed like a deliberate way to spark controversy to me. For all the talk of censorship from what I see, these "SJWs" have little power. How long have we been hearing the media talking about violence and sex in video games? I am speaking from an American view, so my arguments may fall flat for some. Still, after the news media stirred up controversy regarding Hatred, all eyes were on the game. And guess what? The sales went through the roof. Look at GTA V. It went on to become the best selling game of all time. Both of these games are heavily talked about, and neither was banned or censored in America due to SJWs. Let me go even further. Senran Kagura, a game with perhaps even more fanservice, released this year. I do not recall any feathers being ruffled then. Maybe its because it is not well known, or maybe its because of other factors. I do not know. These "SJWs" are seen by the entirety of the entertainment industry as simply a vocal minority. Dead or Alive has been criticized by reviewers before, with them decrying the game as sexist. I do not want to make such a broad assumption, but considering that it is Team Ninja, the devs who did partial work on the highly divisive Metroid: Other M, maybe they have a point. In my opinion, there are other factors that influenced their decision to not telease the game in the west. Fans keep saying its a poor decision from Tecmo since apparently the U.S outsold both Japan and Europe. However, sales are not the only thing that has to be factored in. Localizing has to account for the music used, the marketing, and the changes made to better accommodate where it is being released. It is expensive to factor in all those things, and considering that the last game sold 150,000 units in America (not accounting for digital downloads), there does not seem to be a reason to release it domestically when it can be imported. Another thing I found out that may be a reason is because of Marie Ross. I believe that she is not a new addition to the cast, but I heard from others that she has a childish appearance, and I saw her for myself. If she is a returning cast member, I do not know why it is a concern now (maybe increased awareness), but the point remains that her appearance may have been a reason. Please leave replies with your opinions on this matter, and other possible marketing ploys.
  3. Given the latest outbursts in what I consider borderline censorship of various threads and especially the GamerGate thread I feel like saying some things. Ive never done a drama infused good bye thread and maybe if Im not banned this isnt one. However I cant help but feel the angry army is getting kind of hypocritical. The idea as stated by Joe himself was to have a group of people who fought for consumers rights in gaming and AJ's whole schtick is doing exactly that. To remove the biggest consumer revolt in gaming ever from the forum is not great. That and some of the latest choices in moderarion make me sad and I thought I should express that, take it as feedback if you will. If anyone wants to talk or play something or anything I'll be on Steam @ auronkast.
  4. We all know that 4Kids were already dead since the Mayan calendar date (December 21, 2012), what are your thoughts about the censorship and some bullshit editing in Animes when it comes to 4Kids? People on Youtube were raging about this and posts a comparison video between the original and 4kids' version. An example of this was in One Piece where a black-skinned sailor was edited to a Caucasian sailor.
  5. Hey AJ forums, I'm a small time youtuber. Last year, I got one of my videos taken down by anothoer youtuber, via the power of the DMCA. I did a critique of their video, and they took it down 5 times (by others who re-uploaded it to their channels.) (Details in the description) What followed was a series of deletions and bans by other youtubers, simply voicing contrary opinions in the original video's comment box. I was bracing for a legal battle, but it never came. The owner eventually dropped their DMCA claim, within 2 days of the 14 business day period (where youtube would be forced to restore my content after I filed a counter-notification.) I contacted a lawyer and wanted an apology, but he wouldn't give it. As I strongly believe in freedom of speech, I had no choice but to sue for Misrepresentation. I undersand this happens to hundreds of youtubers every year, Joe included, both automatically and directly by companies, individuals and youtube's ever changing Content ID system. False DMCA claims have exploded in past years. I've been floating legal costs myself, but I could use your help. This is the first time a youtuber will be suing another over Misrepresentation. Please like, and share if possible: my arbitration hearing is on July 8th. Thanks for your time.
  6. Basically the European console version of South Park: The Stick of Truth will have some abortion scenes censored. Now weirdly enough the PC version and American versions will not feature this censorship. Not only would we appreciate the Angry Army's help regarding this 'battle', but would love some awareness spread by our glorious leader himself! If you have time please sign our petition. https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/ubisoft-ubisoft-to-un-censor-the-european-version-of-south-park-the-stick-of-truth# Personally I'm at a loss why this has happened, as far as I'm aware (coming from the UK which makes me European) American's find the whole thing about abortion far more controversial than Europeans.