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Found 8 results

  1. If you're a Forza 6 player I would like to challenge you to beat my time on the full Nurburgring track (no night, no rain). To be considered for this challenge you have to post a screenshot of your race results as well as a screenshot of the assists you used. Here is the time to beat and the assists to use respectively: I recommend that you get rid of the drivatars for this. You can do this is the race options menu in the pick track and car screen. Also, you can use xboxclips.com (http://xboxclips.com/) to upload your screenshots. Just paste the URL of the PNG page. Feel free to ask any questions if you got em. Good luck!
  2. The Soul games over the years have become one of the most acclaimed franchises in gaming. Dark Souls 3 is the latest entry into the Souls series, and much like it’s title- it’s one hell of a Dark game. From the design of the monsters, the carved landscapes, the deep subtle lore and storytelling, even the air itself reeks of the games dark nature. But admiring the game isn’t your challenge, no. Your challenge is to complete achievements in Dark Souls 3 for my pleasure. So brave Champion... Will you embrace the darkness, or will you die? Update: The Champion has claimed Victory over April's Community Challenge "Will You Die?". However, I encourage everyone to still try and complete the challenge. As when the article goes up to name our Champion, those who at least complete the challenge will be honored alongside the Champion. The article goes up 4/25/16, meaning you have until than to be honored with the Champion. Be FIRST to obtain ALL three selected Dark Souls 3 in-game Achievements/Trophies (any platform). *To avoid ANY Dark Souls 3 spoilers, the Achievements/Trophies descriptions will not be displayed. However, links of the descriptions are provided for those who wish to know them.* Iudex Gundyr (Description Link) Untended Graves (Description Link) The End of Fire (Description Link) Enter your claim to Victory entry here. Enter your claim to Victory entry before 04/25/16. Must display proof showing you’ve earned these three in-game Achievements/Trophies (PC, PS4, XB1). All three in-game Achievements/Trophies must be earned after 04/12/16, and display proof of this (Sorry Japanese players and Non-Japanese earlier buyers). The date will be applied to Global Times. Example if you're living in a timezone and you get your game at 10:00 pm in your Timezone, as long as somewhere in the world it has turned 12:01 am 04/12/16 at the time you earned these trophies you are okay. Your proof must be entered here I will not accept private message entries of any kind, from any source of messaging.
  3. As you guys have seen in the title, I am going to be hosting a recruitment challenge for the Mount & Blade community. You're the first person to recruit five people? Good, you'll get a free $20 from me, straight into your PayPal. The Conditions? 1. They must be active over the course of three weeks, and show up to at least five NW events. Attendance is what makes me sure that you will be an active, serious, member of the NW group. 2. You and your recruits must meet up with me on TeamSpeak. Cool thing is, I'm not super active on TS so if i do see you, you're doing something right. 3. Add me on Steam. Look up Trinnsy. You can find me in the NW group. 4. 1v1 me m8. No, I'm serious. There's this server called *Public_Duel_NA and I'd like to judge the skill of the recruits. 5. All recruits must be taken through the recruitment process. (refer to this: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/27005-how-to-join-the-regiment-step-by-step-instructions/) A'ight. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me, and may the race begin. Good luck you nerds.
  4. Hi angry army ! I just sell my 360 for a ps3 and i need to build a good profile on my psn Before i buy a ps4. So here the deal . I want to try to surpass your gamerscore on your psn . Just give me your feedbacks in this topic to have your authorisation to send you a invitations friends and i check on your profile in AJ community what is your psn profile to send you the invitation . So dont be shy and send me your best gamerscore on your PS. Thanks again Guys !
  5. Okay so who got Bayonetta 2 today? I did and it's awesome but this game can be really difficult to master especially with the higher difficulties.
  6. Hello, so I saw that there are quite a few teams already. I viewed 2 Tournaments in the AJSA my self as a spectator. But sadly I see only 2-3 Teams from the AJSA actually joining the TS server and playing with other people there. So I will make this thread to help the teams that are interested in more serious training In-Hause. The Team Challange idea is simple. You have a team of 5 players on your side. You post your desire here that you like to Challenge a Team. Then the rest of the teams PM the one that put up the challenge and you both arrange the times suitable for your players. With private massages pls. If the challenge have been accepted then edit your post and mark it as accepted by team "whoever" so that no one else continue to pm you for the same challenge. This is not official AJSA Idea just mine. It's just In-Hause training for the AJSA Teams. No games will be recorded or supervised. Everyone should act according the AJSA Codex and manners. I hope to find better, harder and more important consistent opponents here, then in the regular ranked/unranked Captain Modes. I hope this will be helpful to all the Teams in the AJSA. I know most us started making Teams after we joined the AJSA, so don't wary I am sure that there would be some very good teams and some beginner teams. Please show understanding that we all love this game and we want to get better and have better opponents.
  7. Hi boys, I thought it would be fun to finally make this thread since I've been eager to do it. Post your steam name here and try finding someone of your skill. Contact me on steam if you need any help with anything or simply want to challenge me. "MiGa.Thrower". And if you do find someone simply add each other and create a lobby with the gamemode called "Mid Only". In case you came here thinking it would be interesting but simply don't know the mid lane very well, I am a coach who specializes in mid, so again, just add me if you need coaching. OR you could go here to find a suitable coach: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/13480-ajsa-coachesstudent-list-thread/ created by Sundaecat. * Obligatory Steam name: Ranked MMR: Dota Experience (Weeks, months, years): Server Location (i.e Luxembourg): -Sincerely, Thrower.
  8. Alright, so this stems off from the Self-Imposed Rules thread from earlier. In Skyrim and other Elder Scrolls titles it's quite easy to put on a restriction of skills or items used to improve the difficulty of gameplay and make the experience that more enjoyable. This post is aimed at putting forth some simple ideas of how to get a quick-fix of fun by starting a fresh game and the application of some mods to make it that much more satsifactory. First, I'll start off with my concept of a quick challenge; Lycanthropy: The Slaughter In this you'll need a non-essential NPCs mod that will make every NPC, well, you guess it. From there either give yourself lycanthropy or activate your Beastform in any place that you like. Then - you guessed it, slaughter. See how long you can last in your lycanthropic form and how many characters you can kill before either reverting or dying at the hand of a guard or otherwise. If you have Dawnguard then you can make this even more of an attempt if you want to try and start with a fresh werewolf and see how far along you can progress your perk tree in one go. Next is the Woodsman. The Huntsman: Like the Woodsman, you're restricted to using only food and drink to heal. The items you're restricted to are Leather and Scale, with weapons being daggers and bows. The weaker the better. Your only allowed companion is either a war-hound or husky, other than that you're restricted from companions. It's recommended that you follow through with a realistic pursuit in terms of mods; Hypothermia, food requirements, sleep. Those kind. On top of this you may want a mod that adjusts the price of pelts and animal parts, as well as upgrades the health benefits from consuming such. The Conjurer: This one sounds rather straight-forward, use only Conjured creatures and weapons to kill. With this you can choose to use to use a few mods that take away the restriction on how many creatures you can have, how long they persist, and the damage that they do if you prefer. Aside from that you may also use a mod to buff your mana regen slightly if you so desire. But remember, kill only with what you pulled from thin air. The Paladin of the Eight: The Knight of the Eight is a do-gooder through and through. He's also a Knight - so heavy armor, shield and swords (Greatswords and Single Blade) are allowed. You may use healing magic and alteration magic, nothing else. If it does not have a morally good outcome from the start, you cannot partake in the quest - and if you become a Vampire or Lycan, you must immediately seek redemption. The Warrior Smith: As a Blacksmith there's only a few things you need in life - ore, a hammer, a bit of leather, and some time. You buy nothing that you can't make yourself - that means no armor, no weapons. You're inhibited from buying any potions or magical items as well. Any items that you receive from killing are to be sold unless you choose to upgrade them one time. (Realistically these items wouldn't all fit you immediately.) Little Greybeard, the Little... Dovah-Keen: The Little Dovah's become keen to dragonshouts. You are only permitted to have conversations with all beings and you may not raise a hand to them in assault. A shield is permitted along with whatever light-armor you wish. Beside that no magic or items are allowed. These are but a few ideas both pulled from my mind and from a few sites, I can't wait to hear what you folk will go for or what ideas you have yourselves! Fire away my friends! Submitted Below: ( I've done that a few times, got the living hell beaten out of me for doing it but I've done it. ) That sparks me an idea for a more Warcraft-Based Shaman. The Warcraft Shaman: You must be an Orc, your weapons may only consist of one-handed maces, axes, or destruction magic. You are allowed to use a shield. Healing magic along with conjuration are also allowed. Your armor may only consist of clothing to scale mail, nothing more. As an Orc Shaman you must join your people and try to become a part of them. Your main goals are to correct anything that upsets the balance of the land. That means any and all means you will kill ice wraithes, any atronachs you did not create yourself, all Dremora, all Dragons, and all creatures of a magical nature that seem out of place in the world. Lightning is your friend.