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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Angry Army, let's design a champion for League of Legends! It'll be fun maybe! Here's what I think we should do: Step #1: Pick a theme. Let's start by choosing a general design guideline for our champ to follow. This can be pretty much anything so I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with. We can draw inspiration from a concept, a philosophy, a personality, a mythos, even an object. If you feel like playing, post your suggestions and we'll pick the best one (possibly more?) to move forward with, design a character around, and choose a name for. Step #2: Abilities! Once we know what we want our champ to be, we need to decide what they do. This will, of course, follow from the chosen theme, as well as what role we want him/her/it/them to fill (AD, support, mid, jungle, top, tank, fighter, assassin, etc.). This will likely consist of the usual three standard abilities, an ultimate, and a passive, but not all champs fit that mold, so who knows! Step #3: Appearance! Bring it to life with art! I imagine this will involve some visual design discussion and notes, followed by some concept sketches and maybe even a sexy splash! With any luck we could get someone a little better 'n me to work on the visuals, but I'll do what I can if need be. Or this whole thing will be ignored and I'll just be talking to myself. Up to you guys. X)
  2. Ristria

    From the album My WoW days

    Alliance Mage Ristria, three time Realm First Champion of Jewel Crafting and cooking. Played since just before Burning Crusade. Former Leading officer of the Ironforge Mitlia (Guild of over 500 members). Founder of the Violet Tragan Guild.
  3. So as i was scouring Reddit today about info for the Patch Notes for a patch that won't be happening (apparently they tried to patch out the game and they crashed both NA, and EUW with the new changes) i stumbled across yet ANOTHER thread of Riven being OP. I gave my thoughts and some people disagreed so i was wonder what the might of the ASJA would think. Personally i think Riven is a very strong champion especial in Pub games when there is little to no communication with what is going on in most of the lanes. That being said i don't think Riven is OP, in fact i think she is properly balanced through out the game. You see Riven relies on snowballing in order to function, her kit allows her to all in at lvl 2 to start getting early kills and to push that advantage with high mobility and stuns to keep the rick roll going. that being said Riven scales of AD, and only AD, her base stats (while solid) never become anything great and her lankiness comes from her shield which scales off of AD. Now a lot of people wouldn't see a problem with this since hey if you are getting kills you want Damage. The problem is if you shut Riven down and prevent her from snowballing she is next to useless. With out that strong early game she can't build the items she needs to to anything, she loses her tankiness, and her damage all because she got ganked once or twice. Now the argument goes that if you shut down any champion in lane then they would fall behind and not being able to much.. Which i thought was a bit confusing. When i play Renekton i may want a few kills but if i get denied CS or am unable to get those early kills my game changes sure but i am still viable. I go full tank mode building health and tank items to compensate for my low gold income and lack of damage and am able to still be useful to my team. Riven doesn't have that option cause even if you build her damage she gets to easily bursted because of her low base stats. What do you guys have to say? Should Riven be nerfed, and if so what needs to be toned down on her?
  4. So this weeks champ rotation is in place: Ashe, Karthas, Soraka, Olaf, Nocturn, Riven, Ziggs, Varus, Jayce, and Nami Who are most excited to play as? Who are you loathing to see in your games? Personally i can't wait to try out Olaf after his changes, but am dreading having to fight Riven every game. On a side note I find it hilarious every time Karthas and Soraka are in the same rotation.
  5. I have FNC on PS3 and was wondering if anyone in the Angry Army plays this? Would love to play a few fights with proper fighters!