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Found 5 results

  1. THE AJSA COH2 COMMUNITY I've noticed that the Angry Army lacks a proper sub-section in Teamspeak for the game Company of Heroes 2, one that I play frequently. It'd be great if we were to unite all of the COH2 (or just COH in general) AJSA players, by offering them a place to hang out in the Teamspeak server. So, what do you brave soldiers think? Should we opt for a section of our own in the Teamspeak? Or is it too crowded with other games already? More than occasionally, I log into Teamspeak, only to find others playing other games. Perhaps, if we added COH under the Community Games tab, we'd encourage those feeling left out to hop in for some old fashioned, WWII warfare. I say, lets unite the AJSA COH community! Lets have a war room (chat room) of our own in our glorious Teamspeak! Until then, approved or denied, you'll find me at the front-lines.
  2. The game "League of Legend" Korean server just updated It's a insult chat filtering update! by the way, there is some controversial word. They think the gay is the insult word, so their filtering it! Is that right thing? What about you're thinking?
  3. hi guys, i been having these idea for some time now, hoping that maybe someone will create a program like these, my idea is basically a way to help you know more people, before i knew about these web page i thought it was going to be hard to make it work. Here is my idea. the program is on a skype like idea but for gamers So lets say you login to leage, and there are no friends to play ranked with, so you go and play some solo q, in champ selection you will have a program that will be linked to the name of your account, and when you enter champ selection it will send a msg that you, have these program active, the will scan the names of the othere people on your team to see is someone else have these program, if someone has it it will sen a msg to the people that have the program asking if they want to join on a call, if u do then will just call the people that accept the inv and, or just add that person in your friend list, the programs friend list, because LoL has a cap on the ammount of friends that u can have on your friend list, i think is 200. Now before i knew about these web page prob alot of people will use these program to just insult othere people ingame, like all the othere games that have a sistems like these, but with the AJSA community i think we can make a great use of a program like these what do u guys think? sorry about my english im still learning
  4. When replying to the threads there are even people who reply at the same time as me and I've seen like a new post every minute on the General Discussion forum page. Since everyone is so active I think it would be a good idea to make a Chatango Chatbox for people to chat in a box live. It would keep people on the site longer and stuff and things. So yeah, Chatango.
  5. Hiya everyone, the name is Aigis (not my real name of course, but she's my favorite character is P3 hehe) glad to meet some of AJSA members on this site! I would love to make new friends and hopefully play a game or two together! Nice meet you...now talk! >