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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.reddit.com/r/TOXIKK/comments/37pmjs/can_you_trust_reakktor/ I mean really? They ban pepole that rightfully demand money for content they've bought and it was released for free? They also ban everyone that does negative opinions. Furthermore, one of their mods seems to be breaking ALL THE LAWS constatnly. Seriously. According to forum, laws of user countries are respected aswell, and mine got broken several times. I got harassed denounced and annoyed by Sharkster, one of admins that has commited multiple stalking and harassment crimes and he let these crimes happen knowing about them. It has been reported, nothing done about it. I get also falsely banned (He represents whole Reakktor studios?) by suspecting that hes a racist/xenophobe by denouncing my country by disrespecting it's laws.. I'm from Poland, he's from Germany so you get the idea. I mean, WTF? I have no words how shady this developer seems to be. Did you know that they almost got a lawsuit from epic because they wanted to use Impact Hammer (the name) in their game but Epic prepared the lawsuit so they backed off? That info can be found only on epic and UT forums. Their forums are clear of any flaws of the game besides no playerbase. All of them can be pointed out only on other forums, as on their own they get deleted. They keep things really tight shut so nobody can talk or do anything about this. They lie, cheat and now this?! Wow, just wow. What do you think?
  2. I was just in a DOTA2 game 1/13/2014 and an enemy player used a hack that disconnected my entire team and then his. You can tell this because he was the only person left in the match after he used it. Our team was less than 1 minute from victory when the hack was used and within 30 seconds (because none of us could reconnect.. blocked our connections to game)... we lost the game according to the replay. This caused everyone on my team to receive a loss and a disconnect and awarded his team the victory. Match ID: 467980398 This just completely ruins the fun of DOTA2