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Found 6 results

  1. Attention civ5 players! Hi there im looking for some people to play some civilization 5 with on steam. i really love this game but barely anyone of my friends have it so i need more people to play with. I have all the DLC so compatibility isn't an issue. If your interested reply with your steam id and ill add you so we can play. be warned though im really into domination victories. my steam id is: sumguy9631 Thanks for reading.
  2. I recently picked up Civilization 5 to play with a group of my friends, but to be honest... I'm pretty terrible. Well, I say terrible, but half the time I really don't know how well I'm doing except for the fact I'm not dead yet. If you guys could give me some tips I'd be very grateful. I play as Wu Zetian (China). EDIT: Totally forgot to mention what Civs my friends play as. Russia Celts America Germany Side Note: Wu Zetian is my favourite female person from history. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Zetian
  3. trying to find a good turn based match is hard. can we give it a go?
  4. I started this thread so members of the AJSA can discuss and share strategies for the game Civilization 5. I'm aware that a thread on Civilization already exists, but I feel that is more geared toward discussing the game in general whereas this topic is more for discussing strategies. This discussions in this thread should based on the Gods and Kings and Brave New World expansions, as elements from vanilla have been changed and startegy has been given more depth. On that note, here's my entry: Over the many times I've played Carthage in Civ 5, I've developed my favorite strategy that will put you on the road to domination victory. Start the game (after making a worker and monument and stuff) building a large navy of quinqueremes if your capital is on the water. Carthage's ability to automatically start with a harbor is a boone to players that start near water because you don't have to ever build a road. As long as you build your cities on the water, you won't have to worry about city connections ever again. It is still recommended that you eventually build a road, however. If you start on land make a mad dash for the horseback riding tech and start making a large number of african forest elephants. Carthage's other ability to cross mountains after the first great general is obtained makes exploration easier and provides a quick route of escape from barbarians or whoever you happen to come across. The elephants and quinqueremes are strong enough to last you until the renaissance era. I also recommend researching construction to obtain the composite bowman, which makes a nice addition to your elephants. Set your quinqueremes to the automaticly explore the oceans for you, which is the easiest way to discover city-states and other civs. Focus on science or religion as a secondary objective to stay ahead of the other civs. By the time the elephants and quinqueremes have become obsolete, if you played your cards right, you should have a nice big empire. From there you play like any other civ, but by then you should have a huge empire and have met plenty of other civs. The abilities and special units help you immensly in the earlier eras, but as the game continues they become less useful. For example, anyone can cross mountains once they obtain air units, which are more powerful than melee units anyway, rendering the ability is useless. Still, I think that its an easy path to domination victory and a fun way to play the game.
  5. From my experience I'd say the Xcom franchise, civilisation V and Frozen synapse. I'm looking for some new turn based strategys to play so I'm looking for your suggestions of the best ones!
  6. Joe should hold a big civ 5 (god's and king's / Brave new world) tournament. So he and some people of this forum should do a tournament with skype up and maybe even stream it on twitch. So every body can watch the stream and see them durp about