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Found 12 results

  1. https://www.polygon.com/2017/5/15/15644362/phantom-dust-xbox-one-pc-launch-date-free I heard SO much about this game from this forum a couple of times before, and I even searched about this game on youtube to see what it's all about. There was even supposed to be a reboot to this game before it was cancelled. but I never get the chance to actually play it. Until now. Coming tomorrow, a game that's a hybrid of action rpg + card collecting where your abilities are determined by the cards you currently have. As demonstrated by this vid. Can't wait to play it! Finally a new game to play for my Windows 10 store collection!
  2. So after a long wait of Bethesda reporting a few years back that "Quake will come back" and it'll "go back to its roots", we finally have a better idea of what they're doing with this whole Quake Champions thing. It looks great to me, and I know why people consider the multipalyer of Quake so important - it's essentially the grandfather of all mutliplayer shooter modes after all. I'm pretty sure it invented the idea of CTF and King of the Hill, and the game itself spawned many other projects from game devs who are very powerful now - Half Life and TF2 being examples of games made using Quake's engine. Buuuut after all that's said and done, to me, even though I approve of what's going on now, I can't help but feel frustrated that both ID and Bethesda appear to be throwing away their old Strogg lore introduced loosely with Quake II. It's gotten to the point I'm not even sure how many people out there know what I'm talking about. But I was there - Quake and Quake II I know now are two completely different games, set in completely different universes. The original in 1996 was much more liken to Serious Sam in the sense it involved a lot more puzzles and seemed like gladiatorial in nature. The game felt like you were exploring ancient temples from the Predators or something. Meanwhile, I started off playing Quake II first as a kid, and I loved every second of it. In Quake II, they went in an completely different direction with the singleplayer and invented an entirely different world - a sci fi world, with an alien invasion story and the theme of cyborg monsters using fallen humans as husks for their equipment. They were basically the Borg. Now back then, the way games told stories was still mostly through text between loading screens that no one bothered to read, but still, once you get an idea of what was going on, it was a brilliant universe the likes of which I haven't truly felt ever since. The problem is, the story of the Strogg was completely ignored for Quake 3 - which was literally called Quake 3 Arena, because that's what it was. It was the next "unreal tournament" of quake's multiplayer modes taken to what was then the next generation of gaming. It did pretty well for what it was as far as I can tell, but there was no story at all. Then later, after Doom 3, they released Quake 4, which awkwardly tried to bring back the story of the strogg as it left off from Quake II, with much less emphasis on multiplayer. It used Doom 3's engine, and in many ways felt like the same game. This was both its strength and its downfall, and in general the game itself wasn't held with much regard. Mediocre writing and unenthusiastic voice acting made it feel like little more than an average game to most. The story had some interesting turns, my favorite of which occurring about halfway through the game but in the end most people forgot about the game. Then later, after the success of Enemy Territory - Wolfenstein, a class-based strategic FPS, ID Software tried to make the Strogg relevant once more with Enemy Territory - Quake Wars. Today, the game has a serious lack in a player base - you can only find less than about 20 people playing it at a time on an average day - but the game itself was pretty well received, even if it never became a smash hit. Personally, it's one of my favorites. It's basically TF2, with an alien invasion semi-story, which "mission objectives" of such invasion are played through the eyes of either the GDF (Global Defense Force) humans or the alien Strogg. I use the word "story" very loosely, as it was less of a story than even Left 4 Dead, but still the game managed to have a lot of life in its overworld despite not actually having a story mode. You really felt like you were a part of this invasion, whichever side you played. And its actual gameplay, in my opinion, is very fun and addictive. My favorite part about this overworld though is I think it is the moment in which ID really did a great job at bringing the Strogg to life once more, borrowing heavily from the art designs of different technology and units from Quake II and 4 while also showing a lot of inovation and new ideas as to how they looked and felt. You could see a lot of "culture" put into them, if that makes any sense, and they were believable. They could have very easily made a future game that used the assets of this one for a singleplayer story. But alas, they never did, and now it seems the Strogg, in their fullest and most promising form as seen in Quake Wars, are gone now. To me, it's a damn shame. I think we really could do well with another go at the Strogg in a more story-based environment rather than just letting the idea fade away. Quake 4 was the last time anyone actually tried to have a singeplayer story revolve around these creatures, and that was in 2005. So in wrapping up, I've got to pose the question... How many of you actually remember the Strogg, or care about them? Are you happy with what they're trying to do with the Quake license by "returning to its roots", or are you disappointed by the apparent drop of this idea that barely ever got fleshed out in the first place? Do you think there may still be a chance the next Quake will actually have a story still, or would you buy a "spin off" quake game in the future if it uses the theme of an alien invasion again as the story? I'd like to hear from others. One argument I do understand from others is that when ID originally made Doom their ideas were original enough with having weird cyborg technology, while the alien Strogg were simply placeholders for making a world that was basically the spiritual successor to Doom, just instead taking a step further into the cyberpunk theme. I see the similarities, but I personally still like both universes. PS: To anyone wondering, the console versions are typically thought of as inferior to the PC version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars because of clunky controls, lower quality sound and shaders as well as motion blur which, while some argue makes the game appear smoother, others argue that the distortion isn't worth the tradeoff.
  3. Review unnecessary. GO GET THIS GAME RIGHT NOW! NOW!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh you want to know why? Sigh, fine. The story is you're Doomguy, you woke up from a sarcophagus in a UAC base in Mars and found that everything has gone to shit. People got possessed left and right and turned into zombies, demons everywhere, all because UAC screwed up big time by using Hell for their research, unleashing every single hellish monstrosity imaginable. It's up to you to put these demons back to where they belong. Armed with your weapons, your suit of armor, and your fist, ASSKICKING OF EPIC PROPORTIONS ENSUE. Along the way you find out about certain important characters like Dr Samuel Hayden, a cyborg who's the head of UAC, and Olivia Pierce, an old lady who started this whole mess. The plot is very simple, and appropriately so, because when you play a game called DOOM, you just want to kill everyone in your path. So how does the gameplay fare? FUCKING BRILLIANT. This game took the original Doom's gameplay and add Wolfenstein New Order's perk mechanic, as well as Unreal Tournament's sense of movement and speed. So you bet you're going to be double jumping everywhere avoiding enemy attacks, laying waste to everything in your way with every weapon you have at your disposal. If you have played these three games I mentioned before, you'll be right at home with this game. The only thing different is that the chainsaw is a one hit killing machine, and after you kill a demon with it they will drop TONS of ammo for your other weapons. Of course you can't just use the chainsaw forever since that'll break the game, the chainsaw needs fuel. That and this game has finishers, aka "glory kills". If you hurt an enemy enough times without them getting blown to smithereens, they'll get stunned, and you can pretty much finish them off. It works with every single enemy, and if you target different limbs, you'll do different finishers. Like so: The weapons in the game are what you pretty much expect from Doom. Pistol, shotgun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, chaingun, chainsaw, and of course, the BFG-9000. OHOHOHOH YEAHHHHHHHHHH BABY! This weapon is the shit! Limited ammo though so use it wisely. Each weapons can be leveled up by gaining points. After you fully upgrade a weapon, you'll have to do specific weapon challenges to unlock the weapon's full potential. Believe me, it's so damn worth it. Especially the Gauss rifle. Each stages has challenges that you can do to give upgrade points for your weapons. You have to do stuff like "kill 20 enemies with a finisher", or "find secrets in the stage" which are pretty simple enough. There's also these chips that you get from these red Elite Guards which will give armor upgrades. And a lot of secrets to uncover, which can be found right here as an example. These secrets are all over the place in every stage. Hidden weapons, hidden upgrades, hidden dolls, you name it. There's one doll where Doomguy did this: Hahaha, that finger twirl cracks me up. My favorite secrets are the secret areas that unlocks the classic Doom levels. They require you to pull these REALLY well hidden levers, and then you go to an area that has the Doom style 2D graphics. Hate how well hidden these levers are, but the payoff is awesome. Just like Wolfenstein New Order's easter egg. Later on in the game you'll be able to do these "rune trials" which will give you different buffs that you can equip. Stuff like "enemy drops armor", "enemy gets stunned a lot longer for your finishing blow", and my personal favorite, "UNLIMITED AMMO when you have 100 armor points". HOLY SHIET. You get this REALLY far into the game, but it's freaking sweet. Sure you have to not get hit, but UNLIMITED AMMO man! And it gets even better after you complete the specific challenge for the perk, which gives unlimited ammo after having 75 armor points. You will feel like a God with this beastly perk. I freaking love this game. So much so that I completed this game 100%. All weapons upgraded with each individual weapon challenges completed All armor upgrades obtained And all runes obtained. I want to play this game all over again, but this time with my Godly power. NO ONE CAN STAND IN MY WAY NOW! Multiplayer is actually similar to Unreal Tournament. High speed action, and deaths constantly. The great thing about it is the parts where you are able to get power ups that turns you into one of the enemies from the game and be able to wreck enemy teams up into pieces. And there's also a create your own level mode! Where you're able to play or create custom made maps. Gives you more satisfaction after playing the singleplayer and multiplayer. My only complaints about the game: some of the music in this game makes my head hurt. One song in particular is just a loud guitar + drum noise. It sounds good on youtube, but in the game this song is all over the place. you don't fight robots. Keep in mind that the main villain is one of the heads of UAC which means access to personal robot bodyguards. Why? There's so many cool potential robotic enemy types from the tech in this game, and THERE'S NO ROBOTS?? Well I guess I can count the Revenants and the demon machine hybrids as robots, but aw man, I want to fight a gigantic mechs. Perhaps in Doom 5, or DOOM 2. Ah yes, and the dreaded size of this game. 50 GB. Have to wait 12 hours of downloading before I can play this game. SCREW YOU UNCOMPRESSED AUDIO FILES! There you have it. My rating for this game "so freaking awesome that you will play this game over and over and over and over again, killing demons and making sure NOTHING stands in your way". And it earns a badass seal of approval. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play the classic maps that I have unlocked and maybe play user created maps. After I try and play the Ultra Nightmare mode. Peace out!
  4. Might want to keep an eye on this. May have a future in AJSA if it works out. Kickstarter Link
  5. Hey gang, Didn't see a post on this so thought I would drop it for those who don't know. There is a new, free mod for Deus Ex (the original game) called Deus Ex: Revision. It updates the graphics by 5 or 6 years, fills out the maps and changes alot of their layout and imo makes it better. Ill let the steam page talk more about the mods other changes. I wanted to drop it by for other folks, who like me, love this game and have been playing it off and on since its release in 2000. Or for those who might be curious and never got to play it. Game is pretty cheap, you can also wait for a steam sale and pick it up for like 2 bucks. Some folks do not like the map changes but I am enjoying the mod and for free, can't complain. You can find the mod on steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/397550/ For those who have been playing it, what are your thoughts?
  6. Hello all, I am Goden, a LONG time veteran of the AJSA. I have started on my youtube channel a voice acted series of the original doom games. (with brutal doom mod) but since the originals didnt have much of a story, i created my own custom story. but i have introduced a new charicter, (with more to come down the line) but i need somebody to act the charicter. SO PLEASE try to audition it may be you to audition please go to http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/members/Goden/casting-call/DOOM-revelations-voice-acted-series-based-on-classic-game/ and submit the MP3 recording of your audition. -Thank you, and GOOD LUCK!! link to 2nd episode
  7. I figure I'd show this off to you if you're interested. Just 9.0 Intensity gameplay of me playing with Mewtwo, the character that was recently released. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Oh and if you wonder, yes... my video was dislike botted by some asshole. If you want, please help out by liking this video. It's to ensure that we can fight back against whoever did it and show we can rise above the hate. Thanks.
  8. Hey guys, just received a message that Maniac Mansion will receive a spiritual successor from the makers of the original and it looks like a love letter to the old times of point and click to me. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thimbleweedpark/thimbleweed-park-a-new-classic-point-and-click-adv
  9. After seeing Locke, the movie that just takes place in a car, I stumbled upon 12 Angry Men which uses a similar style of taking place in 1 location. It's from 1957 and people regards it as a classic. I can see why. Although to be honest, the title is kind of misleading. Only 3 people in the movie are angry men. The others are quite nice and well mannered people. The story in the movie is quite simple. A kid is convicted of murder, and his fate of guilty or not guilty hangs in the decision of 12 juries. When the voting is called in, only juror number 8 says not guilty, and the next hour is spent on him debunking every evidence presented in the trial. Awesomeness ensues. The acting in this movie is excellent. Each juror has their own characterization and everyone is very believable in their performance. 8 is the prime supporter of a not guilty verdict, while 3 is for guilty. Just seeing 8 questioning every evidence and witness testimony, ohoho man it was so awesome. It's like watching Phoenix Wright as a juror against 11 jurors. Unlike Phoenix, 8 is a lot more cool and subtle. For example: one of the evidence pointed out in the murder is the murder weapon. A switchblade which the suspect have. It is believed that the knife has a unique pattern and that it's very rare to find one. Then 8 takes out another switchblade from his pocket and slams it down the table, and it has the same pattern that he bought from a pawn shop for $6. Holy king of badass. That took balls. I can hear this song during that scene. The most impressive thing about the movie is that all 8 have is just a possibility. All the answers he gave are just a rebuttal to the evidence, and it's unclear whether the kid really did kill his father or someone else did it. The rebuttals however are very convincing, convincing enough that it makes the other jurors change their vote from guilty to not guilty. Damn this movie is both suspenseful and awesome. Overall, a classic courtroom drama movie. And it definitely influences the awesome Phoenix Wright series. 10 out of 10.
  10. So I have been playing the Star Wars best of PC collection again, specifically Empire at War, and I realized how great the atmosphere and gameplay was. The rebels really feel like the underdogs in even enounters, and as the empire you really feel like you are crushing your enimies under a massive war machine. Every gameplay element falls into place to build the sense of identification with your faction. I rarely see games built like this, but I wonder if any of you think another game does it better? Specifically a star wars game?
  11. I have been a major fan of Kingdom Hearts since I played the first one on the PlayStation 2. After I finished Kingdom Hearts 2, I needed a sequel. I loved everything about it. Unfortunately, we just got a bunch of filler stuff on some hand held systems for almost 8 years. I was really disappointed with Square Enix's choices in marketing their games. In order to play all of the Kingdom Hearts games, you would need to buy a total of 5 gaming systems. And now a 6th one for their new game. Certainly an expensive series, that's for sure. Ultimately, you would only need to play Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 to grasp the whole story correctly. Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced recently, and I absolutely cannot wait. What do you guys think about Kingdom Hearts? I'll put the announcement video here:
  12. Welcome to the Age of Empires II thread on the AJSA forums! For those that do not know, Age of Empires II is considered a classic of the strategy game genre. So if strategy is what you're looking for (and fun ofcourse) you have come to the right place! Age of Empires II has always been one of my favorite games and I'm extremely happy with it's multiplayer revival on steam after the HD rerelease. However it can sometimes be hard to find people for larger games such as 4v4 or 2v2v2v2 (caotic but fun). Of simply finding people to play with if you want a tactical match. Therefor I have decided to create this thread where you can look for like-minded people to play with, create games events or simply share your experiences regarding Age of Empires II. Don't forget to have fun, and remember as the wise monk once said "Wololo".