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Found 3 results

  1. Im a huge fan of the older CnC games. Im sure some of you are too. You may not be aware of this beautifully done reboot of a less than popular FPS set in the CnC universe. Even if you know nothing about CnC you will appreciate the fresh gameplay this FPS offers. So, if you wanna break from typical slaughter shooters maybe for something strategic and team based go here: http://renegade-x.com/download.php Its free. What have you got to lose? Its a bit old school but in a good way.
  2. Hey guys James here aka Wade D McGinnis and I wanted to ask the community if they knew of any confirmed twitch.tv commands for Daylight. After playing a session tonight, me and others were only able to confirm "scream" as one of the words that can affect a streamer's game. If you happen to know of any more actions comment below. And shameless plug, here is a slice of what happen while I was playing.
  3. One of my all time favorite shooters has and always will be C&C Renegade. When it came out it was by far the most revolutionary shooter for its time. The one downside was terrible netcoding. But even with bad netcoding, it was so fun to have a FPS/RTS Hybrid. I think it'd be pretty awesome of the angry army could get at least 1 C&C Rengade server set up and play it together. Anyone else up for that? Also, man it'd be awesome if we could get another C&C Renegade type game that was more modernized in its multiplayer coding (don't even care about the graphics, could seriously be the same as C&C Renegade). I know that there's Renegade X but that seems to be really out at all from what I can tell and ya... I can understand the difficulty though for an indie team. Anyways, regardless, anyone else agree it'd be cool to have a C&C Renegade server to play with others who enjoyed that old game?