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Found 6 results

  1. I'm pleased to announce that every Monady, Wednesday and Friday 6 PM BST, we are going to train competetive 6on6. For now training dates are setup for Europe. North America will be included after we find NA sergeant, who will be leading them. Everyone with 100h on Team Fortress 2 or more is welcome. Trainings will be hosted by me. I will see you on the battlefield ! Sincerely, Team Fortress 2 Staff
  2. HI ! On Tuesday 6 BST(6GMT+1) I'm organizing a tour designed to help players understand Team Fortress 2 competetive scene. It's an unofficial event and will be hosted by me. The only requirement is minimum 100h in TF2. Experienced players are also welcome. Sincerely, Doctor_GLaDOS
  3. Dear officers. Every time I want to edit description of the channel (EU lobby), I have to ask some Officer to do so for me. I ask for permissions to do it myself. Sincerely, Doctor_GLaDOS
  4. Awesomenauts is one of my favorite arcade games on steam/xbox since late 2012. This game brings many new ideas to the MOBA genre and is also a game which doesn't take commitment to be good at the game(unlike other MOBAS with complex and plenty of perks and items to remember and master). This game plays just like a regular MOBA game, but is in 2D and is very comical with funny champions such as a pimp-frog called FroggyG, and the game can't be taken very seriously. PROS - Unique 2D MOBA game with a vast amount of online players to play with, and not a complex game unlike other MOBAS - Needs lots of teamwork which is perfect for a community of this scale - Arcade game that doesn't take commitment and can be played for 1-10 hour periods at a time! CONS - 6 players/match - game still pretty new so not many champions currently out(24 champions out with starstorm) - $10 game and DLC costs extra I hope Awesomenauts makes the list in the official =AJSA= games list!!
  5. Alright my fellow gamers, Im looking to put together a team in the Angry Army Dota 2 guild. Who is willing to join up with me?
  6. Hello fellow Angry Army comrades, I am Mikkel and I go by the name Te-Kande. I would like to discuss the possibility to add DotA 2 to the Official AJSA games list. Personally I play a lot of DotA 2 and want the members of AJSA to play it as well. The reason I would like this game to be added to the official list is because of the ability to play competitive under the AJSA name. Of course I understand the need to have the best players from the AJSA community, which is not me necessarily. The game also have a great Guild Feature, which allows the AJSA members to be in one Guild and basically play together, que to match making together, and just meet new people. Whenever someone from the Guild starts a Guild group, people from the Guild are able to jump in a fill a spot out of five and head into a match together. Pros: 1. Big competitive scene, great opportunities for an AJSA competitive team to go to tournaments. 2. Clan and Guild System, ability to make a clan for the AJSA competitive team, and Guild for the AJSA members. 3. Ability to host free lobbies 5vs5. 4. Free to Play, everyone can join. 5. No Pay to Win, all buy able items ingame are cosmetics. 6. Ability to make custom flags for the Clan/Guild, flags can look like anything. Cons: 1. Hard Learning Curve 2. Low End PCs not able to run the game. 3. Garbage community in online play. (Avoid by playing with AJSA members!) Hope the people of higher ranks doesn't mind me testing out, how it could look ingame with an AJSA flag, if it happened that the game was accepted into the official games list. http://i.imgur.com/zLm5tw9.jpg (This is my take on possible ingame stuff)