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Found 7 results

  1. Unfortunately, hardly any of my mates play PC, and the ones that do and play CS:GO are way up there in the ranks. I'm only Gold Nova Master. Anyone who's around the same rank, decent at the game and tired of solo queuing and playing with russians just holla and we'll play some comp games. My steam: Ol' Dirty Badger
  2. So it finally happened...the Dota 2 TI4 Compendium Prize Pool has hit $10m. With still a while to go before the prize pool is halted, do you guys think there's gonna be more stretch goals? I know Valve already brought a ton of extra goals out but it would be awesome to see what else they can think of. http://www.dota2.com/international/compendium/
  3. So it is official. The most popular Call of Duty Competitive team, OpTic is looking for a new member after UMG Philly. BigTymer retires from the team and is now the coach. Who will be the new Team Leader and who will be the next on the OpTic roaster? I personally hope Parasite joins. Hes a very capable player, but not the best vocal person. What I believe OpTic needs is a strong Domination and Blitz player. If anyone here is interested in CoD competitive, post your thoughts! **Sorry if this is in the wrong category, I had multiple tabs open and didnt notice this was in the Xbox One section. It is supposted to be in First Person Shooters.
  4. Since Angry Joe stated he would be interested in seeing some high level dota 2 from his army I decided to put this post together so we could get started in finding our fellow try hards within the community so we could start playing with each other! I know that match making system in dota 2 is so well done but at the same time ambiguous that it may be hard to tell if you merit as a high level player. However if you keep up with the current meta and know the game like the back of your hand you probably know if you are around the level that should be doing tournament play. This is a basic sound off so don't go listing your entire biography. AKA short and to the point. You can post your dotabuff however in my experience your capacity to play competitively has absolutely nothing to do with your public match skills. 1ST UPDATE: Let me Reiterate, I am not mad but in order to get your attention, GET THE FUCK ON THE TS IF YOU ARE SERIOUS?!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< You shouldn't be commenting on this thread about wanting to be part of a team if you don't get on ts for dota 2 gaming. 2ND UPDATE: Guys I Don't want to be a buzz kill but if you expect to play competitively in tournaments and ACTUALLY win something you should have over 3000-4000 hours MOBA experience. You can still form teams for they help you learn the game faster but I made this thread to find the people able to legitimately compete. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Competitive/Experience Player List(I will try to keep this updated) * I AM NO LONGER UPDATING THIS LIST! So if you are looking at people go through the comments to find them all XD * I will be marking this list to show who has shown competence* Zettai Ryouiki <That is me! Demigod Triangler Dustshadow91 Kickassness <Maybe this guy Kulnar< Maybe this guy Jii! Jii! Jii! Frooostbite VALmlos Happy Treants < This guy Proged JeanMark ed728 GioEzreOvertunedDownskyJoshua200082Darth Kael'thasZnoteFehatLinq191Professor MaddexHolmernCheeseking18MadKitsuneZep [The Beast]postuleitSmellGoodazmangRaptor LordBakkerBlackpresident16nickersrulzPhysics_Ninja-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WarSocialist here, I go by Zettai Ryouiki on steam. I have a over 7000 hours combined MOBA experience on Dota 1, Heroes of Newerth, and Dota 2 Roles: Hard Carry, Middle Lane<i can play anything however traditionally I fill these roles Team Skills: Leadership,Coordination, and Management skills, I know how teams should be running so after handling a million "Drama Queens" within gaming communities I have developed an iron fist for solving community problems. At the same time I go the extra mile with my teammates to ensure everyone is having fun! http://dotabuff.com/players/34848944
  5. Hello Everyone! I am throwing out the idea of competitive dota2 team(s) for =AJSA=. Angry Joe claimed he wanted to see competition and so on and so forth in his inspiring recruitment video. Ideas about this/these team(s): Practice doing scrims with AJSA / other groups on weekends (like this last weekend)Play 5man teams doing a variety of modes (All Pick / Least Played / ect...) during the weekEventually start entering in tournaments.Don't really know about requirements. But here are some ideas: While playing go over hero combos that are effective. (Shadow Shaman / Ursa) or (Natures / LS) ect..Learn how to counter hero strategies / hero picksEffective buildsect...Sponsorship Perhaps try and take Angry Joe up on his offer?Open to suggestions.
  6. I'm looking for a suggestion on what kind of game I could play competitively. I like FPS games such as syndicate, killzone, counter strike, team fortress, and battlefield. MMO's world of warcraft, guild wars, dc online, and everquest. I like rts and moba's but not really good at it. I like shooters, i tend to get in the zone after a while playing them. I like mmo's but not much of a grinder on things. I guess some training will be required to get better. I was doing well at kz3 (killzone 3) when i sat on it for a few hours, and I like bf4. I want to get good at moba and rts games but i have trouble playing them sometimes, manly with flow. If a suggestion of a game isn't coming to mind, then suggest a game for me that you think is good for what i'm looking for.
  7. All bad jokes aside, I am interested in creating a section here dedicated to getting people within AJSC who are currently interested in playing Halo games to exchange gamer tags. Lets storm the halo games and show the true power of AJSC and get some sort of community going. Post gamer tags in the comment section and any further ideas to toss around. Ill be playing Halo 4 almost daily, so I will never be absent from the battlefield. Xbox Gamer tag: XxLittleGrunt4u