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Found 35 results

  1. Well tough, you'll be waiting 'till 2017. Even if you pre-orderd First off, full credit to The Static C on XBL for letting me know about this. He told me reckoning this was worthy of an "Angry Rant". I know Joe won't hear about this through this topic, but I felt it was worth talking about anyway. Here's the text from the VideoGamer.com article I found and I don't think I've read this caliber of bullshit from a publisher/developer in long time, especially the highlighted paragraph; http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/hitman/news/hitman_disc_release_delayed_to_2017_2.html I know this basically the same way that Life is Strange was released but the difference here is; Life is Strange was built from the start be an episodic game like a TellTale title and it works well like that, even though I still insist that episodes are annoying even considering that. Hitman should be a straight up single game like it was meant to be in the first place. Life is strange releasing on disk was an afterthought, a collection, and had a few extra bells and whistles. It was never intended to be published this way, it's just an extra alternative for after the game was already long out. They announced this delay on Hitman one day before the game comes out digitally, ONE FUCKING DAY! They shouldn't have let people pre-order physical version at all or at the very least let the word about this delay long before now, like when they first announced this was going to this bullshit episodic platform. I mean, what more is there to say other than...
  2. Greetings fellow Guardians of the AJSA, As some of you’re aware, the Angry Army group was a complete mess that is absolutely unable to function at the time. This is primarily due to a low clanmate limit (200), and a complete lack of tools in the admin interface to handle the constant flow of thousands of messages. This group is purely for all AJSA Xbox One/PlayStation 4 members who desire to find their comrades and play together. Send a request to join the group. After that is done, click the “Set as (console) Clan.” You should be than apart your respected AJSA console Division. AJSA Xbox One Division - http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Forum/234936 AJSA PlayStation 4 Division - http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Forum/245187 Lord Commander Joe will not be advertising this clan's existence, so hopefully we can keep our numbers down to a managable level. Once this group reaches 200 members, no further requests to join will be approved. Instead I will then make a Division 2 group and begin adding people to that one instead. All groups I end up making will be placed in an Alliance together, though since we've never done that, I literally have no idea how useful that will be. Cross your fingers. Now this means that if our numbers do grow large enough for multiple groups, that will divide our playerbase on these group forums. To counter this, I ask that all members use the Destiny sub-forum here on the AJSA website to find like-minded players. I want nothing more than to make sure that every member gets an AJSA tag, and will continue to work toward this goal. I thank you all for your understanding and patience as we struggle through this mess. Regards, Doshka17 and Withastick Community Officer's of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  3. http://www.pcgamer.com/witcher-3-mod-adds-free-camera-and-unlocks-console/ I think the game might get even better soon. The modding community is doing a awesome job. Thoughts? The mod is now available via nexus mods. Link here : http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/28/?
  4. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and I need a little help. Actually a lot of help if anyone with the knowledge can help! Here is what I am trying to do. I need to take my PS4, Wii U, PS3 and push the audio through my computer to show up on OBS (I can do that normally but I am looking at next level stuff that I lack the technically know how and general search skills)! At the same time I need to either be able to talk to friends on the PS4 or on skype while still having the stream viewers hear me. To add an extra hurdle, I need to be able to hear Twitch Alerts (gives me audio queues when people follow or donate) all at the same time. Finally, I know at this point you are like dude....stop! However I need to be able to adjust the volume of the game, the skype call, and the microphone I am using. I was told that a MixAmp or Channel Mixer would get me these results however I cannot find a tutorial for how to set this up. I have seen a number of other Twitch streamers having similar setups, so I am thinking it is possible just not sure where to start or how to setup. If you happen to know or can send me to a video guide that would be amazing! Thank you!
  5. Steam was acting weird so I took a screen shot. the red bracket if from me pressing enter I closed it and now its back to normal
  6. http://virtuafighter.com/threads/sega-exits-console-video-game-market.19888/ How do I feel about this? As someone who grew up playing SEGA games when I was younger, it's heartbreaking but at the same time I had no idea that this would happen. Since 2001, SEGA became a software company providing games for many consoles through the 6th to 8th gen of consoles. Some were good while others were so-so. But after the failure of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (despite the success of Alien: Isolation), it was inevitable that this decision had to be made. To be honest, SEGA got what's coming because they hardly promote their games other than Sonic games and you guys know that some of their Sonic games now aren't that good. They don't promote their other games and how can a game sell well if a company like SEGA doesn't promote it. That is dumb in my humble opinion. Really dumb. Now they're focusing their efforts on PC and mobile games. And speaking of Sonic, I hear from a source that Sonic will still come to consoles: http://www.4gamer.net/games/286/G028690/20150219001/ (in japanese, needs translation) But even I ain't sure. Only time will tell so hope to hear your thoughts.
  7. I started this topic because I saw somebody on these threads (not mentioning names or the topic in question) describing first party developers as "holding games hostage" 'till you buy that specific platform. Now, I have a problem with that statement, but I felt my issue with it is too general, complicated and important that I decided it would be better for me to discuss this in a new topic. If all games existed on one platform, it would be a disaster, and face it exclusives are the only reason why multiple platforms exist at all. And we need multiple platforms If there was to be (as this individual clearly desires) only one platform to play games on, it would be PC. It's the most versatile and powerful platform, but also the most expensive and impractical, and that's were the problems start. Not everyone can afford what a gaming PC costs (I know, given how much my PC ultimately cost) as well as that potential lack of knowledge about the tech' (for many in the "Master Race", this lack of knowledge is a character flaw) and that can cause problems. If there was only one place to game, that would be like one place to buy groceries. They could charge what they want, but that's not the only problem. Given the rate that PC tech' is improving all the time, for developers to keep games "current" would mean developing games at a massively high cost to achieve the highest performance only to limit the games market to high end PC's, Yep, increasing development costs for the purpose of limiting your market. Because, you know, "PC Master Race"! The fact is, If the PC was the only place to play games, hardware development would move on to fast to make games affordable for developers and ultimately, us gamers, but we still stupidly boil our sense of gaming down to numbers. We play as a goat ramming things with moon physics, but so long as we have 60fps and 1080p, the game will be a hit, but when we hear a 3rd person story driven stealth/action game releases at 30fps, we flip our lid! We're kinda stupid that way. If we can, we'll buy it, just to enlarge our "Steam Dick" because the PC has value as a gaming platform through the lower cost of games, but if you don't buy that many games, what's the point? I understand the higher affinity for PC over a console, I do, I feel it myself. That PC is your baby, you built it you made it grow and will continue to do so and not to mention the higher cost, but that is no excuse to act like a superior ass hole. Ultimately, we need multi-plat' games to drive the industry forward, but at the same time hold it back from moving at a rate to fast for the industry to handle and alienate people. I game on all plat's apart from the WiiU (But I still respect that console a huge amount) and want to enjoy games where they should be played. We go to one platform, gaming as we know it will die.
  8. *Ahem* PC:blah blah blah GRAPHIX blah blah blah SPECZ blah blah blah Steam blah blah blah MODZ blah blah blah FRAMERATEZ blah blah blah Torrentz CONSOLE:blah blah blah EXCLUSIVZ blah blah blah PLUGIN AND PLAY blah blah blah CONTROLLER OPTIMIZED blah blah blah BETTA MULTIPLYAH blah blah blah 4 PLAYER FUN blah blah blah You understand how ridiculous this is? arguing about the hardware instead of enjoying what their meant for? Glorifying your hardware won't get you anywhere, we should all be simply refered to as ''gamers'' not ''pc gamer'' or ''console gamer''. i personally hate the fact that this STUPID argument is driving gamers apart from each other instead of them enjoying gaming TOGETHER! I'm not choosing sides im just saying this pointless argument needs to stop because its driving us against each others throats and i dont like that and neither should you!
  9. Pick your favorite game from the console you picked
  10. I'm pretty ignorant about headsets because they're pretty new to me, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a headset compatible with both systems or at least tell me what I need to be looking for in a headset that will mean I can use it for both. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. Traditionally, such games have only really worked on PC because the user interface has always been better suited. However, both the XBox One and the PS4 are compatible with mouse and keyboard plus the fact that the architecture is more similar to PC than ever before, so can these games finally be successfully ported to console? I think that technically they could, but to spark enough interest I think Sony and Microsoft would have put a risky skate into promoting them and would probably use this as a excuse to bring out thier own stupidity priced versions of mouse and keyboard for console. I hope it can work, but what do you guys think?
  12. So far, we know that the Wii U version of Watch Dogs is confirmed to be delayed from May 27th to some later date, possibly in November. Any other related news? Release dates? Announcements?
  13. Feeling inspired by the Obscured music thread, I decided to make a thread about it. I want you, who read this, to take a picture of whatever obscured console you own or old computer and share some info about why you got it, when you got it, and how you got it, and how much you've used it. I do love the more rare consoles like Turbo Graf / PC Engine, Japanese PC-88, and so forth. I'm sure there are a lot I don't even know about so I think it'd be very interesting if we could keep something like this alive and shared amongst us.
  14. If Stephen Elop gets to be CEO of Microsoft he has stated he would consider dumping Bing and Xbox if he were to be given the reins at Microsoft. The thinking behind this position is apparently based in a desire to focus the company on its core competencies and remove the outlying business units that do not align with these core service lines. Elop is not the only individual in the running for the CEO position but he has long been rumored to be a front-runner for the job. When he took on the role of CEO at Nokia, he dumped Symbian and described it as a "burning platform" before focusing on windows phone. I think If the right people buy it I don't mind. If its not the right people and it tanks i'm gonna be pissed that I just spent $500 bucks on a sinking ship. Thoughts? Also I did some research and I have random facts scattered throughout below
  15. Just watch this I couldent find any history with it so I wiated and then found out ProJared made a video of it.
  16. So, I've been playing Arkham Origins for a few weeks off and on now. It hasn't captured my full unbridled attention like Arkham city had previously. I also remember, way back in my head that Angry Joe did a video showing off a major glitch in the game, so I was slightly reluctant to purchase it. That and hearing that WB Montreal was focusing on DLC packs rather than fixing glitches that would stop story progression, basically put a moratorium on me picking this title up. Long story short, Christmas present, Thanks bro. So anyway I haven't experienced any of the major glitches so far, and hopefully I did wait long enough for this to have been patched. Oh on xbox 360 BTW, I don't mind a game inflating it's playtime by a dozen hours or so with collectables, but I'm very happy that they scaled the Enigma datapacks back by a hew hundred this time around. 440 riddler trophies in Arkham city was a bit too many. Anyway main point Angry Joe still hasn't released a video review of origins, I'm sure that the Youtube copyright BS that he's had to deal with have set him back with many of his planned video releases. So hopefully he will get around to it soon enough. If you're like me and were hesitant about Arkham Origins without an Angry review... Here's a Red Pill Review. The changes from studios between rocksteady and WB montreal are negligible, The combat system hasn't changed much, very imperceptible if you ask me. A few new gadgets to make use of, mostly doing the same things that other gadgets did in previous games. ie glue grenade = freeze grenade. Running with the unreal engine I don't lmow if they set this at christmas time to convince us that hoods were bundled up and that's why they look so thick, but damn. Enemies, even the low level enemies, kinda look like they've been spending way too much time at the gym, not quite to the level of Marcus Fenix, but not too far off either. The gliding and flight mechanics are still spot on, I've had no trouble picking up right where I left off. The fast travel, I mean slow travel, the time it takes to bring up the map, select where you want to be dropped off by the batwing. then cutscene/load screen of the batwing flying to the drop point, followed by you diving like a meteor, takes just about as much time as just gliding from roof tops. I guess since they wanted you to ba able to return to the batcave and back to the city it was a needed component, but rather superfluous if you ask me, So that brings us to the story, where the game marginally shines. Being an Origins story we do get to see several characters work their way up, Enigma before he adopts the moniker of The Riddler, It was great to see the Harley Quinn origin story play out, she's one of my favorite characters in all of batman. And lastly the boss battles... unfortunatly they did not shine like in Arkham city, there wasn't a fight that required a lot of thought like the Mr. Freeze fight. Not a lot of innovation in the boss battles, just very repetative. there is another Mad hatter moment in this one that really blended some of the Scarecrow elements of Arkham Asylum into the wonderland theme in the level which is always a nice addition to the game, and it was done near flawlesly here. And you do feel more like the world's greatest detective with piecing together crime scenes in this game. Overall I would give Batman Arkham Origins a final verdict of 6.5/10 it is above average, it has some hits & misses. Certainly not what I was hoping for as a continuation in a franchise, who's predicesors were both easily game of the year material. This is Z0mbieZer0 I'm out.
  17. post moved to http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/15110-is-an-angry-joe-review-of-batman-arkham-origins-ever-going-to-come-out-if-not-heres-my-review/
  18. Yea, you've read the title correctly. Anders Breivik, man who shot 77 people few years ago claims, that he want his PS2 replaced with PS3, and a possibility to choose the games on his own. He also claimed that none of his previous claims was given (for example better coffe), and due to situation where "he is being treaten like an animal" he wil start a hunger-strike, if he dont get his PS3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2559528/Mass-murderer-Anders-Breivik-vows-hunger-strike-wants-PlayStation-2-upgraded-PlayStation-3-prison-cell.html For you that dont know, he will be imprisoned for 21 years total. WHAT THE FUCK
  19. Hello, fellow soldiers! I need some help with making a decision. What might this decision be? It's which console I get, of course. While I fully realize that the AJSA is mainly a PC community, I can't honestly get into PC gaming. I understand why people like it, but I don't really like it (no offense to any of you PC gamers, of course, it's just not my thing). So, I've decided to stick with console gaming. For the past few months, I've been dead set on getting a PS4 (sometime in May, since my birthday is around that time). But, recently, I've been getting extremely excited for Titanfall. To my dismay, it is an Xbox One exclusive. After looking up some other X1 games, I'm really interested in Killer Instinct, as well. But, here's the problem: those are the only two things I like about the X1. The PS4, in my opinion, has a prettier and less overly complicated interface, a better controller, and a much better subscription service (that's a given, PS Plus has always been great). You may think I'm completely stupid for being contested over two games- but in all honesty, Titanfall is one of the coolest looking games I've ever seen. Ever. Killer Instinct looks like it would be really fun to play with any friends that come hang out, as well. So, here is what I'm asking you, Angry Army. What do you think is the better console, and which should I get? At the moment, I'm in the middle, even though the PS4 will probably end up being the one I get (I've heard rumors the titanfall sequel will be cross-platform with PS4). And I promise I am not trying to start a war here- I'm just looking for honest opinions.
  20. I know I haven't added any of the handheld systems, but in all honesty I feel like that belongs in it's own forum, if you want I'll make it, but for now I'm curious on your favorite home console from Nintendo, after all they've been around for almost 40 years, since they made consoles during the 70's, but only been releasing them in Japan, and made quite a few consoles, now which ones are your favorite
  21. Just curious to see if anyone here has bought this console and played the games. This is how it looks like for those that don't know. The console is used to play Android/ iPhone games with the controller. It's a neat console for those that doesn't have an iPhone or Android.
  22. What do you think guys? Leave a comment! For my opinion, it depends on the content. Example: A modded M4A1 (in any game) that you pay real money is either more powerful, slighty more powerful or just has a sight than a normal M4A1 that you buy with the in-game money. For me, if it's something temporary, like a 7-day weapon, I don't think it's worth it. If you play the game continuously, it's fine, but I'm not a real fan at "renting" stuff. It also mainly depends on player skill, you may have a powerful item, but if you can't use the maximum out of it if you can't play the game.
  23. We all have those consoles that we want to keep forever, either because of nostalgia, the games, or graphics, I'm aware of another post about favorite retro console, but what is your favorite console of any generation
  24. I wanna buy a PS4, but I'm waiting for the second model. However, to anyone who has a PS4, please tell me the pros and cons
  25. Ok guys since we are here to have fun together and help each other out I thought it would be a good idea if everyone who had a next gen console gave their honest opinion about the console they got so everyone else who doesn't have one or is on the fence about which to get can have something to look at ok no fighting just give your honest review so others can have some help deciding which they wish to buy because not everyone can afford or wants to buy both of them