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Found 7 results

  1. With the PS4 release today I was wondering how does the PS4 controller feel to everyone else? To me the D-pad is a little sharp and when I try to do simple (down, down left, left) motion it hurts my thumb. Also I used the PS3 controller for the whole generation and I felt like I mastered it through the ways of playing Metal Gear Online 2 at a high level. The PS4 controller triggers seem a little weird to me, mostly because I've been using L1/R1 for everything important. Joe mentioned in his video but the share and option buttons are a little hard to press. So please tell everyone what you like or don't like about the controller. Also tell everyone if you came from XBOX or you were a PS3 user and go more into detail on how that effects your comfort level. I wanted to add that question to the poll but I could only add 3
  2. This is something that has bothered me for many years, ever since the 16 bit consoles era. Why do all other joypads have such rubbish D-pads? IGN explains, I would not have guessed Nintendo would have been able to patent such a simple design. The SNES was the best controller for many years and this was largely due to the simple and brilliant D-pad. The Xbox 360 controller is now my favourite joypad but the D-pad is crap. It's simply inferior to the SNES directional pad and now I know why. Nintendo took the best and refused to share it with the rest. #NaughtyNintendo
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to use a controller for smite. I'm using a cheap Logitech F310 with a plug & play XBox controller mode. I've been using the XBox mode for playing Mark of Ninja and it works just fine. However, I've tried everything obvious to get the controller to work with smite, but with no success. How can I get this thing to work?
  4. I'm sorry if this is already been posted. i probably overlooked. But i wanted to know what al of you thought where about the steamOS and the controller Valve is working on. I for one like the idea of the controller. also steamos i like. but the only thing that worries are the games. i don't have many linux games. so i hope the come up with something so i can still play all my window games on linux. wine. is an option but it dont work with everything. i'm sorry for my terrible english.
  5. Ok, was playing Tomb Raider just now and everytime my PS3 controller vibrates my laptop speakers spit out a bunch of static, more of a blown speaker sound actually. I have never had this happen before 5 minutes ago. I have the PS3 sound running into my mic port on the laptop and I have headphones plugged in, but the sound is coming from the laptop speakers. Could this be caused by the bluetooth signal for the controller? Wasn't doing it when I was playing The Last of Us 15 mins ago. Just started with Tomb Raider. Couldn't find anything on google.
  6. I was wondering which controller you guys think is better, the PS4 or XBone???