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Found 6 results

  1. i just logged back in to the angry army website, and recently just started watching angry joe show due to me missing out on a lot of hours for being at basic training for the army so im glad i graduated to come back and watch angry joe show again. I hope i can be part of this growing community and take part in the community events that are usually hosted i guess. thanks for allowing me to join the community
  2. So, I was think of how cool it would be to have an Angry Army "Tactical" Headset that Joe could sell. Imagine a, lets use a Razor headset for example: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (not trying to promote Razor guis) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It would glow on the mic piece and on the sides, except it would glow red and the sides instead of having the razor symbol, it would be the symbol of the Angry Army! I don't know, it sounded really awesome to me and I would for sure pre-order that thing! What do you guys think? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Ever seen movies or tv shows or games where the character train themselves to prepare for upcoming battles, and it looks freaking awesome? What training sequences you think are badass that you know? I pick the classics. Why 1 when you can have all of them?
  4. Next up in the movie review is Edge of Tomorrow, based on the manga/light novel called All You Need is Kill. Or as I like to call it, attack of the time jumping tentacle monsters. Now some of you guys may have seen Joe's review of this movie. But since the video is taken down because of bullshit copyright strike, I'll give my take on it for you guys that have not seen this movie and the review. The movie stars Tom Cruise. In the movie he is a PR representative for the army against these aliens called Mimics, alien creatures that looks like those flying squids in Crysis. One day he was forced to join the fight because he gave the general of the UK army bad PR. He was completely inexperienced in combat and had to fight in the front lines. Before he was killed, he managed to kill a blue Mimics which spilled it's blood to him. The blood gave him the ability to reset time every time he dies. Afterwards he has to repeat the same day over and over again while befriending the badass Rita Vrataski, a badass girl soldier nicknamed the "Full Metal Bitch" who previously has the same ability to jump back in time but lost it. And this is where the hilarity and awesomeness ensues. I like this movie because it's quite badass. Seeing Tom Cruise progresses from a coward in the beginning to an awesome warrior that can effectively kill enemies while reading people's movements and minds is quite satisfying. Not before dying hundreds of times of course. It's like Dark Souls and Super Meat Boy, only instead of continuing from a checkpoint, Cruise has to start from the first level all over again. The action sequences are cool and it reminds you of Starship Troopers. With less blood. Now chances are if you heard of this movie, the one thing you will definitely talk about is that Rita is a badass. This is true, but only half true. You see, in the movie, Tom has to babysit her ass from the beginning till the end because she always gets herself killed too many freaking times, even at the beginning of the movie she when she mows down enemies, she always dies because she didn't see what's behind her and always dies. Sure she uses a giant sword like it's nothing and kill many enemies down, but she employs that dumb tactic of new multiplayer game players where she just never bother to defend herself while going in the front lines and die every single freaking time even though Tom Cruise repeatedly tell her to keep her guard up at all times. If she is indeed the "Full Metal Bitch" and humanity's greatest warrior, this movie doesn't really show it. This movie is quite funny because of the repeating loop concept and the way the movie cuts right after he's dead. Like in the early parts of the movie, he dies because he got hit by a truck. Then 2 seconds afterward it shows Cruise getting through the truck. Then there's the part where he convinces everyone that he's from the future, only to be gagged by a duct tape afterwards. Then there's the running gag of everyone never able to finish "Full MetaI Bitch" when they say it so it always stops at "Bi...". I laughed quite a few times in this movie. I personally think the armor the soldiers uses in this movie is inefficient. It looks heavy and it just makes the users vulnerable to enemy attacks. I like the light novel version a lot better. Here's the movie version While this is the light novel version. Waayyy better. Interesting trivia about the combat suit, the machine gun sounds exactly like the ZF-1 machine gun attachment from the Fifth Element. Overall, even though RIta is quite annoying to watch because she dies constantly even though she's supposed to be the ultimate warrior, this is an awesome action movie with funny moments that reminds you of those times you play a hard video game and has to repeat it over and over and over again. 9 out of 10.
  5. Our second weekly Halo event night approaches! Join us for Halo on Saturday, the 23rd of November at 6 pm EST! Also! Help me decide what to do about which Halo to play! We had success playing Halo 4 last week (6 hours and 30 minutes of gametime!) But our options on maps weren't the best with our gametypes being limited to Big Team and such since we have so many participants. So since Games for Gold was so kind as to grace us with free halo 3 for awhile (For those of you who don't already have it), perhaps we should poke our heads in there as well? See how good the player count is? I leave it up to you, AJSA! Message here, vote here, PM me, stalk me at work, I don't care what you do. Just tell me what you want to play!
  6. Hello people of the internet, I am Yor, God of the new world (well thats my screen name) I am a MAN, 19 years old and a college student (ok "community" college but it still counts) currently I am playing LoZ:LotP and Chrono Trigger Favorite games LoZ:LotPFallout 3Starcraft BWGames I like Battelfeald 3Starcraft 2DragonAge: OriginsCiv 4-5fallout NVI forgot the restGames Im good at