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Found 2 results

  1. The Angry Army should play this game because it is a simple but compettative racing game which gives you the choice of two unique play styles: Racing or Wasting. Both aspects of the game are fun, but take some getting used to because the game's wonky polygonal physics system can sometimes be unrealistic. NFM Multiplayer is can be played as a java based browser game or you can download (for free) NFM Singleplayer, which includes the singleplayer modes from both NFM and NFM2. The multiplayer mode is in beta right now, but offers some cool features like clans, stat tracking, multiplayer dome, car creator, stage creator, as well as the ability to upload your own sound track via module files (.MOD). Unfortunately, the custom car, custom track, and clan-related features, as well as the abillity to dowload the game with the multiplayer included (instead of browser-based) are only available to players who have registered full accounts (which costs $11). Overall, when the full game is released (or atleast the clan wars feature), I think that having a clan full of Angry Army members will be a force to be recconed with in the world of Need For Madness. I've been playing NFM for a long time and been having a blast playing with friends. I'd love to be able to play with the angry army in one of my favorite games, and I think y'all would have fun too. Don't believe me? Read the review at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/727142-need-for-madness/reviews/review-155624 or just play the game yourself with the link provided at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! Pros: Simple and easy to learn controls Racing and Wasting mechanics work great together Great customization Great Soundtrack You can Upload YOUR own music that other peole will have to lisen to when they race on YOUR tracks It's a very fun, but "very mad" car gameCons: Cartoony graphics Not as many people play online as I would like Full acount costs $11 (but you can still play for free) It's an Indie game developed by one dude, so ... yeah...more at: http://multiplayer.needformadness.com/about.html
  2. Okay, so a little back story. A while ago, I had decided to download Battlefield 4. I had warning signs telling me that the game was broken. It was going to piss me off. But I decided to ignore the problems because I wanted a fun game to play. Around when I bought it, I was going through a rough patch at University and wanted to do something to get my mind in the clear. Rather than turning to alcohol, I decided to download Battlefield 4. So the download took a while, but that was to be expected. When it finally finished, I was on my way to playing some good FPS action. I got a few levels up in the multiplayer, and decided it was time for some campaign action. The campaign for these games have always been very mediocre for me to be honest. Story wise, it was lame. Gameplay wise, it got kind of boring considering the fun stuff that could be done in the multiplayer. Why focus on the campaign then, if it's not the main draw? Well, after getting three quarters of the way through it, the game crashed to the dashboard. I was already ticked at the game, so I clicked on the game, hoping it saved. Not only did it not save, but everything was GONE. Campaign progress? GONE. Multiplayer progress? GONE. Everything was gone. I turned off the XBOX and turned it back on. I checked the memory. I did everything I could, but it was all gone. The last game I had bought before this was Arkham Origins, and you know how that went down. Thankfully, the weekend was saved thanks to a random user on Reddit, who gave me a Titanfall Beta Key. Sorry, I just wanted to tell my story.