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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Angry Army! How's the battle for our passion, video games, going? Well, I came back because I have something special to promote here. As awesome as Let's Play videos are, especially to me, and as much as I try to put a spin on them, I decided to promote something different. How about you join me to watch me watching my older videos? That's right, that is what my "Let's Watch" series is! It's only 2 episodes currently, but as new ones are uploaded I will make sure to post them into this very thread. Angry Army, show that love and that support for me, an ever improving YouTube Gamer!
  2. Hey Joe and friends, old veteran reporting in been here since way back when you were a new guy back at that guy with the glasses. I first would like to congratulate you on making it big especially after mass effect. And I love the new site very accesible and user friendly. But over the years there are some complaints which have never been resolved or adressed by you in a vlog or anything else I remember. Old timey me who actually only watches your videos would now like tell you some things which have been bothering me, for which I tried contacting you trough youtube or this site but never got a response or answer in reply or vlog. Issue number 1. Over the years we have all seen you play many video games, and have seen you talk about it or actually know you have played but never heard of from again. Neither in review or in opinion in a vlog or any other thing. This may be due to time constraints or something we just don't know about but non the less this is very frustrating for us. Whatever happened to warhammer: Space Marine Review??? And lately this has been improving with a few let's play's which show up here and there. But it still isn't quite up to suit and actually takes away from the quality of the vid in my opinion and it's not actually a review. Just some first impressions which you didn't give the time to contamplate over and is overal comes across as a clouded opinion. What I was hoping was that you would do a video series in which you round up all the games you have played but haven't been able to make a full review of. And give us mini reviews and/or first impressions which you do monthly or every other month. Because there has been games which you said you were reviewing but didn't or that you played but didn't talk about call them the "Angry Round-up" or whatever. So I hope you consider this. ESPECIALLY with the new console generation, we know you won't review them all so just doing a small thing like this would be really great. Issue number 2. This has been a recent one and that is to do with Twitch. After you got the new consoles you have been streaming allot actually, and even before that you have been streaming. And allot of the AJ community misses the streams, me included, or doesn't even know you did streaming. And after the AJS update I started to feel bit neglected as a youtube follower. I would like to suggest that you upload a 10 or 15 second clip to youtube in which you say "hey guys I'm streaming" which can just be the same video everytime nothing special to tell guys that you are on twitch live. I know there are some applications and twitter stuff that would probably help keep up to date. But let's be real not everyone has those or finds those usefull or neccesary. It's a small thing but sometimes it's the small things that matter and doing this could actually let the community grow closer who don't follow all types of media as result. Issue number 3. AJSA CLUB LOUNGE, Altho I do respect people who directly support you to get special treatment, but if regular members or soldiers can't even read what is being discussed about. then there is no point in having it. It just secludes a certain part of the community out from the rest and can generate elitism and circlejerking. I know people want to feel special for supporting you, but excluding the majority from the "army" is just unacceptible. I could have understood it if we weren't able to post in it, because it does say "communicate with angry joe directly" but not even able to read it... It's just sad, and I am sad and dissapointed . So I hope you change it to where you can read the forum but can't post a comment in it because there have been many other sites and forums which had this feuture and it works perfectly. Issue number 4. Nearly all the the reviews have been about happy Joe where you aren't all that angry. And most of them are triple A or games which are obviously horrible and deserve to be angry. And you hardly do any games, divinity dragon commander being the only one in recent memory, in which there was no clear point of whether a game was good or bad like your King arthur review way back. So I hope you switch it up a bit, and do Ryse or Killer instict or other controversial games which some people love some people hate, or those in which bad publicity actually obscures wether a game is good or bad. Issue number 5. Last one I promise. Viewing your Xbox One unboxing vid I heard you talked about Killer Instinct when waiting in line, and it felt like you actually already judged the game based on the developers history. And it felt like you, just like most people, are judging the game before playing it and then tried to convince or talk someone out of getting the game without knowing anything about it. And with you trying to be more professional and be more serious in your gaming journalism, which you stated in a vlog long back, I was very dissapointed. Perhaps you didn't mean it at all and I just misunderstood it, but that's how it came over and it felt unprofessional it was like watching Gamespot dudebro clips. Only it was sneaked in an unboxing vid, unknowingly or unintentionly, it felt wrong. I have followed that game very closely with interviews early beta footage and everything, and I will say this play the game Joe I'M CALLING YOU OUT. Because everybody seems to either hate the game without knowing anything about it, shit on it because the payment model is different or they simply absolutely love it. I guess I have given enough shits to you Joe, yes you are not the only one who can get angry, but dispite all this I still love watching your vids in what little and inconsistent they are in releases and quality. But you are a good man and funny too and that's why I stayed for all these years. Hope you keep it up on posting those videos whatever they end up being. Hope you get to read this, perhaps mean words but they are meant well. Angry Army vet signing out.
  3. Before you automatically start hating on me for ever thinking/feeling that way about the game, I'd like to say that I did enjoy some of the aspects of the game. In survival mode, it's fun at the beginning, because you have the end-goal of surviving, which then leads you to making various farms, shelters, storage units and so on. I even liked defeating the ender dragon when I finally found him. Although, after doing all that stuff, I didn't find any point of doing anything. Even though I'm generally not into PVP, I did try lots of different kinds of servers with their own unique play style (PVP, survival, islands, guilds, towns, mini-games, twilight forest, etc.). I was able to hold my interest, and enjoy, the game during the relatively "short" times that I was in survival mode (whether modded or not), progressing towards the end goal of "survival maintenance". I'd build all kinds of different practical things every time I found a new place, but then I would completely lose interest after I'm "set for life" in the game. Generally, I need practical goals to a rewarding end; and it has to be an actual reward, even if it's something like a rank or achievement title (although, practical rewards are best). Doing something, in itself, should not be it's own reward in my opinion. In creative mode of the game, and after the whole "survival maintenance" situation in survival mode, there's no point of me doing anything, beyond just showing-off some visually-appealing creations. Mini-games have a certain short-lived charm, but the game's PVP (exploited greatly in "hunger games" servers) generally sucks. The PVP is usually based on luck, since you basically open random chests to get whatever's inside and hope that the items can help you survive through the massacre. Even when you're equal to your opponent, it all comes down to spamming the same key, hoping that you've hit the guy more than you've been hit, based at least partially on server responses and delays/lag. There are way better well-known PVP games out there that you can enjoy for free. Honestly, I totally "get" the charm of Minecraft overall. To put it simply, it's a virtual and more modern version of building block toys (e.g. Lego's)., where you can potentially build anything to your heart's desires. I've seen great videos and photos of people's creations online. Things can get pretty impressive. But that's pretty-much where it ends for me. If you so happen to adore Minecraft, then by all means, go ahead and spend endless hours trying to build an entire living planet; and go ahead and upload that stuff to YouTube or whatever. Meanwhile, I'm gonna stick with games that revolve around specific goals (at least for the most part).
  4. Hey fellow AJSA community members! So just to give a little background. I work for a site called holdtheline.com. Its kind of a consumer fiocused gaming website. So being there though I have had a lot of contact with developers and publishers, and game media.I have meet some really great people in those roles. However, I can say that game journalism has a serious PR problem that it needs to fix. To our Angry Leader , and a few others, you being the exclusion to that generalized statement obviously! Anyhow, this is just my little corner of the interwebz where I put up content. What do you folks say what would you say are some of the biggest problems with game journalism? My thoughts on it are here. What are yours?