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Found 6 results

  1. After seeing how Shyamalan did that thing with the movie glass, it popped into my mind back in February. 1. Both Brightburn and Hancock are owned by Sony (I think) 2. This is an origin story... why make an origin story? 3. The Hancock Wikipedia said they were looking for a big bad for Hancock to face in the sequel. 4. I not ONCE saw a cellphone in the trailers...this means that this is the past. He would be an adult in Hancock. 5. James Gunn would probably direct that movie as well depending on how this one does. So what do you guys think? Too dumb or crazy?
  2. XCOM Showcase

    From the album O-152 Arts

    Coming Soon.

    © O-152 Studios, Firaxis, 2K,

  3. Back in Tumblr, I just saw the funny fanfiction story about Wish for Guilty Gear X BlazBlue in Twisted Metal by dashingmanspaghetti and that was funny. This images is from Twisted Metal series and the images is from Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos the official crossover turn-based tactical RPG game developed by Banpresto (the close partner to Arc System Works and owned by Namco Bandai) and published by Namco Bandai Games. So I heard rumor about Arc System Works will make a crossover fighting game that featuring BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. Similar to other crossover fighting games such as Super Smash Bros series, Capcom crossover fighting series (including Marvel vs Capcom, SNK vs Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken), SNK's King of Fighters series, Sunday vs Magazine (the anime crossover fighting game made by Hudson Soft/Konami) and even Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. If Arc System Works confirmed that BlazBlue X Guilty Gear (or BlazBlus vs Guilty Gear as an alternative title, but working title), this rumor is true. One of the first crossover game that featuring BlazBlue meet Guilty Gear (both were made by Arc System Works) is Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos the sequel to Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos and based on Queen's Gate. Wish for Guilty Gear X BlazBlue in Twisted Metal Guilty Gear X BlazBlue game idea wiki There is also an possible to be 2014 April's Fool. http://shoryuken.com/2014/04/01/arc-system-works-toshimichi-mori-shares-picture-of-guilty-gear-and-blazblue-crossover/
  4. I finished experiencing the crossover game Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright. And I have to say...... Sigh...... It's quite exhausting. This game is so freaking long....... AND IT'S INCREDIBLY FUCKING FANTASTIC!!!! OMG this game, it's definitely an experience worth playing through for fans of both Professor Layton and Ace Attorney series, or hell, even for newcomers of the series. One of the best crossover game I have ever played and certainly one of the best games of 2014. Wait, scratch that. It is the best game of 2014 so far. The concept itself is already awesome: Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright together, two iconic finger pointing badasses that solves mysteries and find the truth in the most awesome way possible. Now you may have doubt whether this will work or not in this game, but man oh man, it works so damn brilliantly. The story of this epic crossover starts with Professor Layton receiving a message from his former student Carmine Accidenti, who was hospitalized after crashing his car. That in itself makes me laugh so hard. Carmine asks Professor Layton to help solve the mystery of a town called Labyrinthia, and to protect a girl named Espella Cantabella that came from this city. Phoenix met Espella later when him and Maya were invited to England for a special court case. After a tutorial sort of missions that both of them faces, they found a green book which sucked them into the town of Labyrinthia. From that point on, the hilarious, depressing and epic adventure of Layton and Wright begins. Now I'll say this about the plot. The plot is essentially more like a Professor Layton game plot than a Phoenix Wright game plot. If you have played more than 2 or 3 Professor Layton game and have finished them all, you'll know what I'm talking about. Layton is always one step ahead and he's still pretty much the main protagonist that saves the day. The difference here is in this game, it's so much more epic with Phoenix Wright in the mix. He makes an already good plot into a fantastic journey, which is why this crossover works so well. The game will not work if it just features Layton and Wright by their own. Well actually it can but it will not be as epic. The graphic in this game is a mix between Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright, so some characters will look normal while others look cartoony, which is quite funny especially the more ridiculous characters later. The music of this game, oh mamamia, so glorious! Both Phoenix's and Layton's theme are in this game, plus new songs like this that just makes your blood pumping. The gameplay of this game is a mix between the usual puzzle solving segment of Professor Layton and the epic contradiction finding gameplay of Phoenix Wright. You know the drill with Professor Layton game puzzles. Talk to strangers, solve puzzles, and you're all good. There's some tricky ones that is not so obvious at first glance, like that find which mice is in which category puzzle that makes me scratch my head, the stamp game, and a few others. One epic puzzle involves a key, where the answer is "the key to the lock is in the key", and it's appropriately named the "turnabout puzzle". This one is quite awesome, and sadly it's the only puzzle in the game where Phoenix finds a contradiction in a puzzle to find the real answer. There should be more of this kind of puzzle. Maybe in the sequel. The courtroom segment is where it's all about. Holy dang hell, this game has one of the hardest trials in the Ace Attorney series. The cases in Trials and Tribulations are slightly harder than this. But it's ok because it's also one of the most epic in the series. Even though the life bar is back to the 5 exclamation marks life bar from the first game, you will lose those quick if you are not careful. Most of the courtroom segments in this game has more than 1 witnesses, which in itself is already new and cool and later on, I'm not kidding here, there's 10 witnesses. 10!! Holy crap!! And it's quite hard finding holes in their testimonies because it requires you to press and backtrack a lot of statements. Sometimes when you press a statement, another witness will have another input on the situation while you are pressing them, indicated by dots on their head. These are vital to progress and find contradictions during parts where nothing is contradictory. Sometimes these dots are just distractions, and sometimes there's a lot of witnesses that has an input so you'll have to pick which witness has the most relevant info to your case. Simply put, it's challenging. If you screw up and get a game over, even if you have a save file, you'll have to restart from the beginning of the testimony, so be careful. On the bright side, the payoff of the trials are awesome incarnate: Phoenix and Layton pointing their fingers to the culprit at the same time! Whooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooo! AWEEEEESSOOOMMEE! Overall, fantastic game from start to finish. Really long too, 30 well spent hours, and that's not counting bonus puzzles and extra scenarios that took place after the main game, which has absolutely no fourth wall and it looks at all the characters in the main game. I give this game the rating of "so damn freaking awesome that you can't wait for the sequel (if there is any, but there better damn well be)". I don't know if this game is canon for both games, but it's very much well deserves to be canon.
  5. This was sparked by a sub-discussion on a previous topic. Now that Marvel and Star Wars are under the same company we can fan-fictionisize about a alternate universe crossover. Imagine! Galactus eater of worlds tries to eat the Death Star! Hawkeye assassinating Jar-Jar! The Emperor useing force lightning on Wolverene's claws! Professor X forcing a star ship pilot to fire against his own fleet! Magneto crushing droids before him! Jean Grey dating Luke! Post more horrible combinations below!
  6. I often wondered about this and I found a relatively fitting image. Dunno if you guys saw it before , probably did yea but wanted to share anyways, this is a free forum ! (..right ? O.o )