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Found 36 results

  1. Hiya, I would like to introduce myself, I'm Shikigami, but I go by Shiki for short. I play on my Xbox One and PC, I love hosing mini open lobbies on Siege or CoD while I stream so I can interact with everyone who wants to play & follows my socials to show support
  2. This is a possible offer to the Angry Army, favorably the ones who own the game. Are any of you guys interested in attempting to make a CSGO team that is in the name of the 'Angry Army'? If so, it would be a good representation of the community if the team ended up fairing well in PUGS, and might put a light on the community to the outside for those who don't know.
  3. I have been playing counter strike and i have been wondering if you should start CSGO events or if there is were do i go?
  4. This week in the news; The "Valentine's Day Massacre" that decided the fate of the Xbox, YouTubers revealed as owners of controversial CS:GO gambling site, China's government must approve all mobile games, Battlefield 1 information leaked, the end of PlanetSide, System Shock remake, journal of games criticism, is Overwatch's Mercy "evil", Call of Duty Roman Warfare, turning NES games 3D, historical analysis of the new Battlefield 1 trailer, fatherhood themes at E3, Bioware creative director and writer discuss what makes a good character, and more. Bill Gates Was "Insulted" By Xbox Pitch, Co-Creator Says Xbox bosses drop hints that wheelchairs are coming to Xbox Live avatar update VR experiences are best when they're brief, says Sony boss China's Government Must Now Approve Every Mobile Game You Gotta See China's Super Smash Bros. Rip-Off Massive Battlefield 1 Data Dump Reveals Weapons, Gadgets, Maps, Story Chapters, and More How Battlefield 1's Air Combat Has Changed Battlefield 1 Leaks Point to Capture-the-Pigeon Mode BioShock: The Collection Brings Remasteres Trio For Current-Gen Consoles And PC In September Bioshock and Bioshock 2 will be updated for free if you own the PC versions (Infinite will have no update). Mafia III Promises An Open World That You Can Actually Change, Ever So Slightly 999 and Virtue's Last Reward Being Ported to New Platforms Tekken 7 Director Addresses Input Lag Controversy, Discusses Additional Characters In Their Next Game, Life Is Strange Developers Are Tempting You To Make Evil Choices Pokémon Sun and Moon's latest trailer introduces a whole slew of new monsters Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack coming to North America on September 30 MARE WILL USE YOUR GAZE TO GUIDE A LOST GIRL THROUGH MYSTICAL RUINS Gears of War 4 Dev Teases Easter Egg and "Super Secret" News Watch_Dogs 2 New Details: AR Games Not Returning, Multiplayer Detailed Aspireational: Dustforce Devs Show FPS’s Procgen Chase: Cold Case Investigations coming to 3DS eShop in North America XBlaze Lost: Memories and Aegis of Earth coming to PC via Steam Aksys might localize Hakuouki Sweet School Life Skullgirls Goes Mobile With A Fighting RPG Spinoff Halo Wars 2 "campaign cutscene" trailer revealed Video quality is somewhat poor as it was taken from a stream. Heavy Rain Dev's New PS4 Game Aims to "Push the Limits" With These Visual Features Hands On: Shadow Warrior 2 Is Like First-Person Diablo SCORN SLOWLY REVEALS ITS FLESHY FACE WITH A NEW TRAILER Video Offers Tiny Peek At More ABZÛ Gameplay Why Dishonored 2's Main Characters Are Voiced This Time Making Sense of No Man's Sky's Massive Universe Shenmue 3 Creator Gives Small Update on Its Progress Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Release Date Confirmed, Features Steve Aoki Zombies, Trains, and the Struggle to Rescue Survivors in The Final Station Dragon's Crown pulled from PlayStation Store in Europe Total War: Warhammer update brings the Blood Knights to the fight A lot changed, fixed, and improved in this update. Total War: Warhammer is getting Blood and Gore DLC Looks too cartoony for me to want to get it. Other than making money I suppose selling the blood as seperate DLC keeps the game rating down and allows more people to buy it. Surprise! XCOM 2's new DLC is out now You can look at this video to see the abilities and customization options for the new class. Gee Thanks, Dad: Layers Of Fear’s Inheritance DLC Steel Yourself: Hearts Of Iron IV’s First Big Patch Out Gul’Dan & Diablo’s Auriel Joining Heroes Of The Storm Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Coming Along Nicely Jim Brown receives $600,000 judgment to dismiss lawsuit vs. EA Nintendo issues DMCA takedown against Kickstarter for NES photobook One Guy's Steam Level Just Broke 1,000 A thread about this was created here. Josh Mosqueira ends spell as Diablo III creative director EA exec Karl Magnus Troedsson departs for Raw Fury’s indie game business PlayStation's 'indie game champion' Nick Suttner departs after 7 years Ubisoft Takes New Steps to Defend Against Vivendi Takeover Orion developer says it was forced off Steam by Activision DMCA claim Sega announces acquisition of Endless Space developer Amplitude Studios The Final Moments Of PlanetSide Overwatch Honors Fan Who Passed Away One Day Before The Game Came Out Overwatch Competitive Mode Wrongly Punishes Players, Patch On the Way Blizzard is suing the creator of an Overwatch cheat program League Of Legends "Hacker" Avoids Jail Sentence GameCube Emulation Is Now A Lot Better Hands-on with the emulator that turns NES games 3D In esports news Evo 2016's Street Fighter 5 finals to be televised on ESPN2 Evo 2016 smashes records with more than 14K competitors British eSports Association formed to assist players and nurture talent Fatal1ty, e-sports’ original star, goes corporate as sport enters new era White House responds to 'Free Leffen' petition, won't make any changes to esports visa policies Watch VICE’s New Film on Professional Gaming in Greece In crowdfunding news Video games on Kickstarter raise just $8.2m in first half of 2016 - ICO Fig still unable to collect unaccredited investment, including money for Psychonauts 2 (correction) System Shock Video is of Lotus Prince taking a look at the original game compared to the remake demo that is available to play. A thread about this was created here. The Z: The most advanced gaming mouse ever made Xydonia - Action-packed Japanese-inspired retro SHMUP Other content I found interesting this week Prominent YouTubers revealed as owners of controversial CS:GO gambling site YouTuber admits that his CS:GO skin betting videos were rigged A thread about this was created here. WATCH THE MAN WHO CREATES NO MAN’S SKY’S CREATURE SOUNDS AT WORK Let's look at some of the history behind Battlefield 1 LET’S OBSESS OVER WHAT INSIDE IS ALL ABOUT Inside Recapitulates the Horrors of the Holocaust Street Fighter 5’s rejected characters include a fighting president, ‘literary master’ and more YouTuber Meets Pope, Gives Him A Copy Of Undertale Asemblance Is A Mindfuck Of A Game That You Should Try What Made System Shock So Special Overwatch's Competitive Mode Is At Odds With The Rest Of The Game Zarya From Overwatch Has Become A Gay Icon, Ironically Is Mercy EVIL!?! | Lore & Speculation | Overwatch Watch Mass Effect Devs Talk About Making Good Characters, While Awkwardly Playing Cards The incredible story of Roman Wars: The lost Call of Duty game The ethical decisions and factional politics of Stellaris The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening's dungeon design | Boss Keys JOURNAL OF GAMES CRITICISM CONSIDERING THE SEQUEL TO GAME STUDIES... HANGING IN THE VIDEO ARCADE THE REPLICATION OF IDEOLOGY: AN INTERVIEW WITH ADRIENNE SHAW AND MARCUS BOON ASSESSING MASS EFFECT 2 AND ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM: USING COLLABORATIVE CRITERIA FOR PLAYER AGENCY IN INTERACTIVE NARRATIVES IMPERIALISM IN THE WORLDS AND MECHANICS OF FIRST-PERSON SHOOTERS Nice to see one of my old Gamespot friends get his work in there. LIBERATING PLAY: AN INTERVIEW WITH ANNA ANTHROPY AND MIGUEL SICART LUDIC SPOLIA IN SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION: BEYOND EARTH A PROCEDURALIST VIEW ON DIVERSITY IN GAMES Fallout 4 proved bigger isn't always better Fatherhood isn't the shortcut to emotional complexity games wish it was Let It Die Composer On Creative Process, Silent Hill, And Suda51. Oh, And Persona, Too History Respawned: Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 and 2 Everything I Need to Know About Writing Video Games I Learned From Pro Wrestling Eight Years As A World Of Warcraft Guild Leader, Remembered Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games LA hotel can't tell the difference between GTA 5 screenshot and actual LA World's Fastest Mario 3 Player Versus Stephen Colbert Eating A Hot Pocket Live speedrun attempt interrupted by fake Windows 10 update How To Setup A Video Game Gambling Website Related to the Youtubers that own the CSGO gambling site, check the link for the video as it won't embed here properly.
  5. Been wasting time building a level for csgo, for quite some time now actually. What i need need some folks to give me there point of view on it because i am completely without creativity at the moment to replace those pesky placeholders which are quite obvious. Would somebody like to help out? You can download the map via the workshop, includes a minimap so that you won't get completely lost. Feedback in the comments over here please. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=705488032
  6. Gaben's Tears

    From the album CS:GO Skins I own/owned

  7. Oddly enough this week we heard YouPorn, a site for mature content, had it's eSports team officially removed from the ESL. Keeping in mind that YouPorn tried everything to follow the rules laid down by the ESL. The ESL dropped the hammer in an email to the sponsored group saying new rules were in place to ensure the integrity of the sport. These rules, summed up, state that a team cannot be supported by a mature themed sponsor. This includes, no drugs, no alcohol, and no pornography. Here is where it gets weird. Bud Light recently announced Bud All Stars, a new ESL sanction team for eSports a day after YouPorn was removed. Double standards....? The Know goes over the whole thing in detail. Honestly hearing this, I feel like no one should support the ESL if at all possible. Will that happen, probably not, but it's better for those that love eSports be aware of this sort of thing.
  8. CSGO got a big update with the "Operation wildfire" (Operations valve releases for 5 -10 bucks each semester or so) With its objective to balance the de_nuke map for both team's, so it isn't ct sided all the time. I couldn't put the de_nuke images in here due to the site no allowing it apparently, therefore before and after sliders can be found here: http://counter-strike.net/reintroducing_nuke/ Thoughts on nuke? Wildfire operation also brings several top rated community maps to the scene The "Gemini Campaign" has 23 Guardian Mode missions and 3 Co-op Strike missions designed for you and a friend to play (and replay) cooperatively.A CS:GO comic is revealed in three parts as you complete Gemini missions.Wildfire Campaign missions feature Casual, Arms Race and Deathmatch game modes. Earn mission XP when you execute the specified mission action. Aswell as some other Misc features that come with the new operation like knifes crates etc... What do you guys think of this new operation?