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Found 14 results

  1. I've only recently become interested in games like this(thank you The Surge) and obviously the next game I want to get because of that is Dark Souls 3, however, I heard that cheating is pretty rampant and even though you are not cheating if you are invaded by someone who does you can see yourself become banned as well. Has this issue been fixed at all or is it still a problem.
  2. The Soul games over the years have become one of the most acclaimed franchises in gaming. Dark Souls 3 is the latest entry into the Souls series, and much like it’s title- it’s one hell of a Dark game. From the design of the monsters, the carved landscapes, the deep subtle lore and storytelling, even the air itself reeks of the games dark nature. But admiring the game isn’t your challenge, no. Your challenge is to complete achievements in Dark Souls 3 for my pleasure. So brave Champion... Will you embrace the darkness, or will you die? Update: The Champion has claimed Victory over April's Community Challenge "Will You Die?". However, I encourage everyone to still try and complete the challenge. As when the article goes up to name our Champion, those who at least complete the challenge will be honored alongside the Champion. The article goes up 4/25/16, meaning you have until than to be honored with the Champion. Be FIRST to obtain ALL three selected Dark Souls 3 in-game Achievements/Trophies (any platform). *To avoid ANY Dark Souls 3 spoilers, the Achievements/Trophies descriptions will not be displayed. However, links of the descriptions are provided for those who wish to know them.* Iudex Gundyr (Description Link) Untended Graves (Description Link) The End of Fire (Description Link) Enter your claim to Victory entry here. Enter your claim to Victory entry before 04/25/16. Must display proof showing you’ve earned these three in-game Achievements/Trophies (PC, PS4, XB1). All three in-game Achievements/Trophies must be earned after 04/12/16, and display proof of this (Sorry Japanese players and Non-Japanese earlier buyers). The date will be applied to Global Times. Example if you're living in a timezone and you get your game at 10:00 pm in your Timezone, as long as somewhere in the world it has turned 12:01 am 04/12/16 at the time you earned these trophies you are okay. Your proof must be entered here I will not accept private message entries of any kind, from any source of messaging.
  3. Well now that Dark Souls 2 came out a month ago I feel that this question should be asked, especially since this is the fifth year anniversary of the franchise, and while I know that technically Demon's Souls isn't part of Dark Souls series cause of lore reasons and that Dark Souls is just a spiritual successor, I still feel like it still belongs in this list, so what would your favorite Souls game be out of the three
  4. Well I've seen some people say it and I'm starting to think the same thing but I haven't finished it yet so it's not exactly 100% for me yet, Demon's Souls is easier if you've played Dark Souls, I know that Dark Souls came out 2 years after, but you'd think Demon's Souls would still be hard, I don't know what do you guys think
  5. Now yes Dark Souls II was only released 6 days ago where I am, but I'm willing to bet quite a few people already bought it, I did, I got it the first day it came out and I think it's better than the first Dark Souls and even harder if you don't know how to proceed it, but I wanna know what you guys think of it, for me I'd give it a 10
  6. So I decided to do a lil' playthrough of Dark Souls with an early Catacomb run. I just can't wait to get my hands on Dark Souls 2 and I just need to make sure my skills are up to snuff when that game comes out lol. So I want to share with you guys my experience "which is continuing" of Dark Souls on PC. Sorry I can't get this to have a decent size, I don't know why the youtube system on here is annoying.
  7. This is my experience with "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs" in a nutshell: Walk along the right wall (using ladders whenever they come up), while you test and re-test all doors, levers, buttons, and so on, just to see if they work at all. :-P This game is incredibly bland, as you just walk around, trying to figure-out what you CAN interact with, so that you can solve/trigger overly-simple puzzles/events. It doesn't even matter what you do in the game anyways, since there's no penalties for acting like an incompetent fool in the game. One example is that you quickly regenerate any health lost from being damaged. In fact, no matter what mistake you make, the game will act as if you never made the mistake at all. "Oh, you died?... I'll instantly respawn you a couple of feet away at full health, without even taking away any past progress!" If you want a great "horror" gaming experience, then buy yourself "Amnesia: The Dark Descent". You get to interact with so many things; and you have to actually pay attention to whatever is going on with the game, including the story (as it helps you solve fairly elaborate puzzles). Your resources are also limited; and you often get punished no matter what you do. For example, you go insane if you don't have a light source, but you're incredibly limited in the way of creating/getting any of them. There's even times where you need to avoid light, since you don't want enemies to notice you.
  8. Before I start this review, I want to thank IDSpike for giving this game to me last week. Thanks man, you're the best. If you ever want a game around $10 on steam, just tell me and I'll repay you back. Now on with the review. The Cat Lady is a point and click game, recently released on Steam while previously it's on the game's web for sale for $10. The game opens with the main character, Susan Ashworth, drinking sleeping pills to commit suicide. She succeeds, and in purgatory, she met this old lady who calls herself the Queen of Maggots. This old lady is giving Susan a chance to live again, to appreciate life by assigning her a duty: kill 5 parasites which are basically people that needs to just die. She is given immortality, and cannot die unless those 5 people are dead. And then her adventure begins, starting with waking up in a hospital. The game's graphic is like Sin City where most of the time it's black and white blood to color things, but there's sections of the game where it's in full color. It's quite interesting and simplistic to see, and it's perfect for the gruesome things that's in the game. If you are familiar with a point and click adventure game, you'll know what to do here. No mouse though, just using keyboard. Pick objects by trial and error, use one object on this location etc. Killing the parasites are like solving a puzzle through trial and error, and it's not like Walking Dead where you have this cursor that you have to aim to the enemies. Every parasite is different, and there's only 1 way to kill them, except the first one which has 2 ways of killing him, but that's just for the sake of achievement if you want. One puzzle in the game makes no sense at all and will leave you with a "that's bullshit!" feeling, and it's on the second chapter. In it, you have to get a red liquid, which is actually kind of like a painkiller for this woman. Problem is, to get the red liquid, you have to be heavily sedated, and while you are tripping balls, you have to go to the hospital's receptionist desk, and find a huge red heart that you have to cut to get the blood which is the liquid you are looking for. And then you go to bed and give it to the person that wants it. There is only 2 of this kind of puzzle, but the second one is much more straightforward. The story in this game is pretty interesting. Let's just say it's basically Susan's journey to get cured of her emo issue while making sure that murderers like the parasites go to hell. Susan lives in this really old and dirty looking apartment, and her only friend are a bunch of cats that comes to her apartment whenever she plays her piano, hence the nickname Cat Lady is given to her by her neighbors. During chapter 4 she meets this woman named Mitzi who looks like a goth or an emo, but she hates being called that, and she's looking for a place to live, which is Susan's apartment. She's a really cool chick that's always making jokes, and it's Susan's only human friend that at first she hates, but as time passes they became good friends. There are 7 chapters in this game, and a couple of them like chapter 3 and 6 are radically different than the other ones. In the third chapter, you're just making coffee, smoke a cigar, eat hamburger and summon your cats, but there's this stress meter that will rise up if you screw up. The first time playing through this section, you will fail miserably and Susan will flip out, but it doesn't do anything to the next chapter except that you don't get the golden ending. You have to know what not to do to get past this section with low stress meter. Chapter 6 is just you going around your apartment to look for people, so you have to go to different floors and knock on people's door. This chapter is the funniest chapter in the whole game because of the constant sarcasms that both Mitzi and Susan are having. And there's one section involving a giant cat zombie that has to be seen. The final chapter is in my opinion, quite anticlimactic. The final parasite is the most normal out of all the other ones, and his crime is actually quite tame compared to the other psychos Susan has to deal with. But just because it's anticlimactic, doesn't mean it's not awesome cause it is. It's just the most normal thing in the game, but taking the bastard down is both satisfying and heartwarming. Overall, quite an interesting and awesome adventure game with an interesting and dark mature story. I give this game the rating of so good that I can't wait for the sequel (if there is any). Now if you guys don't want to bother playing the game and want me to tell you the story, please let me know so I will tell you in a PM, because this game has quite a good one.
  9. Whos excited? I know I am who beat both Demon Souls and Dark Souls.
  10. The sequel to one of the most difficult games in recent years is coming out next March, and I know I'm gonna get it, but who else will take the challenge
  11. For me it would be and it can get very frustrating at times
  12. Got an interesting story that happened to you while playing Dark Souls? Feel free to post. Fanfic stories are welcome too :3
  13. Dark Souls is a very active and interactive online game, it includes both elements of coop and pvp, and the pvp community never dies down on pc. So I'm here to request AngryJoe to creaete a subform for Dark Souls under pc gaming (as it's the most guranteed way for players to connect unlike console versions) and perhaps hold a competition to decide the AJSA Dark Souls Loremaster and have that person be incharge of the subforum (a moderator). It would be a fantastic way for the few here that play Dark Souls to meet and cooperate if all the topics are held in their own subforum instead of the general Role Playing Games pages (not have to scroll back and search for it). Not to put any extra pressure on website managers because I understand launch is hell of a stress, so take your time if you're ever adressing this We need a spacious place to be doing this all day