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Found 1 result

  1. Anyone else played it? what did you think of it? Got dead space 3 a few days ago for $20. Wow I really love this game. Playing on hard mode is really intense and I've died a bunch and this game is so damn long. I've played the first one a little bit years ago but don't remember it well, and I've heard some people hate on this game looking around the internet since I got it, but I have to say it is a great game. It's like playing through a good scifi horror movie. The gameplay is somewhat similar to resident evil. God damn its fun and satisfying though. Super gory, and it has a mechanic of blowing limbs and body parts off enemies to kill them. The weapon crafting is way better than I thought it would be. You can make dozens of different guns. There are so many kinds to try out and combinations, and they make the gameplay unique and it gets addicting making guns. Playing the game through a second time using different guns give replayability. Speaking of replayablilty, it has a few side missions that are optional (I skipped a couple because it was to hard on hard mode) And at least 3 side missions that are co op only. And when you play co op the other dude actually hallucinates and is going crazy and sees things the player playing Isaac can't see. Also the game is pretty damn long. Maybe it seems a bit longer to me from dying over and over in certain parts. I also personally like the story. Some people complain about it and the characters but I think its good. it might not be mind blowing emotional and gritty like last of us or something but its still good. *kind of spoilers* The first half of the game you are in this sort of ship grave yard in orbit of this planet stranded after your ship is blown up. You can even fly around in space and there is lots to explore. Then the second half you are on the ice planet where the necromorphs come from. You crash land in a shuttle and have to survive the cold until you can find an arctic suit and find your friends. I love the snowy world it reminds me of the movie the thing. Especially on hard mode this is a straight up survival horror game. It's not scary all the time but it does have scary moments and you struggle to survive. It does often have similar pattern of gameplay of building things you need for some part of the story and going through killing zombies (also people in very little parts) collecting resources and crafting guns. But, its all so addictive. And I love the art style and vibe of the futuristic space scifi horror thing. There are even some decent boss fights. Sorry this is a little long and stupid but I want to share my thoughts on this game. I haven't beat it yet. when I do though plan to replay co op with a friend though! Solo is probably best for first play through since it's more scary kinda.