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Found 3 results

  1. Com on, the game is easily 70% cinematic with at most subpar game play, I think it would be funny and actually more appropriate to treat this game as more of a "immersive" format of a movie rather than just a game. Needless to say the acting is top notch for some character, so much so that it might as well have been a live action because it's just so damn realistic as certain point of the cinematic, probably the best so far among all games cinematic. They might be even Oscar worthy if I do say so myself.
  2. Hey everyone, Who here is ready for Death Stranding, dropping on November 8th? I am pretty interested in the game, especially with how weird it looks. Don't really see anything else coming out anytime soon that is remotely similar to it. Anyone else have thoughts on this upcoming game? -GrinningZero
  3. So Game Awards 2016 just happened, and Kojima received a well deserved Industry Icon Award. But as if that isn't great already, Kojima decided to release a new trailer for Death Stranding. AND OMGOMGOMGOMG! IT'S GUILLERMO DEL TORO!!! AND FUCKING HANNIBAL LECTER!!! Or you know, the bad guy from Dr Strange and Casino Royale but OH, MY, FUCKING, GOD. MY MIND JUST FUCKING EXPLODED! This is...... byoutiful. We still don't know what the hell this game is going to be but what a way to reveal your new game, at an award show no less! And what a way to say a hearthy fuck you to Konami for last year and for cancelling Silent Hills. Kojima, Guillermo and Daryl are together again, and now we have Hannibal joining in the pack. The world is now whole again. I cannot fucking wait for this game.