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Found 8 results

  1. Hey Angry Army, let's design a champion for League of Legends! It'll be fun maybe! Here's what I think we should do: Step #1: Pick a theme. Let's start by choosing a general design guideline for our champ to follow. This can be pretty much anything so I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with. We can draw inspiration from a concept, a philosophy, a personality, a mythos, even an object. If you feel like playing, post your suggestions and we'll pick the best one (possibly more?) to move forward with, design a character around, and choose a name for. Step #2: Abilities! Once we know what we want our champ to be, we need to decide what they do. This will, of course, follow from the chosen theme, as well as what role we want him/her/it/them to fill (AD, support, mid, jungle, top, tank, fighter, assassin, etc.). This will likely consist of the usual three standard abilities, an ultimate, and a passive, but not all champs fit that mold, so who knows! Step #3: Appearance! Bring it to life with art! I imagine this will involve some visual design discussion and notes, followed by some concept sketches and maybe even a sexy splash! With any luck we could get someone a little better 'n me to work on the visuals, but I'll do what I can if need be. Or this whole thing will be ignored and I'll just be talking to myself. Up to you guys. X)
  2. AJSA Shirt design2

    From the album Sir Jordbrekk Album

  3. AJSA Shirt design

    From the album Sir Jordbrekk Album

  4. This is something that has bothered me for many years, ever since the 16 bit consoles era. Why do all other joypads have such rubbish D-pads? IGN explains, I would not have guessed Nintendo would have been able to patent such a simple design. The SNES was the best controller for many years and this was largely due to the simple and brilliant D-pad. The Xbox 360 controller is now my favourite joypad but the D-pad is crap. It's simply inferior to the SNES directional pad and now I know why. Nintendo took the best and refused to share it with the rest. #NaughtyNintendo
  5. Hey, i'm here again with another design. I decided to design this simple, and cool looking. Feedback and such is very welcomed!
  6. So since allot of you dont have acces to the design council ( acces to see whats comming in the game ). Ive copied this post from the design council area so you guys can enjoy it aswell ! <3 - Beany Design council post from DE Megan: Attention DC! Dorian has been hard at work putting together the new HUD, here is a sneak peek of the latest progress based off of community feedback! "The Core" This is the simplest form of the HUD. "Gear" This is the new Gear menu. Upon selecting your gear (default Q), everything on the HUD will disappear except the Gear menu. "Full" This is as crazy as it gets. Everything you see here is what could potentially pop up during your mission. Note: Copy on HUD is placeholder, destroying the Warframe Cryopod is just mean.
  7. Do I have to have the website finished before I buy a hosting package? Could I just buy a domain & host and publish the site when it's ready or does it have to be published when the hosting service is bought? Many thanks guys and gals
  8. Hi My name Is Jonathan but people call me Jonny I am a Artist, Graphic designer and a bussiness owner(just started) and of curse a Gamer I have a FB artist page it is call "Unorthodox Art Methods" :https://www.facebook.com/UnorthodoxArtMethods The Games I like Playing First person SHooter ,Free ROm games and fighting games MY favorite games Are Batman Arkham games,GTAv,Mortal Kombat,Street Fighter Arcade Edition,Super smash bros,Megaman X and so on I been watching the Angry Joe Show for awhile already I love It and saves me alot of Money just by watching his Reviews