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Found 1 result

  1. This game is right around the corner. I like the previous games of David Cage. Indigo Prohecy/ Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls even. Yeah those games aged poorly....... But I still like em. They're still entertaining and makes me laugh my ass off by how stupid/ absurd the moments in the games are. Detroit Become Human will probably be a much better Heavy Rain that has the same "choices actually matter and will change the future outcomes of the game" thing, which thank God it has because I'm so fucking sick of these Telltale Games & games that pretends there's choices but none of them fucking matters. I can't wait to see what the game has to offer & what scenarios will happen depending on my choices. Now the question for this game is this: will Detroit Become Human have a supernatural twist to it, or some kind of mind blowing twist that changes everything? Because David Cage has done this sort of thing in the past. Indigo Prophecy has the main character being some sort of a Jedi Neo esque hero because of this "Chroma" that he's exposed to when he was a child, which then leads to some kung fu fighting with some Oracle dude that works for the Orange Clan, which are enemies with supreme AIs the Purple Clan.... yeah that game is weird. Then there's Heavy Rain which although is grounded in reality, there's a couple of supernatural "mindlink" element between Ethan and the Origami Killer, which unfortunately is never explained because the explanation was cut. Then of course there's Beyond Two Souls with whatever is in the entire game. My guess is that it's no coincidence that the 3 main characters in Detroit Become Human broke out of their programming and they Become Human. (PUNS) I think that these 3 are possessed by dead people who got reincarnated into androids. And it's possible that many of the androids in the game are possessed by spirits as well, which in the end of the game will lead to this big revelation that maybe Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human actually takes place in the same universe. I mean it's highly possible, Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain took place in the same universe so why not this? I want to see the 3 main characters finding out that they were once human in their past life & what they will do afterwards. And have Helen Page returning in a cameo and have you help her fight dark entities. That'll be fun. Or you know, maybe the big twist in the game itself is that there are no big twists and that this game is just as straightforward as advertised about androids who broke out of their programming and decided to Become Human. (PUNS AGAIN :D)