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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today, again, I have a new review. This time for BRUT@L. A top down Diablo like with procedural generation and a unique art style. Check out the review and let me know your thoughts!
  2. The Awakening is Here Path of Exile was awesome. Now with the new patch its more awesome. Tomorrow(exact time) Awakening releases. We are waiting for all the new and old members at release date, we will group up and have some fun. The game is free on steam. For the hardcore PoE players: There is an event going on. If you first kill the final boss, you get Alienware gaming laptop. You might want to give it a go, more details here. Will be trying to get you killed, MoVe
  3. So I've been seeing some good entertainment in here. Art like nothing else, man I wish I improved on my own skills but meh... Regardless, I wish people could do some variety on the art (nothing is forced, the magnitude of how awesome the peoples art here is great). Here are a few examples: Monkey Island <--- Personally want this oneDragon Age (Origins)ShenmueDiabloStarcraft and/or Brood WarCommander KeenSplinter CellThe Lost VikingsGrim Fandangoetc.
  4. I'm a huge fan of Diablo like games hopefully it not pay 2 win but most likely it will be.
  5. Ready for Reaper of Souls ? Well lets do it together! Angry Joe Show Army now live! everyone welcome. Add me and attach a note saying you want in! BattleTag is ArcaneBrute#1979 lets get this army rolling.
  6. Apparently, in preparation for the upcoming expansion, Diablo III is now -50% off. I've wanted this game for awhile, but have been wary of the EA-like DRM that we have to use, but then again I already play games like World of Warcraft and Hearthstone (which force the same thing). Do you see it is a fun game, and worth the $20 I will pay for it? What are the positives and negatives of the game? Thanks for your assistance!
  7. Ok now I'm slightly annoyed at the moment and not many people can see why. Diablo 3 just introduced their "expansion" AKA Reaper of souls. (RoS) Now this game over in the EU costs £30 so I'm guessing thats around $40 - $50 in america and so on and so fourth. At first I thought for an expansion and being blizzard I can understand this game being £30. A bit steep yes but this is blizzard. We were promised alot of things in this latest expansion which haven't exactly been delivered. When me and my two friends put our game key into the battle.net app we expected some kind of download or install right ? Wrong... This is why I want Joe to look into this. I've payed £30 to technically unlock something. Didn't Capcom pull this one and everyone jump down their throats. Why are blizzard suddenly getting a free pass for this shit. PLEASE JOE HELP!?!
  8. I joined relatively recently but it surprised me that there's no mention of it on the forums =P A group of Angry Army members made a clan for AJSA! So far there's 78 members, and I was hoping we could get a sub-forum for Diablo 3 so that we can share info and stuffs if that's okay. =D Also, if you haven't heard. Diablo 3 ROS is pretty fun now. A large majority of the decisions from D3 were wiped clean.
  9. Now that Reaper of Souls is out to the public what do you all think? how was the new chapter of the story? do you like the new class? do you think the crusader is OP or UP? let me know all of your input and feedback! I've beaten Reaper of Souls twice and man are some of those enemies are a pain to take down, got my ass handed to me more than once while playing through.
  10. I got this game when It first came out and I have to say the Auction House really made this game crap in my opinion. They have Finally taken it away now there's finally a reason to play now you feel like you actually accomplish stuff while playing this game instead of just buying everything needed to be the best. They have changed a lot in this game since the new patch that came out. Game feels more smooth and way more worth wild then it was when it first came out. I would highly recommend this game to anyone right now for the current price there offering at this time $20 for at least 20 hrs+ game play. They added clans and community's now to the game to we currently have 30 members in the AJSA Clan on the game. I really hope this changes peoples view on the game now and are willing to give it a try what are you waiting for lets play some Diablo 3!
  11. I'm current playing diablo 3 on the ps3 and must say am really enjoying it. I was wondering what people here thought of the game in regards to the overhaul it's had compared to the previous diablos, Also if anyone wants to play online add me on psn always happy to lend a hand or go loot hunting, I just find it hard to play online when the other person has no mic so there is no communication haha At the time of this post I'm a level 37 monk playing through nightmare mode now so I'm not a long way through, still plenty of loot and boss battles to go!
  12. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone talk about this game yet. Anyone tried it? Personally I think it's the best successor to Diablo 2 you can find and it's a game that's truly free to play and so well done in both gear and complex builds for your characters.
  13. So let's have a Diablo II AJSA thread, shall we? I hear a rumor that a new ladder is starting up soon, some say this month. Anyone else wanna dive back into this old gem with me? Discuss what you will, favorite builds/mf areas, most hated of those, hell even ask questions if you're interested in trying it out or need advice on builds/gear. When the new ladder starts I'd be glad to lend out some items I won't be using and would like if others did the same. If you're playing on this ladder, what are your characters? Any level 9xs? HC or SC?
  14. Hello good sirs! Here is my first impressions style review of FORCED by Beta Dwarf. Very interesting game with an extremely awesome development team!