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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! We all know there was some fantastic games in 2017, so much I'd be willing to call it the best year for quality games that we have had for a long time. This however does not alter the fact that it had more than it's fair share of bad games, disappointments, controversies and some seriously shady business practices that ruined what cold have been some solid releases. Rather than doing separate topics for these I've decided to amalgamate these into one, so post your list of games for whatever reason had you saying to yourself or out load.. Fuck This Game! Allow me to make a start (in no particular order): FUCK The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild! Possibly not going to be a popular choice here but someone has got to say it. This game is overrated, annoying and tedious with the vast majority of it's many shortcomings passing through the filter of the gaming media and even independent YouTuber's underplayed or even totally ignored. Don't get me wrong, it has aspects of genuine brilliance in the combat, the intelligent AI, shrine puzzles, it's numerous in game mechanics, the ingenious level design and in amount of freedom it offers. However at other points it also one of the most frustrating and least fun gaming experiences of my entire life with it's overly fragile weapons, seemingly randomly spotted difficulty spikes, the needless necessity of having to travel back to specific points in order to level up, the stamina gauge, the fact the huge map seems to have been specifically designed to make the simple task of travelling from A to B as tedious and difficult as it can possibly be. For me at least in looking exclusively at the game itself this is 2017's greatest disappointment. FUCK Middle-Earth: Shadow of War! Riding off the subject games that I am unable to understand why so many like them so much we have the sequel to critically acclaimed but in this ones humble opinion FUCKING GOD AWFUL Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Yet I can comfortably say without even touching it that this follow up..... is even worse! Not only does it not seem that any of issues concerning the story, laughable stealth detection and lack of challenge have been addressed, (I heard some say they are even worse) but Warner Brothers Interactive decided to play the ultimate card in corporate smut and re-package the Nemesis system into a glorified gambling simulator. Thanks to the introduction of lootboxs you can pay your way into making Tallion and his army even more so the bunch overpowered jackasses than they already were without even playing the fucking game! Even honest attempts by the developer to pay tribute to a late colleague were left dripping with the disdain of corporate greed. I know now that this Middle-Earth will never be what I was hoping for. FUCK Life is Strange: Before the Storm! Now I already wrote a full review of this so I'll keep this brief. If you thought that going forward with such a well received new IP without the support of the original developer would be a mistake or that a prequel to a game that had such focus on player choice would be DOA when we already know what is ultimately going to happen.... then you'd be absolutely right. With less interactive gameplay, downgraded production with story and writing that plays out more like an amateur fan fiction than a legitimate prequel and what you get another huge let down in 2017. Full Review here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/39559-life-is-strange-before-the-storm-episodes-1-3-crabby-review/ FUCK Destiny 2! Here's the skinny on this one at least from my perspective. Despite it's issues I enjoyed the original and had every intention of paying this. However, during the open BETA for both PS4 and PC I was plagued with technical issues that as far I know almost nobody else seemed to suffer. In hindsight it almost seems to me now that this was a sign of an ill omen and I stayed away.... and thank fuck I did when you consider everything that has happened since. From players being banned for using totally innocent software like Discord or MSI Afterburner, locking players out of base game content unless they bought the first expansion, Bungie secretly capping XP gains to encourage players to spend more real money in the Eververse, designing a seasonal event to make it impossible to get every limited time item in the Eververse unless you gamble for it among so many other controversies that would even make EA blush! There's to much for me to even go through here but I'll leave a link to YongYea's YouTube channel if you want to learn more. It seems that Bungie have lost their drive here and don't really seem to care anymore. YongYea, YouTube FUCK The Life of Black Tiger! One the worst games if not THE worst game of 2017, not to mention one of the most confusing. I guess it's not that surprising that asset flipping trash made it as a freebie on mobile. This piece of shit truly stepped up to the plate by not only managing to get on the PlayStation store, not only charging $10 for a "game" that was originally free, not only getting activity promoted by PlayStation on their official YouTube channel with a trailer that (as you can see) is still there to this day but that very Trailer uses music directly stolen form JackonTC's piano cover of "Next to You" from the Anime Parasyte/Kiseijuu.... HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! How the hell did Sony allow this to happen! It truly beggars Belief! FUCK Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA! Well..... Well.... Well..... What more is there really about EA and their magnum PR disasterpiece that hasn't already been said by every gamer, journalist, members of the pubic and even government officials that hasn't been said already. To quote Hawaii House of Representatives member Chris Lee "It's a trap!". I could go on and ranting and raging as much as anyone about EA's ludicrous and greedy decision to include a Loot box glorified gambling system a AAA Star aimed at children. I could go even further in that they made it infinity worse by tying Crafting Parts required for progression as well as Star Cards that give players significant in game advantages to the Loot Box's making it a Pay-To-Win system. The truth is though.... I actually want to thank them! The swift and decisive retribution of the gaming community got the attention of the media at large and now legislators all over the world are looking in to regulation for these in game Casino's all because EA took a step to far. It's more possible now more than ever that we may get a day when every copy of Overwatch, Fifa, Need For Speed Payback, COD WWII, Forza Motorsport 7, Destiny 2 and all the other gambling simulators of the world could be re-classified for sale to adults only and removed from most stores. If that happens be rest assured that I will be there at the closing time penultimate to that day watching them being removed from shelves with a cold beer in my hand and big fucking smile on my face! If 2017 was "The Year of the Loot Box" then thanks to EA 2018 might very well be "The Year the Loot Box Dies!" There's more games I could cover here but I don't want to be a whole hog so I'll stop there. Thanks for reading!
  2. I apologize if this is a late review of this game, but I just finished it today after 1 year of having it, only to put it on hold since there's a ton of other great games to play. Its good that I actually finished it today because I don't want to touch it again. Now the premise of Killzone 3 is that it's right after Killzone 2 where the big boss of the awesome empire Helghast was killed by the stupid moron Rico. Now that he's dead, others are taking his place, so it's up to You, Sevchenko, to put an end to this army. The story and settings is awesome, but unfortunately it's brought down by some dumbass issues. I'll say what I like about the game. I like the fact that the gunplay is solid. Shooting enemy soldiers feels like your gun has weight to it that makes kills look great. The melee kills are brutal and are my prefered method of attacking enemies. The graphic is great for 2011 standards, and the atmosphere of the game feels awesome. The enemies are varied and make for great challenges. There's a weapon in the game that shoots energy beams that will destroy enemies if you charge it up before you shoot, and I like that when you go down in combat, your ally can help heal you. Also the multiplayer is fun and engaging. That's the good things. Now it's time for the the bad things, which brings the game dooooowwwwwn. First of all, the game has a cover system where you have to press L2 behind a wall or a box where you enter "guard mode". This "guard mode" increases your hipfire accuracy, which is good, but it's very stiff to move and it makes you a lot easier to get killed. First few missions I played, i thought I have to use guard mode to survive, but after 8 times of dying in the same spot, I give up and just never use it. Surprisingly running around from cover to cover is much more effective than this guard mode. Secondly, there's glitches that makes the game unpolished. Sometimes when there's a cutscene, the area didn't load, so you'll see empty white spaces for 3 seconds before they appear, and sometimes the audio for the voices is delayed by 2 seconds. This is especially apparent when you have subtitles on, because the voices finished before it even reach the end of the subtitles. The audio for sound effects are also missing in some parts, like the sound effect of jumping and grabbing something when I'm in the snow level grabbing a hovercraft. This makes me uninterested in watching the cutscenes and just skip it altogether. Thirdly, the game's friendly ai is sometimes really fucking stupid. I have countless times encountered an issue where I got injured and has to be revived, so I have to wait for my ally. Even though the guy is in front of me, 3 times out of 4, he'll IGNORE ME, and he even says "sorry man, can't reach you." Like WTF? I'm in front of you moron! Fourthly, the jetpack weapon that you'll get later in the game, which is supposed to be a powerful rapid fire machine gun with infinite ammo, is really2 weak. This is annoying because there is 1 stage in the game where you have to battle through enemies using this jetpack, which is awesome the first time you use it to get the hang of it, but then you get to this section when there's 8 enemies you have to fight, and this is where you'll die and die and die and die!!! You think you can get the drop on enemies by flying above them and spray death from above right? Nope! First time you fly, you got shot at and you are dead, so getting the drop on them like a badass is worthless. So what's the point of having the jetpack in the first place?? After 15 times of replaying this section, I just say fuck it and just use my regular machine gun. I went pass this section after 2 tries. How can this badass gattling gun jetpack with infinite ammo ends up being the worst weapon in the game? It's a wasted potential! Number 5: you can die waaaaayyy too easily. I'm not talking about the on foot section, i mean that one is a pain in the ass already, but the vehicle combat section is the most annoying thing in the game Ever! You get to use a bunch of vehicles like a cool mech with a homing missile and gattling gun, a car with a drill on it's front wheel, a hovercraft and even a badass space combat ship in space in awesome on rails shooter mode where you blow shit up. Sounds good right? Only to find out that if you get hit 3 to 4 times, you instantly die and unless that on rails section has a cutscene you can watch, you have to start the section FROM THE BEGINNING ALL OVER AGAIN! And you'll constantly get barrages after barrages of enemy fire, so you'll have to just go apeshit on everything if you want to stay alive. This all happens when I am playing on NORMAL MODE. I don't want to know what the Elite mode is like. Oh, hahaha, I forgot to mention this before! If you are in a level where you have to go through barrages of enemies for 10 minutes straight and never see a cutscene anywhere, and you decide to quit the game, you think you can just go back to the section after you went through that entire enemies right? NO! You have to start ALL over from the beginning! Why the fuck can't I just go back to the section after I went through all that bullshit JUST BECAUSE THERE'S NO CUTSCENE? And the last nail to the coffin that brings this game down, after dying over and over again, have to restart from the beginning of a stage because I quit the game, and in particular dying 12 times in the frustrating last stage, you expect a rewarding and awesome ending that lets you know what happens next that makes all that hard work paid off right? Ihehehe, hehahahah HIAHAHAHAHAHA! OF COURSE NOT! You only get a 40 SECONDS ending cutscene that basically ends with no closure whatsoever with any of the main characters and just a fucking sequel hook to Shadow Fall! Why can't the game ends with an elaborate description of what happens right after the last scene of the game? Just have a what happens next with the main characters cutscene or something, don't just drop only a lazy 40 seconds cutscene with no closure! Overall, this game could have been awesome. The combat is great, some of the weapons are badass, enemy types are varied, lots of cool set pieces and the multiplayer is fun to play. Too bad most of the time you play the game, it's more like torture because of the stupid ai, broken cover mechanic, unpolished cutscenes, bad2 jetpack gun that's a wasted potential because it's just useless, sections that are just waayy too easy to die even on normal, not being able to just go back right where you left of if you quit the game and there's no cutscene before you quit, and with a horrible2 ending to close it. I don't want to play the multiplayer or even the singleplayer after that ending because the bad singleplayer bullshit I have to go through makes me had enough. I give this game the rating of finished it, but I don't want to touch it anymore. If you guys don't have any of these problems and you have fun till the end, you are fortunate. The game is definitely a so good that you can't wait for the sequel material. I wish I have your copy of the game, but now i don't want to look at Killzone 3 anymore. I'm going back to play Shadowrun Returns and the Cat Lady to wash the bad taste in my mouth from playing this game.
  3. I really didn't like Halo 4. Now it wasn't the worst game ever, but it definitely didn't keep my attention any more than a month. The game was a huge disappointment for me in many aspects, here are some of the things I didn't like. No ranked multiplayer: Seriously 343? This was the most important of all. Without ranked there is no way to make sure the experience is challenging and pleasurable for any players. Either you tear everything apart in a blood driven rampage, get your ass kicked, or have a good game (90% of the time it's the former). Ranked is what made the previous titles great, it's what made you want to replay the multiplayer. Without that there is not much fun to be had when the games are either too easy or to hard.No human aircraft: Why? Just why? No falcon, no hornet, no pelican, no nothing? I thought human aircraft should have been a staple since halo 3. Without this there is just so much ruined potential with custom games.Lack of gamemodes: The only new gamemodes that were added is regicide (which is O.K.), flood (which is infection with flood-like spartans), and dominion (which was pretty fun, but it could have had more potential). Headhunter was removed, along with V.I.P., Race, Stockpile, Every Insane gamemode, Invasion (perhaps the most missed of all), And assault (why would you drop that?). Most of these choices hardly make since. Either the clock was against them or they didn't give a shit.Worst campaign yet: Not only was it short, but it kinda went against the mythos, had an anti-climactic boss battle, and *SPOILER* killed off one of my favorite characters CORTANA.Bland multiplayer: At first I was defending the game from people saying "It's just like COD!". But now I see that the class system, no weapon pick-ups, and ordinance drops ruin the game for me. It just doesn't feel like halo anymore.Non-Working file browser: One of my favorite things about reach was the file browser. Sharing and downloading custom maps, pictures, films, and gamemodes was great. 343 didn't get up the file browser until weeks after release.No forge world: -Or at least a worthy equivalent. Either the map is just too small or doesn't have very many natural formations. The only forge map worthy of replacing forge world was impact, but even then who wants all of their maps in space?Weak weapons: Why do the weapons sound so weak? When I heard 343 was recording for weapon sounds in the field I was so exited. What I ended up with was weapons that sounded more plasticy than ever.Perks: At first I thought this wasn't a big deal, but then I played the game alot. Perks or "Specializations" should never be in a Halo game NEVERBarely any new vehicles: All we got was a mech, no pelican, no shadow, no specter, and no new human vehicles. What a waste of potentialHardly any weapon pick ups: These ordinance drops replaced the random map weapons, and although I might admit that the random power weapon cycling is cool but there is so little of them, it ruins all the fun we had with weapon pick-ups in the past. Now with all the classes and shit, nobody starts out on even grounds which is what made halo so great.No SMG: People asked for the SMG sooo much. The silenced SMG was probably the number 1 weapon people wanted to see in halo 4. So what did 343 do? Ignore that request and put no SMG what-so-ever.​No Dual Wielding: Some may dismiss this as a stupid gimmick, but fuck that! Dual wielding was badass and added more variety to the gameplay. I really miss this feature.Ultra consistent point count: No matter how well you do your point count is very consistent after the end of every match. So if you get a killionare and a perfection in one game your points that you are awarded afterwards will be almost the same as a match in which you didn't get those. Totally lame...Lack of playlists: Nowhere near the amount of playlists you got in 3 and reach. Not even any community playlists.Anti-climactic boss fight: Did I say boss fight? I meant there was none. Just a cut scene and an assload of enemies beforehand.Worst A.I. teammates since reach: There are hardly any of them, and when there are some they are like disabled children. Just watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaR8ltjlrwU These A.I. make me miss Kat.Wasted campaign opportunity: After the love expressed by the fans due to the amazing space battle section in reach, what is 343's experience? One short pelican mission and nothing like it afterwards. We did get a mission with a mammoth but the variety of awesome set pieces is significantly less that in reach.​Again, it's not the worst game, but it was probably the worst halo besides ODST. If you agree with me post any more problems, if you don't tell me why you don't agree with me.​