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Found 42 results

  1. I didn't see this being reviewed on the front page so I decided to give this a go. Please note I am reviewing the Xbox one version and performance may vary. Fallout: Nuka-world is the last DLC pack that was released by bethesda for Fallout 4 and adds a brand new open world, based around a abandoned pre-war theme park based off the iconic drink you constantly encounter across the fallout franchise, adding with it, a brand new questline where you can literally become a raider warlord and conquer the boston wasteland settlements by violence or raider diplomacy (ie blackmail and intimidation). I'll be covering a few sections in this review, so lets begin... New world map: The map where the majority of action will take place, the park in the title, is truely huge, in my opinion easily twice as large as far harbours world map. The park itself has several areas to explore, beginning in a central hub already made 'safe' which includes a arcade filled with playable games, which allows you to win prize tickets that can be refunded for special weapons, the home bases of the three major factions in the area and also features, in a nice link to fallout 3, the reappearence of the character of Sierra Petrovita, the nukacola obsessed NPC from fallout 3. Other areas include a sci-fi themed zone, a wild west themed area that for some reason is full of mini-graboids and a zoo full of mutated wildlife as well as areas outside the parks walls, such as a haunted house with a creepy quest I will not spoil here. Some of the rides can also be repairs towards the end of the main story by rebooting the parks nuclear power plant and restoring power to many parts of the park, a nice touch for completionists. New Content: Next up, new things. As stated above, the park itself is controlled by three raider gangs...the pack, a animalistic gang based off a wolf pack mentality...the operators, a almost spec ops outfit and the disciples, a classic violence and torture raider gang. As you progress through the story and clear zones of the park, you have to choose which gang controlls which area, with the one you ignore the most turning on you in the final mission. Each faction has its own preferred weapon and armor, with the packs weapons being brightly and garishly coloured over the operators professionally upkept weapons. It also includes a brand new follower in the form of a raider who will help you in guiding you through the main 'raider path' quest... The DLC also adds a horde of brand new gear and a new ammo type, in the form of the 7.62 round, which is used in the Kalashnikov-like handmade rifle. Other weapons include a new type of nuka grenade, a new version of the fatman called the nuka-nuke launcher, MIRV grenades and a water pistol that can be modified to fire exploding rounds powered by weaponized versions of nuka-colas. Others include a vastly superior version of the X-01 power armor that is found by performing a 'scavenger hunt' style quest to locate computer cores to repair the sci-fi zones main computer. For kleptomaniac/weapon and armor collector players like myself, this is great fun and the handmade rifles new ammo packs one hell of a punch. There are even nuka-world themed robot parts to customise and bots made via the robot workbench. Finally, there is, as stated, the ability to take command, over the course of the main story, the raiders of the park and lead them on a campaign to take over the settlements in the wasteland, eventually coming to blows with preston and the minutemen. For evil-aligned players, this is great fun and is a wonderful reward when you take over the park. Sadly this also brings us to... Cons: The above 'raider path' is also a con for players like me who wanna play the hero, as the only way to power up the park is to choose the alternate quest to kill off the raider gangs in the park with extreme prejudice and a minigun (weapon of raider annihilation choice may vary). This sadly can make it hard to know what to do, as it converts all the quests, such as the one to pacify the park zones or repair the power, into unmarked quests, making a raider playthrough essencial the first time round for new players to the DLC to know exactly what to do and where to go, though luckily zone-specific quests such as the computer core scavenger quest can still be activated and retain their markers when you discover them and from my experience makes it far harder to get some of the special weapons without the use of cheat mods as, using the 'good guy' quest path requires you to kill the NPC's giving out the reward and limits some weapons like the hallucinagen grenade to what you can find in the DLC's world map. Luckily these cons are not truly game breakers and can easily be ignored via the use of separate saves. The new area is a little small and some areas on the map, such as the town on the top right of the map is nothing but a ghoul-infested filler, with no purpose then just being there, which in my opinion is a missed opportunity, something I hope the modding community takes advantage of at some point. Final verdict: My final verdict is a nice, solid 8/10. Nuka-world is a nice little finale for the official DLC packs of fallout 4, adding lots of content, the ability to play as a proper villain and raider and a huge world map to explore which sadly suffers from lightly penalising players that wanna play the good guy by either forcing them to play evil the first time round or spend some time getting lost. Its a fun DLC that fallout 4 players will find enjoyable however and worth a play.
  2. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis today I have the review for Layers of Fear: Inheritance! This is DLC that takes place from the perspective of the daughter. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!
  3. Far Harbor is certainly not the best DLC the Fallout series has ever seen, but is still mostly unique and really good. You start by receiving a radio message from Valentine Detective Agency asking to meet there and start a new case. This sends you far to the north of the Commonwealth, and through a short investigation you set sail for Far Harbor. The boat ride in is reminiscent of the Point Lookout DLC for Fallout 3, which gives you a glimpse at the island as the boat drives toward the docks. Mechanically, and in a storytelling way, this DLC recycles a lot. The island Far Harbor is set on is overcast by a radioactive fog, which poisons you as you journey around, just like the poison cloud from the Dead Money DLC for New Vegas. Again, the game makes you choose who to support and who to exterminate, and even the new weapons and enemies aren't that interesting. What the DLC lacks in innovation, it does make up for in atmosphere and world building. PROS Whole new map to explore. Great story revolving around the island and the characters on it. 4-5 hour main story time, 8-10 hour completionist Multiple possible endings CONS Few new weapons, none of which are at all unique. Enemies are underwhelming and feel like reskins of other enemies. Reused mechanics from older Fallout games. Overall, I would recommend playing it just for the atmosphere and story. There is a lot to explore on the island and a lot of hidden story to find, so completionists will have a ball here.
  4. EA has announced that, along with the free Robbery and Dragon's Teeth DLCs being released for free to Xbox Gold members, they intend to release more DLC for free over the next few months likely as a promotion to Battlefield 1. Along with that Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 are both within the $10 pricerange this month on Xbox store and are both worth a grab, we have events for both as of right now. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-05-04-battlefield-4-and-hardline-dlc-is-free-to-download-this-week
  5. Hey guys here is my ideas for future content for Mortal Kombat X. I talk about my ideas for more story, characters & variations, arenas ,stage fatalities and some skins. If you check it out thank you very much =] ==Soical Stuff== Twitter: https://twitter.com/HTCDIShow Facebook:www.facebook.com/howtheycoulddo­­­itshow https://www.twitch.tv/howtheycoulddoi... Instagram: Howtheycoulddoit
  6. Hey Guys Here's My Video On What New Content They Could Add For Rainbow Six Siege If You Check It Out Thanks Very Much Your Awesome =]
  7. Alright so recently every time I come across mentions of a "season pass" in comment sections it's always bad. I feel weird about this. I know that major AAA companys have turned this term from just a onetime payment on all season dlc to some evil thing. For example, I read something about Escape from Tarkov ( a Survival mmo that i'm looking forward to as of right now ) and it has a season pass. Now for me at least i'm not alarmed but it seems some people are already throwing up stuff like "ohh look EA 2.0" and i'm just like why? A season pass doesn't mean bad things to come. Honestly season pass depending on the person can be a good thing and a way to save money. Witcher 3 has a season pass, includes 2 paid expansion. Was great value when i picked it up since i goth both expansions for 20 dollars. Battle of Tarkov i'm sure will either include new areas (since it's a mmo), so that's good. Honestly seeing "season pass" is a good thing. What it can mean is that they're already planning on adding new content to the game once it's out. But sadly because of Activision with Destiny, people just assume it's a way to lock on disc content behind a pay wall. Or that the company is just greedy. Another bad example would be Battlefront and it's season pass which was just adding more maps splitting the playerbase. Call of duty does the same with using as a way for someone to get the map packs. And in general this is not consumer friendly since your essentially encouraging them to split up the community. Though on the other end of the spectrum you have Rainbow Six siege. Which has all free maps coming to it; the season pass only contains early access to operators and exclusive camo's for season pass users. The only thing i find wrong in that is just value proposition. So now to the subject why is "season pass" such a warning sign? before you just start shouting out hate, do a little research figure out what it includes and make your informed decision. Season pass doesn't have to be bad. In the case of the Witcher 3, and hopefully Escape from Tarkov a season pass can just be a easy way to get a discount on quality products. Essentially take the words "season pass" and think well are they locking on disc content behind a pay wall or are they actually just showing that they have interest to expand the game after release. Let me know what are your thoughts on the matter and maybe you can shed some more light on the apparent evil that is a season pass. -fox out - Edit / extension upon original thought while providing some different insights and possible ways to look at the subject. "I'm honestly very surprised and glad about the popularity of this post, and after reading everyone's response; i feel that i can relate to the different views over such an idea. Though I still have yet to see anyone really comment on the rest of my topic. What i'm talking about is the conclusion. That being the doing your own research. I still feel that we have yet to answer the core reason why i made this topic. That being the coherent hate that Season Pass gets in comments. Why would you shout your disdain. your mindless shouts of evil towards a notion in which you know nothing about. I understand being mad at destiny, battlefront, and any other game who's season pass is a joke and 100% not worth your time and money. In fact i'm still pissed about the destiny situation. The fact that activision has the audacity to rip a game apart and sell it for overpriced dlc. -shutters- \ but besides that. This post was to bring up the idea of not joining the hate train over a season pass and more so to sit back do your research then as an informed person make the decision to call the company out for the wrong it's doing to its consumers OR to praise them for their openness and respect for their continuation of content to a game you may love. For me this was true with the Witcher 3 and it's season pass. I did the research i saw what they were offering and I praised them for their open ended nature. As of now it was worth the extra 20 i spent on the game. I played the witcher 3 for another 20 hours cause of it. with the next expansion coming shortly i hope to return to the witcher 3 and add another 40 hours to my game time. Also you should think about WHO the season pass is for. As of COD and Battlefield it's for the people who are going to be playing that specific shooter for the rest of the year till the next game comes out. Now it's still horrible do to how consumer unfriendly it is to split the player base but still the season pass in those cases are meant for the people who want to spend the next 1000+ hours on their multiplayer game. And in that case honestly the season pass is more then worth it if you calculate how much you spent per hour of enjoyment you got out of the game. I sincerely think that if your going to spend mass amounts of time in a game then dlc is well worth it to you to put some more variety into the game. so as i just mentioned were going to run some calculations. now a season pass can go anywhere from 20-40 dollars. so lets calculate off the most recent bad example being battle fronts season pass and lets keep in mind that it's for the consumer that's going to be playing this game till the next battlefront or probably battlefield release. 50 dollars is the asking price of battlefronts season pass now lets take this and plug it into a formula. I personally use this as a way to justify to myself if it was worth the price i paid for the enjoyment i got. $/hours, simple i know but it's a good way to honestly see how much you paid and how much enjoyment you got out of it. with Battlefront lets say we take a look at a real fan of the new game and he has lets say 400 hours already logged into the game. If he's going to be playing this game for the next year we can safely assume that he would put in at least another 600 hours into the game so using 600 being the hours he spent playing the game with dlc added. 50/600 = .083. take that in now, so he spent 50 dollars and he's coming out to .08 cents is what hey paid for each hour of enjoyment. this is assuming the consumer loves the game and if they do, in most cases would also love new maps being added into the game (16 to be exact) now take it like this. use what i use as a formula it's not the best formula but it gets the point across. You also need to keep in mind who a season pass is for. For a lot of us we don't want them. Were not going to cit on Cod or Battlefield for the next year or two, so logically to us it's a bad deal. Because a lot of us play 100's of games. and if you're a pc gamer this is especially true. but for the person who doesnt play alot of different titles who loves this one game and every night when they get off work and have that little bit of spare time and they spend it on their favorite game. A season pass in a way is an easy, sometimes cheaper way to get the dlc without no hastle, and hopefully save a few bucks in the process. now i know this is not always true. I'm not trying to support the notion of the season pass. And I especially dislike season passes that include maps for a pvp game because it splits the community and in the long term will kill the game. but like i've said time and time again we should really think about a season pass, what it means, what it includes, who it's meant for. And what does that mean to the rest of the consumer base of said game. As some one said earlier that we've accepted that season passes are the norm. And honestly it's sad that is true. But there is a reason for it's creation there was a purpose and initially people really liked them otherwise they still wouldn't be here today. So what does that mean, it means they're not going away. I can promise you that, but we can help to make them better. make them more open. And you should remember that a season pass can be bought at any point in a games life cycle so honestly it's not a preorder. I bought battlefields 3 prem addition long after the last dlc had came out. and i guess this includes my thoughts on this. keep discussing if you want. I honestly think that we can go on for a while about this topic and what it means. I'm also going to include this comment into the original post since i really expanded upon the idea."
  8. So today I was playing Resident Evil Revelations 2. I recently had a bit of money to spare, and I decided to go and buy Albert Wesker for Raid Mode on said game. Today I finally booted up the game and started playing him... And it honestly is making me a bit sad. For those of you that don't know, Albert Wesker was an unlockable character in The Mercenaries in Resi 5. I didn't care for Resi 5 that much, but I had a ton of fun in Mercenaries. I must have spent hundreds of hours in it when I was a teenager, and about a hundred hours of that was devoted to trying to unlock Wesker, who remains to this day one of my favorite antagonists in any game, right under Handsome Jack and Vaas. Wesker was HARD to get. Like, a buddy and I spent two whole days trying to get him unlocked hard. But it was possible. To get Wesker and all his skins, you had to beat two of the hardest maps on their hardest difficulty several times. But it was worth the effort, because to reward you for all the effort you put out, the game let you have his full power set from the game. He could be across the map to the other side in under 15 seconds, and he was one of the most powerful melee characters in the game. Overpowered? Hell yeah. Fun? Oh, fuck yeah, was he fun. Wesker is also "playable" in the new Raid mode on Revelations 2. Meaning you can pay to play him. I've had a lot of praise for Revelations 2, the restructured missions and the new skill tree adding hundreds of hours of replayability, as opposed to the original Revelations, which became a chore as you got further into the game. The new and improved Raid Mode not only improves upon the original in every way, it makes full use of the new skill trees, making it far more engaging than the original raid mode. Unfortunately, the DLC situation for the game is edging towards bullshit. Not only are several old and beloved characters from the series like H.U.N.K. and Wesker on sale, there's several "Sexy" skins for the female characters and inventory space upgrades. Being a fan of Wesker like I am, I, as I mentioned earlier, decided to buy him. As I'm playing him, it's not a sweet taste of nostalgia like I was hoping, it's a bitter taste of the modern game industry. Wesker feels no different from every other character in Raid Mode. No blink sprint, no room-clearing melee. Sure, his basic melee attack, the palm strike, is still there, but it feels kind of hollow. This isn't Wesker. It's some jackass dressed up like one of my favorite villains of all time, because this guy has none of the powers that made Wesker so distinctive in my memory of Resi 5. And I paid $2.55 for him. May I remind you that he was available for the low, low price of ALREADY IN THE DAMN GAME in Resi 5. So this is just a thanks to the game industry. Thanks for being greedy bastards not afraid to rape our wallets with fond memories of beloved characters. Thanks for that.
  9. EA / DICE Markets SWBF (STAR WARS BATTLFRONT) as a new First Person Shooter taking place within the STAR WARS Universe powered by the latest version of DICE's Frostbite engine but upon closer inspection one can see that SWBF is little more then a DLC/Expansion for BF4 (BATTLEFIELD 4). While SWBF is part of the STAR WARS universe and therefore has an implied story (back story) the game itself has nothing in the way of a campaign or a story. I argue that If the game had been released without any STAR WARS references/associations yet retained the same game mechanics it would labeled as the most expensive DLC for a game (BF4) ever released? Its not difficult to imagine SWBF being a DLC for BF4 since both use the same FROSTBITE game engine. In order to create SWBF from BF4 one would need to generate new maps, new characters, new weapons and new vehicles but isn't that what a major DLC/Expansion does anyway? BLOOD DRAGONS was a major DLC for FAR CRY 3. LIBERTY CITY was the major DLC for GTA IV. Both of these were massive expansions to existing games. So is it really hard to see how SWBF may very well have been little more then BF4 with new maps, characters, weapons and vehicles? What do you think? Is SWBF a full fledged game deserving of the $60 price tag or does it feel like a repurposed BF4 with a STAR WARS theme?
  10. I'm not normally one to bitch or complain about things in gaming, especially ones that are old or already accepted by gamers as a whole. The only thing is, I don't think we, as gamers, should sit by and watch this happen to gaming any longer. What I'm talking about is dirty "DLC" and microtransactions in games. "DLC!? Bad? You're trolling!" No, I'm not saying DLC is bad. A lot of times DLC is pretty damn awesome - it adds more to the game and normally does so cheaply. I'm saying pay-to-add "DLC" is something we're seeing more often than not. Destiny, though a beautiful game, is a very good example of this. The original idea compared to what was released and then how much the add-on content costed players was just stupid. Other games have done it before Destiny though, with Payday 2 and even Call of Duty pulling some shit in there. DLC is downloadable content - content for a game that you have to download to add. Some games take this a step further by selling it as a DLC when all the pack or item adds is a small part of the game, a couple skins or guns.. things that we look at and go "who the hell is dumb enough to pay for those?" Even games we love (such as Destiny, to appease everyone I pissed off) are guilty of doing this even though we ignore it. DLC coming out marked a time where devs didn't have to add so much time to make something for their game and could release the finished game before sending out a free or paid epansion that added special things to the game like a pack of items or types of items and a map that didn't fit into the game and you didn't need when the game was released. What it's become openly is a way to scam people who like their game into buying extra things. I've seen single character skins for games online for $4.99 and maps for over $9.99 each. Weapons on some games can cost (early unlocks and new content are bundled here) $0.99 to about $2.99 for one. Those are the things I'm talking about. Single things that cost more than they ever should and usually on games that don't deserve them but people pay anyways. Microtransactions I'd hope you all know why this is a parasite on gaming. Games are coming out where you're paying money for.. well, anything. A lot of the things I mentioned under DLC are now labeled "Microtransactions" but before the microtransaction boom they were called DLC and people ignored them. I honestly contribute these finding their way out of mobile games and into console gaming due solely to dirty dealings in DLC getting too cozy to just be left alone. "So do we stop buying DLCs and Microtransactions?" Do what you like with your money but we need to address and accept the fact that not all games are worth our money for DLC. If you see a microtransaction for something you want, you can do what you like. The only thing is that if we as gamers don't stand up and say what's wrong and what's right to the devolopers of these games it's going to keep happening and eventually we'll get a game where all you get is a plain map and everything else is a buy-in item or add-on. I've bought DLCs and what people now dub microtransactions (when they were all still under "DLC" )in the past myself, but on games I felt that deserved my money and that were well published. Just be careful when you're out buying things online like the games you buy at the store - pay for what you like or what you looked forward to and don't pay just because that DLC is what makes the game playable (seriously, wait for the GOTY edition. 90% of games get one.). If the game isn't playable [enjoyably] without a $10 purchase it likely doesn't deserve to exist. The whole point is that, in my hopes, we'll eventually leave the "I'd like some game with my DLC, please" days and maybe someday get more games like Sly Cooper or Bioshock that had the whole game without the microtransactions or DLC, and like others such as the early days of Uncharted 3 or even in Skyrim where all the DLC were worth your time because they had story or multiplayer maps that didn't overcost you or their burden overstay the welcome in your wallet (especially for PS3 Skyrim players who got a 50% discount on all DLC because we got it a year late which showed good business practice from Bethesda). Games where the Devs care about their game and don't want you to buy 2 games in total before you enjoy your now $120 purchase. DISCLAIMER: I'm not putting any of these games or the gamers playing them down. I personally like all of the games I've listed and they're popular. I know the games under "Bad DLC" are usually given a lot of shit but in this case it's from a place of love and not hate. The games listed are all awesome and appeal to many different gamers. If I wanted to shortstick a brand or game I would have searched for something really bad to mae example of but it's easier to use an already existing example. Thank you.
  11. Bloodborne is easily Game of The Year for me, nothing I've played this year had gotten me so deeply enthralled by it, I don't even think Fallout 4 will get as much mileage out of my PS4 as Bloodborne did. Absolutely can not wait for the DLC! So needless to say, this was me this morning....
  12. Thats the spirit CD PROJEKT RED!!! http://thewitcher.com/news/view/867 16 free DLCs for evryone..... show to EA or other MONEYSUCKING companies wiith battlepacks and other sh*t how it is done. I saw that 2 dlcs will come every week. in total we have 8 weeks of free dlcs....that meens that after those 8 weeks we have to buy some other dlcs or what? Anyway, i am gonig to buy that game at release date. In my pointof view i think that was a very good move from CD PROJEKT RED cause these days everyone is so frustrated with those 1hr but 10$ or 10euro dlcs and also they give gamers more motivation to spend more hours on this game! P.S: i forgot to say that in those dlcs we have growth over time beards XD GOTY
  13. Since Jason was just released, I'd like to hear what you guys think of him if you've had the chance to play as him. I personally am not a die hard fan of Jason films, but I love Jason as a character in this game. I've had a lot of fun and have been focusing on the Slasher variation. He has some good combos with one in particular I was able to get 36% with no meter at mid-screen. I wish that Jason had more high-low strings though. Forward + 4, 2 seems like the best starter as it starts as a low and allows the best scaling as far as I can tell. I've only touched the other two variations in training. I've never been a grappler user, but that may change once I have more time with Jason. The biggest con I have to say is that his normals are awful. I find I usually have to start with a low poke then try a grab or go for a kombo. Next to Slasher, Unstoppable seems like the most fun. Pulling a TJ Combo at the end of each round? Awesome. Damage boosts and heals? Yes please! The main problem I have with Unrelenting is the Lake Mist teleport. The recovery seems slow to me and burning it seems to be the only viable way of use when not countering. As it's one of the few variation specific moves Unrelenting has, it seems like this is too expensive of a move to be used effectively. I like to just throw things out sometimes, but you can't do that with Lake Mist, at least it doesn't seem easy. Pursuit is a cool move, but I think I takes WAY too long to recover from it. It also ends after a single hit to Jason. I can't think of a way to be able to activate it and not worry about getting immediately knocked out of it because Jason is still recovering from using it. What do you guys think about him? (Forward + 4, 2), (Forward + 4, 2), (Forward + 4, 2), (1, 1, 1), (Down, Forward + 1) 36% no meter (I think)
  14. So, a Wolfenstein: TNO expansion has been announced. Finally. Here's the trailer: From the video's YouTube description: So, whaddaya guys think? Edit: forgot to mention that it isn't a PS4 exclusive as the video description would have you believe.
  15. I've been watching the show for a couple of years now and I am in complete support of what AJS stands for. I'm tired of devs shoveling garbage out into the market. If we vote with our wallets and let someone speak for us (Angry Joe), the dirty-devs will have to listen. My own angry rant follows: Since the release of Battlefield 3, I have boycott EA and all products that they produce because of their lack of QC, QA, and they're greed-driven marketing. I have almost completely given up on purchasing ALL games at launch as most major releases lately have been broken at launch because of intrusive DRM, general disregard in shipping an actually completed product, and DLC-based marketing. I have decided that by waiting for a GOTY edition of a game I ensure that I have a complete gaming experience without flaws and at a fraction of the cost versus release day plus future DLC releases. I love supporting devs that put effort into their games such as Rockstar, Naughty Dog, Valve, CD Projekt, and almost all indie devs, as their products mean something not only to consumers but to the devs themselves. I've been a gamer since the NES and I feel gaming has moved from a fun passtime to a big business opportunity to rape consumers' wallets. Vote with your wallet. You are our voice Joe. Love the show. Stay honest and keep it up.
  16. Shit like this is going to be the downfall into another crash if it persists. Be creative and have it as unlocks or extras, don't whore it out DLC like it's candy the way Overkill is doing with PAYDAY 2 as well.
  17. So, Destiny already has DLC for sale, and the question would be how much of that content was included in the disk but then cut when they rushed to put the game on sale rather than keeping it closer to the promises they sold it on. So, would you follow this tubber's suggestion and not purchase the DLC? I actually plan to wait until they release a GOTY PC port with all DLC included. Hopefully my game queue will be shorter by then.
  18. Hey everyone! I've finally returned to the AJSA forums. I'm not sure why I haven't been too active on here, but I guess I've just been too busy being active elsewhere. I wanted to at least return to promote this content in particular, because this video is only 5 minutes long and is a pretty relevant topic these days. It's about pre orders and my thoughts on them! If you're interested, just check out the video below. You may leave your thoughts/comments on this forum thread, but you should definitely go to the video page itself to do so! Check out my channel too, if you want, you might like what I have to offer over there. If not, then that's fine too!
  19. I saw the gameplay video about Battlefield 4 expansion DLC add-on called Final Stand which is the last DLC add-on for Battlefield 4. XD-1 Accipiter known as MKV (Multiple Kill Vehicle) where you control the remote gun drone. There is railgun called Rorsch X1 found in pick-up field location in war match which is similar to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and well as Destiny beside Battlefield 2142 which is also featuring railgun and successor to Rorsch X1, but it's stationary turrent. DS-3 is a radar jamming and decoy device that similar to Decoy device in Battlefield Hardline and DS-22 Sniper Decoy in Battlefield 2142 but unlike Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield Hardline which is for sniper/scout class (Recon in Battlefield 2142 and Professional in Battlefield Hardline), this DS-3 jamming and decoy gadget is for all class kits. Also you could ride the hover tank called HT-95 which is similar to PAC's Type 32 Nekomata hover tank in Battlefield 2142 due to gameplay mechanic and control function. There is also link to Battlefield 2142 due to references and Battlefield 4 is considering the prequel to Battlefield 2142. Oh yes, the Snowmobile will be avaliable to ride in this game. Much like did on Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Remember in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 where they talk about snowmobile and making fun of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 such as Haggard say "Snowmobiles are for sissies"? The release date will be somewhere in 4th Quarter of 2014. jackfrags LevelCapGaming
  20. The Master Quest DLC Pack, due out 10/16 WW, set to bring Epona, a new adventure map, new scenarios, new costumes, and new weapons. It's gonna run about $14.99 USD. Oh, almost forgot, this is the Master Quest adventure map, so it's harder than the original by restricting healing, item use, and is meant to just be flat out harder. For Dynasty Warriors aficionados I imagine this is gonna be about the same as Chaos difficulty, but who knows. A whole new adventure map for $15 is a real sweet deal. EDIT: Seems you get a new adventure mode map and an optional Master Quest rules it seems.
  21. So... I just red that the game Destiny that will be released in September will have 4 planets. I presume they mean Earth, moon, Mars & Venus (while the moon isn't actually a planet but w/e). They also said that each planet will have a meager 1 destination. In other words there will be no Chicago like swamp city for Earth atm. In September for Earth we'll roam the plains of Old Russia (again -_-') Now comes the real deal why I believe that it will be a money grabbing game. You see in the beta I have faced every enemy with level '??' and I found out a couple of things. Most zones where you encounter these beings were isolated, meaning that you couldn't progress, because some (garage)door was closed and should be open in order to advance. HOWEVER there was 1 zone that had a rather surprising outcome... You remember that secluded area with the broken ships and boats?? Well if you went to the north, there was a path that leads to the east. If you followed that path you would encounter 2 Dingos at level '??' I got past them, to encounter 6 more enemies with their captain and a 'stationary-defence-spewing-grenade-mechanism' called Shriek. After a fairly big amount of hilarious tries I finally got past them. So I entered the entrance of the alien space ship that immediately leads to an underground cave with a HUGE main hall full of enemies. I got past them fairly easy thx to the cover and darkness. I was super excited to see what was next, I couldn't believe what I was doing But then disappointment stroke me. I ended up in the area where you have to fight your first 'boss battle' in the strike mission (there where your ghost had to de-activate the lasers so you could progress to the next zone to battle The Devil Walker). It was freaking loophole. I was thinking why did Bungie do that? Do they want to make us believe there is SO MUCH MORE!! But in reality there's not very much to see or do. I mean all those caves with level '??' enemies where you couldn't progress further due to a closed (garage)door... Are these HUGE caves where you can actually get lost and/or they eventually lead you to an entirely new zone OR are those caves just like a cellar where there might be some good stuff to find. Since Activision publishes the game and has funded A LOT, looking at the regularity of DLC releases within their Call of Duty franchise. I presume they are planning to do the same thing with Destiny. 15€ For 1 extra destination... Sadly I think they are willing to do that and many gamers will be willing to pay for it. But stop for 1 moment and think about it... We know that Titan, the moon of Jupiter will be explorable. Concept art teases of a possible Chicago swamp like city on Earth. So I presume that each 'planet' will have multiple destinations. Let's take the average of 3 destinations. ATM we know of 5 different 'planets' to explore - > Earth, moon, Mars, Venus & Titan. In total there will be 15 destination whereas the game that gets released in september contains only 4 destinations. We'll have to pay for these other destinations in DLC. But how will that be? If you pay 60€ for the game that delivers 4 destinations... 60€ / 4destinations = 15€ for each destination. So each player (assuming he will purchase all the future DLC) will pay 60€ for the game and 165€ for all the DLC's. A total of 225€ for 1 player instead of the traditional 60€. Well played Activion... well played. For now I decided to purchase Destiny on PS3 as soon as I can get a second hand copy and then I'll be curious to see how the DLC policy will go. If I don't like what I see, I just play another game, period.
  22. http://www.joystiq.com/2014/07/11/alien-isolation-pre-order-dlc-available-separately-at-a-later/ Yep, they (Creative Assembly) did it again. Putting shit that should be an optional choice in the game as DLC. Yes, put Ripley and the original Alien crew behind a paywall.. Fuck that.
  23. After some patches BF4 has become more enjoyable. After the patch addressing the netcode, I have been thinking about creating a server everyone can go. What maps would you like to see? So far I have Guilin Peaks, Zavod 311, Operation Locker, Siege of Shanghai, Caspain Border, and Gulf of Oman. I am planning on creating the server after the new DLC is resealed to see what maps I should add.
  24. DICE has just given the release date for Battlefield 4's next DLC, Dragon's Teeth. Dragon's Teeth will release for Premium members early on July 15th. Non-premium members will receive the DLC on July 29th. Here is the link and information: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/news/view/battlefield-4-dragons-teeth-coming-july-15th-to-all-battlefield-4-premium-members-2/