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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. So I bought Bayonetta today, I've read so much positive feedback for the game's combat, how much depth It has and ETC. So I have a simple question, what makes the combat in a game enjoyable for you? Me personally? I really loved the combat in DmC 5 despite all the negative fanboy feedback, the game was awesome, all the moves linked with eachother naturally with a splendid sense of momentum, a good variety of weapons whose moves link with eachother allowing you to combine them all. The moves looked flashy and cool as DMC moves are supposed to be, also the mobillity and control over the battlefied with the hooks, the Chakram's pulling move and the double jump + glide. Also the Arkham City combat, I really like that one and I hate It when someone compares It to Assassins Creed combat, City is clearly superior in everyway just Batman has more animations than the whole AC franchise combined. Everytime I get the freeflow and start doing these incredible combos and linking them with Batman/Nightwing/Robing/Catwomans' gadgets was incredibly satisfying, I was just stunned at how much animations the characters had, like how when you finish a thug close to a wall you slam him at It but If It's not a whole wall but just a fence/banner they use It for a jump to finish them off. -Note to moderators/administrators: I accidently posted this topic in ''Suggestions'' please delete It, the name Is '' Combat in Games ''
  2. Well I'll be damned, I can't believe my own eyes, Vergil ( my favorite game character of all time ) is coming back in DMC 4 special edition. The news hit recently with the announcement of the "Definitive Edition" of DmC, but at the end of the trailer we got a teaser for Devil May cry 4 Special Edition. Now, some of you probably know this, I've written this in many other topics but I'll say it here again. DMC 3 SE is my favorite game of all time, thanks to the Vergil character addition most of all. I've spent literally hundreds of hours in this game playing as Vergil alone, I absolutely loved it. To hear that he's coming back as a playable character in DMC 4 is the most exciting game news I've heard in years. I was also extremely excited about the DmC DLC Vergil's Downfall last year but it failed to recapture the feeling I've had with this character in DMC 3, because of the new combat system and all, but it was still alright when you don't compare. However this news is even more exciting because knowing DMC 4's combat system and gameplay, Vergil will surely return with most of his moveset/abilities intact (hopefully) and some new additions. For the average DMC consumer however this probably is just a lame cash grab on a game that was released almost 7 years ago. Which it probably is and I get that. Thoughts ?
  3. I go out and buy a copy of devil may cry HD collection, and i pop in disc 2 to my xbox slim and i see nothing but emo! Who put emo in my DMC!?!?!? Who!?!? I want names!!!!!
  4. So we all know about DMC it is for well known reasons the most hated Devil May Cry game in the franchise even beating out Devil May Cry 2 but what is the thing I'm talking about that DMC did better then Devil May Cry and why I'm posting this well I'll start off with the why its because of the signature of an AJSA member Maeglin Telrunya asking if he is the only one who likes the new Vergil to answer his question Yes idk why you like him but yes you're the only one. Now on to the what the what being the relationship between Dante & Vergil in the first Devil May Cry game Dante explains how Mundus killed his Mother and brother 20 years ago and how he swore revenge on Mundus for doing so. Now fast forward two games and we get Devil May Cry 3 the prequel and best game in the franchis (though to be honest the combat system was done better in 4 but I digress) where you play as young cocky upstart Dante who has to stop his now evil twin (insert soap opera joke here) from opening the gates of hell and destroying humanity and he is more then willing to slice his brothers head off. So what happened how did Dante go from wanting to kill his brother to avenging his death that part was never explained or just simply continuity was thrown out the window. Now fast forward another 2 games and we come upon DMC where we get almost all the popular franchise characters Dante Vergil and Mundus and in this game for a time Dante and Vergil are at first allies then friends the bros then well *SPOILERS!!!* enemies so their relationship forms during the game and makes it more understandable why Dante is so willynilly about stopping him unlike Devil May Cry 1 and Devil May Cry 3. So does that mean DMC did a better more stronger relationship between the brothers. Well thoughts comments and debates are as always welcome in my topics so if you have input don't be afraid to share and would love to hear your guys thoughts.