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Found 1 result

  1. So from the title you're probably already saying "But it does suck" but just hold on and bear with me while I try and explain why this game isn't as bad as people make it out to be. First off what are the common reasons people cite for why they don't like this game? Well for one it's story and characters are non-existent and there's pretty much no reason to care about yourself or the aliens you encounter as you explore the world because the world gives you no indication as to why you should care beyond "You have learned the Vy'keen word for warp!" but that's standard fare for almost any game where you're a silent/faceless protagonist exploring the galaxy. (e.g. Starbound) What about gameplay, that's gotta count for something right? I mean if I can be what amounts to a meaningless background character in my own nonexistent story then maybe mining rocks and shooting robots will be more exciting... or so you would think but after awhile it tends to get repetitive and without any drive to fight/mine (again because there is no story) then what's the point? I mean aside from recharging your weapons, life support, environmental shields, ship engines, ship weapons, ship shields, hyperdrive, and trading with various alien species... not much really. I should also point out that I find it incredibly convenient for massive chunks of mineral deposits to just be jutting out of the ground in plain view of everyone and yet no one (aside from me) seems to mine them. Which brings us to our final and unsurprisingly most redeemable point: Graphics. Oh my god are they amazing... It feels like I'm literally walking through a painting every time I step outside of my ship, and it's fucking phenomenal. Honestly, the only downsides are how it recycles a lot of models (especially for the buildings and wildlife) and textures, which can be pretty annoying. All that said why do I think No Man's Sky isn't as bad as people say? Because it's a lot like Skyrim when it was first released. Yes, yes, I know. How could this lame Indie title ever compare to a AAA giant like Bethesda's masterpiece Elderscrolls V: Skyrim? Easy. That game was a broken buggy piece of shit when it came out and yet was one of the most beautiful games I have ever played even though it constantly recycles models and textures (especially for dungeons) and becomes boring as hell after you've spent 40 hours becoming an unstoppable badass... or at least until you factor in mods that make the game far more interesting, which is something I hope will help No Man's Sky as well. All in all if you're a casual gamer you probably won't care either way but if you've been playing games for as long as I have then you know a terrible game when you see one. No Man's Sky isn't great and it has a long way to go before it can truly be considered 'good' but it definitely isn't terrible nor is it one of the worst GOTY, at least not in my opinion. No, that would be this... Honestly as Indie titles go No Man's Sky may as well be a shining gem sitting on top of a pile of shit. Plus it's even got it's own version of Hearthfire now!