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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys and gals, it's SpacePope here. I've been wondering, would anyone here be interested if we set up an AJSA Clan within Warframe? Just wanted to gauge everyone's interest. Obviously this will be a massive time sink to get all of the basics set up for the Clan but with enough support, it should definitely be a lot of fun. I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say. (For those who don't know what Warframe is, it's basically a third person Free-to-Play shoot-em-up with cool arse graphics. If you've never played or heard of Warframe before and you're interested in learning more, go here for more information: https://www.warframe.com/game).
  2. Hi there, There is a new AJSA dojo in Warframe. It was build by strafumato and me to facilitate all our fun in Warframe. The old AJSA dojo is no more, the new AJSA dojo is just starting. We are building the first floor, but it is rather slow with only 2 members We do not want to keep the AJSA dojo to ourselves when we quit Warframe. Therefore it would be wise to build it with more AJSA members if there is enough interest. If we get 10 clan members the dojo will be finished within a week or 2. Then we can go for 30 or even more and rule the galaxy! So ....if you are playing Warframe and want to join the new AJSA clan, please help us out now with the building proces (and have fun along the way). We need some people who are willing to help out with the resources (forma!). We are experienced players and have enough credits and other resources to start a solar rail already, but we need to build all of the dojo rooms and labs first. If you are willing to help out, need a clan and are still a happy Tenno, join us. Leave your Warframe ingame name here and we will invite you to AJSA clan and dojo. Cheers! Strafumato & wisbin (You must be without a clan to be able to accept our invitiation, you will receive a clan key which you need to craft in the foundry. You can only join one clan at the same time) PS if you are a retired Tenno and still have some unused resources, that you would like to donate to AJSA clan in Warframe, please also let us know and you are very welcome too. 8)