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Found 18 results

  1. The story of developer Jane Whittaker and why a fake name had to be used to avoid threats and to keep a job while working on popular and influential titles during a 35 year career, Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice's importance to gaming, Super Bunnyhop and Dutch journalist Jesse Frederick on how large game companies avoid paying income tax and how they lobbied for the loopholes, Overwatch getting a deathmatch mode, Capcom accidentally reveals Marvel vs Capcom esports plans, Battletech delayed, Discord adding video chat and screen sharing, interview with Cliff Bleszinski after the slow start of Lawbreakers, Swery65 announces new game, Noah Caldwell-Gervais' franchise retrospective of Crysis and look at Mafia 3 DLC, what Bungie learned from Destiny beta, FFVII translation differences, AI vs DOTA pro, Twitch harassment streams, Writing On Games on the little details of Tacoma, Valve announces a card game, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC, game updates, company and developer news, country news, mods) Dishonored: Death of the Outsider trailer shows off a slew of new powers Wolfenstein 2's faux sitcom proves Nazi occupation isn't exactly Happy Days Why 'Wolfenstein II' Should Embrace Reality, Not Escapism Sonic Mania's Opening Movie Gets The Party Started Right Sonic Mania Metallic Madness Zone Act 1 - Gameplay No Joke, 'Sonic Mania' Is Really Great Sonic Mania’s secret mode is Sega embracing fans’ favorite joke Styled with Simplicity: A Talk with Unto The End Developer 2Ton Studios Seven new things we've learned about Far Cry 5's sandbox Craft a polygonal martial arts expert in Absolver's character customisation trailer Devolver Public Access: Absolver-Sneak Peek Danganronpa V3 trailer reveals more characters: four students and one sentient evil bear Moons of Madness is Lovecraftian horror on Mars Battletech pushed back to early 2018 Rock of Ages 2 rolling out later this month Bringing The Horror Of Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies To Life Call of Duty: WW2 - Private Multiplayer Beta Trailer Each Division in WWII MP has progression system, reaching highest level of each Division unlocks unique weapon Assassin's Creed Origins: Combat and Arena Deep Dive - IGN First Superhuman Boss Battle in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Hunting the hunters in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen XCOM 2: War of the Chosen wants to reinvent the classic franchise once again XCOM 2 WAR OF THE CHOSEN Gameplay - Part 1 - NEW Gatecrasher - Let's Play - [Legend Ironman] In addition to showing off the game, the above also shows some new options for how you would like to play the game when you start (longer mission time, longer Avatar project, more health for everyone, turning on and off the War of the Chosen or DLC content, etc). Make propaganda for your XCOM 2: War of the Chosen campaign with this official app Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana ‘Fearless Adventurer, Adol Christin’ trailer, free costume DLC announced Skull and Bones has loot boxes that reflect 'real economy of the Indian Ocean', won't be pay-to-win Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope details his next game Shape of the World wandering into early 2018 Bandai Namco new title ‘Projekt #1514’ teaser trailer Psychological Horror Game Tokyo Dark Announces Release Date With New Trailer NBA Live 18 reveals launch date and cover star James Harden NBA Live 18 DEMO: Cavs vs. Warriors Gameplay (1st Quarter) Creepy stealth game Hello Neighbor is delayed to December Shadow of War's endgame sounds a lot beefier than Shadow of Mordor's Meet Middle-earth: Shadow of War's Terror tribe Why Shelob is a woman in Shadow of War Here’s an in-depth look at Star Citizen’s intergalactic smartwatch, the mobiGlas Super Mega Baseball 2 delayed into 2018 Deadly Premonition’s Hidetaka Suehiro will announce his first new game in three years at PAX Seattle ‘Deadly Premonition’ Designer's Next Game About a Town Full of Secret Cats 3030 Deathwar Redux is a comedic Elite-like space explorer, due next month Ys Seven for PC launches August 30 Here's our first look at mobile prisons in The Escapists 2 InXile boss Brian Fargo hints at a Starflight reboot Raid: World War II brings four-player co-op from the PayDay team to PC next month Here’s what Bungie learned from the Destiny 2 beta Ram skyscrapers and blow up aliens in new Megaton Rainfall trailer Survive ’em up Dead in Vinland drops you on a desert island Valve is making a Dota card game to release in 2018 Valve Is Making a Card Game Because It Wants You to Trade Some Cards Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition announced, release date set Arma III DLC Will Let You Play As A Humanitarian Worker Conan Exiles details 'phase two' of early access plan, new systems, map features See For Honor's Highlander and Gladiator in action in their new Season 3 trailers For Honor: 6 Minutes of Gladiator Gameplay in 1080p 60fps For Honor: 5 Minutes of Highlander Gameplay in 1080p 60fps Valve reveals two new Dota 2 heroes PUBG’s vaulting system could be a game changer No Man's Sky Atlas Rises update adds '30 hours of new story content' and 'limited' online co-op EVE: Valkyrie's Warzone update will remove the need for VR headsets A new Rainbow Six Siege leak reveals the abilities of all three new operators Overwatch is finally getting a Deathmatch mode Overwatch: 5 Minutes of Deathmatch Gameplay Overwatch’s New Deathmatch Modes Still Need Some Work Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation v2.4 comes with Vulkan support and a free map pack Fortnite Creative Director Talks Five-Year Plan, Possibility Of Switch Version Popular Twitch Streamer Banned From Battlegrounds After Exploiting Glitch Paid crates continue to be a contentious issue for the PUBG community PUBG developer says no, Tencent did not buy a piece of our company Don't expect another Tales from the Borderlands game: sales "weren't great" Riot loses lawsuit over League of Legends 'Striker Lucian' skin The big Cliff Bleszinski interview Internal Blizzard Memo Details Efforts To Hire, Retain More Women Korean PC bangs accuse Blizzard of anti-trust breach over StarCraft: Remastered Blizzard renames Battle.net, again PlatinumGames is on the upswing, thanks to Nier: Automata Planet Coaster sells a million in less than a year Tekken 7 sold more than 1.6 million copies during Bandai Namco's Q1 Discord takes aim at Skype with new video chat and screen sharing features Discord cracks down on hate groups, shuts down alt-right server Someone Live Streamed Themselves Sexually Harassing Me Harassment Livestreams on Twitch are Multiplying and Easy to Find Twitch declares war on Discord with the full launch of the Twitch Desktop App Action games could put you at risk of Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and PTSD Esports News Brilliant Steal At The Dota 2 International Brings Key Arena To A Roar Team Liquid Wins Over $10 Million At International Dota 2 Tournament The Tradition Of Terrible Esports Champagne Celebrations Continues What It's Like To Attend The Biggest Dota 2 Tournament In The World The 2017 Call Of Duty Championship Ends In A Blowout For Honor player exploits his way to tournament victory Australian Qualifies For Quake World Championships With 272 Ping The best plays from the Overwatch World Cup Katowice qualifiers The NCAA Has Begun Discussing Its Potential Role in Collegiate Esports Capcom accidentally reveals its entire Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite esports business plan on YouTube What Capcom’s Video Leak Tells Us About the Business of Fighting Games Newbee player Vasilii vows abstinence after saying “indulging in sensual pleasures” hurt his League of Legends performance In Dota 2, bot beats pros Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed) The Iron Oath: Dark Turn-based Tactical RPG NECROCOSMOS - There is no god up here 'My creative calling is to freak people the f*** out,' says Alexis Kennedy on Cultist Simulator Fig's first funded game released sees 100% return on investment Content I found interesting this week (interviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc) Threats, fake names and philanthropy: The untold story of Jane Whittaker 'Savior': Politics, Game Development, Performance Art in an Evolving Cuba Growing Up, I Bonded With My Older Brothers Through Games Finally, an Apocalyptic Wasteland Where People Aren't Assholes to Each Other Pyre Developer Explains Why There's No 'Best' Ending A Substantial And Interesting Discussion Of Pyre, Feelings, Dogs, Mustaches, And God Five Key Areas of Discoverability for Indie Devs Hinterland: "There's something a little bit broken about our internet culture" 100GB Game Downloads Aren't the Problem, Predatory Data Caps Are How Hellblade's permadeath works isn't the point RELIGION AND PSYCHOSIS IN HELLBLADE: SENUA’S SACRIFICE The sensitive challenge of portraying psychosis in Hellblade “Gears of War Flexes for the World to See,” by Reid McCarter Comparing the cityscapes of The Witcher 3, Dark Souls and Bloodborne to medieval paintings Dissecting The Dream Daddy Discourse Designing the deceptively simple stick figure RPG West of Loathing Punishing difficulty conveys a personal story in The End is Nigh The uncertain future of games like Deus Ex and Dishonored GTA Online Updates Push Crime Into The Suburbs, Frustrating Residents Yahoo! Games' Demise Shows What the Death of Flash Could Feel Like The best PC concept art How American Game Companies Avoid Paying Income Tax Tacoma: Why The Little Details Matter Why Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Is More Important To Gaming Than You Think The Most Important Game of 2017 Hellblade: A Groundbreaking Take On Mental Illness - Reboot Episode 12 Prey - A Critique of the Mind Game CRYSIS Identity: A Franchise Retrospective What's Been Going On With Mafia 3's DLC? [Spoilers] Final Fantasy VII's Barret Is Solid Snake In Japanese, Mister T In English The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds' dungeon design | Boss Keys Marginal Mechanics and Red Herrings - Why So Weak? - Extra Credits History Respawned: Urban Empire Sony's Cancelled PlayStation 4 (PS4) Exclusive: Gnomageddon - Unseen64 Realistic Performances in Games Continuous World Generation in No Man's Sky The Flash Games Postmortem Rewarding Exploration in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Cuphead's Animation Process and Philosophy Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies Dannyodwyer's Surprise Twitch Appearance We made Elven Cider from Divine Divinity
  2. This week in gaming; DOTA adds VR spectator mode, the new generation of arcades, tales from localization hell (the story behind the laughing scene in Final Fantasy X), Mom moderates daughter's Twitch chat, Gwent is a game born of one wild weekend, an interview with the man responsible for some iconic North American SNES and NES box art, why Bethesda should reveal paid mods 2.0, Inside coming to PS4, game journalism pioneer passes away, praising the slow travel of Shadow of the Colossus, new Overwatch bans inspire threats and hilarity, Yacht Club Games talks about their Japanese localization for Shovel Knight, remembering Silent Hill 4, and more. Gaming News Game Journalism Pioneer Joyce Worley Passes Away PlayStation VR requires about 60-square feet of space to use and other new details The New Layton Game Is Called Lady Layton Dead Rising 4 gameplay reveals new enemies and weapons NHL 17 LOOKS TO RECAPTURE THE SERIES’ GLORY DAYS Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide has a console release date VIRGINIA LEARNS FROM FILM TO TELL ITS INTERACTIVE DRAMA LATER THIS YEAR Titanfall 2 multiplayer will use Azure, Google and Amazon clouds, and "bare metal" servers GWENT IS A GAME BORN OF ONE WILD WEEKEND, BUSY VOLUNTEERS AND HUNDREDS OF EMAILS Prey - What is Prey? (Official) PS4-Exclusive Bound Has Gorgeous Art and a Huge, Mysterious Puzzle Playdead’s Inside coming to PS4 in August Battlerite is the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions Outlast 2 delayed until 2017, still promises to "scare the crap out of you" Yakuza 0 launches in the West on Jan. 24 Mafia III - Cassandra: The Voodoo Queen Trailer New Persona 5 Gameplay Video Is Overflowing With Style Capcom teases ‘Project Palm’ which might be Dragon’s Dogma-related New turn-based Warhammer 40K game in the works Guy Starts Leaking No Man's Sky Videos, Changes His Mind Because He Doesn't Want To Spoil People The Consequences of No Man's Sky: Will Players Destroy or Preserve the Universe? No Trace is Hitman meets Hotline Miami, out this year Watch Dogs 2: Remote Access - "Meet Marcus & DedSec" Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Aims To Reinvent The Series and Its Developer The new game from Sir, You Are Being Hunted devs takes a sci-fi twist Wild Guns Reloaded trailer introduces new characters Bullet and Doris ANTHROTARI EXPLORES GROWING UP AS A QUEER FURRY IN THE ‘90S Layers of Fear: Inheritance gets a trailer ahead of next week's launch Valley, the first-person exploration-adventure about life, death, and other consequences, is coming in August Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-Den gameplay shows Sanada’s Trials Fan-made Star Wars Battlefront successor blocked by EA, LucasFilm Stable Orbit Is A Space Station Simulator Set In 2034 EERIE ADVENTURE THE EDGELANDS KNOWS THE POWER OF SOUND DESIGN Life is Strange dev reveals new studio and Battlecrew Space Pirates, a competitive online shooter The King of Fighters XIV ‘Psycho Soldier Team’ gameplay trailer IMPOSSIBLE BOTTLES ONLY NEEDS ONE BEAUTIFUL GIF TO WIN YOU OVER All Aboard the Post-Apocalyptic Choo-Choo: The Final Station Out This August A VIDEOGAME TRIBUTE TO GROWING UP AROUND THE YUGOSLAV WARS The original Darksiders is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Wii U Does This Game Look Too Good To Be the Work of Just One Person? Remedy is making the story mode for Korean shooter CrossFire 2 Latest Overwatch patch gives Ana a buff, tweaks McCree again The latest Overwatch banwave inspires tears, threats, and hilarity Overwatch appears to be getting some Summer Olympics-themed skins Overwatch Gets Rocket League-Like Summer Games Mode Here's a brief look at Rainbow Six Siege's new Favela map Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Skull Rain's BOPE Operators and Favela Map In Action Rainbow Six Siege Dev Canceled Patriots to Focus on Competitive Multiplayer Prison Architect 2.0 Is The Last Major Update Marvel Games is "sharing your concerns" about Marvel: Ultimate Alliance with Activision New Doom trailer reveals the next free update and Unto the Evil DLC Paragon Adds Thorny New Hero Next Week DOTA 2 Adds VR Spectator Mode Nintendo reports huge quarterly loss amid plummeting Wii U sales PlayStation is one of the only bright spots in Sony’s quarterly earnings Capcom's fortunes falter due to a dearth of big releases Metal Gear Franchise Sales Top 49 Million as Konami Profits Increase Sega's Sales Show Improvement Ghostbusters Developer Fireforge Games Goes Bankrupt Nvidia agrees to settlement in lawsuit for GTX 970 false advertising No criminal charges in 38 Studios case, say Rhode Island officials Valve widens Counter-Strike gambling crackdown, tells another 20 sites to close An Australian politician wants Counter-Strike: GO to be defined as gambling Biggest Counter-Strike Betting Site Seeks Official Gambling License The BioWare forums are closing down forever VR glove firm Manus showcases full finger- and arm-tracking on Vive Esports News Dota 2: The International’s $18.5m Prize Pool Breaks Own Previous Record, Is STILL Growing Reflecting on ELEAGUE’s past and future Sessions: Chris Kluwe on Getting Into Esports, It's Future, and Franchising FIFA goal of the year winner to quit football for esports Crowdfunding News That Day We Left - A narrative game about the refugee crisis In a TwitLonger post Jim Sterling talks about how he shut down the comment section after multiple offensive comments were posted and is thinking of shutting down his comment section like TotalBiscuit did. Shenmue director returns for Shenmue III Armored Core board game finds success on Kickstarter, then drops Armored Core name Other content I found interesting this week Jalopy! And The Other Side of the "Maturity in Games" Conversation God Damn This Halo Trailer Was Good True Tales from Localization Hell How Final Fantasy X's Infamous Laughing Scene Happened The Mom Who Moderates Her Daughter’s Rowdy Twitch Chat Tom Dubois Talks About Creating Some Of The Most Iconic Boxart Of The NES And SNES Eras ON RUSTY TRAILS, A VIDEOGAME ABOUT THE ABSURDITY OF RACIAL PREJUDICE Playing That Dragon, Cancer When Your Child Has Cancer Robin Hunicke Wants to Change Video Games, But She Can’t Do It Alone Yacht Club Games Japan Localization Guest Column: Card Deck Narratives Forgot to add this one last week. Call of Duty Zombies: An Oral History of the Unlikely Undead Phenomenon The Artist is Absent: Davey Wreden and The Beginner's Guide This War of Mine Human Survival and the Ethics of Care Why Bethesda should reveal Paid Mods 2.0 soon A Fond Remembrance For Silent Hill 4: The Room In praise of travelling slowly in Shadow of the Colossus G2A Scammer Explains How He Profited Off Stolen Indie Game Keys Babysitting The Survivor (The Jimquisition) THE FIERCE INDEPENDENCE OF THE NO MAN’S SKY SOUNDTRACK Something in the Direction of Exhibition Taxman and Stealth: The Story behind Sonic Mania's Fans Turned Developers ‘ADR1FT’ Creator Adam Orth on the Struggle of Navigating Life, Twitter and the Games Industry Will Richard Garriott's Lord British survive the night? THE NEW GENERATION OF ARCADES Taming Innovation: What Nontraditional Gaming Can Teach Us About VR Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games Deus Ex – What’s in a Name? Rated E For Sexual Content
  3. I don't want to be that guy but i thought it would be interesting to see what MOBAs people like. Please guys don't turn this forum into a flame war. also suggest more MOBAs that arn't in the list and i will put them up for Poll, thank you.
  4. Awesomenauts I think AJSA should support Awesomenauts in either category because its an easy to learn hard to master 2D MOBA. It isn't as complex as League or DotA, but still has hours and hours of replay value. I have been playing since the game released on PC in 2012, and an Admin for the Awesomenauts Beta group on Steam. Other Players: CS:GO Sergeant - The Curry Monster aka brumak280396 Luaka1296 Expl0sionshurt Jay4gamers1 Pethei88 Juso Magna SB_NextGen PhoneixShi TheDamonMan DeadlyScribe DarkLop Star-Lord Pros: - 3v3 Team 2D MOBA amazingness - Tournaments do happen, supported by kickstarted replay features(Spectator Mode in development) - Updates are still very much planned for the future - Split Screen Supported - 19 total characters as of now, with more in development - The kickstarted expansion opens up some more features, including: Custom Game Editor for other game modes. (like TDM) AI Modding Map Editor (In Development) Cons: - No dedicated Servers, all of it is Peer 2 Peer - It's not a Free to Play MOBA, the base game is 10 dollars, the starstorm expansion with more characters and features is 9 dollars - It can feel a little Imbalanced at times, as balance updates happen about once a month - Available on PS3, X360, PC and PS4 (Only the PC and PS4 versions receive updates) Event Ideas Deathmatch Night, Randomnauts Night, AJSA 'Naut Fest
  5. Hello, so I saw that there are quite a few teams already. I viewed 2 Tournaments in the AJSA my self as a spectator. But sadly I see only 2-3 Teams from the AJSA actually joining the TS server and playing with other people there. So I will make this thread to help the teams that are interested in more serious training In-Hause. The Team Challange idea is simple. You have a team of 5 players on your side. You post your desire here that you like to Challenge a Team. Then the rest of the teams PM the one that put up the challenge and you both arrange the times suitable for your players. With private massages pls. If the challenge have been accepted then edit your post and mark it as accepted by team "whoever" so that no one else continue to pm you for the same challenge. This is not official AJSA Idea just mine. It's just In-Hause training for the AJSA Teams. No games will be recorded or supervised. Everyone should act according the AJSA Codex and manners. I hope to find better, harder and more important consistent opponents here, then in the regular ranked/unranked Captain Modes. I hope this will be helpful to all the Teams in the AJSA. I know most us started making Teams after we joined the AJSA, so don't wary I am sure that there would be some very good teams and some beginner teams. Please show understanding that we all love this game and we want to get better and have better opponents.
  6. Brewmaster is the stuff of legends. Watch this video and you will understand
  7. Howdy fellow compendium owners! As you might have seen, the fantasy league is now online, who would like to join a league between us AJSA members? Or if someone alredy created one, let us know here! GLHF
  8. So i play many ability draft mode lately, i just wanna know.. anyone here like to play Ability Draft too? i don't know it just feel so fun to make your own hero and just dominate all over the game and i ever experience a more competitive game than my normal mode, where last more than 1 hours... So.. anyone else like to play AD?
  9. ESL brings the biggest DOTA2 event yet to Frankfurt. It will be held in a World Cup football stadium with up to 35,000 (!) capacity. Reddit post, official page, OnGamers post Even more hype from reddit: "I will do everything in my power to travel over 1000km to this event. I don't know why ppl are even debating over the capacity and the schedule. This is our time to shine, there is absolutely nothing more we could have asked for then a stadium venue in the center of Europe. All the talks about Esports being marginalised and how we should do this and that, raging at TIs being held in the US and the endless East vs West debates. This is our way of showing that EU deserves to be called the center of dota and that we can indeed rival real sports. If we are so passionate about the game and want dota to be bigger, enter the mainstream and be the game that changed everything about esports, this is the opportunity we all have to take. The prizepool, schedules and the organization will surely be taken care off, the rest is purely on us, lets make history!"
  10. Hello! I've an issue that I'm curious about: I always end up playing with folks who can't speak English (and I only have the English-preference) and this is causing me a great deal of pain. Enough to have me set off to not continue playing on my own and none of my friends want to play DotA2 due to the ridiculus learning curve and I have no intention to try and force 'em to play it. So to my issue: I know that this DotA2 guild I guess one could call it, is supposed to make it so that one can play with premade folks - making the experience better for all. But I don't know how to simply know who to ask or know how to get started really... I'm a bit of a shy person and prefer to go and find folks to play with rather than ask folks to play with me. Is there a good way to 'passively'-search for people? Like a place one could just go like a chat room or similar where folks who wanna play can hang out until they found a bunch of folks to play with! That would be awesome. Thanks! ^^'
  11. Hi all, Well first of all I am so happy I just finish my 10 games in solo ranked matches. I had some of my must memorable games in throws 10 and I got a raked number(so far) 2883. I do not know if that it is good or not but I am happy anyway... Thx to all of you how have play with me you are really nice guys Take care
  12. This is a thread for beginners basically which heroes do you feel are noob heroes or are easy to play?
  13. I love DotA and DotA 2. But sometime the shitty and bad manners community can make you stay away for this game. Including myself!. I actually just decent player, Sometime Im good at it. Sometime Im bad and Im feeling like a noob... But, when some douche joined your game and begin trolling and baiting to testing your rage-o-meter, You will having a bad day... My teammates are always bitching each other because of this. I always tell them to stay focused or lose because they keep fighting each other. But, nope! they still fighting like some elementary school or kindergarden student fighting each other. Sometimes I almost cried after finished match with these "pro-gamers" with ass-manners. Then, I go to bed to crying out loud.... My faith in humanity is slowly lost after many times I playing kind of game..... tl;dr : How do you deal with douche community when you playing MOBA games? P.S : English is not my native language so inb4 Im sorry if there any typo or grammatical errors... P.S.S : This is written after I having many bad days recently in DotA 2....
  14. I'm a recently joined army member long-time viewer of AJ. I mainly play dota2 but I play quite a few other games I've joined the Community no to find the groups in these other games to learn, play with others and get into those good sub communities. FYA reporting for duty. I'm excited to join the crew.
  15. This is just to thanks everybody I have play in the weekend inhouse matches It was a tone of fun even when well loose so thanks
  16. Hello fellow Angry Army comrades, I am Mikkel and I go by the name Te-Kande. I would like to discuss the possibility to add DotA 2 to the Official AJSA games list. Personally I play a lot of DotA 2 and want the members of AJSA to play it as well. The reason I would like this game to be added to the official list is because of the ability to play competitive under the AJSA name. Of course I understand the need to have the best players from the AJSA community, which is not me necessarily. The game also have a great Guild Feature, which allows the AJSA members to be in one Guild and basically play together, que to match making together, and just meet new people. Whenever someone from the Guild starts a Guild group, people from the Guild are able to jump in a fill a spot out of five and head into a match together. Pros: 1. Big competitive scene, great opportunities for an AJSA competitive team to go to tournaments. 2. Clan and Guild System, ability to make a clan for the AJSA competitive team, and Guild for the AJSA members. 3. Ability to host free lobbies 5vs5. 4. Free to Play, everyone can join. 5. No Pay to Win, all buy able items ingame are cosmetics. 6. Ability to make custom flags for the Clan/Guild, flags can look like anything. Cons: 1. Hard Learning Curve 2. Low End PCs not able to run the game. 3. Garbage community in online play. (Avoid by playing with AJSA members!) Hope the people of higher ranks doesn't mind me testing out, how it could look ingame with an AJSA flag, if it happened that the game was accepted into the official games list. http://i.imgur.com/zLm5tw9.jpg (This is my take on possible ingame stuff)
  17. If anyone out there supports the idea of a quake 3/ quake live division, support it! Spread the word! I'd really love to see some ajsa representation on quake live... maybe we can get together for some Tdm ctf or q3 instagib... who knows?
  18. Basically what the title says, tell everyone here whatever tip you'd feel like people should know about Dota! From the simplest to the most advanced, mechanical or theoretical, most basic or the oddest, give whatever tip that you think would benefit other players whatever the skill level it appeals to! Here's one: When Juggernaut does blade fury next to you instead of running straight try running in big circles, it is harder for him to follow and makes it easier for you to break contact. (This is considering you guys have the same movement speed. Obviously there will be moments where it's more beneficial to run straight to you tower/allies.)