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Found 20 results

  1. Hey everyone, I live in India and am trying to find people who play on the indian/dubai/southeast asia servers. My Steam id is chocokaran67. I've been playing on and off for two years but ive always played solo. Would be great to play with any people from the community in that area. Do message me here or add me on steam. Thank you and happy gaming. Best regards, Karanvir Chauhan
  2. Hey guys. Proud to join the Angry Army. I am a regular CSGO and DOTA 2 player. Add me as a friend
  3. Hello guys from AJSA im here for one reason vidya and i want to play here is my steam id: psn_setsunanilober ( ignore lover with lets have some fun i play many games like Dota 2 TF2 L4D and many MMORPG like tera online and sfuff like that any way just want to say hi to the community cya
  4. Yep you heard it right the AJSA has managed to recruit a team to represent the AJSA at DOTA 2 tournaments. this team will be financed by the us and will fly the AJSA logo, final preparations are being finalized with an official announcement coming soon. But i suppose you guys want to hear about the team we have chosen to represent us well here are some hints. They steamrolled the first AJSA tournament and their captain was very helpful during the second AJSA tournament. They have demonstrated on multiple occasions that they have the skill and talent to make us proud and make the AJSA a force to be reckoned with so congratulations to..... Charlie ProGI Wuhsa tThorns Hard and Dirty Pumpkin Formerly known as Personal Space Invaders (PSI) please join me in wishing our team the best in future tournaments
  5. Training for tournament and this game happens.
  6. Brewmaster is the stuff of legends. Watch this video and you will understand
  7. This topic is being dedicated to the heroes in DOTA 2 who you turn to when you know you need a hero who you can rely on for the victory. I will start things off. Dragon Knight - Simply put Dragon Knight is one of the best all around heroes, his fire breath means anyone trying to escape from melee will be killed and his stun is always reliable. His ult being his 3 different dragon forms means that through all stages of the game Dragon Knight can easily get kills and then destroying everyone late game. Tiny - The lumbering mountain has given me many victories thanks to his aoe stun and his high basic damage means good amounts of damage while you take the brunt of most attacks. But when he gets Aghanim's Scepter he becomes almost unstoppable and becomes a very useful when pushing as the tree he now carries thanks to the scepter just destroys creeps. Crystal Maiden - When i first got stuck with her, meepo and io in a single draft i thought i was fucked. However by choosing her i found one of my favorite heroes to play purely because she is so evil. Her very powerful aoe ability means you can very easily get rid of enemy health so your carry can go for the kill also with this aoe she can mid as well as any other hero. Her freeze has a very good range which means easy kills when combined with your aoe and if your team has heavy mana usage then CM's third ability will be useful granting all allies increased mana regen. Her ult however is simply superb you get a blink dagger in a team fight and pop that ult and you are going to wipe their team :-)
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm Not allowEd to say anything to do With anything To dO with anything or aboUt anything at the moment Really iN All honesty this was not a very iMportant post in any rEality quite hoNesTly. But you may want to get together right now over me (guitar riff).
  9. More Details can be found here. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/_/articles/ajsa-dota-2-tournament-r37
  10. Alright This Tournament has concluded: Results: 1st place: Personal Space Invaders: Charlie, tThorns, Wusha, Hard, ProGi 2nd Place: Dwelling in Wisdom: Mantarias, Wei, Cake or Death, KanKraken, Ziggy 3rd place: Nooooooooova: DOFR, Miku Miku, Radish, Vetus Ludaeus, TOPT tourney page: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/tournaments/details/11-pre-season-2014-dota-2-tournament/ Registration ends: Jan 30 2014 Tournament officially starts: Jan 31 2014 Tournament ends: Feb 3 2014 apparently up to 3 reserves(stand ins) are allowed? Requirements: must have teamspeak, must be atleast recruit(atleast a forum member), games must be played during the period and screenshot of the endgame scorescreen are to be submitted to confirm the game(im guessing to Craigr910 who is managing the tourney) positions: Format: Double Elimination Current number of teams: 8 teams out of 8 team slots. Registration Period for this tournament has ended, Now its time to play(god ofc) Scoreboard: Streams: Personal Space Invaders has said they will be streaming their own games as well as hopefully cast some of the games played in the tourney. http://twitch.tv/tthorns Otherwise we(casters) will probably be livecasting and hopefully will have people join the live event through the ingame dota 2 tv Team List: Dwelling in Wisdom: Note: "Kankraken mid, Son of Dendi, Winner of 1v1 AJSA Tournament, carry of the team, without him doing well we can't win -Wei 2014(excerpt from a pretournament interview upon the formation of team)", Wei wanted a note here that says he feeds. EU based team Noooooooooova: notes: It is Confirmed, DOFR has brought an All Russia squad to the tourney , cant wait to see how they do. DOFR has said the 4 & 5 role players do tend to swap roles occasionally. He has also stated that this set up has played previously with DOFR mid, Radish & TOPT support, Vetus safelane carry and MIku offlane. Milestone Gaming: notes: EU based team. apparently team sweden? NiP note: This team has forfeitted the tournament OrganicFireGamers: notes: One of the two US based team in the tourney O_O, mostly from Florida from the forum accounts data so Go Go sunny florida i think. Ive gotten some info from Amper44 but would definitely like more info. I see that Jihad-ed is the only one who has wished the rest of the teams good luck on the tournament page so should we expect bm from the rest of the teams(*sarcastic laugh*) -> well then Charlie and DOFR have both said good luck on the tournament page... PERSONAL SPACE INVADERS: notes: Well then team europe it is "We will invade our enemies personal space, we will make them feel as awkward... because we are the PERSONAL SPACE INVADERS. Fear us when you take a shower. -Charlie(excerpt from messages)" will we see an aggressive early game? we will see. Currently the team most taunted by OrganicFireGamers, hopefully no flamewars erupt IFBWT(In First Blood We Trust): notes: In First Blood We Trust was the original name of the current dota 2 guild, pre ajsa times. DasTeam notes: another US based team, wohoo! glad to have more US representation. "We all speak English -DasPeople" Interestingly the only team with a reserve that has been noted so far. I guess this means most of the teams are confident they will be able to play during the time alloted for each match? General notes: First AJSA tournament for DOTA 2, It will definitely be nice if we could have an idea of when teams have scheduled face offs for the tournament once it gets started and the brackets are known PS: If the mods want to hijack the thread go for it ive put this one together mostly so people who havent seen/gone to look for the tournament can see what its about and who is currently in it and ill probably update with scores when i can see it Edits:
  11. Hey guys! Since the announcement from Joe it seems like quite alot of you are trying to form teams, find members and so on. This Thread is not about forming Teams however it is about the step that follows once you have formed a Team, Scrimming. So if you have a Dota 2 Team write your Scrim times in this thread as well as how to get in contact with you and your Team, like this i hope we can set up scrims against each other and play on a regular basis. Hopefully this will help all of our Teams to improve and learn from each other. Me and my Team will be giving and hopefully receiving feedback after each Scrimming session with another AJSA team. So type the following Information about your Team so we can get started! Team Captain: Team Name: Steam ID: Skype(optional): Scrim Times, and Days (When you and your Team meet up to play): Region: TimeZone:
  12. http://www.ongamers.com/articles/riot-season-4-lcs-contracts-stipulate-players-cannot-stream-dota-2-blizzard-games/1100-261/ Documents obtained by onGamers reveal that players competing in Season 4 of the LCS may not stream or advertise a slew of other games including Dota 2, StarCraft 2, Hearthstone, World of WarCraft, and World of Tanks. Update, 11:20AM PST: onGamers has confirmed with the team representatives that LCS players are disallowed from streaming the games listed below outright, not just when adjacent to a League of Legends stream. Under Section 3 Rule 4 of the new contract handling 'Non-League Events and Streaming', it states that "... the [LCS] Team shall ensure that, during the Term of this Agreement, its Team Members do not publicly stream gameplay of the titles set forth on Exhibit B". Exhibit B states "the specific restrictions on streaming are set forth in the Sponsorship and Streaming Restricted List, as updated by the League from time to time", which is the document listed below. Anyone see this is a massive dick move by Riot Games to both the players playing and fans? Update 12/7/13: Riot apparently has reversed this policy (Off topic, I tried adding this link like 4 times in full edit mode, greeted with the AJSA 404 page after hitting submit)
  13. Yes, i'm not an officer, but i have found no information regarding ideas about a Tournament within the Angry Joe Army. the ideas of this post would be to set up different ideas regarding what we are going to do. The tournament style, Max teams and minum teams required, set of rules, etc... Tournament Style The most basic stuff. Generally we can find tournaments with two phases, first of a Group Phase, and then a Win/Looser bracket which ends in the final. I think this would be the best idea, because we can work around the amount of different teams we could come up with. and we can adapt the looser/win brackets depending on the teams we get. More ideas are welcome! Teams: Time Zones, Maximum and Minimum teams, players per team I guess we can all agree that it would be easier for us to set more than one tournament for time sake. Most Americans (and i mean Continental) will have issues playing with European and Africans, and Asians will have even more issues, therefore we could set up "Area tournaments" or "time zone tournaments" to avoid those issues. Bear in mind that this could only be achieved if we gather enough teams for each tourny to be self supporting. I think we could define 6 players per team, with no swapping, and no coach while ingame Set of rules Incredibly important, this rules we must all abide and follow, they will make this tournament work or burn. I will look for some Tournament rules and post them here for our reading pleasure. Teams We could start of by adding teams (the players would not be necessary now) and their time zone. I will begin with mine Name: Ownage Power Tag: OP Timezone: -3 to -5 (EST)
  14. I love DotA and DotA 2. But sometime the shitty and bad manners community can make you stay away for this game. Including myself!. I actually just decent player, Sometime Im good at it. Sometime Im bad and Im feeling like a noob... But, when some douche joined your game and begin trolling and baiting to testing your rage-o-meter, You will having a bad day... My teammates are always bitching each other because of this. I always tell them to stay focused or lose because they keep fighting each other. But, nope! they still fighting like some elementary school or kindergarden student fighting each other. Sometimes I almost cried after finished match with these "pro-gamers" with ass-manners. Then, I go to bed to crying out loud.... My faith in humanity is slowly lost after many times I playing kind of game..... tl;dr : How do you deal with douche community when you playing MOBA games? P.S : English is not my native language so inb4 Im sorry if there any typo or grammatical errors... P.S.S : This is written after I having many bad days recently in DotA 2....
  15. I'm a recently joined army member long-time viewer of AJ. I mainly play dota2 but I play quite a few other games I've joined the Community no to find the groups in these other games to learn, play with others and get into those good sub communities. FYA reporting for duty. I'm excited to join the crew.
  16. Since Angry Joe stated he would be interested in seeing some high level dota 2 from his army I decided to put this post together so we could get started in finding our fellow try hards within the community so we could start playing with each other! I know that match making system in dota 2 is so well done but at the same time ambiguous that it may be hard to tell if you merit as a high level player. However if you keep up with the current meta and know the game like the back of your hand you probably know if you are around the level that should be doing tournament play. This is a basic sound off so don't go listing your entire biography. AKA short and to the point. You can post your dotabuff however in my experience your capacity to play competitively has absolutely nothing to do with your public match skills. 1ST UPDATE: Let me Reiterate, I am not mad but in order to get your attention, GET THE FUCK ON THE TS IF YOU ARE SERIOUS?!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< You shouldn't be commenting on this thread about wanting to be part of a team if you don't get on ts for dota 2 gaming. 2ND UPDATE: Guys I Don't want to be a buzz kill but if you expect to play competitively in tournaments and ACTUALLY win something you should have over 3000-4000 hours MOBA experience. You can still form teams for they help you learn the game faster but I made this thread to find the people able to legitimately compete. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Competitive/Experience Player List(I will try to keep this updated) * I AM NO LONGER UPDATING THIS LIST! So if you are looking at people go through the comments to find them all XD * I will be marking this list to show who has shown competence* Zettai Ryouiki <That is me! Demigod Triangler Dustshadow91 Kickassness <Maybe this guy Kulnar< Maybe this guy Jii! Jii! Jii! Frooostbite VALmlos Happy Treants < This guy Proged JeanMark ed728 GioEzreOvertunedDownskyJoshua200082Darth Kael'thasZnoteFehatLinq191Professor MaddexHolmernCheeseking18MadKitsuneZep [The Beast]postuleitSmellGoodazmangRaptor LordBakkerBlackpresident16nickersrulzPhysics_Ninja-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WarSocialist here, I go by Zettai Ryouiki on steam. I have a over 7000 hours combined MOBA experience on Dota 1, Heroes of Newerth, and Dota 2 Roles: Hard Carry, Middle Lane<i can play anything however traditionally I fill these roles Team Skills: Leadership,Coordination, and Management skills, I know how teams should be running so after handling a million "Drama Queens" within gaming communities I have developed an iron fist for solving community problems. At the same time I go the extra mile with my teammates to ensure everyone is having fun! http://dotabuff.com/players/34848944
  17. Hello fellow Angry Army comrades, I am Mikkel and I go by the name Te-Kande. I would like to discuss the possibility to add DotA 2 to the Official AJSA games list. Personally I play a lot of DotA 2 and want the members of AJSA to play it as well. The reason I would like this game to be added to the official list is because of the ability to play competitive under the AJSA name. Of course I understand the need to have the best players from the AJSA community, which is not me necessarily. The game also have a great Guild Feature, which allows the AJSA members to be in one Guild and basically play together, que to match making together, and just meet new people. Whenever someone from the Guild starts a Guild group, people from the Guild are able to jump in a fill a spot out of five and head into a match together. Pros: 1. Big competitive scene, great opportunities for an AJSA competitive team to go to tournaments. 2. Clan and Guild System, ability to make a clan for the AJSA competitive team, and Guild for the AJSA members. 3. Ability to host free lobbies 5vs5. 4. Free to Play, everyone can join. 5. No Pay to Win, all buy able items ingame are cosmetics. 6. Ability to make custom flags for the Clan/Guild, flags can look like anything. Cons: 1. Hard Learning Curve 2. Low End PCs not able to run the game. 3. Garbage community in online play. (Avoid by playing with AJSA members!) Hope the people of higher ranks doesn't mind me testing out, how it could look ingame with an AJSA flag, if it happened that the game was accepted into the official games list. http://i.imgur.com/zLm5tw9.jpg (This is my take on possible ingame stuff)
  18. Hello Everyone! I am throwing out the idea of competitive dota2 team(s) for =AJSA=. Angry Joe claimed he wanted to see competition and so on and so forth in his inspiring recruitment video. Ideas about this/these team(s): Practice doing scrims with AJSA / other groups on weekends (like this last weekend)Play 5man teams doing a variety of modes (All Pick / Least Played / ect...) during the weekEventually start entering in tournaments.Don't really know about requirements. But here are some ideas: While playing go over hero combos that are effective. (Shadow Shaman / Ursa) or (Natures / LS) ect..Learn how to counter hero strategies / hero picksEffective buildsect...Sponsorship Perhaps try and take Angry Joe up on his offer?Open to suggestions.
  19. One of my friends shared this image with me and it was instant love. Which one is your favorite and which costume you would buy as a skin ?!
  20. Just wanted to drop this one off and say hi to everyone See you in game