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Found 2 results

  1. At last, I attended yet another year of PAX Australia since I first came last year by chance, and it's even better than before! Well except the waiting line. I did not remember the waiting line being this crowded. Last year I just went in the building. This year? Waited 45 minutes outside, and then 10 minutes inside. Looks like this event got even more popular than last time! PAX is as expected, filled to the brim with the games you expect: Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Devil May Cry 5, Days Gone, Spyro Reignited, RAGE 2, Sekiro, Hitman 2, but oddly enough no Just Cause 4 even though there's an event all about this game in the schedule, but maybe it's because it's in a different building. My original plan was to play those games, but unfortunately for me, it is not worth it one bit. Just look at this line. These guys are at front already, and they waited 2 freaking hours just to get there because there's the whole "haunted house" thing inside for the people that went inside. So I was like "fuck this shit" and don't even bother with it. The same applies to the other games, except Sekiro. That game is inside the PS4 booth and apparently not many people play it because they think it's too hard. Lucky for me, I played Dark Souls & Tenchu, so this game is right up my alley. The gameplay is as I expected, a mix of Tenchu and Dark Souls. So you got the stealth, stealth kills and movements of Tenchu mixed with the slow methodical attacks of Dark Souls, which makes for an awesome combination. Though there's no Soul gathering or stamina mechanic here. You kill an enemy, they die and only drop items instead of soul points for upgrades. So imagine Tenchu 3 but with Dark Souls combat and open world navigation. I breezed through most of the Sekiro demo, until the demo boss appeared. Me and 6 other dudes took turns to beat this guy. At first I got hit a lot by his spear attacks, but then I figured out that the way to beat this guy is to fill the guard meter above which allows you to land a killing blow that reduces one of his 3 health bars. You can actually block at the same time as his attack which causes his guard meter to go up, except the one with the red kanji. It took many of our tries, but finally I ended his ass and pop off big time while everyone else cheered as well. It was a great time, just as expected from the guys who made Dark Souls. Aside from the games, I went to the indie dev sections for my job to network a lot of the game devs there, and I saw a lot of great creative games, especially this one which makes me laugh so hard, and even better when John Robertson the comedian & the narrator himself is actually there and make fun of everyone who plays this game, including me. I love it so much that I bought it on the spot. I will definitely play this game, right after I play the crap out of Red Dead Redemption 2. And I went to one of the PC Accessories stand tournaments which offers prizes, one of which is a "win 3 Street Fighter V rounds and you'll get a keyboard" competition. Which I won! Then I went to 3 fighting game tournaments, primarily because I went to 2 of this tournament for PAX 2017 but I lost, so I'm back to get the medal prizes for payback biyatch. 2 on Friday for Soul Calibur 6 and Dragonball FighterZ, and yet another Dragonball FighterZ tournament on Saturday. I won them all. But I promised my brother in law's niece that I will give the third medal to her, so I guess I only have 2 medals. Then again, 2 of the same medal is more than enough so might as well give the extra third one! BTW my match for the third medal is live streamed on Twitch, so here's the link for those that are interested. My match starts at minute 15. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/327981089 Then after that, I went home and play Red Dead Redemption 2, which wow..... the tiny details & excellent sidequests in this game is fucking unbelievable. So that's PAX AUS 2018 for me. Won tournaments, found out that the lines for the major games except Sekiro was so not worth it, and I had a freaking great time. Except waiting in the building entrance line. Hopefully 2019 will not be this bad, but I guess I'll have to deal with the same lines again when the time comes. XD
  2. So I've been playing a lot of Dragonball FighterZ till now. After my last major tournament BAM10 which I put here I've been going to small monthly tournaments in Melbourne which goes every third Saturday of the month. I've placed 3rd, 5th & 2nd in the last 3 monthly tournaments, and it's not until I used Discord that I finally realized that I am actually a meme. Everyone in the Australian DBFZ FGC called me either "Agent Numbers", "Agent Chaos" or "Agent Salt" because my play style makes people throw off their game plan and salty afterwards. Apparently from what I heard, I "play this game so dumb, but somehow I keep on winning." LOL, man, that's the most interesting description I have ever heard. And I assure everyone in Discord that the salt was unintentional so I apologized for those that got salty. And just yesterday, I entered the next big fighting game tournament in Melbourne named Melbourne Esports Open. Lots of people actually came to this place to play Fortnite. When I tried to enter the arena to get to my Dragonball FighterZ tournament, everyone's like "hey, where's the Fornite arena?" Damn, that game took off like crazy! PUBG is left in the dust now! I was unable to enter the tournament arena until 11 am, and I was in the place from 9 am, so I went "Game On" section of the building where I get to play and see upcoming games. Like the Ori sequel Spiderman PS4 which I instantly pre ordered because it's $10 off normal price if I buy it there, and the game is as I expected, pretty much an even better Amazing Spiderman Starlink which has Fox as a playable character, which makes this game better than the Star Fox Wii U Ace Combat 7 which is a trip back to the past because it plays very much like the old Ace Combat games And Soul Calibur 6 with the full roster revealed. Which has Raphael and Cervantes that doesn't have their own character trailer yet. So yay! I get to know it first! After playing around with these games, I finally entered my Dragonball FighterZ tournament, while hanging out with my mates that I know from BAM10 & the monthly tournaments. Like I said in BAM10, these are nice guys. But I'm especially surprised by one of the participants named RaptR who's also there. RaptR is actually a really famous Dragonball youtuber who uses Hit I played a lot of matches with him online with my battle name "Determinationftw", until I beat him often that he dodged me. Then I went to his Twitch Stream and say sorry for making him mad at me, and he's like "oh sorry man, it's my fault for being salty." And we're all good. Until I beat him in his stream and he went salty again. He had no idea that I am actually Determinationftw, so when I met him in person I just play with him like normal without saying who I am. When he was about to leave the event though, I finally told him who I am online, and he's like "WHAT?? HOLY SHIT!!" then we're all good. It was the funniest thing. So my first couple of matches went pretty swimmingly. I beat 2 other players, one who actually beat me in one of the monthly tournaments. Then I realized that the next opponent that I have to go up against is Baxter. AKA the number 1 Dragonball FighterZ player in Australia & the BAM10 champion. You bet your ass I am scared for my life when I found that out. How did the match go? Well......... there's no youtube video of it yet, but there is a twitch stream you can watch. My match starts at min 54 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/304390387## I have no idea how I even pulled that off. Like....... that match forced me to just go fucking nuts. WITH TEEN GOHAN, AKA one of the WORST character to do a solo! It was so intense that everyone went crazy, from the Twitch stream chat, to the commentators and to the other players watching our match! Especially Sketch, the guy that beat me at BAM10 and eliminated me from the tournament. Holy shit what a match. Then after that, I finished 3rd place! Not bad. First at BAM10 I somehow finished rank 13th, now at this event I moved up. All in all, what an amazing time I had. Now I'm more motivated to do better at the next monthly tournaments! And I guess Baxter has experienced the Agent Salt meme. My hat is off the the 1st place winner though. His name is Zed, also from Melbourne and we went to the same monthly hangouts. He also beat Baxter, and it is a well deserved victory! Not only that, but before this, he won a ticket to any of the Dragonball FighterZ worldwide tournament from fighting other Australian players online on PS4 last Tuesday, which means you'll definitely see him soon in the other tournaments, and maybe see him beat GO1 and SonicFox. He is a force to be reckoned with I tell ya, watch out for him!