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Found 33 results

  1. ESO - Xbox One

    Elder Scrolls Online - Anniversary Event - Friday Nov. 18th, 2016 @9:00pm EST (2:00am GMT) Contract: Complete a Dungeon or take over a territory in PvP in an AJSA Squad A brave guild of like minded champions calling themselves the AJSA have re-emerged in Cyrodiil. Guild members, old and new, are looking to take up arms once again for the Anniversary week. Following our Overwatch event, we will be playing Elder Scrolls Online to finish off our AJSA Friday evening events. Since our last Elder Scrolls Online event, much has changed within the game. No longer are members separated by faction (Ebonheart, Aldemari and Daggerfall), meaning that in PvE we can all team up and tackle world quests and other missions. Please contact Guildmaster Pyskogrl if you wish to a give advance notice of your attendance. We plan to converge and launch our assault on November 18th, 2016 @9:00pm EST. Our Guildmaster, Psykogrl, will be leading the charge. Anniversary Event Summary Time: November 18th, 2016 @9:00pm EST Host: Psykogrl (Gamertag: Psykogrl)
  2. So....first day of the Steam Summer Sale 2016. Elder Scrolls Online was only $20. When it first came out I had my doubts, but recent reviews have made me change my mind. With no subscription fee after purchase I figured "Why not?" So who in the Army plays?
  3. ESO - Xbox One

    Elder Scrolls Online - Special Event - Xbox One - May 20th, 2016 @9:00pm EST For too long we have let the Aldemari Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant run a muck in Cyrodiil. I call to all of you of able body to raise your shields, sharpen your blades and take the fight to them in mortal combat! A brave guild of like minded champions calling themselves the AJSA are looking for members to take up this charge and again seat an emperor in Cyrodiil. It is time to take back this land our fathers and forefathers fought so bravely to defend and bring back the sacred Elder Scrolls that so enrich our body and souls. We would like a group of adventurers to accompany us on our quest to bring glory to the Ebonheart Pact and the AJSA! Please contact Guildmaster Pyskogrl if you wish to attend so that we may plan our assault. We plan to converge and launch our assault on May 20th, 2016 @9:00pm EST. Our Guildmaster, Psykogrl, will be leading the charge. Event Summary Time: May 20th, 2016 @9:00pm EST Host: Psykogrl (Gamertag: Psykogrl)
  4. So which faction is the favorite in the AJSA for Elder Scrolls Online.
  5. Just wanted to know what class, role, and type of builds everyone is planning on playing.
  6. Please vote above what you would like to see more of in the guild. If you select "other" please let us know by replying with your idea
  7. Friends, Please join me in formally announcing and congratulating Psykogrl, our new Game Officer for Elder Scrolls Online on the Xbox One. Psyko, always communicative and helpful to members new and old, has previously served our AJSA community on the Xbox One in her roles as Neverwinter Sergeant and most recently as our Elder Scrolls Online Sergeant. I know Psyko looks forward to the future of the AJSA Guild on the Xbox One, as do I. We'll be looking to improve and expand upon the Elder Scrolls Online experience for our community. This means refining our current Guild and making sure our events are as open, diverse (having a reasonable mix between PvP and PvE) and fun as possible. Her sensible, friendly and dependable leadership makes this Game Officer role natural for Psyko. Thank you for accepting this position. See you all in Davon's Watch, Signed, RuneX
  8. The AJSA, Elder Scrolls Online, PvP Home campaign is..... < Haderus > We will also be using Azura's Star from time to time, so may be worth setting as your guest *Post to be updated once we have an AJSA home campagn * edited 05 Aug 2015 with home campaign details
  9. DogBlog #2 - Recruitment, PvP and evil malware Sorry I have not been on the site that much for the past few weeks - have been battling a piece of malware that was being rather stubborn so I was waiting for my Win10 download to pop so I could get a clean install. * Note to self - Never....EVER... download a piece of software for free that you would normally have to pay for... Ended up with "Cut the price" and it's foreign counterpart which I could remove but never find the pigging installer so it would just pop back again. Well, it's off now and I have found a free "alternative" that does the job I need, so happy days! So, on to Recruitment. I will be going on a bit of a recruitment drive this weekend and would appreciate any help from fellow guildies so we can hit as many zones as possible. I think that the only criteria at the moment would be "reasonably active" and "Not an idiot" If you are member or above you can add a new player by pressing "G" in game, make sure you are in AJSA, click "Roster" on the top right and then "E" to add the player. I want to get some more active PvP'ers in the guild so I am going to be concentrating in Cyrodill but also the starting zones and Elden Root with an aim to start seeing double figures of players online at the same time. I will have to be careful in PvP as the group that I run with, although they may be aware that I am in other guilds, I am sure they do not know that I am GM for the AJSA and they may get a bit narked if they find out, so I am keeping it a bit quiet at the moment. PvP Well, we have had some uptake on the PvP over the past few weeks running with another guild which shall remain nameless for the time being. It has been great fun and I have been picking up on quite a few tactics for successful offensive and defensive play. I have now announced the AJSA home campaign as Haderus and guest is Azura's Star. Events are on during the week, however the main events are on Saturday's at 11:00 PST / 13:00 CST / 14:00 EST / 19:00 GMT Just ask Dog73 or DodgeHopper for more information on this. I am also looking for more ideas on what you all want to do as a guild, so I have put a few ideas together and left it so you can add ideas. Please add your ideas here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/30298-what-do-you-want-to-do-as-a-guild/ ​
  10. hey everyone i am hopping to get a copy of the Elder Scrolls online and i already know i want to make a DragonKnight but i know nothing about the games builds so i was hopping some of you could tell me if they is any unique builds for armor and weapon wise. because my usual method in skyrim was healing magic and a sword but i would get my butt kicked 95% of the time on the harder fights and with dragons fights. i know the game is based on skyrims lore but i have never played a game like this one i have played World of Warcraft and Perfect World but from what i have seen from Bast_50 streams on twitch it looks nothing like them games so any advice would be really appreciated for when i pick up the game
  11. Well it turns out all the rumors are true.... ESO is going B2P with the option of keeping your $15 monthly fee to gain access to all upcomming DLC content with the added cash shop to buy fashion items, potions, and a 10% bonus to EXP/Crafting/etc. I'm not sure what else will be available in the in-game store but let's hope it's not a P2W model. I hate to see this game go away from P2P but quite honestly they needed to do it after the failure that happened at launch. I'll probably keep my sub going for a month after this releases to see what it's all about. Here is a link to the article http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/2015/01/21/your-guide-to-eso-plus-premium-membership?_ga=1.139014774.411918214.1418328568 So what do you guys think? Since it's going to a B2P model atleast there won't be to many trolls and gold farmers like in a F2P game. Will anyone from AJSA be coming back when this is in effect? Hopefully if Zenimax does this right and doesn't turn the cash shop into their main focus like "Neverwinter" and other F2P MMOs they could possibly salvage this MMO.
  12. is anyone planning to play the free to play version of elder scrolls online, I might give a go.
  13. I love the Elder Scrolls Series and has been playing since Oblivion. Do you also know if the PS4 version will require monthly payments.
  14. I played for a few months during release, but then just couldn't afford the subscription for a while. Have they added in anything worthwhile to get players back into it? Or should I just look for something else at this point?
  15. Faction: Dominion 1) ESO Rank Structure – Ranks will continue to follow a similar format as AJSA community. It works and will make the transition smooth and understandable. (1) Overseers (Council-like structure) – Top leaders of the guilds 1) Jackschmit (2) Game Officer – Will be promoted from within and will be responsible for day to day operations and helping guild members. Also, they will be involved in recruiting and will be given a special award to designate this. 1) Manny254 (3) Veterans (Members already this rank on the forums will automatically be this rank in the guild) – Achieved after being in AJSA for 90 days. A higher position over Sgt. i) Pool of potential officer candidates. 1) Shadowless Khan 2) Shurfire (4) Sergeants (1) Sergeants – Will be promoted from within, involved in recruiting and will be given a special award to designate this. (5) Members (Members already this rank on the forums will automatically be this rank in the guild) – Achieved after being in AJSA for 30 days. (6) Recruits (Members already this rank on the forums will automatically be this rank in the guild) – Achieved after validation on the forums and TS linked. *There will be flexibility upon initial release due to rapid deployment of the guild* 2) Guild invitation system – A stickied/pinned thread will be created in the ESO General forum where applicants will be required to post their account name, this will ensure fast response and entry into the guild. (Ex. @JohnDoe123) (1) Membership into the guild will require that applicants are registered on the forums and linked through Teamspeak. This allows Founders and Officers to verify legitimacy of said applicant. (2) Applicants may contact Founders and Officers directly through Teamspeak. 3) Guild creation and naming convention (1) Due to unknown variables, several guilds will be created and maintained by the Founders and Officers. The names were selected to maintain neutrality and equality of importance. The guilds will be filled in as needed, there will be no separation by focus. Players are more than welcome to create small, internal groups to focus on crafting, PvP, PvE, etc. The forums and Teamspeak channels will reflect this. We are one big family and everyone is valued and equally important regardless of their focus. i) AJSA ii) AJSA Silver iii) AJSA Red iv) AJSA Black 4) Other factions – Guild is connected based on account, not character. (1) They will not be officially supported. (2) Players are allowed to create characters on other factions and will still maintain guild membership in-game based on built in ESO mechanics. (3) “Cross-faction guilds are planned to be implemented, however, players will not receive the PVP bonuses for any keeps held if they are from a different faction than the guild's starting faction.” (source) http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Guilds_(Online) (4) Actions of members in other factions will not reflect on the officially supported faction of the Dominion. 5) Teamspeak (1) ESO channel will be moved into its own section where the other officially supported games are. (2) Separate sub-channels will be created to reflect player focus. How To video at the bottom of the article: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/_/articles/spotlight-on-the-ajsa-24mar2014-r47 6) Forums (1) Sub-forums will be created to reflect player focus and gameplay. i) Ex. PvE, PvP, Crafting, General (2) Sub-forum of note: Database/Knowledge base i) This database will be controlled by Founders (1) Members will have the ability to reply to ensure continuous feedback flow. (2) Members will NOT be able to start new threads. (3) Members can make individual submissions to Founders or Officers for approval to be added to the database. 7) EU Guild – Clone of NA Guild (1) Officially supported (As per AngryJoes approval) (2) There is currently no leader at this time. (3) NA server leadership will create and help maintain by proxy until leadership is found.
  16. So, I bought Elder Scrolls Online, Imperial Box Edition and I was damn pleased with it . I bought it for £40 rather than the usual £90 from my local Game retailers. I even boasted online about the killer offer and the awesome content inside. Little did I know of the run-around Zenimax and the ESO support team were going to give me. I open up the box, start installing and make myself an account. I put in my Game Registration Code and that works fine, but when I try my Imperial and Explorer's Codes they're both denied. Me and my boyfriend bought them at the same time and his codes worked perfectly so I contacted ESO support to see what the problem was. After some collaboration they informed me that my codes were registered to another user. I had just bought my physical copy that day, all codes were covered up and the box was sealed. They told me to take my stuff to the place I bought it from to see what they can do. I go and they tell me to e-mail them back or e-mail Bethesda as they make the codes. I want to know if anyone else has had this problem and if there is anywhere else I can go to ask for help, because I'm getting bugger all.
  17. So I got my first Elder Scroll (Ni-Mohk) cap tonight (see pics ). But we nearly lost it entirely because of another guy who grabbed it first. I was part of the raid that secured the temple, he was not and just managed to get it first. Then it quickly became clear he had no idea what to do with it, for one he wasn't even sprinting to get away from the DC chasing us, he actually attacked them. When the raid was pretty much screaming at him, he threw a huffy and seemed determined to make us lose it by RUNNING INTO THE ENEMY!Then I'm not sure if he dropped it or died but another guy (still not in the raid) took it, but quickly dropped it when we asked him too (he tried to capture it in Fort Warden). Then I finally got my hands on it. Damn my heart has not pounded so fast. I also have a renewed appreciation for the "Path of Darkness" Nightblade ability. I took some pictures on the way back when we were safe enough: Most of the people you see were talking on Team-Speak too. But regardless I feel very upset about it. Why did that first guy to pick it up become such an idiot and try to spurn us? I stayed on him the entire time, twice he stopped to gather a plant and mine! But I suppose that's the mind of a troll for you.
  18. Looks like my post was deleted which is unfortunate so I'll remake this for those who want to play with one another tomorrow write down your account name so we can all add each other and continue what we started in the beta new accounts are welcome of course the more the merrier! My name is @TheManOfSteel
  19. http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/news/post/2014/05/08/eso-on-consoles--update?ref=home Link to update on ESO on consoles. ESO on console is delay for 6 months But some good came out of this, They are allowing players to transfer account (characters) from PC/Mac to console, if you purchase or is playing ESO by the end of June on PC/Mac.
  20. http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/news/post/2014/05/01/the-road-ahead---may-1st?ref=home http://dulfy.net/2014/05/01/eso-may-1-reddit-ama-transcript/ New Content/Features Patch cadence is going to be update every 4-6 weeks with weekly patches currently to fix issues and get the service stable.They all won’t be as big as the Craglorn one (with a complete zone and tons of other stuff), but they’ll all have a mix of new content and fixes/balance tweaks.Achievements will unlock new dyes when dye system goes liveChat bubbles will be introduced soonGuild Store search function can cause issues but have plans to make it easier to find stuffGuild Kiosk will be available at major cities with a seller vendor NPC. Guilds will be able to bid on each kiosk and the highest bid will have their guild store accessible to everyone who interacts with the NPC. Guild Kiosk lasts for 1 week.More guild ranks and customizations coming this yearJustice system will involve players stealing/killing NPCs and incurring a bounty if they are caught. Guards will give you a chance to pay the bounty or kill you on sight if your bounty is too high. Players could also become guardsThieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood will have their own skill linesNo underwater content anytime soonSpellcrafting – you can rediscover traditional Elder Scrolls school of magic – alteration, destruction etcGuar mounts coming soon but no timelineConsole information in the futurePlanning to do housing but want to do it right, no time frame yetNo specific timeline for the guild tabards crests, but they are in the "sooner" end of the list.Questing/Endgame Quest achievement bugs will be fixed when Craglorn goes live (and given retroactively to players)Plans to add new quests to existing zonesHaving all the zones scaled to VR10 when you reach VR10 is an interesting idea we are looking at right now.For the Veteran Content, we thought it was much better to allow players to experience all content with oen character than force them to roll alts.You can go to Craglorn at VR1 but it will be hard since it is VR11 and VR12 monstersOur plan for updates is that it will be varied in what sorts of gameplay is offeredWe have talked about different rulesets for campaigns as well as having a dungeon experience which has PvP enabled.With the raise of VR cap from 10 to 12, there will be new gear to craft but currently they do not require additional skill points.Misc There are some changes to heavy armor coming that will make you generate ultimate more quickly when playing defensively.Yes, we believe werewolf is under-performing right now. Expect a few buffs to help offset this. In the short run, we’re reducing the ultimate cost of the transformation itselfNo plans to increase the time between vampire stages at this timeBatswarm for Vampires will be fixed in a near future patchLooking into adjustment (nerf) Standard of Might for DKs. No timeframe yet.For patch 1.2, we are looking especially at helping to add flexibility to builds with some buffs to the lesser used abilities. For the nightblade, this includes abilities such as Master Assassin, Path of Darkness, Incapacitate, and more.Adding racial type to the item popup window – yes we definitely agree with this.Group phasing fixes is one of our high priorities right nowNew content will be much easier to play together as a groupRoleplay phase we considered previously is too detrimental to server performance but we are looking at ways to accomplish the same goal.Durability damage is a bit higher than we would like it to be in group situations like dungeons, the upcoming craglorn zone, and Trial content. In Patch 1.1, you’ll take significantly less damage in group situations (whether or not you have officially formed a party)Mentoring system is something we are working on as part of "let players find each other more easily" initiative.Different teams handling new content and bug fixesSLI support should be available with Craglorn updateFull screen option is coming with CraglornAs soon as we can move on from fighting service attacks from gold farmers and fixing stability and server load issues, we’ll move the EU megaserver over to its European hosting center. There’s no exact timeline for this at the moment, but it will happen when things settle down.We aren’t changing the XP gains in PvE any time soon, but we are looking at PvP XP gains.There is a possibility of adding a general discussion category on the forums, and it’s something we’re discussing internally to implement in the futureAn ignore feature on the forums is also something we’re looking into, and hope to have that available for everyone pretty soon.PVP Better Leader Chevrons to direct players in PvP coming with patch 1.2Vampire issues in Cyrodiil is something we are aware and some changes are coming next weekFixed the bug where multiple Bat Swarms can be stacked on the same Vampire.Reduced the movement speed bonus durring mist form to 30% (which makes it equivalent to the "Boundless storm" morph of Lightning form)Reduced the Vampire ability cost reduction to 7% per stagePacing of the war has been as expected in some campaigns and not in others. We’re aware of the issues of population and scoring imbalances and working on adjustments in future patches. All that being said, the keeps are getting a bump in difficulty in the first patch which may slow down the rate of their individual capture times.In the US, a lot of players are using the guest pass to join any fight they can find in the higher population campaigns. In the EU server however, players are continually sticking with their home campaigns. The guest pass timers and cost for switching campaigns is on our radar and we’re monitoring it daily to make sure we don’t negatively impact how players are playing.For the first patch we’re doubling the amount of XP that players are worth. We will be watching this data closely to see if another increase is necessary.We are also looking at adding more Kill quests for encouraging PVP hunting of enemy players.Looking into increase VP rewards from Cyrodiil PvE quests.We are adding a population underdog bonus in the first patch that will give the lesser populated alliances in a campaign triple the points for owning objectives in Cyrodiil as well as 10% more Alliance points. We’re also investigating additional campaign durations and rules that may limit campaign access based on levels.Dark talons is currently bugged and can hit more targets than intended.We are also setting up the Elder Scroll so that Bolt Escape cannot be used by its carrier.For now there are no plans for new siege weapons or ammo types.No plans for small scale pvp, dueling, battlegrounds at this time. Our efforts are focused on Cyrodiil.Looking into infinite loading screens and large group freezing/glitchingEnjoy!
  21. Hi guys, Here's my First Impressions of The Elder Scrolls Online, the new MMORPG from Zenimax Online. Apologies for my man 'flu voice! Any of you tried this yet? What do you think?
  22. ESO players on the PS4, please vote for the faction we are going to play in, if you are looking to join our AJSA community created guild. Vote here: http://strawpoll.me/1390037
  23. Woohoo, I witnessed the coronation of our first EU emperor (ALDMERI DOMINION!! ) ESO Auriel's Bow EU's first emperor! Video
  24. Aeris (F)wood elf 23 I am here only to serve the queen but it seems the my job has some downtime, As an agent of the queen i must do whatever it takes for the dominion, So i am here to ask to join your numbers against the covenant and the pact to preserve the safety of the queen and her people. I come from a far away land and have traveled to many other worlds that many of you have heard about or have be a part of such as azorath, Atreia, Telara, Tyria, and Faerûn (Neverwinter), but i am looking for a permanent home in Tamriel, I have risen from the bottom of the ranks to stand by my queen side as her blase, a tool to be used to cut the throat of her enemies and be discarded when i no longer have use. So i ask you would you have me as a sister in arms? I will do my best to live up to the expectations of my superiors, and i wait for your response. FOR THE QUEEN!!!
  25. Had some awesome pvp adventures in Cyrodiil today, or yesterday at this point. A small 5 person group stealthing deep into enemy territory on a quest to take the Elder Scrolls and die in the most epic ways possible. XD Lots of fun and really looking forward to more in this beta and the next or early access.